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    by djlest
  • QOD Argan Oil Bangkok
    QOD Argan Oil Bangkok
    by djlest
  • At Zen Red Salon Bangkok at Monopoly Park Mall
    At Zen Red Salon Bangkok at Monopoly...
    by djlest
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    Beauty Products - Toiletries: Argan Oil From Zenred Salon Bangkok

    by djlest Updated Nov 20, 2014

    Zenred Salon in Bangkok is a Fantastic Salon that stocks some awesome products & services that Westerners or travelers will appreciate. ARGAN OIL is an absolute life saver when you are travelling in hot and humid Asia. It protects the hair from the heat and dust and also preserves the color making it last longer is you do color your hair. But what makes it super fantastic is it tames your frizz, which for some reason in the hot humid weather just makes hair like mine crazy to control. It also acts like a treatment and smells great too.
    Avoid the Moroccan oil brand as they are full of silicones and not the pure Argan oil - I got a little bottle months ago and I still am not even a quarter through it. lasts for ages and is great value for money and dead easy to carry around in your handbag.
    If you really want to splurge then I would highly advise you get the QOD Brazilian Keratin Treatment or Brazilian Blowout while you are at Zenred Salon Bangkok. It reduces styling time and can repair even the most broken of hair types.
    Check out the prices here:

    What to buy: QOD Argan Oil
    QOD Argan Mask
    QOD Brazilian Keratin Treatments

    What to pay: Check out the Prices here:

    QOD Argan Oil Bangkok Salon bangkok zenred
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    ZENred Salon Bangkok: Hair Extensions in Bangkok

    by djlest Updated Jan 18, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Nice clean Bangkok Salon in Monopoly Park Mall, Staff speak english and do some fantastic Hair extensions. A Lot better than the ones you get in khaosan road.

    Looking for somewhere to have your Nails done in Bangkok?
    I was going to try MBK but when i saw the brands in this salon, i quickly changed my mind and got them done here. Some really nice Nail manicures and pedicures with the likes of OPI and China Glaze. I love this salon its like back home but way cheaper! I paid about 800 baht for OPI nail polish plus a full manicure and Pedicure which took a good hour. I also watched Avatar on the movie screen they have in the salon - Fantastic!

    Brazilian keratin in Bangkok
    The Salon also does Brazilian Keratin treatments - I've been after this for years but never had enough money for it back home. Well since i was getting hair extensions and i wanted them to last, and also my existing hair needed some love - The Brazilian keratin treatment was a pleasant suprise.

    This great little Bangkok salon also has Organic Hair colour and ammonia free too, so if you here for a detox or a healthy time at the salons and spas, then go organic - I did not opt for this as i was at my spending limit - but for sure will be back next time

    What to buy: Brazilian keratin Treatment - Back home its about 3 times the price - awesome!
    100% remy Hair Extensions - Back home its about 4 times more expensive, at least!
    OPI Nail Polish - China Glaze Nail Polish (lasts 4 weeks - not sure on prices)
    Organic Colour Treatments,
    if you are after hilites or hair colour in Bangkok, and you want to go green. the loveley Zenred salon seem to have all the best brands.
    Check them out at the website!

    What to pay: I paid 5,500 baht for Brazilian keratin treatment 22k GOLD QOD Brand (the Best Brand because its Formaldehyde free and wash same day) plus its got real 22k gold!! bling!
    Also that includes - 2 bottles of QOD 250ml Keratin aftercare shampoo and conditioner - they cost about 50 bucks online - but you need it if you want your keratin locks to last, so its worth it.

    Hair extensions at Zenred salon
    I paid 6500 baht because i wanted Blonde hair extensions and mine were the long ones
    They used some new fancy micro ring technique that means when i get back home, i can get them put higher and reuse them without any problems, and no damage to my hair because the micro rings have silicone in them. nice!

    At Zen Red Salon Bangkok at Monopoly Park Mall
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    Vital Life: Living the Vital Life

    by balisunshine Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Within the Bumrungrad’s Hospital property,
    on the ground floor is
    the Vital Life Wellness Center.

    They offer functional and
    anti-aging medicine as well as
    nutrition and physiology, and nutraceuticals.

    Through analysis they can check out your
    natural balance and performance of your body,
    and if you are lacking in a certain area,
    to help boost the body to
    function in a beneficial way.

    A bit of it is simple logic.
    Eating right, getting all the right minerals,
    and vitamins that your bodies needs,
    along with committing to exercise.

    But as time goes on,
    through the years of use
    and sometimes abuse,
    our body goes through some wear and tear,
    and needs a little helping in keeping all in top shape,
    so that we can live a vital, healthier life.

    What to buy: There are different packages offered,
    with specialists to review your symptoms and guide you.

    The only thing I fore warn you all,
    is that when you closely look at
    the tests that are performed,
    they are very similar to the ones
    performed at the Bumrungrad Hospital,
    but at, about double the price.

    When I showed them the cost difference,
    they could not do anything but agree.

    So, I went ahead and followed through
    with the Comprehensive Check Up
    at Bumrungrad Hospital
    and added the few tests that
    the Vital Life Center requested
    to check on Hormones and estrogens.

    I catered the Vital Life Center with the results.

    They did consult me on my results,
    the way that I felt,
    my vitality, eating habits, exercise, etc.

    What to pay: My weakness laid in a lack of certain minerals,
    and estrogen, with a few other minor details.

    I requested 3 months of medication.
    When I went to pay the bill,
    I almost had a heart attack!

    Not cheap.

    Not sure if they are over charging.
    But, hey!

    Plastic surgeons are making a fortune these days
    in selling youth …so maybe,
    preventing deterioration of health,
    is worth it.

    Vital Life

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    Tota tattoo: Tattoos

    by ihaveataste4danger Updated Apr 4, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I was looking for a tattoo shop in thailand that i could trust.. were talking clean store, new needles, gloves.... fluent in english and good results.. i found all that! They had a temporary transfer system that you could see what it would look like at first... they were always smiling and very welcoming!

    mon-sat 12pm-midnight
    sun 3pm-midnight

    What to buy: Umm thai script tattoos?

    What to pay: 700 baht and up depending on detail and colour!

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    Apex: More on Beauty Treatments

    by balisunshine Written Sep 19, 2007

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Yes! A tuck here, a laser there,
    or a shot of Botox, and a Microbrasion!

    Beauty has become
    a multi-billion dollar industry.
    Prices can be high,
    but women and men alike,
    are willing to pay the price.

    So, here is a little more
    on treatments that can be
    found in Bangkok and
    where to write to ask
    for the price.

    Apex is a chain offering aesthetic solutions
    if you aren’t happy with what you see in the mirror.
    Treatments include:


    LED / IPL / ALA





    Fraxel Laser Treatment, etc. etc.

    So, if it feels right,
    maybe this is a solution
    for some of you out there.

    Fruit Tart

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    Good Health: Quality Products to remain healthy

    by balisunshine Written Sep 15, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are living in a country
    of place where certain items
    to remian healthy are
    hard to come by,
    then maybe you should
    check out Good Health.

    They sell items such as;

    juicers, wheat grass juicer,
    soy love machines,
    ultra sonic vegetable and fruit washer,
    water treatment systems, etc.

    I wish I could take everything home with me!

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    The Holistic Health Center: Natural Products and Vitamins

    by balisunshine Written Sep 15, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This small shop,
    has a few natural products for sale.

    Plenty of herbal vitamins and teas,
    that are composed of organic ingredients.

    Their main goal is to provide these products
    and through this, they promote natural farming.

    They also provide various massages,
    with natural ingredients.

    Open daily from 10 am – 9 pm

    Tucked Away Entrance to shop Things for sale Facial treatments with Natural Products

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    Beauty Costs at Bumrungrad Hospital

    by balisunshine Written Sep 15, 2007

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Ok, I have seen
    over and over
    on various forums,
    people requesting information
    on the costs of Botox Injections,
    Teeth Whitening, etc. in places
    like Thailand, Bali, India, etc.

    So, thought I’d post these prices
    listed at the Bumrungrad Hospital.

    Cool Glide Laser: Tighten pores
    with innovative laser treatment - 6,256 Bahts

    Iontophoreis: Nutrify your skin -816 Bahts

    AHA Peeling: Peel off
    your dead skin cells with fruit extracts - 1,713

    Hyaluronic Acid Injection:
    Smoothen wrinkles for a clear complexion
    -Starting from 11,856 Bahts

    Laser Hair Removal For every part of your body
    – starting from 2,256

    Botox Injection Eliminate facial lines
    – Starting from 7,600

    The prices listed are,
    valid up until November 30th, 2007.

    You can also call 02-2667-2280
    or check their web-site at:

    Looking like a Fruit Cake

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    Boots: For Your Beauty & Health Needs

    by yipsufen Updated Jul 13, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It's kind of like a one-stop centre for your beauty and health needs. You can find everything from face care to cosmetics. Boots can be found in major shopping malls.

    What to buy: Body lotion & cucumber range of face care products (face wash, face moisturiser, 3-minute mask & face scrub) all priced at B79 per item. Quality products value for money. Natural ingredients that is gentle enough for the most delicate skin.

    What to pay: B79 per item

    Cucumber range of face care from Boots
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    W A T S O N S: Need Some Personal?

    by RoyJava Updated Sep 8, 2006

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Always feeling fine when there is a shopping place for "personal care", like a chemist and pharmacy. In Asia you can find the pharmaceutical chain of WATSONS, also importing products from USA, Europe and Australia. It used to be the chain of health and beauty products and for now there are about 49 stores in Bangkok and 13 in BTS Sky Train Stations.

    What to buy: All you need for "personal care", and special needs for "cosmetics manufacturers". Included the medicaments you may get at the pharmacy, too.

    What to pay: Because of the imported products the price aren't that cheap! You pay about the same price you should at home ... (like 129 THB for headache-pills).

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    Bumrungrad Hospital: The Complete Check Up Program Part 1

    by balisunshine Written Jul 28, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    With rising medical costs in the west,
    preventative medicine can be a hefty cost.

    Medical tourism is becoming more popular
    for those without insurance or not living on a hefty income.

    For those living in Asian countries
    where reliable, medical assistance is not available,
    Thailand can be a destination to look into.

    One facility that offers health check ups
    at a reasonable cost in Bumrungrad Hospital.

    On their web-site they offer 4 check-up programs:

    1) Regualr
    2) Executive
    3) Executive with stress test
    4) Comprehensive

    All of these include a Vital Signs and Physical Examination;
    Various Blood Chemistry Tests; Kidney Function Panel;
    Urine & Stool Examination and a Chest X-ray.

    If you are willing to spend more than for the Regular Check-Up Program
    oher tests and examinations will include other kidney and liver tests,
    Tumor Markers; Electrocardiogram; Abdominal Ultrasound;
    Mammogram; PAP Smear and an Eye Exam.

    Prices vary from 2,500-14,500 Bahts
    depending the Check-Up Program that you choose
    and prices are subject to change.

    What to buy: So what is it like?

    First you register on the 3rd floor,
    where they will fill out the necessary forms
    and take a picture of you which,
    will be used on your personal sheet
    the next day as a form of identification.

    The examination requires you to not eat or drink anything
    8 hours prior to the examination.

    On the day of your health screening,
    you will be greeted by a host on the 9th floor.

    There you will need to pay the total fee,
    either in Bahts, or in USD; Euros or with a credit card
    which will have 3% surplus charge added to the bill.

    They inform you the steps that you will be taking,
    and notify you that it will take approximately 4 hours.
    In my case, it was a lot longer (from 8 am – 5pm)
    since I had added a few things on
    and it also seem that they were extremely occupied
    with other patients doing exactly the same thing.

    The whole process is a bit impersonal
    and somewhat like an assemblage of ex-pats, Asians,
    and a very large quantity of middle easterners (covered from head to toe)
    waiting for their turn at the various points of examination.

    It is wise to bring something to read
    and maybe a sweater since the air conditioning
    can bring on the chills.

    You are requested to return the next day to retrieve you results
    and meet with the general practitioner to discuss your results.

    Considering all that is included and performed,
    it is definitely worth while to go in for a full check up
    at this very highly regarded hospital in Asia.

    What to pay: For more readings, click on:
    Time Asia

    Time Asia

    Taking a good look at myself
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