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  • BKK it never ends
    BKK it never ends
    by diimit
  • We found ourselves very comfortable in them...
    We found ourselves very comfortable in...
    by Treshi
  • Inside a metered taxi...
    Inside a metered taxi...
    by Treshi
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    by antistar Written Mar 20, 2015

    Taxis are so cheap in Thailand I found myself tipping 50% or more, because I couldn't understand how they could make a living. One trip of about 8 kilometers took over an hour because of the horrendous traffic, and cost than 150 baht (about 4 euros). The traffic really is bad, though, and sometimes it feels that walking would be faster. You will want to consider taxis for some journeys, especially to the grand palace, as the main public transport lines (Skytrain and metro) don't go there.

    All Bangkok taxis are metered, but getting the driver to use them can take some negotiation. I found the easiest way to get an honest taxi driver was to ask at my hotel, or use one of the manned taxi ranks outside places like Siam Paragon shopping centre. Definitely don't take a taxi waiting outside a hotel or train station, and the airport taxis have a bad reputation too.

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    by GracesTrips Updated Aug 22, 2014

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Bangkok, there are tons and tons of taxis! Usually, taking a taxi from your hotel is fairly easy and cab drivers tend to always use their meter. But....once you're out and about, grabbing a taxi could cost you a lot of money. After you tell them your destination, they will blurt out a price to let you know what it costs to take you there. I guarentee that this is much more than what it would cost if they just use their meter to take you to the same destination. And if you asked them to use their meter instead, they usually refuse. Just wait for another taxi who will use their meter. One will come along, like I said there are tons of taxis. In any case, using a taxi is fairly inexpensive. Using the metro is even cheaper but the metro only makes certain stops.

    Photo taken by Harald
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  • Taxi

    by volopolo Updated Jul 29, 2014

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Taxi in Bangkok

    All taxis have a taxi meter that begins from 35 baht. There is taxis with different colors (red, yellow and more) and always you find one. Be careful and say the taxi driver to put the taxi meter on before he begins to drive.

    My Photos
    First Photo: Taxis in Siam, Bangkok
    Second photo: Taxi in Rama I Road in Siam, Bangkok
    Third photo: Taxis in Surawong Road in Bangkok
    Forth photo: Taxis in Siam, Bangkok
    Fifth photo: Taxi outside the hotel

    Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi Taxi
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  • Taxis in bangkok

    by Ashok1112 Written Jul 15, 2014

    At Bangkok airport, as a beginner in global travel n age not on my sight, plane landing at Swarnabhoomi airport was at midnight, Metro trains were closed, little confused, outside it was hot, I ventured with local taxi drivers, shown them d address of my hotels n inquired about d rates, pleasantly bargain was possible n from my indian experience rates were reasonable. they came done from 700 Bahts to 350 Bahts or so. Taxi men was gentle, ride was good. Thai drivers know very little English but things are manageable, they pick commercial practical points n reply as well. people in Thailand are tourist friendly.

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  • diimit's Profile Photo

    Taxis BKK

    by diimit Written Apr 8, 2014

    There are meant to be 200,000 taxis in BKK.
    That's a lot of cabs.
    So it stands to reason that there are going to be some "bad" experiences based on numbers alone.
    I travel to BKK and other provinces 2-3 times a year, so I have picked up a few tips.

    You can't pick and choose your taxi at the airport because of the process involved, but, if the driver insists on a fixed rate before he drives off, then just get out and go back to the point where you got your taxi voucher.
    Don't get angry either.

    If the exterior and interior of the vehicle is damaged, smelly or makes you uncomfortable in any way, then politely exit.

    You pay two tolls leaving the airport en route to the city. It, is not a rip off.
    Have plenty of smaller notes on hand. There are plenty of Banks in the airport.
    Do not hand the driver a 1000THB note.
    If the fare is e.g. 320THB give him 350. 30THB is nothing. Round the fare up, it's only fair!

    You will find going to the airport a bit trickier because they know you need to get there without fuss or bother.
    Hopefully you have scored a professional and proud driver. If you are staying at a good hotel then the Concierge will take note of your needs.

    For pickups from the (BKK) airport there are now a number of transport providers viewable online.
    I have just booked and prepaid a trip to Pathum Thani from Suvaranabhumi Airport at a reasonable rate in a standard sedan.

    I hope this helps...

    BKK it never ends
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  • Treshi's Profile Photo

    Try to use metered taxis...

    by Treshi Written May 7, 2013

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Try to use the metered taxis which are very comfortable and with AC rather than Tuk Tuks as the price is more or less the same when bargained. We used metered taxis most of the time as we found they are more comfortable and price wise the same.

    Inside a metered taxi... We found ourselves very comfortable in them...
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  • saleemg's Profile Photo

    Sai Tai Mai bus terminal, Pinklau. Bus to Cha Am

    by saleemg Updated Sep 21, 2012

    Good standard and well organised bus terminal for bus departing to all regions within Thailand. More than 100 counters divided in different aisles as per regions. Costs around THB100 from BKK city centre to bus station, by taxi.

    The bus station has a very large and very economical shopping centre with some very good bargains.

    Took a bus from here to Cha Am (Hua Hin), which costed THB 155 per person. The coach was airconditioned, but not deluxe though I was told this was a First Class fare ! .....all seats were Firs Class :-). The bus was a bit run down with not a very comfortable suspension. The jouney took around 3 hrs 45 min to Cha Am, including a 20 min refreshment / refuelling stop
    enroute. We were dropped off on the main road in Cha Am and from there had to take a taxi to our hotel on the beach. Taxis are difficult to get, however, near the bus stop there is a shanty restaurant which displays a "Taxi" sign. Got a pick-up style taxi with benches rather than seats. Tel of the driver: +668 5704 2290. The driver promised to be at our location within 5 min the famous "on the way" statement. Remember to add 15 min to that 5 min promised waiting time !!! The drive was quite exciting as it was a different experience sitting on a semi open taxi. Taxi costed THB 200 which was a bit on the higher side, however, the availability was more important.

    We however, took a direct taxi back from Cha Am to BKK, which costed us THB 3000/-. We were a family of 4.

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  • bodo8's Profile Photo


    by bodo8 Written Jun 28, 2012

    Bangkok is a very crowded city, with a lot of traffic; rash hours are not only in the early morning and late evening as in Europe, but all over the day. However the best way to move in BKK is by taxi (metered taxi), which bring you everywhere you need for a ridiculous amount (from/to airport the very center of the city costs about 250 bath (one hour), while within the city you can drive for 20 minutes with not more than 70 bath).

    - only taxis by meter (just say "by meter" while boarding) are so cheap, other ones are only tourist traps....
    - if a taxi driver invents strange excuses not to bring you somewhere (like "there is a revolution" or "it is closed today") just take the next taxi; they just tell you so because they don't earn anything (extra) by driving you to your destination.
    - avoid tuk tuk (don't even answer to them, it is better not to care about them at all, otherwise they could be really noisy and annoying)

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  • Rinjani's Profile Photo

    Taxi: Metered and Bargain

    by Rinjani Updated Jun 10, 2012

    One of the transportation modes while traveling in Bangkok is taxi. Although riding taxi will be quite expensive and if you take taxi during rush hour, be prepared to get stuck in the traffic.
    We used taxi from the airport to our hotel in Shukumvit road. The taxi charged us 400THB with toll road inclusive, plus 50 THB for surcharge (charged by the airport). As it was nearly midnight and we were unsure about using MRT to the downtown, it seemed pretty good deal.

    The taxi driver offered to take us without meter on. On our return, we were charged 280 THB, excluded toll road fee.

    Whenever you can, please choose taxi with meter. If you are in the tourist area, we found that it would be better to walk for a while to stop the taxi. As we found out that taxi parking in the tourist spot has to “pay” to park there.

    Rush hour in Bangkok
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  • theguardianangel's Profile Photo


    by theguardianangel Written Feb 26, 2012

    Taxis in Bangkok are very colorful and I see more pink colored taxis around the city. Not all Thai taxi drivers know how to speak English but they can still help you to reach your destination. Also, I guess all taxis are metered now. When we’re in Bangkok, we rode the taxis and all used their meters. Fare starts at THB35. They aren’t fond of tipping too.

    However, taxis from Suvarnabhumi Airport gives higher meter rate, they say that fare meter starts at 50Baht… I dunno but when we arrived at 9pm, there were only a few taxis lined up along the airport. So we decided to take a taxi going to the hotel since we’re so exhausted from the trip. We were given a specific fare amount of THB300 and they say that it’s the normal rate for airport taxis. but we talked to a few locals, they say that taxis from the airport really cost that much. I really dunno, but I recommend you to take the train going to the city instead of taking the taxis from the airport. But I didn’t regret to take that ride because the driver was very friendly and talkative too. I had a few Thai phrases written in my small guide notebook that I used to communicate a little with him and he was very pleased. We kept laughing inside the taxi.

    I guess.... our THB300 was worth it after all.

    pinkies in the highway!
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  • Copter808's Profile Photo

    Bangkok Taxis

    by Copter808 Written Nov 25, 2011

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There have been several negative comments about taxis in Bangkok lately. Here are some helpful suggestions:

    There have been some comments on the website about Bangkok taxi drivers. I have had few problems with them. Make sure they start the meter and make sure they understand that BEFORE you get into the taxi. Also a good idea to photograph the taxi number (and make sure the driver sees this) in case of problems. You can tell him you do this so you can locate the taxi again if you forget something. If problems DO occur, you can let him know you sent a picture of the taxi information to a friend. Oh, and if you threaten to report him to the "Tourist Police" make sure the taxi is stopped or on a straight road. Told one that onetime and he nearly lost control while in a curve!!

    You will nearly always come out ahead by paying the meter-rate instead of a negotiated rate. Exceptions might be if you are familiar with the meter rate and the driver offers a better deal. Other times during heavy traffic or long trips, the driver may refuse to accept a meter rate passenger. (When I get what I consider to be excessive requests, I usually tell him, "I want clear title and a full tank of gas!")

    Passengers are responsible for tolls.

    There is a service charge from (but not TO) the airports

    Don't be afraid to contact the Tourist Police if you have problems!!!

    MOST IMPORTANTLY--Have a good trip. Thailand is by far my favorite country and I get there about 5-10 times a year!

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  • walterwu's Profile Photo

    Taxis Aplenty

    by walterwu Written Dec 29, 2010

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are plenty of taxis in Bangkok with many different striking colours and most are metered taxis.

    On exiting the Airport's Departure Hall, there's a taxi stand and a counter where you goes up to and tell them your immediate destination/hotel. They will fill it on a chit and hand it over to the taxi driver (in waiting) and the taxi driver will take you to the hotel.

    The driver of the taxi that I took indicated he would take the highway to Bangkok city centre where the hotel is located and I mentioned I had no objection. Those taxi drivers at the Airport seems to have better command of the spoken English.

    The journey was smooth until the end of the highway and after exiting the highway into the city centre itself, the journey was smooth was we were heading in the opposite direction of the heavy traffic.

    Total fare: THB300

    Generally, the drivers in the city centre speak little English and showing them a map may not be meaningful. Address/Destination written in Thai would be more helpful.

    Starting fare seems to be about THB35.

    If caught in the famous Bangkok's traffic jam, one may wish to reconsider destination and re-route to the nearest BTS or MRT station. Time saved (from sitting out a traffic jam) is more important for a tourist who has limited time in Bangkok. Generally, on the western side of Bangkok city are without the BTS skytrain and MRT.

    In some tourist spots, there are many metered taxis awaiting but would only accept fixed fare price and would not accept metered fares.

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  • Willettsworld's Profile Photo


    by Willettsworld Written Oct 25, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bangkok is world renowned for its terrible traffic problems, so getting around on the roads is a bit of a nightmare. Yes, Bangkok has a metro but it only consist of one line (at the moment) and, yes, it has the BTS Skytrain but this doesn't go anyway near the city centre in order to get to the main tourist destinations like the Grand Palace, Wat Pho or Wat Arun. Instead you either have to take a tuk-tuk or a taxi. I took a few taxi's during my time in Bangkok and found them to be a lot cheaper than the tuk-tuk prices I was quoted.

    Taxis are all metered, here, and the set price is 35B at flag fall for the first 2km, then 5B/km after that. This means that even relatively long journeys, such as from Sukhumvit to the Grand Palace often aren't above 100B but this does go up depending on the time it takes. The two tone green and yellow taxis are generally reckoned to be the best ones. These are driven by the owner, while all others are rented out by the day. Of course, everything really depends on the driver rather than the colour of the car, and there's not really any major difference between any of them.

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  • bulldogtwo's Profile Photo

    Taxi in Thailand

    by bulldogtwo Written Mar 30, 2009

    The best and fastest way is by metered taxi. Make sure that insist on metered. I would also suggest that you get one away from the Patpong area, they are not as easy to negotiate with, just walk a couple blocks away from the area and you should be fine.
    For better prices, why not try the Suan Lum night market at Lumpini. Much better market

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  • jojes's Profile Photo

    Insist to put the meter on !

    by jojes Written Mar 27, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We did have some problems with tuk-tuks and taxi's in Bkk. On our first 2 visits we didn't use them a lot, but in 2005 we encountered several problems.

    The biggest problem was that they didn't want to put the meter on. We stayed several times in Twin Towers hotel, each time for 1 night when stopping over. The hotel was very close to the Hualamphong trainstation, but we took a taxi several times to avoid the hassle of dragging our luggage over the streets. Each time they tried to rip us of by asking a fare between 300 and 500 THB, where the meter-fare was only 50 THB. I don't mind paying a bit extra or giving a tip, but they don't have to exaggerate.
    At one time we called a taxi through the hotel to take us to the international airport (was still Don Muang airport at that time). The guy at the hotel told him to put the meter on, but when he drove away he refused to do so. Only after we were ready to get out of the car he agreed to put it on. Then he first took us to the domestic terminal (which was furher away) instead of the international, so the meter was higher than it normally had to be.
    Also be careful when you take a taxi and pay extra for the toll at the expressway. There are several points in the city to enter the expressway: depending on where you enter you pay a fare to use it. Very often the taxidrivers charge you the highest rate, but they only enter at a point further down the expressway, so where they don't have to pay the complete fare they've charged you.


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