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  • Magnificent statues
    Magnificent statues
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  • Jih-yueh T'an
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    Sun Moon Lake
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Jih-yueh T'an Things to Do

  • Paper Factory

    The Kuanghsing Paper Factory is an interestingday out, where you can see the whole process of making paper the original Chinese way, you can also make your own paper fan and choose a design.

  • Chung Tai Chan Monastery

    This Buddist Monastery is a beautifully ornate monastery near Puli, you can take a tour accompanied by multi lingual Buddhist guides and learn about the Buddhist faith.The architecture is very impressive.

  • Driving around the lake

    The twisting and turning road around the lake offers beautiful views and access to all the temples, gardens, pagodas, and towns. Along the road are many restaurants, gift shops, and hotels, as well as the Peacock Garden (which we didn't visit). There are many great views of the lake, though at one 3-km section, the road winds away from the lake for...

  • Xuanzhang Temple

    This beautiful temple is a bit farther down the road from Wenwu Temple. Though the views form here aren't quite as beautiful as from Wenwu Temple, this temple is more interesting. It honors Xuanzhang, the lengendary Buddhist monk who journeyed west to ask Buddha for Buddhist scripts in the book The Journey West. There are statues of Buddha here....

  • Tsin Pagoda

    You can walk a 557-meter (one-way) trail to the base of this pagoda/tower. The trail is somewhat steep and has markers every 100 meters you walk. At the top, you can climb this (Is it 50 meters?) high tower for views of the lake. Too bad it was cloudy the day I visited, or I believe the panoramas would have been better.

  • Wen-Wu Temple

    This temple honors the legendary Guan-Yu, and includes what's said to be his Green Dragon Moon Spear (I also saw one at Shanhaiguan. What's up with that?). The temple itself is quite interesting; but a must see is the view from the observation deck at the back of the temple.


Jih-yueh T'an Restaurants

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    The Lalu (Hang Bi Lou): Buffet in the luxuriours hotel

    by Burtty Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The buffet offers both the Japanese dishes and the Western dishes. There are also some high quality cakes and fruits.

    Buffet in The Lalu

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Jih-yueh T'an Transportation

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    Bus to Taipei

    by deeper_blue Written Nov 12, 2009

    There is no train service to Sun Moon Lake but there are plenty of buses.
    Both the Green Transit Bus company and the Kuo Kuang Bus company drive to and from Taipei there are also private travel companies that can make itineraries to local tourist spots too.

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Jih-yueh T'an Off The Beaten Path

  • Tsu An Tower

    Late President Chiang Kai Shei built this tower to memorize his monther. The top of the tower will provide a good view of the lake. We did not go to the top of the tower after passing a 500-meter-long trail and too many walks in three days. However many people still went up to the top of the tower.

  • Peacock Garden

    There are some peacocks in this small garden! My past intetesting experience was to see the visitors from Hong Kong to cheer up the peacock to display the features so that they could take the picture with it.

  • Shui Wa Tou Trail

    There are several trails along the lake. Shui Wa Tou was the one shaded with the trees and led to the lake shore. It was named after the frog (Shui Wa). There were plenty of the frogs in this area before. Now you can only find the statue of the frogs.


Jih-yueh T'an Sports & Outdoors

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    Swimming Carnival of Sun Moon Lake

    by deeper_blue Written Nov 10, 2009

    Every year around August there is a swimming carnival where thousands of people come to Sun Moon Lake and swim across it (3.3km). There are plenty of rest points along the way, but if you want to go, you'll have to register before and get the right equipment.

    Equipment: inflatable, silly pink hat, lots of suncream

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Jih-yueh T'an Favorites

  • Jade Dragon Moon Spear

    Guan Yu, a famous Chinese warrior during the third century AD, was said to wield the Qinlongyianyuedao (Jade Dragon Moon Spear/Sword or something like that), which is supposedly here in Sun Moon Lake's Wenwu Temple (after all, the temple honors Guan Yu). It's probably (well, definitely) not the real thing (I saw one of these in Shanhaiguan, too)....

  • Enjoying the beauty of the lake

    There are two ways to enjoy the beauty of Sun Moon Lake. The first one is to go around the lake. There are several hiking trails and the viewing spots around the lake. You can visit them one by one to enjoy the view of the lake from different angles.The other way is to take the ferry in the lake.

  • Fishing Facilities in the Lake

    The fishermen in Sun Moon Lake used the web fixing under the wooden stuff to catch the fishes. They just needed to go back to the wooden stuff to take the fishes home.At the end of Shui Wa Tou trail, you can see some fishing facilities.


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