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    The oldest house in Hsien-chu (116)
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Hsien-chu Things to Do

  • Hsinchu City World Expo-Taiwan Pavilion

    World Expo Taiwan Pavilion was one of the popular pavilions at Shanghai World Expo 2010. After two years of waiting, it has relocated in Hsinchu, Taiwan. The Taiwan Pavilion is shaped like a sky lantern and at the center is a huge LED ball which will present light show after 6 pm on weekdays. Very fascinating! The Taiwan Pavilion is a four-story...

  • Leofoo Village Park (chinese: ¤»ºÖ§ø) -...

    The park is in Kuanhsin Town and schemed into 6 big subject areas, including the Kingdom of wild Animals Area, American West Area, South Pacific Area, Arabian Magic Palace Area, The Small Fairy Town, Joyous China-Town. The American West Area and South Pacific Area have been finished, which have tense and exciting amusement facilities on offer, also...

  • Hsinchu's City God (Chenghuang) Temple

    Hsinchu's City God (Chenghuang) Temple is regarded as the highest-ranking of all City God temples in Taiwan, due to the superior spiritual power of its City God in protecting the town. In front of the temple is a market with a lot of small stalls selling delicious Taiwanese snacks, including rice noodles, meat balls, thick cuttlefish broth, and...

  • Window on China (chinese: ¤p¤H°ê) - at...

    Everything in the park is shrunk to one- twenty-fifth of normal size, including all architectures and portraits, etc. It's the first multiple cultural park in Taiwan presenting the world's famous architectures in a method of the reduced proportions. It contains five big parts: the Landscape area presents the miniature buildings & people of Taiwan,...

  • Puhsin Ranch (chinese: ®H¤ßªª³õ) - at...

    The ranch is in Yangmei Town, schemed by Weichuan Co. as a place for activities and sights view. The green trees are everywhere in the ranch. It contains Hushan scenery, European-style garden, physical training plant, camping area, various amusement area, Holiday area, etc., with complete and good facilities. Other items are milk cow , milk press...

  • Small Wulai Scenery (¤p¯Q¨Ó­·´º°Ï) - at...

    Small Wulai Waterfall is on the Yunei stream in Fusying Township. The best place viewing the waterfall is the four-storied "Waterfall-Viewing Platform" beside the highway. The waterfall originates from a slender valley. Owing to the broken river floor, the stream water drops straight down with grand momentum. A wind- tunnel-stone there is about 5m...

  • Tszhu (chinese: ·O´ò) - at Taoyuan

    Tszhu is in the town of Dasyi. Chiang Kai-shek's had changed the name of this place into "Tszhu" (Kindness Lake), in remembrance of his mother. Tszhu was Chiang's favorite rest place before his death, thus his body was transported to Tszhu after his death and placed in the main hall of the mansion for people to pay a respectful visit.

  • Shihmen Reservoir (¥Ûªù­·´º°Ï) - at...

    It's built with the functions of flood control, irrigation, sights view, electricity and water supply, etc.; the beautiful scenery is around the reservoir. You'll see a good view of the whole reservoir when looking far away from the place of the dam. The nearby spots are Fairyland for children, the Asia amusement park and Golden Birds Amusement...

  • Asia Amusement Park (¨È¬w¼Ö¶é) - at...

    It's the oldest amusement park in the scenery around Hsihmen Reservoir, situated at the right side of down spillway of Hsihmen reservoir. You can see the imposing fall view when the water flows out from the reservoir. There're many entertainment machines on offer such as the sky cable car getting the top of the reservoir, swimming pool and the...


Hsien-chu Nightlife

  • Jazz & Bar

    This is my favorite place in HsinChu. In the music bar, you can enjoy more than a nice cocktail, music, live song, and friendly service. I also had my first cocktail in this place, when I was 18 (just can drink alcohol in Taiwan), my uncle brought me here for a drink. Visitors are allowed to make English-song-request, since the singer is a...

  • hungry?!

    Fresh, nice, cheap and delicious local Taiwanese snakcs; what should you ask from one of the best night market in Taiwan?! Haha, located in the city centre, a place where you can also see traditional Taiwanese temple.Enjoy it!!! Huh?! NO NEED to be formal unless you want to be a geek XD, just be casual.

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