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Chiayi Things to Do

  • Zhongshan Road

    Zhongshan Road is just across the street from Chiayi Railway Station. You can also use the underpass to cross the busy street. Zhongshan Road is a main street with shops full of billboard with street neon lights. We did walk around here for a while as simply shopped for something that we needed for the trip. We did shop at Guang Nan...

  • The Extraterrestrial Highway

    As you would expect for a city with dinosaurs roaming the streets, Chiayi is the centre of extraterrestrial activity in Taiwan, they have even erected a large monument to commemorate the frequent UFO visits to this lovely little corner of the country.

  • The Eiffel Tower

    An enduring symbol of the eternal friendship between the Taiwanese and the French, the imposing Chiayi Eiffel tower sits at town centre quite close to that sitting guy, which we have already covered....At nearly two stories tall, this monument is the most recognizable feature of the nearly world famous Chiayi city skyline...

  • The LIberty Bell

    A symbol of freedom and liberty for the denizons of Chiayi, the Liberty Bell is an exact duplica of its more famous cousin in the city of Brotherly Love... Well, almost exact, except it ain't cracked and it has Chinese writing all over it... But I'm sure it still sends the same symbolic message to all that partake in its view...

  • Jurassic Park

    The Nearly World Famous Chiayi Dinosaur has been standing tall and stalking town for as long as I can remember.... Makes a great landmark for giving directions: Left at the Statue of Liberty, Take a right at the dinosaur, then park in front of the 7-11...

  • Lady Liberty

    Chiayi's Lady Liberty, strides high atop a traffic circle on the entrance into town from Highway 1. It is like a shining beacon for the weary expat here on business... " Give me your tired, your poor, your hungry, your oppressed huddled masses of expat labour...." I am told that there is a replica somewhere in New York....

  • Mt. Alishan (chinese: ªü¨½¤s)

    The subject of a well-known song, Alishan is one of Taiwan's top tourist resorts and well worth a visit. There are five things at Alishan that the tourist cannot miss: the railway, the beautiful cypress forests, the "sea of clouds," the sunrise, and the sunset.Website (chinese...

  • Lungtou Farm (chinese: ñýÀY¥ð¶¢¹A³õ)

    Lungtou Farm is in Fanlu township. There are two travel routes in it. The main landscape area is in the Lungtouping Mountain. One route is for the sights of virgin forest and Mengdzung bamboo dense forest, the other for the Tea Park and Mengdzung bamboo forest. There are many strange stones and trees on the way, such as the dragon tree, the magic...

  • Fengshan Scenery (chinese: Âפs­·´º°Ï)

    Fengshan is the only plain village in Alishan Township. The shape looks like a stone plate, so gets the name "She-Gu-Pan" (Stone Drum Plate). The famous scenic spots are waterfalls, clouds and fog, suspension bridge, strange stones and trees. The waterfalls are the dragon waterfall, the big raindrop waterfall, the green granite waterfall and the...


Chiayi Hotels

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  • Nice Prince Hotel

    No. 600, Chung-Hsiao Rd., Chiayi, Taiwan, 600, TW

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Families

  • Chinatrust

    257 Wen Huah Road Chia-Yi Taiwan R.O.C, Chia-Yi, C

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Chiayi Chinatrust Hotel

    257 Wenhua Road

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

Chiayi Restaurants

  • Fountain chicken rice

    The symbol of Chiayi is chicken rice. The most famous one is fountain chicken rice. It's just near by the fountain in Chiayi center. Easy to find the to try. Chicken rice is turkey with rice. Chicken are slices with special souce. You can eat it together with fried vegetable, tofu etc. Its taste is light, but you won't forget it.

  • sweet and fresh oyster

    I would NOT call it a restaurant if you want to try something really nice in Dongshi Town, a very typical Taiwanese little township. Just go and find a food stand and then enjoy your oyter feast. BTW, if you want to try something fun (not on the menu), just ask them for help, they are willing to serve you.

  • Street Stalls Sell Snails

    If you want to have some street vendor or pushcart food your best bet is to attend a night market in Chiayi. Friday nights head over to the stadium areas on the southwest edge of town, off of Chwei-Yang Road, and you should have a wide choice of vendors. Wen-Hwah (Culture) street has some vendors at night. On weekends you can sometimes find food...


Chiayi Transportation

  • Public Bus Station

    This is the public Bus Station as known as Alishan Shuttle Bus Terminal where you can catch a bus to the Alishan National Park. It is located on the right side of the Chiayi Railway Station. The frequency of the bus schedule is quite efficient, and you can refer the photo of the schedule. You don't need to buy bus tickets in advance, there are...

  • Chiayi THSR Station

    The Chiayi THSR Station is one of the important high speed rail stations in Taiwan as it connects between the northwest and southwest of Taiwan. It is a modern station with shops, ticket counters, vending machines, lockers, toilet and etc.Good To Know: If you book a ticket one or two weeks in advance, you can save up to 20% of the actual ticket...

  • Chiayi Railway Station

    The Chiayi Railway Station is one of the historical railway stations in Taiwan as it was built in 1896 by the Japanese Colony that linked between the northwest and southwest of business districts in Taiwan. The original structure in 1896 was a single-story wooden structure with Japanese style slanting roof and rain-shield walls. In 1933, the...


Chiayi Local Customs

  • eric_ives's Profile Photo

    by eric_ives Written May 6, 2003

    Are there any customs or cultural traits that set Chiayi's happy residents apart from the rest of the Taiwanese? If you read accounts of early Western visitors to Chiayi (missionaries a century ago, not the Dutch during the colonial era) you'll hear about the curious custom of stone-throwing games. Evidently the young men of Chiayi used to throw stones at each other for fun and amusement, sometimes killing each other (if accounts can be believed). This custom no longer endures, but ask any elders if they heard stories about the stone-throwing when they were children.

    Chiayi was a hotbed of opposition to the KMT, so the central government didn't do much to fund economic development in Chiayi until the 1980s. As a result, there was a high concentration of traditional buildings and Japanese colonial wooden architecture in Chiayi. This is changing as economic development spells the doom of many old buildings.

    One old custom probably persists. This is the rite of passage in which young men race their motorcycles through the Wen Hua night market, missing pedestrians by inches as their motorcyles, badly in need of new mufflers, scream through the crowds. This diversion is related to the custom of lighting bottle rockets and firing them from one's motorcycle or scooter while racing down the streets during the Autumn Moon Festival.

    Old City Hall on Jung-Shan Road, replaced in 1997
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Chiayi Warnings and Dangers

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    by kenmerk Written Feb 26, 2003

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    Beware !!! Gangs of bandit beekeepers roam the streets of Chiayi, sticking parking citations on the window of otherwise defenseless motorists...

    A Chiayi Beekeeper Stalking Her Prey....
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Chiayi Off The Beaten Path

  • Cute Ching Dynasty Turtle Lurks in...

    If you make it out to Chiayi Park be sure to check out the old turtle. Just go east from the train station on Chung-Shan Road until you reach the slope up. It's about a 30 minute walk. The park is on your left and the baseball stadium is on the right. The Turtle is near the entrance at the corner of Chi-Min and Chung-Shan roads. The turtle has...

  • Bears near Ali Mountain in Chia-i County

    In the past decade there have been a few bear sightings in eastern Chiayi County. As you go up the mountain highway toward the AliShan resort area consider stopping in towns such as Stone Table to look around and ask about bears and other wildlife. The people hanging out in the tea shops might tell you stories about deer and bears. This photograph...

  • Chiayi Hotels

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Chiayi Favorites

  • On a Clear Day...

    On a clear day you can see forever in Chiayi...(If you have ever visited here you would find this statement amusing...)Chiayi is actually one of the more smog choked places on the planet. I lived here for about 2 years, very close to these mountains shown in this picture, and pretty much never saw them... The picture here is of a 99 percentile 3...

  • Emulating a Winning Strategy...

    Some local marketing genius, trying to emulate the success of the 7-11 Empire came up with his own brain child: The 5-9 store. Note the similar coloring patterns and the close proximity to their chief rival... I'm sure somewhere, somehow others are dreaming of a 8-12 or 6-9 store that they can call their very own...

  • Homework Day

    Heed caution on homework day... Large packs of diligent and determined young Taiwanese English students roam the streets of Chiayi looking for unsuspecting foreigners to help them with their English Homework assignments...


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