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  • kenting by night
    kenting by night
    by hanspeter_W.
  • beach at kenting town
    beach at kenting town
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  • at nanwan beach
    at nanwan beach
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K'en-ting Things to Do

  • visitz eluanbi park and observatory

    Located within Kenting National Park, Eluanbi Lighthouse is one of the most recognized attractions in the park. Built in 1983, the name of “Eluan” is derived from the Paiwan aboriginal tribe meaning “yacht”. Eluanbi Lighthouse is also the landmark of Eluanbi peninsula, the southernmost point of Taiwan with coast covered with coral reefs. The...

  • visit nanwan beach

    Located in Kenting National Park, Nanwan (South Bay) is one of the beaches of Kenting coast. It used to be a whaling area during the Japanese occupation, and is now a fishing village that has a soft white sand beach stretches 600 meters long. South Bay is the longest bay with a plain slop along the coast making it a perfect place for water...

  • East Coast

    The East Coast of Kenting park is marked by rugged cliffs buffeted by strongs winds that blow across from the open paciifc. Here sand dunes are constantly being reshaped.

  • Eluanbi

    Near the southern most point in Taiwan is Eluanbi lighthouse built in 1882. Around the grounds are nature trails and picnic areas

  • Coral Beach

    Kenting park has the unique feature of many beaches whose "sand" is entirely composed of coral pieces. this one is close to the town of Kenting.

  • Guanshan

    Guanshan (Mountain Viewpoint) (觀山) is a beautiful but oft-missed viewpoint in Kenting National Park. Situated about 300 meters above the Strait of Taiwan below, the viewpoint is most well known for its sunset views; however, coming at any other time is just as spectacular. Guanshan is one of the higher points on Kenting's western...

  • Longluan Lake Nature Center

    Longluan Lake Nature Center (Longluan Tan Zhiran Jhongxing) (龍鑾潭自然中心) is a small nature center along the south shore of Longluan Lake that isn't of too much interest. The nature center can only be reached a 1-km (one-way), 10 minute walk through various habitats. At the nature center, there are...

  • Maobitou

    Maobitou (猫鼻頭) (Cat's Nose) is the second most southerly point on the island of Taiwan. It sits across a wide bay from Eluanbi, but in many respects, Maobitou is much more beautiful. The area around Maobitou has a rugged, rocky feel to it. This is exemplefied by the ground you walk on: it was formerly a coral reef but is now...

  • Kenting National Park Visitor Center

    Kenting National Park has a very good and informative visitor center. The visitor center has numerous exhibits (most in Chinese) about Kenting’s fish, rain forest, and coral reef. Helpful park employees can give you tips on what to see and do; there are also some more in depth exhibits concerning geology, etc. There is a deck on the visitor center...

  • Longluan Lake

    Longluan Lake (Longluan Tan) (龍鑾潭) is the largest lake in Kenting National Park and the Hengchun Peninsula. There originally was a natural Longluan Lake, but it was dammed and made into a resevoir for irrigating farms in the area. Apparently, the lake counts as one of the major attractions of the National Park, but I didn't...

  • Frog Rock

    Frog Rock (Qinwa Shi) (清蛙石) is rather self-explanatory: a large rock that’s shaped like a frog. Near Frog Rock is an idyllical little beach that makes the scene look almost… like some South Pacific island. The somewhat vegetated rock actually looks (in my opinion) more like a beetle, but I digress…

  • Sail Rock

    Sail Rock (Chuanfan Shi) (船帆石) is a large, sail-shaped rock east of the town of Kenting. It is named because of its resemblance to the sail on a ship. To most people (well, at least me), it looks like a big rock. It is also sometimes called “Nixon Head” since it looks like the head of President Nixon (you’ll need some...

  • Diving in Kenting

    I think Kenting has some great Diving to be offered but for some reason it has been kept a secret. Scuba Diving has been steadily growing with some of the nicest soft coral sites in the asia area. Best time to Dive is in the winter. The water temp is around 20 to 22C getting warmer as the summer approaches call John at 0913388065 he knows all about...

  • Wake Boarding

    We actually wanted to go scuba diving or snorkelling at first... but as luck would have it, we arrived right on the eve of a hurricane, and that stirred up the seabeds reducing the visibilty (or so the operators say). They in turn recommended for us to go wake boarding instead.It turned out to be a fantastic idea since the waves were pretty great!...

  • Houbihu

    The best soft coral formations in Southern Taiwan can be found at Houbihu. Why ?? I dunno, tho' there is a nuclear plant right near here that dumps its cooling water into the ocean. I guess the soft coral likes the slightly warmer water that is being discharged. See, Greens should take note, is the occasional upside to nuclear power...

  • Kenting National Park

    Nature Reserve. Area of outstanding natural beauty. Our Guide was just telling us that there are rare Coconut Crabs in this area, when my son found one ! After months of being there, this was the first time she had seen a real Coconut Crab

  • Red Wood (Hong Tsai)

    Another good place for a shore dive. Easy access in and out of the water just next to the small port in this small town near Kenting...

  • Sand Island (Sa-Dau)

    Great place for a shore dive. Visibility is good, and much sea life to be seen at relatively shallow depths.. (less than 50 feet mostly) During the one dive we did here, saw big squid, eels, clown fish, lion fish, and lots of soft coral....


K'en-ting Hotels

K'en-ting Nightlife

  • Szechunghsi Hot Springs

    Another good place to avoid the hectic Kenting nightlife scene is down at Szechunghsi Hot Springs. These hot springs were originally developed by the Japanese during the colonial period. The resort that we visited was built around the ruins of the original Japanese resort, which makes for an attractive, and historic back drop.... Pretty nice way to...

  • Night Walk

    Shopping at Kenting Rd. Feel the atmosphere of passionful southern Taiwan. Experience great time. Casual. Sandal & slipper, please. Make it as casual as possible.

  • Kenting Nightlife....

    Actually, I'm told that the Kenting night life scene is pretty active... Just not for me... I prefer floating around in the dark with the fish to getting drunk and being bombarded with load music anymore... (well maybe a few post dive beers is OK....)


K'en-ting Transportation

  • going your way

    If you do not want to spend money on hotel, you can chose night bus. Leaving Taipei at 01:00 in the morning and arriving at 07:00. Cost NT850.(US24)

  • Taiwan's Busses

    You can fly there and chance to bus. You can train there and change to bus... But why?The long-distance busses in Taiwan are AMAZING!!! The last leg of the journey is is the traditional cramped limozine bus but...Taipei-Kaoshiung is cheap and WONDERFUL!! The trip is about 10 hours and can be done overnight. The busses are spacious and comfy!! The...

  • Storyin South Line

    *Taipei to Kenting via Taitung*22:59 Taipei ~ 06:33 Taitung (616 TWD)Taipei 06:38 ~ Fangliao 08:48 (105 TWD)=*Taipei to Kenting via Kaohsiung*It takes 3 hours to go to Ken-ting from Kaohsiung by bus, it is uncomfortable ..!!I prefer to go to Fang-Liao by Trainhttp:// and transfer C.N. bus to Ken-ting .broken Ordinary...


K'en-ting Warnings and Dangers

  • Armed and Dangerous...

    Well, if you dive in a foreign country, its never quite clear what the mission is, due to language barriers, and all... I like to take pictures, and so on this night dive, I was lining up a picture for this fish... Suddenly...... GUNG-GUNG-GUNG-GUNG!!! A spear goes whizzing by and tattoos the little guy... (I forgot that one of the other divers was...

  • Kinda like this...

    Just got back from another Kenting trip. As it turns out, one of the the other divers got stabbed by a sea urchin when trying to egress the water at the of a shore dive. Click on the knee to see what the wound looks like up close.

  • Sea Urchins

    As always, careful where you kick around the sea urchins during night dives, when the littlle pointy guys come out and play... Lest you be harpooned by one in the foot...


K'en-ting Off The Beaten Path

  • THLIN's Profile Photo

    by THLIN Written Jul 18, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    HaHa. Kenting is the best diving place in Taiwan. For those who cannot swim, they teach you immediately. Therefore, everyone has no problem diving.
    Visitors can chose package tour, with b&b and some ocean activities cost around NT1,000.

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K'en-ting Sports & Outdoors

  • Scuba diving in Kenting

    My first experience of Scuba Diving was in Kenting on the south coast of Taiwan - what an amazing experience !

  • Beach boys and girls

    volley ball, swimming, water skiing are welcomed. those who are not interested in this, have your shoes off and walk on the sand and enjoy the sunshine!! Cool!! volley ball/ swim suit / water skiing instruments and... to be yourself :)

  • K'en-ting Hotels

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K'en-ting Favorites

  • Cat who ate the Canary...

    I like this one,,, that lizard fish sorta has the "cat that ate the canary" look on his face.... When I first saw him, I wasnt sure what he had in his mouth, turning my head sideways I saw it was a full up butterfly fish... (Lucky for me, not so luck for the butterfly fish....)

  • Low Rider

    Be sure to check out Kenting's monument to the local biker culture: Snoopy on a Scooter... Not quite Hell's Angels now is it... But then again what is ....

  • High Visibility

    I live for those high visibility days.... Its like swimming in an aquarium.... This particular dive was great for pictures, high visibility, not too deep, and lots of sea critters...


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