MBK Food Court, Bangkok

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MBK Mall, 444 Thanon Phayathai, Pathumwan

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  • Choosing food!!
    Choosing food!!
    by Treshi
  • mexican spicy wings
    mexican spicy wings
    by machomikemd
  • MBK Food Court
    by machomikemd
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    Burger King: Another Good Ole American Burger Joint

    by machomikemd Written Oct 19, 2012
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    The Burger Wars Between Mc Donald's and Burger king for Hamburger Supremacy around the world is also present here in thailand, Burger King is the second most popular international burger joint in thailand and has several branches in bangkok too. It is frequented by locals and tourists alike (but a note of caution: like in mc donald's, prices of the meals in burger king is more expensive of you are buying it at outlets in the Airports and at the Beach Town of Phuket, way more expensive for the same meal there than in dowtown Bangkok). Burger King has a more calorie induced and bigger hamburgers than it's rival Mc Donalds.

    It's branches are:

    BKK Stores 11 stores
    1. Silom Soi 2 , Delivery Service 1112
    2. MBK 3rd flr. near BTS entrance
    3. Siam Paragon G flr. Food Hall
    4. CentralWorld 6flr. Beacon Zone, behind The Pizza Company
    5. Nana Square G.flr , Delivery Service 1112
    6. The Emporium 5th flr. Food zone
    7. Thonglor, Tops Market Place , Delivery Service 1112
    8. Paradise Park, G. Flr , Delivery Service 1112
    9. The Avenue Chang Watana, G. Flr , Delivery Service 1112
    10. BKK , Kaosarn Rd. (Delivery Price same as other BKK stores) , Delivery Service 1112
    11. BKK - All Seasons Place 2nd flr.

    Airport 7 stores
    1. Suvarnabhumi Airport : International Concourse B,
    2. Suvarnabhumi Airport : International Concourse F,
    3. Suvarnabhumi Airport : Domestic Food Stop Concourse A
    4. Phuket Airport : Land side-Departure Hall before security check in,
    5. Phuket Airport : Air side-Departure Hall after security check in
    6. Chiangmai Airport : Land side-Fl. 2nd, Domestic Departure
    7. Don Muang Airport : International Passenger Terminal 1

    Favorite Dish: what else but the humungous whoppers and the double outlaw burgers! but again a caution, buying a double outlaw burger meal with a medium soft drink and medium french fries will cost 189 baht in Bangkok Branches and 235 baht in Phuket and a whopping 269 baht at the Suvarnabhumi Airport Branches! I Also like the mexican spicy wings at 6 pieces and it cost 159 baht in bangkok branches, 199 baht at phuket branches and 2-5 baht at the suvarnabhumi branches.

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  • danlisha's Profile Photo

    MBK Food Court: Affordable and Nice

    by danlisha Updated Apr 4, 2011

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    Place can get crowded especially during peak hours. Prices are cheap and provides a great variety of food to choose from. There are two stalls selling Halal food.

    Favorite Dish: It has to be the one and only 'Crispy Chicken Rice' which cost only 35THB ($2). I can never getting bored having it everyday.

    The chicken are crispy on the outside but juicy on the inside. The chilli sauce is sweet. Simply great!

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  • redsurf's Profile Photo

    MBK Food Court: Cheap and good eats

    by redsurf Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    6th floor
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    The most popular shopping mall in Bangkok has another gem...the food court! Here, u buy some coupons and exchange it with food at any stall in the food court. There is a good selection of stalls ranging from local to japanese to korean meals. You can even find Singaporean favourite like chicken rice here. There's even sharksfin and birdnest here. Clean and hygenic as food handlers do not come into contact with money. Find this on the 6th floor. A decent meal with drinks do not even cost more than 100 baht. You will definitely find something u like here.

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  • linnzz's Profile Photo

    Food Court at MBK Shopping Centre: Inexpensive Food Court

    by linnzz Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Lots of good local food here. Tom Yum soup, Durian Glutinous Rice, Green Papaya Salad, Mango Salad etc etc....

    If the heat in Bangkok is a little too much for you, this food court may be good as it's air-conditioned though its noisy. You will need to purchase coupons in exchange for food, balance coupon can be refunded at the counter. Price here are inexpensive and food taste great as well.

    Favorite Dish: Mango Salad....love it sweet, sour and spicy.

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  • Zahirs on 6th floor: Halal Restraunts in MBK Chicken warps! FTW!

    by naveed79 Written Jan 12, 2011
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    The ambience of this restraunt is typical of thailand its surronded by other restraunts on the 6th floor food court all offering there own flavours of the world! but only zahir's is halal...

    i enjoyed my time in thailand and was at this restraunt many a time when i found myself in MBK (one of the best shopping centres in thailand!!) but yeah there are other halal restraunts dotted about but this one specfically stood out thanks to the friendly staff and cleanliness and overall options for diffrent dishes! i loved to be able to pick diffrent dishes and try them out all at a cheap price!!..im a bit picky with that sort of thing but found it not a problem at Zahir's

    Favorite Dish: My fave dish was the chicken wrap they offer!!! great for a snack or a dinner as it can be wrapped up and taken away of you can sit down and have a meal!! if sitting in i advise the fatoosh salad!! im no fan of salad but trust me you will see!!!

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  • deeper_blue's Profile Photo

    MBK Food Court: All you can eat for 50 baht!

    by deeper_blue Written May 3, 2010

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was delighted to find an all you can eat in the food court for just 50 baht. Traditional Thai fare with lots of strange dishes you've never seen before, all really tasty, the only problem I had as pacing myself! There are also plenty of other eateries in the food court ranging from Sushi bars to Dim Sum to steakhouses.

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  • Cathy&Gary's Profile Photo

    MBK: MBK - Food Court

    by Cathy&Gary Written Apr 10, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

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    It seems that MBK – Mahboonkrong Shopping Mall is an allure that no visitor can avoid. For first timers, take the BTS to Siam Station and the citadel of consumerism will appear on the left hand side if you are coming from the Sukhumvit end of the line.

    Once again, don’t expect to see the food court for quite some hours, as of you navigate the various floors of this bewildering complex.

    The Food Court is on the 6th floor and works on the principle of a “bought-value” card. So you front up to the cashier’s window, and buy a stored value card for say 350 baht.

    Don’t’ worry about the amount as anything left on the card at departure will be refunded by the cashier.

    Once again, very good Thai is on offer here.

    My checklist here re hygiene receives a 7.5 out of 10 whereas The Loft received the full 10.

    I tend to steer clear of the stalls where the staff are not wearing gloves and where I see the bowls being washed in a sink along with the utensils.

    There appears to be a central washing area with all the right machinery, but for some reason, some of the operators ignore that option and do their own thing.

    Also the dining area is nowhere as clean as The Loft’s.

    Thai and Chinese soups are good here, fabulous Pad Thai, spicy Singaporean satay's, Son Tam of course, sweets both Asian and European, ice cream, sandwiches made freshly on the spot, a stall that does some of the best fried rice in Bangers and you can also purchase Singha beer and the locally brewed Heineken.

    I have never spent more than 400 baht for two at the MBK food court.

    It is open from about 11 am through to about 9.30 pm, but the later you arrive, the less the selections, as some stalls seem to run out quite early of their most sought after offerings, but make a note of them, as they are usually the best stalls.

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  • elainetph's Profile Photo

    MBK food court - 6th level: Clean & Hygiene Food Court

    by elainetph Written Jun 11, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Basically sells everything like an ordinary food court. What amazed me is the cleaniness & hygiene. They had prepared a pot of hot boiling water at every counter where you can rinse your utensils. More to that, there also a pot of vegetables for vege lovers to add to your bowl any amount you like!
    But first of all you need to go the coupon exchange counter jus before you choose your food. You can change more coupons in case you had not enough to pay the vendor. Don't worry of excess coupons, you can refund them all. Just follow the 'REFUND' sign on the floor you'll find your way to the counter.
    After your meal, you can shop around for local thai snacks around the food court area. There's those small vegetables or fruits which made from green bean is very tasty!But do remember to finish it soon as it will turn sour/ bad after a few hours later.

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  • MBK Food Court: Curried Rice / Yong Tau Foo / Thai desserts

    by jazlyna Updated Jan 29, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Food court have been around in Bangkok malls for a much longer time (about 20 years) than they have been in Singapore.

    There's not much ambience here at food court, but more of convenience. It would be crowded during lunchtime. There's a section near the Egyptian El-Pasha outlet which is rather cosy. The wallpaper depicts ancient Egyptian culture.

    Coupons have to be bought from a counter before food could be purchased. Unused coupons could be refunded at a separate counter. You have to look out for "Refund".

    Favorite Dish: 1 ) Curried Rice Stall
    This stall sells local food, curried rice, which is popular with the Muslim Thai. It is basically yellow rice with chicken curry or fried chicken - your choice. The serving is rather small. However, I would usually have some desserts after my meal. So, the serving is afterall sufficient.
    Cost : 35baht

    They also serve yong tau foo with noodles (kway teow or vermicelli). The yong tau foo mix is standard unlike Singapore's style where you could choose from a wide variety. If I am not too hungry, I like to have this yong tau foo dish.
    Cost : 35 baht

    2 ) Thai Desserts
    I love the durian with glutinous (sticky) rice. They used fresh durian and top it up with coconut cream. Simply delicious !
    Cost : 35baht

    If you have not acquired the taste of durian, you can try mango with the sticky rice. Oh, just the thought of it makes me drooling :p~
    Cost : more expensive than 35 baht. can't recall.

    There are also others which you could mix and match. Select any 3 and choose either coconut or sugar syrup for 35 baht.

    3 ) El-Pasha
    They serve a variety of Egyptian / Lebanese Food. Food here is rather good, as my dad and aunt would say. As for myself, I prefer to immerse myself with the local Thai food , rather than other culture when in Bangkok.

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  • celloplay's Profile Photo

    MBK Food Court: MBK Food Court Rocks!!!

    by celloplay Written May 21, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4 more images

    - food court is at top floor, you will have to buy coupons to get ur food. Unused coupons can be refunded within the day
    - the only food court that sells sharkfin soup and birdnest, save ur effort to get to Chinatown, where these delicacies are in abundance there.
    - this food court is not as hip as many others, we were hungry, that was y we ate here. Ppl recommend us to eat here anyway. Foodcourts foodcourts, aren’t they all the same?
    - you will get to see the stall vendors sorting the coupons at the end of the day, tedious, as compared to the value card system other foodcourts are using
    - http://cello-play.livejournal.com/72919.html for more pics ;)

    Favorite Dish: - every stall deserves your try!

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  • gypsysoul73's Profile Photo

    MBK Food Court: Street food in airconditioned comfort!

    by gypsysoul73 Written Apr 14, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    MBK Food Court
    4 more images

    I've heard varying opinions on which mall has the best food court but because we were already there during the lunch hour, we ate at the MBK Food Centre . Here, they employ a coupon system like in the Suan Lum night bazaar. You exchange your money for coupons and whatever is not used may be redeemed later. Usually 150 Baht ($ 4) is enough for a substantial meal, drink and dessert. There are some stalls though that only accept cash like the one we bought our catfish salad from.

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  • Malls like paragon, MBK etc.: Eating at the malls...

    by tan1415 Written Feb 14, 2007

    When I am in bangkok I go to the malls alot.Not for shopping...but mainly to eat.

    I love food...and thinking about going to a mall to eat...just doesn't feel right to me.
    But here in asia and esspecially Bangkok is actually a very good idea.This is what most of the locals do. You'd be surprise to find how many quality restaurants are in the malls.
    From cheap foodcourts with local dishes and the famous fastfood chains to true gastromique chinese haute cuisine that serves all kinds of rare exotic animals.

    The reason is quite simple...in asia and thailand..people love to go to malls, shopping or just hanging out there and the favourite pastime for them is going out and eat something with friends.

    Lucky for us they take there food seriously and if the food is not good, it will quickly lose clientele and close. Another thing is most restaurants here cater to the main local public and as a result they tend to be quite reasonable in price to.They can't depend here on the tourists.
    So what we get is great tasting food at a very reasonable price.

    Another reason why the foodcourts in the malls are so good in Bangkok is that when the people had to close down there streetfood carts etc. They got a place in one of these foodcourts. As a result..the food what you get here is as genuine and as tasty as the "real" streetfood. Just much more hygienic and comfortable.

    Anyway I am always surprised how many people still throw away money eating at relatively expensive tourist restaurants or complaining about how difficult it is finding good restaurants in bangkok.

    Remember the name of the dish and take a picture of it. Just forget to mention it was at a mall...and back home people would be impressed with your authentic local meal.

    Favorite Dish: Here are some examples.

    At MBK at the upper floor foodcourt I came across a teppenyaki table. I was kinda astounded because back then teppenyaki was considered a luxury and pretty expensive. Well the menu seemed to be SO cheap..just had to give it a try. If it was not good..I can always walk away.
    The menu i chose was pretty extensive... I had Steak, Whitefish, Salmon, Prawns,beef rolls and as sidedishes got vergetables, soup and fried rice.It all tastes real nice too.Just like at Benihana...only the chef was not as fancy with his cooking and of course I was right in teh middle of a very busy foodcourt. But after a while you just don't care and can really enjoy the meal and your surroundings.(Great idea when you are eating alone like me)

    If you are really going to be decadent...I love nothing more than heading for the foodcourts. Here you can really let yourself go. The prices are so reasonable...just choose and pick what your eye fancy and give everything a try. Sure what you taste could be to weird, spicy or simply not to your liking. But in these places it's so cheap that it's no problem not to eat it. Just stand up and go away and choose another dish.
    For a few bahts you can get yourself real feast/banquet. And unlike in a restaurant your choice could be as eclectic as you want to make it. Rice noodles with beef, side order of vietbnamese raw eggroll, chinese roastmeat and a burger. No problem at all. All that stops you is the size of your tray and your table.Paragon or MBK is real good.

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  • Rastarigo's Profile Photo

    MBK Food Court: tom yam kun at C4

    by Rastarigo Written Jan 23, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    day 1
    4 more images

    C4 is my favourite booth in MBK. their tom yam kun is definitely one of the best on planet earth. the red color of the soup screams superhot, the herbs spew soothing aroma. only 70b a bowl. rice is 5b. i had to order 2 rice. love it love it. no wonder i didn't bother to try other menu but tom yam kun all the time im in mbk. i always finished my meal with a runny nose!

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  • slasty's Profile Photo

    MBK Food Court: MBK Food Court

    by slasty Written Jan 20, 2007

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This is located within the MBK shopping Mall and is a very large foodcourt which is very popular with Thai's for it's variety of Thai dishes. Foodcourt works on coupon system and is open for lunch and dinner. If you want something quick, easy, and authentic then this is a great place to have something to eat in between shopping.

    There is a little place making Thai waffles on the outskirts of the food court. They have different flavours like Maple, Walnut, and Chocolate. Try them they are delicious.

    Favorite Dish: Too many dishes to choose from.

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  • kenari's Profile Photo

    foodcourt 6th floor: Halal Food at MBK mall

    by kenari Written Jan 3, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Lebanese Chef selling kebab

    don't worry about halal food in MBK mall..after tired shopping here ...just go to 6th flr food court and you can find several stall selling halal food.either pakistan ..middleeast or local thai food.cheap and delicous.

    Favorite Dish: Lamb Beryani....Padthai and lamb kebab...delicous ..may be i'm hungry ..met some other muslim from singapore..indonesia and turkey...

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