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  • Very attentive staff
    Very attentive staff
    by balisunshine
  • loving life in Bangkok
    loving life in Bangkok
    by richiecdisc
  • Is there hope???
    Is there hope???
    by balisunshine

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    Don't Believe All You Read

    by ThailandExpat Written Oct 21, 2011

    Favorite thing: It would appear that member "Balisunshine" has copied and pasted a lot of info from a Bumrungrad hospital brochure. I hope he got paid well for his trouble.

    If you want to read something a bit closer to the truth, Google "joshua goldberg bumrungrad".

    Fondest memory: My fondest memory is not ever having to go to Bumrungrad hospital.

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    Continuation of Part 2: Getting an operation in BK

    by balisunshine Updated Oct 21, 2009

    Favorite thing: Flying back to Bali

    Once again, we booked our return tickets via Air Asia.
    This time, the tickets had gone up slightly in price.
    We called a couple of days before to reserve our wheel chair,
    and was suggested that we get there earlier (3 am)
    so to avoid any lines at the counter and be attended to immediately.

    When we arrived at 4 am,
    none of the counter were open,
    and we were told that
    we would need to wait till they were,
    check-in and THEN
    a wheel chair would be provided.
    We did just that, and it took
    about another 30 minutes
    before the wheel chair arrived.

    Once it did arrive,
    we strolled through immigration
    and to the departure gate.
    This time the air-bridge directly
    to the flight was available.

    The same upon our arrival to Bali.

    In Bali, we waited not only till
    all the passengers got off the plane,
    but about a total of 45 minutes,
    before a pretty unstable and
    uncomfortable wheel chair was available.

    Bali isn’t very wheel chair friendly…period.

    The good thing was,
    by the time we arrived at the immigration line
    and at the luggage carrousel,
    nobody was left, except our luggage.

    I was finally back home.

    To continue, click on: The Medical Follow up in Bali

    Bali NOT wheel chair friendly! : (

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    Continuation of: Part 2: Getting an operation in B

    by balisunshine Updated Aug 18, 2009

    Favorite thing: For payment of the surgery,
    it is requested approval from your insurance
    if it is a way of payment, credit card
    or a cash transfer to their account.

    So a few days later,
    I went into surgery for bone grafting,
    plates and screws, to be installed into my tibia.

    On that same day,
    I would be checking in as
    an in-house patient within the hospital.
    Depending on your budget,
    there are various selections for

    In-house Patient Accommodations.

    I won’t go into the
    prior-operation sentiments and personal fears,
    but post-operation,
    I was wheeled into my room,
    high on Euphoria/Morphine
    to relieve me of any pain.
    It lasted for a couple of days.

    Being in that total dependant physical state,
    I sure did appreciate all the nurses right there if needed.
    Just at the click of the buzzered.
    From bathing, to feeding, to medications
    to all the healing and assistance, it was all provided.
    5-stars for service!

    On the third day,
    the physiotherapist already started treatment
    with a special machine used for the knee.

    The Bumrungrad Residence

    I remained as an in-house patient for 1 week,
    before we transferred to

    The Bumrungrad Residence.

    For post operations,
    this may be the best place to stay,
    since there is direct access from the Residence
    to the Hospital without any need to go on the road.

    Again, rooms are a bit drab,
    but because of the convenience
    of it being attached to the hospital,
    made it worth it.
    Here, we could open the window and had a terrace.

    We were even able to get a high floored room,
    with a nice evening skyline view.

    Here we stayed another 10 days.

    Fondest memory: Getting something to eat

    Breakfast is not included at the Residence,
    not any other meals.
    Your room comes equipped
    with a fridge and some basic utensils.
    There is the food court
    located at the mezzanine of the hospital
    and some additional places to eat on the 10th floor
    but food, again…is something
    that is not of the healthiest kind.

    In these food courts
    there is an array of choices,
    including a fresh juice bar.
    But if you believe in healing through nutrition,
    this does not take priority here.

    Prices are higher than what you would find on the street,
    but in my state…I wasn’t much in a mood for restaurant seeking.

    The Price

    The cost at Bumrungrad Hospital is
    probably cheaper than what
    one would find in the USA or even in Singapore.
    But most probably more expensive to
    some of the other hospitals in Thailand.

    Prior to the operation,
    you will pay consultation fees separately.
    Then prior to the operation,
    you will be given a global estimate
    of the cost of your in-house patient stay.
    You will be required to
    have this available prior to your operation.
    And money left over,
    will be returned.
    But then if you need any
    follow up treatments or consultations,
    this will be billed separately.

    I chose to come to Bumrungrad
    since I was already familiar with the hospital,
    and I felt safe with being operated here.

    When it comes to medications, any special equipment,
    like bandages, etc if you can,
    have them bought outside of the hospital.
    You may save up to 50%.
    That was our case…when possible.

    After close to three weeks,
    I was given permission to fly back to Bali,
    along with recommendations on
    what to do to continue healing
    and a complete CD-Rom
    with all that was done on me.

    In-patient room In-house patient room Very attentive staff

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    Chapter 2: Getting an operation in Bangkok

    by balisunshine Updated Aug 18, 2009

    Favorite thing: Note This is a continuation of Part 1: Braking a leg in Bali

    Flying Air Asia

    So, after reading all the wonderful statements
    written by a passenger in the in-flight Air Asia magazine,
    I felt relieved that no hardships
    were to be expected along the way!

    As soon as we pulled into the airport,
    I realized that what would be provided
    as a way of decent from the plane,
    with the portable stairs and
    a long flight of very narrow steps down
    instead of the airports air-bridge.
    Mind you…I had a cast all the way from my thigh
    all the way down to my toes….and
    I wasn’t seeing a wheel chair
    at the bottom of the stairs.

    We patiently waited for
    all the other passengers to disembark
    then someone from the crew
    offered to assist me and
    one other handicapped passenger down the plane.
    I admit I was a bit nervous going down
    all those flights of stairs with the help
    of someone I didn’t even know if I could trust.

    When we finally arrived at the bottom of the stairs,
    a van met us and from there on,
    a wheel chair was waiting for us,
    and then we were strolled through
    immigration and baggage claim.
    The cost for the wheelchair,
    airport assistance 140 Bahts
    and totally worth it!

    At the Airport

    From there we were wheeled to
    the Bumrungrad Hospital’s Hospitality Counter,
    located at the Arrival Hall C,
    opposite Exit Door number 10 at International Arrivals,
    where we were welcomed and served some water.

    (Bumrungrad Hospital Airport Representative
    are provided a full list of arrival dates and
    times and will help patients out when notified.)
    Patients need to present their names
    and their hospital numbers.
    Service available from
    Monday – Sunday from 0700 – 2300
    Tel: 02-1346598 Fax: 02-1346599

    The Hospital offers this hospitality desk as
    your assistance to transportation that will
    take you either to the hospital,

    The Bumrungrad Suites or

    The Bumrungrad Residence for 950 Bahts
    you get a Mu 7 ( SUV Car for 1-3 Persons)
    of which will be deducted upon
    a payment made at the hospital.

    The Bumrungrad Suites

    We were able to book a room
    for the first few days at the

    The Bumrungrad Suites.

    The Suites are located
    within walking distance to the hospital.
    They have wheel chairs and
    assistance available at all times.
    There is a very nice physiotherapy gym within the building,
    the doors of the rooms are wide enough for a wheel chair,
    plastic chairs to be used within the shower can be provided,
    there is 24 room assistance available, etc.

    The drawbacks are that this is a no frills hotel.
    Rooms are clean but a bit of a drab.
    The Suites are meant to assist patients and family of patients
    with a place to stay within close proximity of the hospital.

    Not much of a cable TV choice.
    Internet service is not free.
    You can not open the windows.
    The breakfast was not very appetizing and processed.
    Not to mention….not the healthiest choice.

    The small distance from the suites to the hospital
    are on sidewalks which are un-even and
    not very easy to maneuver on with a wheel chair.
    Sometimes it was opted to stroll me along the side of the street.

    Fondest memory: At Bumrungrad Hospital

    The next morning, appointments,
    X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, blood tests etc.
    The equipment used at the hospital
    are of the latest models.
    We immediately noticed this
    when we saw the Digital X-ray and
    compared to the one taken in Bali.

    orthopedic doctor that
    we consulted was Dr. Winyou Ratanachai
    who repeated what was advised to us before
    by the other doctors that we seeked
    a second opinion from….surgery.

    He was ready to operate
    that same evening if we desired,
    but we chose to allow a few days to pass
    to prepare payment, lodging, etc and
    follow up on the other tests and
    consultations needed before surgery.
    (…I also needed to catch my breath
    and come to terms with what
    was just about going to happen to me….)

    on the plane...3 seats please Terrible breakfast The surgeon

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    Thailand Vaccinations

    by bulldogtwo Written Jan 28, 2009

    Favorite thing: Whenever this questions comes up I always suggest getting the hepetitus shots. Michale and BKK Kid are correct in that you don't "need" to get anything and for the most part Bangkok and most parts of Thailand are safe. Getting the hepititus shots are just a safeguard, which you can get in any city or country in the world.
    Should you decide to get them it does take several months to get the series, I think 6-8 months.
    Good luck and have FUN!

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    Vaccinations for Thailand

    by bulldogtwo Written Nov 10, 2008

    Favorite thing: I agree with UnaS. Equally important in my opinion are the Hepatitis shots, series of three over a 6 month? period. You can get Hepatitis anywhere in the world and they are easy to get and worth the time.
    Typhoid and dengue shots are always good. But I also believe that it depends on "where" and "how" you are traveling throughout SEAsia. If you are going to stay in decent 4-5 star hotels and not venture off into the jungle/bush then I would not worry about it too much. If not then obviously your chances of getting something increases. Having said that I don't know of anyone that has gotten any of these recently traveling in Thailand. It is relatively safe and we travel to many remote places and dense bush areas of some of the national parks and other off road places. Never a problem, so far!
    Good luck and HAVE FUN!

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    Healing Holistically

    by balisunshine Updated Jun 24, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: After several years of
    dealing with a skin disorder
    with much frustration because,
    of the topical creams prescribed to me
    that contained cortisone and that
    never gave me a positive results,
    I decided to take it a step further;
    ‘to heal from the inside out.’

    Since less than a year ago,
    I decided to go see a nutritionist,
    and change my lifestyle to a healthier one
    and to use Good Foods as
    a source of medicine.

    This can be a major challenge for anyone,
    and great discipline is required,
    if you truly want to heal.

    What amazed me the most was,
    not only did I start healing my skin disorder,
    but I started to glow, my energy level went up,
    I lost a lot of weight including those
    stubborn fat areas where most surgeons say
    that the only way to get rid of
    is through liposuction.

    On my last visit to Bumrungrad Hospital,
    I was extremely disillusioned with
    the dermatologist that I went to see,
    after he said to me that nutrition
    had nothing to do with my skin disorder.

    Well, these are the
    typical kind of responses
    that you will get from
    most Western Doctors who
    practice by the book,
    written and approved by the FDA.

    And then there are the Doctors that get
    very expensive perks and even paid trips
    from the pharmaceutical companies so
    that they prescribe certain drugs to their patients.

    In many cases,
    Doctors don’t even have
    a very good education about nutrition
    or any kind of knowledge on
    holistic healing to begin with.

    Take a look at how your Doctor looks like.
    Is he overweight?
    Does he look tired?
    Does he have bags under his eyes?
    Any skin problems?
    And I am not referring to
    the younger ones freshly
    graduated out of med school either,
    but the older, more so-called experienced ones.

    Fondest memory: So, it’s great to get your general check up
    at a so-called approved hospital,
    but consider balancing out
    your medical visit by
    attending a Holistic Medical Center
    or at least visit a certified nutritionist.

    You might discover some things
    that finally make sense of
    all those things that seem a bit obscure.

    And the connection with
    your own health and body
    may be taken to a higher level.

    Always make sure that
    when dealing with Holistic Centers
    that they are of a certain level of reputation.

    I’ve seen a lot of quacks out there,
    call themselves healers,
    without knowing very much.

    The best thing to do is,
    take a good look at the person
    in front of yourself,
    notice if they look balanced
    and healthy themselves
    before allowing them
    to touch and heal you.

    I must say though,
    that ever since
    I have combined the
    holistic approach with
    the general western medicine,
    it has been a life changing experience
    for me personally.

    It DOES take descipline.

    And I have probably never felt better.

    Because at the end, you are what you eat.
    Let food be your medicine.
    Holistic Medical Centre
    253 Asoke Buildingg, 20 Fl.,
    Sukhumvit 21 Road, Klongoey-Nua, Bangkok, Thailand 10110
    Tel : 02 640 8090
    Fax: 02 640 8070

    Is there hope???

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  • Dentist

    by malacay66 Written May 23, 2008

    Favorite thing: I have been there one time to have a Crown and some veneers and i was very pleased with the service. I have also brought my mother there, and she was also happy with the service. Would recommend them to anyone.


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    Thai clinics/medicines

    by bulldogtwo Written May 10, 2008

    Favorite thing: You give very limited information. What are you seeing a Dr. for? what are you iterested in? Are you looking only for tarditional Thai medicines? and why?

    Thailand has some very good clinics and doctors that are very up to date. If you are not looking for this then maybe I'd suggest looking closer to Chinatown at some of the traditional Chinese medicines and herbs, remedies. Not knowing any other info your answers are going to be pretty limited.

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    Medical Tourism

    by balisunshine Written Mar 4, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: Here’s a general listing
    of hospitals and clinics located in Bangkok,
    if you do decide to make a
    medical trip out of your visit.

    Bumrungrad International Hospital
    33 Sukhumvit Soi 3
    BTS Ploenchit or Nana
    Tel. 02-667-1000
    Bumrungrad Hospital

    Note: The first internationally
    accredited hospital in Thailand.
    Luxurious lobbies, excellent facilities.

    9/1 Convent Road
    MRT Silom, BTS Sasa Daeng
    Tel. 02-686-2700
    BNH Hospital

    Bangkok Christian Hospital
    124 Silom Road
    MRT Silom, BTS Sala Daeng
    Tel. 02-235-1000-7
    Bengkok Christian Hospital

    Note A range of check up packages prices
    30-40% less than its major competitors.
    A good value if you can do without the fancy lobbies.

    Saint Louis Hospital
    215 South Sathorn Road
    BTS Surasak
    Tel. 02-210-9999 / 02-675-5000
    Saint Louis Hospital

    Note: A non-profit Catholic Hospital
    established in 1898. Also reasonably priced.

    133 Sukhumvit 49
    BTS Thing Lo
    Tel. 02-711-8000

    Note: Nestled in a residential area off Sukhumvit Road,
    it is a local hospital catering to well-to-do locals
    and expats residing in the area.

    Bangkok Hospital Group
    Bangkok Hospital Group

    Note Several hospitals conveniently located
    in major tourist areas including Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui.

    Tria Integrated Wellness
    998 Rimkholongsamen Road (Rama 9)
    Bangkapi, Huay Kwang, Bangkok
    Tel 02-2660-2660 / 02-2660-2602
    Tria Integrated Wellness

    Note: A natural medicine clinic,
    assisting in age and weight management,
    Detoxifications, mind and emotions.

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    No need to get bitten if you have a Mosquito Bat

    by jerjc99 Updated Apr 14, 2007

    Favorite thing: I would take them to the Big C department store on Rajdamri Rd and get them to buy a mosquito bat for about Bt199 (US$6). Once you have one of these rechargeable mosquito-killing devices you will never get bitten by an insect again, at least not in your hotel room which is the best place to keep the bat. The deluxe model (Bt199 as at April 2007) has a torch at one end and can be broken down into two pieces for ease of packing.

    Fondest memory: Many of my fondest memories have been in hotel rooms where I have been able to kill off the mosquitoes with my mosquito bat, and then get a full night's bite-free sleep! You can't beat it.

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    sex change vs. eye correction

    by richiecdisc Written Aug 12, 2005

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory: Though the area can be depressing if you spend more than a couple days there, the convenience is hard to resist for those just passing through. Much like New York City, it only takes a few blocks of walking to find yourself far removed from the tourist masses, and right in the middle of the mass of humanity that is a thriving Asian capital like Bangkok. Despite the constant deluge of travelers passing through, those serving them, particularly in the small food stalls that line the streets remain remarkably friendly. The woman who ran our hotel was particularly helpful even though she had clean and convenient rooms at some of the best prices we found. We kept waiting for a catch, maybe some kind of sales pitch for anything, but it never came. Just good advice whenever we asked for it.

    The sights of the great city are many but I found my vision bleary after just one day, and decided to have it checked at the Rutnin Eye Hospital. Though Bangkok is notorious as a place to have a sex change operation, I didn’t realize the popularity of vision correction until investigating the possibilities of my own dilemma. It turns out Rutnin is one of the finest hospitals in all of Southeast Asia, with many people paying for their fare to the region on the saved money of procedures costing ten times back home. (concluded below in Fondest Memory)

    quite the sight on the way home
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    a scalpel slices across my eye

    by richiecdisc Written Aug 12, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Fondest memory: As a scalpel sliced across the inside of my lower eyelid, I couldn’t help but think this was not how I envisioned my first day in Bangkok. It had been over ten years since setting foot in the renowned gateway city, that being my virgin trip to Southeast Asia, and accordingly I was excited not only to return to familiar sights but to discover some new ones. Of course, a trip to the hospital was not one of the discoveries I had planned.

    Though Bangkok generally doesn’t elicit the dread of say New Delhi in India as a necessary evil to see a region, it rarely is mentioned as a favorite city by travelers that are nevertheless forced to use it as a hub in their Southeast Asian adventures. Personally, I find it a most agreeable place; it is full of not only Western amenities but for anyone prone to investigation, lots of Eastern charm as well. Even in the backpacker haven of Khao San Road, it is easy to find local delicacies at bargain prices, and locals still enjoying the fare right alongside you. (continued below in Fondest Memory)

    loving life in Bangkok
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    Health at a Bargain Rate

    by balisunshine Written Sep 17, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Favorite thing: When it comes to prices for medical services
    in a non-socialized western country,
    (such as the USA)
    it is easy to go bankrupt
    if an emergency occurs.

    There is no HMO or any other insurance,
    that will most probably cover the full cost.

    Paying for all or even part
    of your medical assistance
    out of your own pocket,
    can be exceedingly expensive.

    After traveling for more than a year,
    a need for a check up or aid
    is more than likely to occur.

    So I decided to visit
    while I was in Bangkok
    Thailand’s only Internationally Accredited Hospital,
    the Bumrungrad Hospital..

    After visiting some of the
    medical venues in Bali,
    this was soooo much more
    than I had ever expected!

    As part of the Joint Commission on Accreditation
    of Healthcare Organizations
    the hospital was founded in 1998
    as part of this non-profit independent association.

    Today the hospital boasts with at least
    280,000 international patients coming from
    countries such as:
    the USA, South American, Europe, Asia,
    the Middle East, Africa, Australia & Oceana.

    I approached the sumptuous lobby,
    with valet service outside
    and the smell of Starbucks coffee filled the air.

    The first thing I encountered
    was the hospitality desk,
    with a concierge service
    that pointed out the direction
    that I needed to go.

    I passed the internet corner
    and headed up the escalators
    and read the directory that
    listed the various centers available:

    -Medical Clinic
    -Surgical Clinic
    -Women’s Center
    -Digestive Disease Center
    -Allergy Center
    -X-Ray Center
    -Physical Therapy
    -Dialysis Center
    -Orthopedics Center
    -Intensive Care
    -Dental Center
    -Coronary Care
    -Endoscopy Unit
    -Cardiac Cath Lab
    -Heart Center
    -Operating Room
    -Labor & Delivery Center
    -Neonatal Center
    -Children’s Center
    -Well Baby Clinic
    -Early Intervention Center
    -Plastic Surgery Center
    -Skin Laser Center
    -Aviation Medicine Center

    Fondest memory: and with some extras thrown in,
    such as:

    -Conference Center
    -Mandara Spa
    - Full Service Fitness Center with
    medically supervised programs in
    Aerobics-Cardiovascular-Strength Training at Vital Life
    -a book store
    -a Japanese Restaurant
    -the French bakery ‘Au Bon Pain’
    -a beauty and massage parlor
    -a travel and tour service

    I continue towards my consultation,
    was greeted by a friendly staff,
    and within a short time
    saw the physician that I came to see.

    The physicians here are both
    Thai and American Board certified.

    Having a condition of which,
    I was already familiar with,
    I could detect that my doctor
    was knowledgeable with my ailment.

    Her English was good too.

    This consultation cost me only about $18 US.
    She prescribed me with medications
    that cost only a fraction
    of what they cost in the USA or in Europe.

    And they were available
    and provided to me upon my exiting.

    So for check ups,
    teeth cleaning, an alignment,
    or whatever you body desires,
    this is a place to visit when needed.

    For a Virtual Hospital Tour visit:

    For appointments by e-mail:

    Or call:

    operator 0-2667-1000
    appointments 0-2667-1555
    customer service 0-2667-1521
    dental appointments 0-2667 2300
    internal patient center 0-2667-1234
    Cancer Center 66-0-2667-1020


    33 Sukhumvit 3
    Soi Nana Nua
    Wattana, Bangkok 10110

    An Accredited Hospital at a Cheap Price
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