Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok

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  • Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
    Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
    by TrendsetterME
  • Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
    Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok, Thailand
    by TrendsetterME
  • to domestic gates
    to domestic gates
    by machomikemd
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    Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK)

    by georeiser Updated Apr 15, 2009

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport, also known as New Bangkok International Airport.
    The airport is located about 28 km east of Bangkok. Suvarnabhumi is one of the busiest airports in Asia. The airport has the world's tallest control tower and the third largest airport terminal under one roof.
    Suvarnabhumi airport replace most of the international flights from the old Don Muang airport. The location on the east side of Bangkok is good news for visitors to Pattaya. The traveltime with taxi is 30 minutes less than from Don Muang airport.

    Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK) Bangkok Suvarnabhumi airport (BKK)
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  • yukisanto's Profile Photo

    From the new airport to bangkok

    by yukisanto Written Jan 23, 2009

    from the airport, there is a metered taxi queue on the left side after you come out of customs. It may be long, but it's pretty fast. you tell the person at the counter where you are headed and he'll tell the cab driver.

    beware: there is a toll charge along the way, but make sure that you pay at the toll instead of the driver, coz some drivers pay first and then charge you a much higher rate. That's what happened when the 6 of us took 2 cabs, and the other group was asked to pay the total fare at the end, while our cabby asked us to pay at the toll booth (25baht) and our cab fares differed by 70 baht, even after including the toll charges.

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  • The new Suvarnabhumi airport

    by thescene Written Jan 21, 2009

    The Suvarnabhumi Airport is located about 40 minutes away from downtown Bangkok. It boasts of the tallest control tower in the world and one of the biggest terminals in the world. I was pleased that even though I had arrived shortly before midnight that there were still a lot of immigration desks open and the staff were kind enough to direct us to shorter queues. Getting my luggage was also a pleasant experience. There were also a few shops as well as money changers available at that time.

    Just like in any airport around the world it is advisable to get cabs only at the designate area. Do not entertain any people who will approach you offering their services. Do remember that you are responsible for the toll fee which will be levied on your taxi.

    On my way home, the lines were quite long at the immigration area and I had to wait 20 minutes in line before I went through. This is not because of the lack of open immigration counters but because of the volume of people who were about to fly out of Thailand.

    In the departure area there is a vast area for duty free shopping where you can do some last minute shopping, eating and foreign exchange. Do be careful though as this area is quite far from the gates so it would be a good idea to allocate some extra time getting to the gates.

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  • loowl's Profile Photo

    Taxi to town area

    by loowl Written Jan 1, 2009

    We caught a taxi at the departure hall instead of the arrival hall. We negotiated the price with the taxi driver and quickly hoped into the taxi. The taxi is not supposed to pick up any passengers at the departure hall but a lot of taxi drivers are doing that.

    Initially we asked for 250 baht and the taxi driver told us we need to pay toll. We asked what is the best price inclusive of toll and settled for 300 bhat. Later we found that there is no toll on the way to the hotel.

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  • Suvarnabhumi Airport Flight Status

    by thaitour Written Nov 25, 2008

    Anyone who has friends or relatives down there at Suvarnabhumi Airport and want to know latest fight status, please check here:

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  • bulldogtwo's Profile Photo

    Taxi from Airport to downtown Bangkok

    by bulldogtwo Written Oct 21, 2008

    The price at the taxi stand should run you about 600B and that should also include the toll. You could get a meter run taxi and that may run you about 400-500 but probably about the same to Khao San Rd. You are better off with the taxi stand. Unless it is way out of the way, the price will be the same in the general area of downtown.

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  • bladedragon's Profile Photo

    Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi Airport

    by bladedragon Written Aug 4, 2008

    This new Airport is big and looking awesome.
    Currently is not connected to any train line to downtown Bangkok, but I heard next year it will.
    Anyway, the fire sprinkler went off for no reason on the day I flew home.
    All the cosmetic stuffs nearby must be going on 70% Reject sale (see Pic).

    Dragon statue in the airport Fire sprinkler went off for no reason, sale time! Been there, seen that...

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  • listenandlearn's Profile Photo

    Meter Taxi

    by listenandlearn Written Jul 1, 2008

    We just returned from Bangkok and we love it so very much! My family goest to Bangkok quite often because of a bit of business...anyway, February is a very low season, so, have no fear that you need to book your trip. As far as hotel, best to book through internet, as rooms have great offers, we would suggest for you to book at the Sukhumvit Road, we stayed at the Dusit Hotel which costs us U.S.$27.00 per night, breakfast not included, but location could not be any better. Sky train is only 3 minutes walk. However, after 4 nights at Dusit Hotel, we then came across some English couple in there late 50's who were staying at a "Inn" located right infront of my hotel, it's called "SAM'S INN", which costs only 1/3 of what we were paying and they have a computer with free internet connection. Since we paid our stay ahead at Dusit Hotel, then next time we go back to Bangkok which we love so much, we definitely will stay at that Sam's Inn. The only good and great service with Dusit Hotel, is they picked us up at the airport and being so tired from the many traveling hours, having someone pick you at the airport was worth it, otherwise if you take a taxi, it would be more or less around U.S.$5.00 (that's if you are not taken for a long free ride by the driver). Best to do if you need to take a taxis as you arrive from overseas, que in next to a sort of police lady who will assign you a taxi with legal taxi meter. Now as I said, legally it only cost U.S.$5.00 from the airport to Sukhumvit, oh! yes, plus .50 balt for the toll fee which you will be asked to pay. Since we are still traveling Asia we have not yet had the time to do our Bangkok travel, so we are just doing it bits and pcs. while we are on our travel. Have a great time and happy shopping in Bangkok...Cheers!

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  • johnaalex's Profile Photo

    From BKK to DMK airports

    by johnaalex Written Mar 22, 2008

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If your international flight is on time you should be OK, but remember your flight from London will land at the new airport, Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and your Nokair flight will leave from the old airport, Don Mueang (DMK). I would suggest a cab to get you from one to the other. So even if it takes an hour (unlikely) to clear customs etc at BKK you still have an hour for the cab ride (about twice the usual journey time) to get to DMK more than an hour before your flight to Phuket.



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  • mad4travel's Profile Photo

    Transfer from the new airport to downtown

    by mad4travel Written Mar 15, 2008

    A Taxi is the easiest wayto get from the airport to downtown
    Its about 700 baht to the centre. You will be bombarded with people asking if you want a limo or taxi as you walk out of the airport. Ignore them all and head for the taxi rank. There will be someone there who will take your fare before you board.
    It also helps having the name and address of the hotel written down so they can understand you easier.

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  • JonnyVN's Profile Photo

    Time warp

    by JonnyVN Updated Dec 20, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I first came to Bangkok about 22 years ago, on leaving the airport you were greeted by hoards of taxi drivers clamering for your business, bargening was a must. Then they brought in the airport limo, simple set price within the arrival hall, no hasle.

    Now arriving at the spanking new airport what are you greeted with......yep hoards of airport limo touts trying to grab you (lots of "very cheap"). Then go to the "official" airport limo to be told that they can't give you a 700 baht limo as they don't have one, I had to take a 900baht one. Not sure why I am charged more depending on what type of car you have, thought petrol was pretty standard price.

    Hopefully someone at TTA will read this and try to ensure that the first impression of Thailand improves

    Update 2008: first counter said "1000 Baht" outside first tout asked 800 baht, kept walking, second tout asked 600 baht, kept walking to meter taxi - total cost 250 baht.

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  • EricEastwick's Profile Photo

    Transportation between airports

    by EricEastwick Written Nov 27, 2007

    If you have to change airports in Bangkok from the new to the old or vice versa
    We found at Don Maung you can take an air conditioned minibus for 50 baht a person
    plus 50 baht for each piece of large luggage, or for even cheaper there are 2 local buses
    that run between airports for 34 baht a person. But the buses only run every 50 minutes

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  • paulwf's Profile Photo

    Taxi to airport

    by paulwf Written Nov 25, 2007

    I negotiated a taxi fare of 400 baht (including tolls) to the airport. This seems to be about the average price. I checked with the hotel and they said it was about right. Whatever price you negotiate you need to make sure it includes tolls or not. I guess some taxis may use the meter for the airport run but tolls will be additional to the meter fare.

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  • Etoile2B's Profile Photo

    Suvarnabhumi Airport

    by Etoile2B Written Nov 6, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The newly built Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok is one of the nicest airports I have been to in my travels. It’s huge but easy to navigate. There are tons of amenities for travelers with long layovers including massage and sleeping rooms. And the food is actually good. We had Pad Thai (so I could say I had pad thai in Bangkok) at a cafeteria located above the airline counters in the international terminal and thoroughly enjoyed it. The airport is brightly lit and has a modern feel. Rumor has it the old airport will remain as a domestic hub. The Suvarnabhumi Airport is located 30 km east of the city. All major airlines ticketing counters are easily accessed in the main terminal if you wish to purchase tickets at the airport. If you are arriving in the middle of the night know that the ticketing counters don’t open until 5 am. A variety of shops and restaurants tempt visitors to this bustling airport, so there is all you could ever need under one roof.

    Marc bringing our luggage into the airport. Suvarnabhumi Airport Pad Thai in the Suvarnabhumi Airport
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  • dd99's Profile Photo

    Bangkok's new airport - thumbs down !

    by dd99 Updated Sep 5, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    (Aug 2007) Traveller's guide to Suvarnabhumi:

    Taxis to town =
    Head down to the 1st floor to the public taxi line and get a metered taxi into town.
    Don't agree to a fixed rate, the metered rate is better (some dishonest dispatchers will ask).
    Pay the tollway/highway fare.

    Passport control =
    The queue at passport control upon arrival is not so bad ~10 minutes.
    Upon departure, it gets worse. I have flown out 3 times, queued 10-30 minutes. Leave some time for this !

    Gates =
    The airport is huge. To walk from passport control to your gate may take 15 minutes.

    Massage =
    There is a massage place in the public area (level 2) and one after passport control (see attached picture) - your best bet is to get a massage in town ...

    Food =
    The new airport is aimed at the mid-range traveller. The options that I have seen are as follows:
    * The floor above departures houses a Thai/western restuarant, main dishes ~ 300B.
    * The second floor has a few quasi-fast food restaurants, with mains for ~ 200B.
    * Also on the second floor, there is the "Thai village" - a few small kiosks selling Thai takeaway food - not amazing, or fresh, but cheap and filling (also added a shawarma grill last time I was there)
    * There is a food court on the bottom floor, not far from the public taxi rank. Patrons are mainly airport employees. No western food, but a reasonable selection of Thai food (~ 10 different stalls) with mains at ~ 50B or less - and English translations on most of the food signs..
    * There is a family mart on every floor. The departures floor one is smallest, the other 2 are larger. You can get a large variety of drinks and snacks, as well as (Thai) cup-a-soups and frozen meals, which they can microwave for you.
    * After passport control, prices increase (see pic) - 200B for a small piece of pie ??

    Airport massage (after passport control) Food prices !! long, long walk Food Prices !! 2

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