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  • Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa
    Luminous Hot Spring Resort & Spa
    by walterwu
  • Hotel room on twin sharing
    Hotel room on twin sharing
    by walterwu
  • Room's Hot Spring Tab
    Room's Hot Spring Tab
    by walterwu

Taitung Things to Do

  • Peinan Culture Park

    This is an archaeological site of a prehistoric aborginal settlement. Most of the sight has been reburied but a plot is left open for display

  • Yuan Sen Applied Botanical garden

    This botanical garden is dedicated to medicinal plants used in Chinese folk medicine. Lunch served at the garden is made from ingredients grown on site.

  • Taitung Forest Park

    The Taitung Forest Pakr has excellent bike trails throughout this large urban park. Rentals are available.

  • Life is slow and satisfied in LANYU

    Orchid Island is the one I dream to go for a long time. but i can't without enough holidays. The sea could be so clear and blue, I never think Taiwan has such gifted view before. Shelter is the best specialty in Orchid Island. It's also called " make yourself empty " shelter. You easily forget all the noises and troubles from your life and find a...

  • Natural Hot Spring

    LiSong Hot Spring is in the page of Lonely Planet. Actully it's not a hot spot for Taiwanese on account of the tough path to arrive. 1st you have to get down through a steep hill, around 40-50 minutes you could arrive the bottom of the hill and see the hot spring, but that's not the end. Before taking a great hot spring bath, you step into the cold...

  • Snorkle Green Island!

    Well anyone can see the snorkle trips. Every guesthouse on the island will likely connect you to a snorkle tour operator. They will supply you with a wetsuit, wet shoes, a mask, snorkle and a guide. All you need to bring is a towel and a swimsuit and your rented scooter to get yourself to and from there (while following the guide on his scooter)....

  • Guan Shan Waterside Park

    Guan Shan waterside park is a big and beautiful park where you can enjoy the mountain view and the river view. People used to rent the bicycle outside the park and ride it in the park and around the whole town.

  • Chu Lu Pasturage

    Chu Lu Pasturage is a farm where they raise the cows. It was nice to have a walk in the farm. We also tasted the milk there. The milk from this farm is also famous in Taiwan.

  • Taitung Aboriginal Cultural Hotel

    The hotel is decorated with the aboriginal cutural stuffs. They are very beautiful and unique. It is nice to visit this place even if you do not stay here. The twim room is about USD 30 to USD 40 in this hotel. It is not expensive but we did not stay here so we did not know how it felt to live here.

  • Taitung Forest Park

    Taitung Forest Park is a big green park close to the city. In the park, there are a big garden, two lakes and the hiking trial inside the woods. Besides the Forest Park, it is the beach and the Seashore Park. It is nice to have such a big park in the city.

  • Taitung Seashore Park

    You can enjoy the sea view at this park. The park is close to the city. Many locals walk or jog in the park at their leisure time. There is also the bicycle lane here. You can ride the bicycle to go around.

  • Shiau Yeh Liu

    Shiau Yeh Liu is a coast with differnet kinds of the rocks. You can go down and sit on these rocks to see the waves.

  • Kending Narional Park (chinese:...

    Kending Narional Park has three parts. The first part has Jyadung gigantic tree, flower house, stalactite caves, silver-leaf & board-root tree, viewing tower; the second part has silver dragon cave, umbrella pavilion, dangling banyan cave, one-line sky; the third part is an unopened primitive rain forest area. The forest recreation area has many...

  • Jiben Forest Recreation Area...

    Jiben Forest Recreation Area is located at the middle reach of Jiben creek. You will meet a red suspension bridge at its entrance. The recreation area has botanical garden planting camphor woods, mahogany, pine trees, broad-leaved tree forest, etc. and the B.B.Q, & camp site, plants nursery, hotels, etc.; there are paths stretching to link these...

  • Shiau-yeliou (chinese: ¤p³¥¬h)

    Shiau-yeliou has a lot of special scenery similar with Yeliou. Owing to the efflorescence and the erosion of sea waves, there are many Doufu-shaped rocks, mushroom-shaped rocks, and bee net stones. Tourists can look the introduction of geological scenery in the service center.


Taitung Hotels

See all 17 Hotels in Taitung
  • Kindness Hotel

    No.16 Lane 209, Section 1, Jhongsing Road, Taitung, Taiwan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Luming Hot Spring Hotel

    No.200 Section 1, Zhonghua Road, Luye Town, 955

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Hotel Royal Chihpen

    The hotel royal chihpen spa is one of the best hotel in Taitung area. Their service is great and the...


Taitung Restaurants

  • matt_of_asia's Profile Photo

    Fat Elephant BBQ- Green Island: BBQ Buffet Taiwanese Style

    by matt_of_asia Updated Apr 8, 2007

    This is a very taiwanese style kind of food. In the winter its hot pot. In the summer its barbeque. But this is not like the american style bbq. This is Taiwan, buddy.

    The atmosphere is pure tin shack on concrete slab, like your weird uncles garage with a big fridge at the back. Many tables with large funny wire boxes in the center and cheap folding chairs await you.

    The deal is you cook it over a grill placed over red hot burning coals of wood. Its different because its a buffet style, and the grill is set in the center of the table you eat at, so you eat, then cook, then eat, then cook. or you can vote one or two people to do all the flipping required. If your fire has issues contact the service guys and point or say 'Hwo si-diao-le." (fire is dead).

    The fat elephant is an all you can eat BBQ restaurant on green island we ate at. Its 250 NT$ per person. Beer is extra money. A taiwan beer (green bottle - the good stuff) rang in at 70NT.

    You can choose from:

    tofu. its ok. its tofu.
    weiners. not recommended by me.
    chicken wings. YUM.
    pork. YUM
    squid balls. YUM.
    tempura (fried flour cake) YUM.
    onion, and bacon on a stick. I personally took them off so the bacon would be faster and better cooked (safer) very good.
    green pepper and bacon on a stick. As the onion and bacon above take it apart it is safer and faster. YUM.
    chicken strips. YUM.
    sh*take mushrooms. yum yum.

    and other foods often available at other all you can eat BBQ restaurants: (but i didnt see at this one the day we went. :(
    Beef strips of varying quality. Usually very Yummy.
    goat meat may be available.
    Sika meat may be available but even though they say it is farmed from 'Sika farms' in Taidong its better safe than sorry, I don't suggest eating an endangered species flesh!

    Favorite Dish: You cook it all yourself. You pick what you want from a buffet fridge where its laid out for you. If you get food poisoning, guess what- its YOUR fault. If you burn it- its YOUR fault. Dont say i didnt warn you. If you are scared of cooking dont do this or get someone who likes to cook to come with you. This is why many chinese people make good cooks. They all learn how from a very early age how to do it all themselves.

    to get there, go along the road past the airport, keep an eye out on your right hand side before you get to the green island prison for the sign with a fat elephant on it. I don't think they have an english name.

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Taitung Transportation

  • Storyin Railway

    There is only one oridinary express train from Taitung-hsin TO Hua-lien , in the morning 6:48 .after school children get off , the whole coach is mine .The mountain won't be disappeared in Taitung .

  • Going Around

    I suggest you to drive from Hualien to Taitung along Highway no. 11 (Hua-Tung Coastal Highway) to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Pacific Ocean and drive back from Taitung to Hualien along Highway no. 9 (Hua-Tung Valley Highway) for the mountain views and many attractions in this page.

  • Airplane

    We were taking the airplane back to Taipei. It took about 1 hour's flight. The pre-saled discount ticket is about NTD 1,400 (USD 40)one way. We bought the tickets from http://www.ezfly.com but that is a web site in Chinese.There are also the flight between Taichung and Taitung.


Taitung Shopping

  • Burtty's Profile Photo

    A fruit stand for Custard Apple: Custard Apple

    by Burtty Updated Apr 14, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    What to buy: There are many fruits in Taiwan because of the sub-tropic climate. Custard Apple (Shi Jia) is the famous fruit produced in Taitung. There is also another variation of Custard Apple here. We call it Pineapple Custard Apple (Fong Li Shi Jia). We buy some at this stand outside the Guan Shan waterside park. We also see many fruit stands at Bei Nan saling Custard Apple.

    What to pay: NTD 50 - 100 (USD 1.50 to 3.00) per kilogram dependent on the size of Custard Apple.

    Custard Apple

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Taitung Local Customs

  • luckymiffy's Profile Photo

    Bombing HanDan

    by luckymiffy Written Mar 1, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It is a very special ceremony as a real person will take the place of the god Master Han Dan, wearing only a pair of red shorts. He will cover his face with a towel. He may not wear any other clothes. In his hand, He will hold a branch to protect himself. He will be carried by people on a sedan chair. He must stand strong as many people throw firecrackers at his body. In Taiwan, only a few places will worship Han Dan Yue including Taitung, Hualien and Yu Li, but only Taitung has this particular activity.

    There are two stories behind the legend of Master Han Dan. Number one goes that the god Master Han Dan was afraid of the cold, so every year during the parade, the people will light firecrackers to ward off the cold for Master Han Dan. And at the same time, the people hope that by throwing firecrackers, Master Han Dan will take good care of them. The second story says that Master Han Dan was a local gangster in Taitung who picked on the good people of Taitung. All evil was done by him. One year, the people planned to get Master Han Dan drunk and then attempt to kill him by throwing firecrackers. So up until now every year at the parade, people throw firecrackers in part to get rid of any upset emotions.

    Carrying the gods around the city in Lantern Festival and throwing firecrackers at Master Han Dan has been going on in Taitung for over fifty years. This is a local specialty here in Taitung. Every year, the activity attracts more and more people to come to Taitung for this festival. With the help of the Tourism Bureau this has become one of the most important Lantern Festivals in Taiwan.

    from website: http://home.pchome.com.tw/my/yiashi/2007/96.html

    the HanDan is a volunteer from south Africa cultural & Folk religion activity, in Taitung statues of Chinese god walked around every street
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Taitung Tourist Traps

  • Jim_Eliason's Profile Photo

    Chulu Dairy

    by Jim_Eliason Written Jan 17, 2013

    Very few cows or access to actual dairy practices here mostly just Horse rides, a few cows and lots of gift shops. Might be interesting if your new to agriculture but skip it if you are.

    Chulu Dairy Chulu Dairy Chulu Dairy
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    • Eco-Tourism
    • Farm Stay

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Taitung Off The Beaten Path

  • LiTao

    LiTao is on the South cross-island highway. Go to Taitung from Tainan or Kaohsiung, you could choose this way, risky but worth seeing. In the small aboriginal village Litao, people set guest houses for visitors who like to go hiking. It's really a good choice for you.The villagers count on agriculture, for instance, cabbage and strawberry. donot...

  • Hang Glider

    We visited Lu Yeh in Aug 2005 again and saw the people fly the hang gliders. They looked like the small dot in the sky in the shown picture. Click the picture to see an enlarged view might help you to see them.

  • Hang glider at Lu Yeh High Land

    Lu Yeh High Land is now also a famous place for the hang glider. Many people fly the hang glider at the weekends here because of its steep cliff at 368 meters high and the wide flat ground under the feet.


Taitung Favorites

  • luckymiffy's Profile Photo

    Watch the goat!

    by luckymiffy Written Apr 26, 2009

    Favorite thing: Orchid Island is one part of Taitung county. In this island, you may see farm animals surrounded; Not only being showed up behind the fence, they also walk with you.
    The locals mark their goarts on the ear and let them live with the mountain; once the ceremony is coming, they find out the goats and see if it's proper to kill for the ceremony.

    I like to ride my bike and see those goats crossing the road or standing on the wall at the same time. Sadly they still have to be killed one day.

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