Tourist Attractions in Bangkok

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Most Viewed Tourist Traps in Bangkok

  • solopes's Profile Photo


    by solopes Updated Sep 20, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Travelling around in 4 continents, I have already experienced everything about costums, here and there having to wear several accessories to respect the local rules. Well advised, we all dressed shirts with sleeves and trousers to visit the Grand Palace. But...

    My wife was wearing open shoes, and part of two fingers could easily be seen. Impossible! So, to enter the Palace, she had to buy and wear a pair of socks. Cheap, as a matter of fact. And, this time, no one took the shoes off.

    Imperial Palace - Bangkok - Thailand Imperial Palace - Bangkok - Thailand
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  • Education Scams

    by udexyta Written Sep 10, 2013

    Some travelers end up working in Thailand and some come to both travel and work.
    These people or teachers are prey for the so called education scams or fake job agencies. Think of business practices, from extortion, to theft of personal property, miss leading advertisement, not paying salaries, threats against schools, teachers and other staff members. One of them even has Thailand's Natural Resource and Environment Minister Suwit Khunkitti involved!

    Unique Suggestions: First warning is when you are not paid in full or when your money is "late", or when you have to do more work or overtime that has not being paid. Tempting to believe lies as "i'll pay you in a few days" or "you'll get a raise" only to find out that the longer you stay the worse it gets! False promises has been made about workpermit and visa paperwork? That happens all to often.

    Fun Alternatives: Just stay away from 'agencies' altogether is the best! Some schools only work with agencies and share the profit and corruption. That means when you not get paid by the agent the school still pays the agent and for doing so the school get some of that money back from the agent and it'll disappear into the pockets of usually the owner or director of the school! This is how some agents and school directors in Thailand make their money. Do some online research first before you start working somewhere. Best thing is a school who doesn't work with agencies although some schools are just as bad i have to say. Beware of schools like Streesmutprakan school , Nongchok and Sarawittaya School.
    Beware of agencies like Kirk Pathumanun's axiom, edknovate, smartkurve, exact academy and Quest language school and a person named Arthur Wood.

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  • Agoda and Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel a scam

    by gloriarene Written Jun 30, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I booked in the net Pinnacle Lumpinee hotel in BKK (27 May to 10 June 2012) through AGODA but two hour later I called Agoda to cancel because I found a better hotel location Agoda sent me back a e mail cancellation approvals, we went to Bangkok then came back To Australia but I found out now Pinnacle Lumpinne hotel never return the $461.00 they stole from my visa, AGODA received my complain but did nothing. I have been sending e mail to TAT nobody in Thailand care about Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel dishonest Staff and Agoda an accomplice. BE AWARE!!!!!!
    NSW Australia

    Unique Suggestions: Do not book Pinnacle Lumpinee Hotel Do not use Agoda

    Fun Alternatives: There hotels that do not take money from you visa until you check out look for them

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  • Experience in the National Museum Bangkok

    by waraporn Written Aug 31, 2011

    The national museum certainly warrants a visit, but I've got mixed feelings about it. The exhibits are fine, but the way they are exhibited is old fashioned, to say the least.

    Unique Suggestions: This is not a flash modern museum with high tech interactive displays, but it does have a certain charm. The majority of the displays are in large stone buildings with shuttered windows, i.e. no air conditioning. You feel like you are exploring a museum they way they used to be; character filled and quite quaint in places. Definitely not hi tech, e.g. the leaflet we were given upon entry was a poor photocopy with many English errors, not what you would expect from a National Museum.

    Fun Alternatives: I like the museum and I like to look at the artifact from Thai history but the information for non Thai is not good. Many labels are Thai only so it is not so visitor friendly. I hoe they can improve this

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  • Security Pockets "Visitor" Money

    by Audragon007 Updated Jan 31, 2011

    The Tawana Hotel in Surawongse Road Bangkok charges guests US$30 for every "visitor" to the room after 6.00pm. Even business colleagues. Hotel managerment say they only "rent you a bed, not a room" so you are not entitled to have guests - unless you pay, which goes into the pockets of the security people. The cost does not appear on your official hotel bill. Despite its marble foyer, this is a "short stay" hotel (renting rooms by the hour) supporting the prostitution trade in Bangkok.

    Unique Suggestions: Always establish the "guest" policy of the hotel BEFORE you check-in or book online. This hotel is now refusing to refund my 5 night stay as I checked out immediately.

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  • How to avoid a trap

    by AndrewFailes Written Sep 10, 2010

    Thai people will generally not approach you in the street unless they are after something, never take a 10baht tuk-tuk, better to take a meter taxi.

    Fun Alternatives: Learn a few words of Thai, eg. if someone approaches you with the bird seed, just say, "my ow rock" which roughly means, wont take it, or "Phom(if you are male) Di Chan(if you are female) ma thae o lye krang laeow "khrap"(if you are male) "khaa" if you are female, this means I have been here many times.

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  • modern place apartments

    by ballydale69 Written May 19, 2010

    when i first came to bangkok i booked into modern place apartments soi 99 ramintra road bangkok,i paid 12 months in advance and the owner told me that after 12 months i would get one month free,well when the 12 months was up they started to charge again and the owner denied the promise of 1 free month,during my stay there i encounted many problems such as the internet i was paying for hardly ever worked,the air con was always breaking down,water leaking from ceiling in bathroom,not to mention that there is a truck yard directly opposite the apartment that you have to put up with,noise, dust and fumes.the apartment is situated in a very noisy soi at the back of fashion island.when i left the apartment they refused to give me back the 7 thousand bart deposit and charged me a further 3 thousand baht for power and water for a 13 day period, i would not recomend this place to anyone

    Unique Suggestions: ask them to put any contract in english

    Fun Alternatives: there are many other decent apartments a little further away

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  • ancient_traveler's Profile Photo


    by ancient_traveler Updated Aug 16, 2009

    Wat Mangkon Kamalawa in China Town Bangkok is on Charoen Road. The Chinese name is Leng Noei Yi.
    The Thai name is Mangkon Kamalatawa. It was built in 1871 and comprises a series of Chinese Buddhist Temples and Taoist deities in the total complex. The style is Southern Chinese. The Chinese temples are to the rear of the grounds after you pass through a passage way from Charoen Rung Road.

    Mangkon road. The Temple is open from 6 am until 5 pm every day.
    ph: 66 2 222 3975

    Unique Suggestions: if you in Chinatown, you'll pass this Wat.. just take a picture from outside of the main building, because 'no camera' sign is written.

    Fun Alternatives: take a short walk to new market, you'll find a very intersting foods, dried fruits etc or go go Sampheng line

    the gate main building
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  • ancient_traveler's Profile Photo

    TRIMURTI SHRINE; lover's shrine

    by ancient_traveler Written Aug 16, 2009

    Trimurti, the god of love, with offerings of red roses - all in the name of love, and in the hope that they will meet their eternal sweethearts. The shrine is a landmark in front of CentralWorld.

    In Hinduism, Trimurti represents the three aspects of God: Brahma (the Source/Creator), Vishnu (the Preserver) and Shiva (the Transformer or Destroyer). Some resemblance with the concept of Trinity in Christianity is evident here. Many claim Trimurti is especially successful in matching foreign mates with Thai partners, and the shrine is so crowded on a Thursday night that you'll have to wait your turn. What we wouldn't do for love.

    Located in front of Centralworld
    BTS Chidlom

    Fun Alternatives: shopping at Centralworld

    Trimurti Shrine red roses
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  • ancient_traveler's Profile Photo


    by ancient_traveler Written Aug 16, 2009

    Ganesh is another Hindu Diety. He has the head of an elephant and the body of a fat human male. Elsewhere in Bangkok images of Lord Ganesh can be seen where the arts, education and media activities are located. This is because Lord Ganesh as the diety of good fortune and the remover of obstacles is associated with trade, arts and education.

    Located in front of CentralWorld, Ratchaprasong
    BTS Chidlom

    Unique Suggestions: Lord Ganesh is also accompanied in the images with a cobra and a rat. The cobra is a snake associated with Shiva and the symbolism is that Ganesh is the son of Shiva. The rat symbolises that which is small and weaker, but the two together symbolise co-existence of the great and the small.

    The position of Lord Ganesh's trunk has symbolism also. When the trunk turns to the left this reflects the direction for success. To the right represents denouncing aspects of the world. For believers in Lord Ganesh as a spiritual force for them, when purchasing an image which is proper for their future path in life it is necessary for them to choose one with the correct trunk position.

    Fun Alternatives: shopping and eating at Bangkok's Ratchaprasong District

    Ganesh Shrine praying for a good sake
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  • ancient_traveler's Profile Photo


    by ancient_traveler Written Aug 16, 2009

    Wat Mahannapharam built over a century ago is a fine blending of Thai and Chinese art, mirroring the great influence Chinese culture wielded on Siamese people at the time. The temple houses a gold statue of ‘Luang Por Pra Ruang’ from the Sukhothai period.

    Fun Alternatives: if you pass Thanon Tanow, you can take a picture to Wat Mahannapharam.. then try eating experience along Thanon Tanow.

    fort the sign
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  • Helpful Hotel Employees (fake)

    by rjoag Written Apr 6, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    *** first of all *** Thanks to all who have posted warnings on Tuk-tuks and conmen - They are all true and thank God I was able to read them before travel.

    Mine occurred outside the Holiday Inn – Silom area. We exchanged money at the tourist info kiosk just outside the Holiday Inn and about half a block away as we started walking were sweetly greeted by a supposedly Holiday Inn employee who had just got off the night shift and heading home.
    Had it not been for the warnings of this site – we would have fallen for this one.
    He had the usual offering of – don’t talk to any of the agents who will sell u canal rides, etc. – I live and work here and can direct you to the best and honest boat operator, etc. and of course my buddy here won’t charge you 10B to take you there on his Tuk-tuk….

    Unique Suggestions: The river ferry is like a metro and has specfied stops and schedule - If ypu plan on riding it mre than once in a day buy the 100B odd day pass.

    We bought one at the 1st or 2nd stop in the Silom area and explored all the sights including the temples and markets all day hopping on and off the ferry.

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  • Hidden Costs at the Hotels

    by yzyz Updated Feb 22, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Learn not only the room rates. Learn all hidden costs in the hotel i.e. breakfast, dinner, room service rates, learn whether the hotel has a free shuttle service to the airport. We stayed in Sofitel Centara in February 2009. The room rates seemed quite cheap. When we arrived to the hotel, we payed 3300 baht for 3 soups, a sandwich, 4 beers and a salad. Later we found out that this was an incredible price in Bangkok. In the morning we learned that an average breakfast was 1000 Baht for a person. And we had the same breakfast at 200 baht in the shopping mall nearby. On the way back to the airport, hotel charged 1500 baht for a car and 2000 baht for a van. The taxi is just 500-600 baht on the same route. I will never visit Bangkok Sofitels.

    Fun Alternatives: If you travel on low season, do not pay for your all holiday in advance. If you will stay for 5 days, make the reservation for the 1st day. If you like the hotel, continue. If you don't, search for an alternative. Call the hotel before you make your reservation and learn all details.

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  • Cheap rent a car = wasting holiday time

    by whitepointer Written Feb 21, 2009

    I recently switched from a well known car rental company to a cheaper car rental firm. I like many people are looking for cheap car hire/rent in Bangkok and one company Sawasdee Rent a Car gave me the following experience:

    Very bad service, will not drop off or pick up. Does not arrive at the office at agreed times. Keeps deposit slip after key return, The Manager Asa Komalsingsakul refuses to answer his telephone. Makes mistakes when completing rental documents. Is rude to customers.

    General commentary:
    I could not believe the lack of response to messages and requests made of this company. But as always in Thailand you must keep your cool and and be patient. Here is the review.

    After agreeing to return the car at a particlar day and time and finding nobody at the office to receive the car - i called the manager. I then waited 2 hours for somebody to show up and meet me in the car park to inspect the vehicle. All was good and i was told to go. I asked to have the deposit credit card slip returned and was told he did not have it. I called the manager again and he said he would tear it up later. i refused to accept this and informed him that he had no right to do this as i had fullfilled my part of the contract and he needed to do the same. He became very angry and told me he would not come into the office to give me back the slip and after some time on the phone agreed to meet me that afternoon at a later time. However when the time came he did not show again and then refused to answer his phone. The saga went on for another day. finally i got the slip back after wasting precious holiday time. Dont waste your time with this company.

    Unique Suggestions: Use an internationally recognised company that has well trained staff and standardised processes...there are many available.

    Fun Alternatives: look at those companies that have offices around the world in major business centres

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  • ancient_traveler's Profile Photo


    by ancient_traveler Written Jun 21, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Muay Thai, translated into English as Thai Boxing, is the national sport of Thailand and is a martial art with origins in the ancient battlefield tactics of the Siamese (or Thai) army. They became quite popular and eventually were shown in stadium across the country.

    Lumpini Stadium
    Rama IV Road, Bangkok. Telephone - 2528765, 2514303, 2537702, 2537940
    Fight Nights: Tuesdays and Fridays from 6:30 P.M., Saturday afternoons 5-8 P.M., Saturday nights from 8:30 P.M.
    Ticket prices: 220, 440, 1000 Baht (ringside)

    Ratchadamnoen Stadium
    Ratchadamnoen Nok Avenue Telephone - 2814205, 2801684-6
    Fight Nights: Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Sundays, starting at 6:30 P.M.
    Ticket Prices: 220, 440, 1000 Baht (ringside), special discount on Sunday nights

    Channel 7 Stadium
    Behind the old Northern Bus Terminal (Morchit), opposite Chatuchak Park, Bangkok
    Telephone - 2720201
    Fight Schedule: Sundays, from 1:45 P.M., third Wednesday of each month starting at 12:00 noon
    Ticket prices: Free admission

    Rangsit Stadium
    336/932 Prachathipat Road, Rangsit, Pathumthani
    Telephone - 9920099
    Fight Nights: Wednesdays & Thursdays from 8:30 P.M.
    Ticket Prices: 110 (women only), 220 Baht

    Samrong Stadium
    Samrong Road, Samutprakarn Telephone - 3933592
    Fight Nights: Fridays and Sundays, from 8:30 P.M.
    Ticket Prices: 100 Baht for women, 200 Baht for men

    Omnoy Stadium
    74 Moo 12 Tumbon Omnoy, Amphoe Krathumbaen, Samutsakorn
    Telephone - 4204317
    Fight Schedule: Saturdays from 11:45 A.M.
    Tickets: 200 Baht

    International Stadium, Chachoengsao
    23/22 Moo 6 Thepkunakorn Road, Tumbon Sothorn, Amphoe Muang, Chachoengsao
    Telephone - (38) 821746-50
    Fight Schedule: Sundays, from 4:00 P.M.
    Tickets: 200 Baht

    Lumpini Thai boxing stadium
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