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    Lake and flowers all around
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Hsinchu Things to Do

  • Cheng Huang temple

    You will miss this temple for the shops all around. The only clue is the typical dragon roof of Chinese temple which is visible only from across the road. Then you go around searching for a door to get in, obscured again by the numerous shops selling food stuffs. Nobody speaks English. The best part of Taiwan is you can go anywhere no restrictions....

  • Flower market

    Come weekends and the parking lot around the Hsinchu stadium becomes a thriving market area selling flowers and shrubs,clothes, accesories, pets and games.This is one place where you can sample a lot of local taiwanese food and preserves.. a must see according to me.

  • A university and tourist spot

    National Tsinghua University Hsinchu is included in the Tourist spots of Hsinchu .I agree with them. It is indeed a beautiful university! When I visited, II practically lived there going there every day and enjoying the flowers ,getting lost and landing in Chhauthung University which is a neighbour ,watching children and parents play with kites...

  • weekend get away nanliao

    A beach around Hsinchu harbor.Sand in the beach is dark must be from the city's garbage incinerator.I did n't see any one walking in the beach.There are plenty of open spaces where you can fly kites.Roads where you can cycle around bicycles and covered two and four wheeled pedelling cycles.Don't know what they are called.There is a lake where you...

  • shopping mall

    Big city is a shopping mall in Hsinchu where there are lots of shops designer and otherwise selling all sorts of things.there is a food section in the fourth floor where you can enjoy taiwanese, chinese, continental and a variety of foods.Well worth a visit.There is a bowling alley which I didn't visit.

  • Confucious temple

    beautiful small temple dedicated to confucious ,under renovation now.I wandered in to it during a rainy cold after noon.the person in charge exuded warmth which more than made my day.closed on mondays and tuesdays.

  • East gate

    This gate is a beautiful small structure in the centre of a shopping street calledDown town Come weekends and all the people are here shopping.Full of eateries,affordable as well as designer clothes ,accessories,photo studios,make up centres ,cosmetic shops,hair saloons cinema and starbucks .To reach the gate you have to go through an under ground...

  • Hsinchu Zoo

    hsinchu zoo is nothing much to talk about but it is quaint.Children would love it small,beautiful and full of trees and lovely places to rest.

  • glass museum

    While i was visiting there was an international festival of glass going on .With one ticket you could see the museum,art exhibition and glass making demonstration.I enjoyed the exhibition.Glass museum is in the heart of the city.

  • A night out

    I highly recommend Ming Zu Road, lane 33 (also known as Bar Street) for a good place to go and meet both local Taiwanese, Ex Pats, and travelers. #1 on my list is the Red Bar but also don't miss TJ's, the Coach Pub and Pumpkin. Pumpkin has a kitchen and offers good tasting Thai food, they will also deliver to any of the other bars in the area.You...

  • Glass Arts and Crafts Museum

    Okay, so maybe you wouldn't come to Hsinchu just for this, but if you are here, looking for something to do, check out the Glass Museum. It's convenient to center of town, very cheap ($20 NT as of March 2009) and has an interesting combination of slightly tacky and really creative glass pieces. Lots of "Ox" based pieces this year.Then walk through...

  • Eastern Gate

    The most famous landmark in Hsinchu. Accordingly, Hsinchu residents refer to it as the "Mother of Hsinchu", protecting the city and its people. This East Gate is the only gate left from the initial 4, for 4 directions: "Yi Suang" in the West, "Ying Xi" in the East, "Gexum" in the South, and "Gongcheng" in the North. However, the Japanese destroyed...


Hsinchu Hotels

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Hsinchu Restaurants

  • Teppan yaki

    Teppen yaki is a Japanese form of cuisine .Cooking is done on a large iron hotplate .All the customers sit around the table and watch and are served straight from the oven. There is no seperate table .For starters we had a cold drink/ loocha followed by a bowl of rice ,steamed sprouts, large quantities of fried cabbage and any meat /fish/ egg/...

  • ethnic cuisine

    This place is bustling with tourists and vendors.You can look around and choose food.Nobody speaks chinese so you choose the food which looks pleasing to your eye .Everything is straight from oven,piping hot.It can be an assault on your senses but that is what is called local cuisine.I loved sampling it. Rice dumplings filled with something...

  • Barbecue

    You have to be pretty fast.conversation almost minimum.Service very good.You pay per head.they provide you a table with an oven and burner and meat , seafood, fish mushrooms,tarro, rice cakes pigs blood cake, duck, chicken and vegetables any thing which can be barbecued,Beverages and icecream on the side.a novel experience during the cold february...

  • Hot pot

    This is a wonderful restaurant with an elegant interior.The theme is hot pot .chinese style .you are provided with a soup dish and a burner in your table.You choose the vegetables ,meat products,seafood,roots,legumes,sprouts which you want to stew in the soup and eat it according to your taste.the food stuffs you have added will cook in the broth...

  • Who Loves Seafood?

    If you love seafood well this is the place to go....everything here is eat all you can from beverages to dessert for only 500 to 700 NT. This restaurant is actually have many branches all over Taiwan and especially in the Philippines where you can see mostly in malls there...No dine out...dont be like a thief everyone is watching you, you just dont...


    OH! What can i say i really love this place.Hey, maybe every restaurant ive been' i love it.We Filipinos call it "katakawan" and the other phrase is "walang sinasanto pagdating sa pagkain" any body help me translate it in english?! ;) Maybe *JumpingNorman* could help me ;)And of course what i love most is EAT ALL YOU CAN.I wont tired looking for...


Hsinchu Transportation

  • THSR

    The high speed train connects Hsinchu to Taipei.The Hsinchu stop is in Jubei. From Hsinchu there are connecting buses to THSR station .Super efficient ! You can stand if there are no seats,reaches Taipei in 30 mts.

  • Kwai kwai & Man Man For a Train ride And...

    ....You can have your choices riding on there train..."Kwai kwai" for faster and easier but only for main stations like Hsinchu ,Jhungli, Taoyuan, Taichung, and Taipei.And for "man man " cheaper compare to kwai kwai but have to stop every sub stations and it means slower....I was amazed riding on there train here compare to the Philippines where i...

  • Hsinchu Hotels

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Hsinchu Shopping

  • morning market

    This street becomes active during morning hours and closes by noon.Smaller in comparison to flower market this is where you can go for fruits,fresh traditional vegetables, farm products,traditional foods and preserves,noodles ,kitchen accessories clothes , shoes and sandals winter clothes and winter accessories at very affordable...

  • electronic goods

    You can call it a mini electronic shopping mall.You can get all electronic goods and accessories.Slightly on the expensive side ..The street surrounding are full of electronic shops.You can shop around for a bargain.Unlike other countries no fakes. Cameras and accessories,all sorts of mobiles,computers ,laptops,playstations,TVs all latest Ipods...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Hsinchu Off The Beaten Path

  • 6aruna's Profile Photo

    18 peaks mountain

    by 6aruna Written May 3, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Not exactly a tourist spot ,more apt would be a place for an evening stroll, jogging, get away from the city.There are various benches and small sheltors to relax and equipments for exercise I saw a lot of locals exercising.I went there during Flower festival.There were more flowers inTsing hua University than in the mountain.In some areas there was a profusion of pink and white flowers. neverthless a peaceful place.
    You can get lost there .If you try the road near Bao shan road it is a steep climb of stairs right up to top.There are small temples in between and beautiful resting places.
    The Po ai road is the other road This is a tarred road fit for running.. The place is free of vehicles .what a relief.

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Hsinchu Favorites

  • rottenbadtz's Profile Photo


    by rottenbadtz Updated Feb 4, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Walking, climbing and hiking in mountain part of Hsinchu County is the best! one that i love is this Orange Farm they got that we dont have in the Philippines.
    We hire 2 vans for this is a Manila Batchmate tour a very cheap one 150 NT dollar for each of us for the whole day.
    Orange farm entrance fee is only 50 NT dollar and down to 40 NT at that time.While in their you can pick and eat all you can ...bring plastic and cutters while going up on the upper part, weight them after if you want to buy some.
    Nice view while you are on the top of it.So green and leaves are swaying as wind blow them by and by....cool for me.I wont forget this trip of mine.I really enjoy it.

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