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  • Rubber Duck Kaohsiung
    Rubber Duck Kaohsiung
    by piglet44
  • Taipei 101 tower
    Taipei 101 tower
    by piglet44
  • Taroko Gorge with Adam
    Taroko Gorge with Adam
    by sammychin

Taiwan Highlights

  • Pro
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    fattyjulia says…

     food " c'est magnifique!" 

  • Con
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    lee77929 says…

     advise Government of Taiwan to keep and develop this kind of place 

  • In a nutshell
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     A wonderful combination of acient chinese culture and habits and the the modern world 

Taiwan Things to Do

  • Go South!

    We rented a car in Kaohsiung and drove south right to the bottom tip of Taiwan Island.We had wanted to drive round to the East coast but with only a few days to spend we decided to take it easy and relax and find some nice places to chill out.The weather was superb so we were lucky to see the beaches and rocks of the south in all their beauty.We...

  • If you prefer stone and beautiful...

    Definately you need to come to Hualian. Hualian is located in the eastern Taiwan which also famous for Taiwanese jade. Highway 11 (through hualian to Taitung ) has very long and awesome coast line. Come and explore!!

  • Take a hot spring bath

    No matter it's chilly or hot, you should takea hot spring bath to experience the unique gift that god gave Taiwanese. In this picture I was at Gugang (in the center of Taichung), and luckily I could took a nice view with clouds around the mountain coz the weather is not good. sometimes bad weather is nice for people who just head for hot spring, as...

  • Ride your bike

    My favorite hobby is to go bike riding around Taichung. Actually it's the most popular activity in Taiwan. The trend has lasted for these few years and it apparently becomes someones' habbit in their lives. Living in Taichung is so joyful coz there are a lot of montains that I could explore with my buddy. Now the plan "go biking around the island"...

  • Waterfalls and train and food

    Visit Taroko, take a slow train there and enjoy the scenes as the train chugs along, remember your starbucks and da bao zi (big meat buns). At Taroko, book a taxi tour (NT2000 - rate @ 2006) and keep your own time. You must do homework and know in advance what you want to do, discuss with the driver so he can schedule as well. If you go to Alishan,...

  • ChungTai temple

    This is not just a temple that put many statues of Budda, but a great place full of art craft. ChunTai is famous for its scenery view sourrouded by the mountains and the great buildings which spent thousands of million dollars. According to the second picture, there are 4 great pillars supporting the hall. These 4 great pillars prsents 4 different...

  • Taipei

    Taipei building is avery important place to visit while you are in taiwan,it`s 101 floors ,the highest building in the world when you look at the world from the 101 floor ,you can see most of taiwan and you feel like if the sky is close to you but i don`t advice you to look down because it`s very scary!

  • Ching Jing Veteran Farm

    These are the pictures of the surroundings of the farm at an alititude of more than 3000m high. Weather is cool throughout the year. Nothing much here. But i do advice traveller to come themselves and find accomodations. there are many homestays and local accomodations which can offer better and memorable experience than those recognised hotels....

  • Ching Jing veteran Farm

    More pictures of the Ching Jing Veteran Farm. Many people and tourist actually mistaken Ching Jing Veteran Farm for being a place with many farms. But in reality, the name Ching Jing Veteran farm is actually the name of the county. Though there is a farm called Ching Jing Farm.


Taiwan Hotels

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Taiwan Restaurants

  • Great food opposite the beach

    This is a western style restaurant right opposite the beach in Nanwan area on the way down to Kenting.The lady who runs the place was really helpful and found us a place to stay by ringing around some people The place itself has great decor and great jazz music (not live) and the food is excellent,mix of Eastern and Western foods.Prices are not...

  • Local street restaurant

    The place offered English and Chinese menus.The dinner was freshly made and you could watch the chfes how they made it.I went there because some other locals were also eating there.The starting price of food was 80 TWD.Near Taoyuan Hotel Up to now I did have only one meal from the menu.Does this quality as a favourie dish?It was and tasted...

  • Rice noddle

    There is a lot of tourist and local sitting and standing outside the stall to enjoy the hot rice noddle soup. Dont miss it if you are shopping at Xi Men Ding area in Taipei.

  • To die for - One of the Best food and...

    If you want to be pampered, this is the place. Wang Steak is a bit pricey compared to other restaurants, but I assure you every dollar is well spent here. At Wang Steak, it cost 1300NT for a set meal, which includes Bread, Appetizer, Soup, Main Course, Fruits, Dessert, and Drink. Each dish has a minimum of four choices, so you can choose what you...

  • Don't miss this....

    1)Stir Fried Minced Pork with Chinese Chives and Fermented Black Beans2)Crispy Deep Fried Egg Tofu(tender on the inside)

  • Pearl Milk Tea

    strange no one mentioned it - Pearl Milk Tea (Zhen Zhu Nai Cha). invented in Taichung and drunk prodigiously morning, noon and night by the locals. it's a black tea mixed with creamer, added with tapioca balls and ice, and shaken vigorously.you can specify the amount of sugar, the size of the tapioca balls. and there are a hundred variations on...


Taiwan Transportation

  • tai chung driver

    Mr Liao (he can read emails in English, though he's not so conversant) charges a reasonable price and he is not just a driver and could help u take photographs and tell u about the place too.Unlike my taipei driver, he literally stays with you wherever you go+886 980 793 823/ or email blacktea398@yahoo.com.twHe usually wants to know where his...

  • Toroko National Park Road

    Narrow roads, sharp and dangerous curves with steep valleys. Picture taken from mim95 homepage. Courtesy of mim95.

  • Xi La An Tunnel

    This tunnel is lopcated near the entrance of Toroko National Park, beside the Sakadang Trail. This is a view of the tunnels in Taiwan in the mountains area. The designs of the tunnels varies fro place to place.


Taiwan Shopping

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    by luckymiffy Updated Jul 2, 2005

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    This is not a real grocery store but a "fake"one set in the tourist strreet. There are less and less grocery store in cities, but still can find some around country sides. In the picture this fake store put many Tatung staues on the wall, if you think it's no big deal, you are totally wrong. It cost a lot and it's well-known in Taiwan. Since 1918 Tatung company produced home appliance and created this logo statue, everyone marked a number which symbolized the year. Ex. 86 means it is made in 1911+86= 1997. Some collectors started to collected the 1970s statues to 1990s, so it's getting popuar and rare. This shop owns all the years of statues as you've seen in this picture, just sell some statues, you can travel around some countries.

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Taiwan Local Customs

  • Kyle-Taiwan's Profile Photo

    by Kyle-Taiwan Written Apr 23, 2009

    There is now a running high speed rail in Taiwan. This rail goes from north to south on the west hitting all the major cities. From Kaohsiung to Taipei is only about 2 hours by this train.

    The disadvantage is you don't get to see much, but if time is important, its useful!

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Taiwan Tourist Traps

  • Sun Moon Lake is boring

    While Sun Moon Lake (riyuetan) is a popular tourist destination, I cannot really see the attraction of this place. There is nothing much to see there, save for an impressive looking Chinese temple, and that's only if you like viewing temples. The cruise across the lake is really nothing to shout about, and there's nothing much going on in the small...

  • Pressured into buying

    Sometimes, when you hire the services of a cabby to take you around for one day, the cabby will take you to a tourist shop where you will be subject to high pressure sales tactic in order to get you to buy some ridiculously priced and useless object like jade carvings or high grade green tea or honeycomb moisturiser. The sales people will follow...

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Taiwan Off The Beaten Path

  • Numerous Formosan rock-monkey in...

    Formosan rock-monkeys are unique to Taiwan. And the most famous habitat is in Shoushan National Nature Park in Kaohsiung. The park is located on a mountain locally called "Chai-Shan", just near Sizihwan Bay. You could spend a half day for ecology tour on the mountain and enjoy the warm welcome ceremony from these monkeys.

  • Gold Ecological Museum

    The Gold Ecological Museum is at Jinguashih, which is a 10-15 minute bus ride away from Jiufen. The gold museum is spread out over a sprawling area and consists of several buildings and attractions. First, you enter a building that takes you through the gold mining history of the area with well-labelled exhibits in English and Chinese. The grounds...

  • On my way home

    I visited my friend who lives at GuGung in Taichung, and it's famous for hiking path and hot spring. When I took bus to downhill, I found the bus is crowede beyond my imagination!! It was an early morning on Monday, and I saw more and more people (esp. the old) get on the bus and quiet excited like children. Some are going to The association for...


Taiwan Sports & Outdoors

  • by goswamipoly Written Feb 1, 2013

    Definitely you can visit during the moon cake festival period. The holiday with pleasant autumn weather becomes a peak time for travel. Welcome to China and explore the traditional folk customs of this interesting festival.

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Taiwan Favorites

  • Kaohsiung is a good place^^

    Hello, I am Sheila, now I am living in Kaohsiung. You have only three days, actually it is a short time. If you want to relax yourself and do some sightseeing, I think Taroko gorge will be a great choice because of the beautiful scene there. Or you can go Taitung for spring, i think it will give you a comfortable night. By the way, Kaohsiung is a...

  • If you don't have a visa when you visit...

    Well thanks for all those responses. Just to answer some of your questions - I am a citizen from Hong Kong with a US green card (US permanent resident) and I reside in Los Angeles.Also, it is to my knowledge and experience that you can visit Taiwan without a visa with my Hong Kong SAR passport (or passports from other nations)by filling out some...

  • Things to do in Taipei

    You must go and try the following---Pork Chop Rice, Oyster Mee Suan, Muai Chee(from Ma Zu), Meat Balls(the HUGE ones--Bak Wan), Xian Su Chicken, Sticky Rice with mushrooms and Gao Shan Cha(tea from the mountains). Xi Men Ting Night market is good place to shop. You can bargain your way through and should.You can also try the fortune teller fron...


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