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  • Thai Language
    by machomikemd
  • Thai Language
    by machomikemd
  • Thai Language
    by machomikemd
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    Smile and say "kop koon ka"

    by ukirsari Updated Oct 29, 2002

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    In cultural, Thailand as a division of Asian countries has the tradition which is similar with my country too. Always smile, polite in answering or asking and talking in friendly actentuation. For the best result, say "sawasdee" to say 'hi' for them or in the beginning of conversation. Then always say "kop koon ka" (thanks) after asking or someone's giving service (in a hotel, restaurant or taxi). Meanwhile "mai pen rai" means it's okay.
    For Thailanese, touch the head is not polite. And if you're going to the temples, please using proper clothes.

    Me and Meckel; tried several Thailanese lingo

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    After the Chinese and Japanese...

    by Pierre_Rouss Updated Oct 12, 2002

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    After the Chinese and Japanese alphabet, probably one of the most difficult to read alphabet around might be the Thai alphabet. Looks like lljjijllfjif (or f without -) or any variation on number or combination of characters.
    For my sake, it looks like most word look the same except for length. It makes it very difficult to find a city on a map, follow directions on road signs, although numbers are the same (at least).
    Good luck.

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    by hana_aya Written Oct 8, 2002

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    Thai is the national language as well as the most spoken language of Thailand.
    It is wise to learn to speak a few Thai words and phrases, if you want to survive in Bangkok.

    Religion, especially Buddhism, has a great impact on Thai people, not only the life style,
    the culture, and the tradition; but also the way of thinking, the beliefs, the discrimination,
    and the attitude toward the world.You may need to have some basic understanding
    and knowledge of Buddhism in order to understand every aspect of Thailand.

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    DOs AND DON'Ts

    by hana_aya Written Oct 8, 2002

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    Learn a few words of Thai if only "hello" and "thank you".
    Thais appreciate it very much.
    Be polite and respectful toward older people.
    Sample the local food and try out some of Thailand's exotic fruits.
    But not the food on the street since the food may be contaminated
    and will give you a sickness.
    Try and learn a little about local customs and culture.
    Take off your shoes when entering a Thai home.
    Smile a lot. When visiting a temple or palace, dress properly.
    Don't attempt to touch monks, especially if you are a female.

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    Learn some Thai! I WISH I...

    by j-san Written Aug 26, 2002

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    Learn some Thai! I WISH I knew more than this: Sawadee Kha (hello, said by a woman) and Kop Khun Kha (thank you, again said by a woman). Kha is the ending when a woman speaks. Must try and learn something more than two words next time :'>

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  • Thai people are pleased if you...

    by artlady Updated Aug 24, 2002

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    Thai people are pleased if you make an effort to speak any of their language, so please try. Tipping is expected at 'western' hotels and by cab drivers, but not elsewhere. They are very gracious people, generally speaking

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    by Krystynn Written Aug 24, 2002

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    It's important to learn a few basic words of Thai before your trip. Firstly, you'd impress the people of this lovely country tremendously and secondly, it makes you find your way around Thailand and for this matter, Phuket so much easier!


    krap (Ka)



    Thank you

    korp kun

    Thank you very much

    korp kun mark

    That's allright/You're welcome

    mai pehn rai

    Good morning/afternoon

    sa wat dee

    Good night

    rar tree sa wat


    sa wat dee

    See you later

    laiw jer gan


    sa wat dee

    How do you do? Pleased to meet you

    yin dee tee roo jak

    How are you?

    pehn yang ngai

    Very well, thanks.

    sa bai dee korp kun, laiw

    And you?

    kun la

    How's life?

    pehn ngai

    I beg your pardon?

    arai na


    kor toet

    Do you speak English?

    kun poot par sar ang grit dai mai

    Isn't it so easy to memorize the above phrases? :-D

    Photo Below: That's me and VT member 'Kallista' in AYUTHAYA, the ancient city of Siam.

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    It's always good to know some...

    by myrk Updated Aug 24, 2002

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    It's always good to know some words in language which they speak in the country you are going too... so if you are going to Thailand, try to learn some of them:
    SAWADDI - good morning;
    SAWADDI KRAP - good bye (men);
    SAWADDI KHA - good bye (women);
    CHAI - yes;
    MAI - no;
    KHOPKUN - thank you;
    KHO THOT - sorry;
    KARUNA /PROT - please;
    DEE - good /ok;
    CHAN MAI KAO CHAI - i don't understand;
    KHUNG TONG KAN TAO RAI? - how much does it cost?;
    numbers 1-10: NEUNG, SORNG, SARM, SEE, HAR, HOK, CHET, PAET, KAO, SIP;
    BIA - beer;
    CHA YEN MANAO - ice tee with limon;
    KAFAE DAM - black coffee;
    NAAM YEN - water with ice;
    KAI - chicken;
    PLAH - fish;
    KHAI - egg;
    KHAO - rice.

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    How do you write Pepsi in Thai?

    by herzog63 Updated Jul 5, 2003

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    This is how...It is pronounced the same! So if want a Pepsi just say Pep See! Coke is also just Coke but of course the script is different.

    Pepsi Sign
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