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  • Baan Thai Gems Co. Ltd. Bangkok are Frauds

    by Gullibleinbangkok Written Mar 22, 2014
    Baan Thai Gems Co. Ltd, Bangkok (Cheats)

    We were led by the Tourist Police from the Old City area to another temple and recommended to visit Baan Thai Gems Co. Ltd. The Tourist Police hired a tuk-tuk for us. At the other temple (the Royal burial ground) we were met with a 'Gentleman' who claimed he was restoring the temple for the King for the last 10 years and talked about Buddhism and good Karma. He also mentioned about this great sale only for the day at Baan Thai Gems Co. Ltd. He took us around the temple and then hired a cab for us which took us to Baan Thai Gems Co. Ltd. in the Dusit area. There we were met by the lady 'Porn' who hardly gave us any time to think and ultimately we bought a 'Gem', which later turned out to be heavily overvalued. Essentially we got cheated by all these smooth talking people.

    So please don't buy gems in Bangkok and be careful in trusting the Tourist Police and smooth talking Gentlemen (and women). I am posting a picture we managed to take of the back of the 'gentlemen' who took us around the temple. Unfortunately we didn't take a picture with his face on it! But just in case it helps. In case you run into him, please be careful!


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  • Bangkok Gem Scam

    by bbqboy Written Jun 7, 2013

    As a few others have mentioned, the Lucky Buddha temple is one of the favorite places to target tourists. I was scammed in 2002 for about $3,000. Ouch. I was surprised to see an episode on Scam City and it's still going on now, 10 years later. It prompted me to write a detailed post on my blog about it:

    Once back in Canada, I tried to get help through the Thai Police, The Thai Jem and Jewellers Association, and the Thai Consulate in Ottawa. They were all useless. You best bet if you get scammed is the Thai department of Internal Affairs who can "negotiate" with the store for a refund. Unfortunately, most of these stores close and then re-open under a different name. As I say in my blog, at least you're scammed with charm - in Rio the'd just stick a gun in your face. A hard earned lesson.

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  • machomikemd's Profile Photo

    Gems Gallery International

    by machomikemd Updated Oct 22, 2012

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    4 more images

    In every country there are tourist traps and more tourist traps. In my travels China takes the cake in the number of assorted jewelry factories that your tour guide will send you to have time to look at the assorted products. Thailand is not an exception but in Bangkok, there is only one big jewelry factory that all the tours will send the tourists whether the big tour group or the small and personalized tours. The jewelry scam here is the Gems Gallery International, it claims to have the world biggest jewelry store and they have 4 branches, on here in Bangkok and at Pattaya, Phuket and Chiangmai. It has a 7,200 square meter showroom of assorted jewels and thai handicrafts which are really expensive. I don't really buy jewelry as it is not my thing and I hate it when trour companies make cumpolsory stops at jewelry stores in most countries in the world. The end of the city tours in bangkok will leave you here at the gem gallery and from here, there are assigned drivers and vans that take the tourists to various hotels in Bangkok.

    they don't allow pictures inside so I don't have pictures of the jewelry showrooms.
    Opens 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

    Address: Samsen Nai, Phaya Thai Bangkok 10400, Thailand

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  • Government Gemstone Shop Bangkok

    by Ishy78 Written Sep 16, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    After reading all the warnings about the gemstone scams I opted to go to the government gemstone store in bangkok. I bought a certificated sapphire ring in a silver setting for 200GBP. I was told by them that if I have any problems they will offer a refund without issue. I returned home and realised from my local jeweller that although the sapphire is genuine the actual cost of the stone is about 8GBP. I have no come back with the shop in Thailand because what they sold to me was what they claimed it to be....a sapphire and silver ring.....they still rip you off with the price. My advice is that if it's seems too good to be true it usually is!! Be prepared to be scammed in these places unless you are an expert jeweller and know the prices are accurate for whatever it is that you're buying.

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  • Bangkok Gem scams

    by Lwin11 Written Jul 26, 2012

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    It was exactly happened to me. But me and my gf ald back to sg today. We bought about S$3k and checked at sg jewel shop and the shop claims that it only worth for few hundred dollars. Reported to sg police but they said they can't do much regarding with Thai police and only give suggestion to go Thai embassy (singapore). Anything you all can help? Pls advise. Friendly, we are not rich people. Like what the man (lucky buddha temple) said, buy things for old age. Help me. Really can't sleep after read about the article and reported to police. Thailand is a kind of full with scam. You all know, I even treat a meal to the scam *** whose guide around after bought that gems. What a shame. Pls take care.

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  • FedericaS's Profile Photo

    erawam lapidary

    by FedericaS Written Jul 22, 2012

    erawan lapidary 101-103 prachathipatai rd bankhunprom
    pranakorn Bangkok

    hi we had the same story happening to us we got a tuk tuk 40 bath for the day got told was last day tourist tax free, went to lucky buddha and couldnt go to the temple cause the monks were having a prey, a thai man was there start talking to us and saying was last day of tax free and we should go to the export center and get good deal , next tuk tuk stop of course was the lapidary jewellery shop, we didn t plan to buy any expensive stuff, but at the end thought was good deal , than went home searched in the internet and red all this stuff about it.
    ok now we are in bangkok, they insist to send the ring back to italy where I`m from so now we are here and thinking is the ring really going to be shipped and if so is going to be really worth it the money we paid for (70.000 bath for 18 k white gold ring)
    same night went to a restaurant nearby the hotel , all locals no tourists, we met a local police officer he was nice had a chat and shared some stories.
    same night went home and a a chat with a friend he lives here since 11 years and when we mention about the ring he said was a scam. so our head start spinning couldnt sleep thinking we`ve been ripped off about the real price of the ring. we are not rich.
    next day we were feeling *** about all was happening and the fact we didnt know if the ring was really worth it what we pay , red some more bad review in the internet and decide to go back to the restaurant to see if we could met the police officer again and explain the story and get an opinion.
    went there he was having a dinner with his friends, after a while he came talk to us and straight away ask if he knew about this jewellery shop, he didnt know, I showed him the piece of paper they gave me in the jewellery store and he straight away advice us to go back to the shop and ask for authentic certificate of the value of the ring, than he advice us to go back to the shop and ask for a certificate of value of the ring.
    lets see whats happen tomorrow we are going to the shop and talk to erawan lapidary

    I hope this is going to end up good we`ve been travelling for years never thought we were gonna be scammed

    keep in touch will post more

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  • theguardianangel's Profile Photo

    Beware of Gem Scams!

    by theguardianangel Updated Feb 22, 2012

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    from the 2nd jewelry shop

    We haven't able to book online for a hotel to stay so when we arrived in Suvarnabhumi Airport, while looking for the public transport in Sukhumvit, there's this old, fat man that approached my friend and I. He dressed in a coat that made him look a professional. He said he's working for the Royal Pacific Hotel Bangkok. Since we're looking for a place to stay, we listened on what he can offer. Exhausted and ready to sleep, we agreed to stay in their hotel and because they have this free tour on our 1st day- w/ car service and tourist guide. Well, for 1st time travelers... we got excited.

    to make the story short, after the tour of some of the temples... We stopped by a jewelry shop!
    The tourist guide says that 1st jewelry shop was one of the official gem/jewelry manufacturers of Bangkok and said that even Nicholas Cage was able to visit this shop after shooting his movie. And yes, they were able to prove it and we saw his picture with the staffs.

    My friend and I weren't really into gems/jewelries that we kept on murmuring to each other that we mustn't spend too much money because we will still be shopping in Platinum Mall.
    We were seriously scared at that moment since we were left by our tourist guide!!!!
    There's this uneasy feeling we had when we can't make up our minds since the staffs doesn't want to leave us until we buy something. So we decided to buy anything, the cheapest that we can buy!!!! oh gawd!

    And you know what, we were dropped by to a 2nd jewelry shop!!!!!!!!! again!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrr!!!!
    but my friend and I agreed that we mustn't mind the staffs even they have their fierce looks on us without any purchase at all! That was the 2nd time, we were left again by our tourist guide! What a prankster!

    They weren't contented by those jewelry shops, they also dropped us to the Jim Thompsons' tailoring shop and finally to their travel agency office! The office staff offered us if we were interested to book for another tour on the other part of Thailand (I can’t remember where)! OMG! We really had enough! They really insisted! and that's what I really hate like when you have no options to choose from! No freedom! Being forced to do something you don’t want! But I made myself firm to say “NO” because we don't need it! The agency staff wasn’t able to force us but he called for his manager to escalate the issue.
    They’re really insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The manager wanted to find out why we can’t accept the offer, I said we just DON’T want it and we only have limited time to travel in Thailand. I even made up stories just to let us out in their office!

    I dunno why there are people who take advantage and deceive others.
    It seems from my story that I haven’t moved on yet.. haha, nah… I’m okay now. I just can’t help the uneasy feeling I had, at that moment. I believe that what goes around; comes back around. God Bless them!

    Lesson learned: Don’t accept hotel offers from people in the airport. They would really bring you mischief by taking you to the gem/jewelry shops. Book your hotels in advance.

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  • Airport tour service

    by elleyy Written Jan 26, 2012

    At the exit, down at the last floor (I don't remember), a middle size booth. It was somewhere in the basement. I travel to Bangkok frequently and had experienced many but not like this one. Me and my wife and a daughter arrived in Bangkok last year. I met a middle aged lady at the booth who was very nice, spoke Essan (Lao language) to me and offered me a tour service to "ONLY" the Green Emerald Buddha palace, and no other place in the middle. I agreed. The next morning, I got picked up by a tour guide lady in a sedan car. I got done with the palace early because it was very very hot and my daughter was starting to have a high fever. And also for the safety of my 1 year old daughter. We got in the car and thought we would be dropped off back at the hotel but NO, the tour guide kept insisting and demanding, and very rude at the end that we need to see some sort of crafts and gems factories and shops.

    Be very very careful! Be super care if you are Lao citizens or Lao overseas.

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  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo

    the jewellery scam

    by call_me_rhia Updated Apr 4, 2011

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    thai gem and jewellery trader association logo

    The classic scam is the jewellery scam. Watch out for tuk-tuk drivers who tell you the attraction you want to go to is closed (it's generally not) but they will take you to another one istead (normally a jewellery shop they get commission from). Others may even refuse to take you where you want to go unless you agree to visit a the above mentioned jewellery shop. My travel mate decided she wanted to check out some earrings, and would not hear the word scam - so we were taken to a jewellery shop. She ended up buying a pair of golden earrings - not even too cheap - and decided to wear them the same evening. needless to say she got an infection - hence golden my a**! Should you want to buy jewellery, go to an approved thai gem and jewellery trader association shop: you'll pay more, but you'll at least get what you pay for

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  • s583's Profile Photo

    Gem scams

    by s583 Written Oct 5, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A gentle reminder to all who visit this site. All these scams are real. I am an experienced traveller who was "scammed" into buying a low grade ruby for a great deal of money. Even the jeweller of the Swissotel Nai Lert Park was unhelpful prob due to their local courtesy. There is no special one day discount in Thailand at all. The Thai Local Product is a sham factory. There is simply no redress from the Thai Police so as a traveller, let it be reminded that "buyer bewares". The warnings about tuk-tuk or friendly teacher or lawyer are true. They can suss out gullibles [even I looked so and they were correct]. They will all claim relationships with Southeast Asians or produce false testimonies. Remember these scamsters are very sophisticated. My BKK trip was lovely but marred by these scams. Resist all temptation to buy from these shops and stick to the Thai friends' recommended ones.

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  • SLLiew's Profile Photo

    Fake stones, gems, antiques on road side

    by SLLiew Updated Aug 31, 2009

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When walking on the street of Bangkok, you will see roadside makeshift stalls selling what looks like precious stones or gems or antique watch.

    From the humble display, you should know better. There no cheap stuff unless they are really cheap in the first place. If you want to buy them as a token, that is fine. Interesting to look at anyway.

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  • expatbangkok's Profile Photo

    Scams, airport, tourist, gems or otherwise

    by expatbangkok Written Aug 25, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If I am in Sydney, waiting out the front of David Jones department store or Sydney Opera House waiting for the doors to open and some chap comes up to me and tells me the shop/Opera House won't open and I should go off with him, or some other nonsense, I am, at the very least, going to tell him to nick off. So what is the difference between Thailand and your own country when it comes to common sense? Especially when every guidebook/website/forum on Thailand, without exception warns you to ignore such people.
    By the way, I am not having a bar of the airport scam tales and I don't know of one person (and I know hundreds of people who use Bangkok airport regularly) that has been caught by this alleged scam. So, in my opinion it is either total nonsense, or very, very rare.

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  • Beware of VSK international jewelry

    by sumeet007 Written Jan 14, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We just returned from a package tour to Bangkok and pattaya, and though we enjoyed the trip, my impression of thailand has gone so bad that I will never return to this country, simply because the police or thai tourist authorities just donot care (or worse are hand in glove with day light scamsters).We were travelling to Bangkok from Pattaya when our guide announced that we would be taken to a 'govt. owned' Gem factory where we would be shown how gems are 'cut and polished' and then they would show us there the world's biggest jewelry store, which by the size of it may be true(big as a football stadium). They showed us a short film very impressively made about how Thailand was the biggest source of precious colored gems and this factory was the biggest. We were then taken down to the store where there are rows and rows of gems displayed immaculately and the smmoth talking sales girls 'talked' 6 of the families to make various purchases all amounting to about 75,000 Bahts. Even those of us who did not have cash were brainwashed smoothly to use our credit cards. We returned to our home country yesterday and when we appraised these 'precious gems' and gold jewelry the overall cost is not more than 1,000 bahts at the very most ( we cross checked with atleast 4 leading gemologists). After we realised how badly we were scammed we saw that the receipts and certificate have been given in the name of 'KK jewelers" and there is no mention of VSK any where(I couldnot also Google there website). I tried the phone numbers to no avail and we are couriering back the 'junk jewelry' back to this scamster and am trying to complain to he Thai tourist authorities about these crooks. PLEASE BE AWARE AND DONOT BUY ANY JEWELRY ORGEMS ANY WHERE IN BANGKOK. I wish some body had educated us about this fraud before.

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  • Be Cautiaus they can come to your Hotel as well

    by rohitgupta Written Jan 8, 2009

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I have been Bangkok for business reasons for three days from India .Practically speaking I never thought i had faced the scam , as we appreciated the things we purchased , my friend even though told me once we return that its devalued purchase.

    Got a chance to visit Vat etc on one day . Me and my friend decided to take a MRT and then there was a tuk tuk driver outside the stop.
    We decided to take the same as we thought by this way we can see things . We came to know from one person who was a thai that today Palace is closed at this time and would be open only after two as King is visiting .
    We then thought to move other places , we visited 3-4 vats and we appreciated the kind of time that this tuk tuk driver is giving . We also decided to tip this guy . We met one guy from Belgium ( who told himself) and said what things you have visited , he was a friendly guy just told me about places and then said his gf purchased one watch which is very cheap here and she sold back in her country . Further adding he said that India is a good place , and he would be visiting Andaman , he has friends in Bangalore etc etc .

    We just moved on . From there the tuk tuk driver took to one of the destination as per map once that gets over he gave us one letter which said " please help this driver if you visit a particular store he would get 5 litre of petrol free "

    We thought its good way of supporting this guy . Boss we went there , it was huge store , lot of tourist vehicles etc . Cars were parked including tuk tuks as well. Being located in the city Agra , I know lot of things like this happen in Agra as well where after seeing Taj Mahal they take them to some of places of marble and then rip people off the money ( its disgusting when I hear about Agra , but the fact of matter is its true) .

    The professional staff all the way took us inside , said it was King's own gem store so its 100 % Quality , we provide the certificate and what not . The manager then shown us the way how we process gems from raw material , ruby is found only in Thai and stories blah blah .

    Even in Agra the same happens , tourist are shown how marble inlay work is being done .

    Then once we entered it was huge place for jewellery , and there were ladies managers who were all the profisient to sell us . We decided not to purchase and I told them hey I do not have the money , its all in the Hotel and no cards . But by the time they asked which Hotel , I told Hotel Emerald , they said do not worry we will take care. Until thins were sold to us , they decided to drop us to the Hotel and also sent the lady to take the money in Dollars

    We gave money and took the material . Until we return to India and found its devalued , even though to whom we gave were happy as they said it did not mattered value to them but who has given is important .

    I did not knew that I have paid atleast twice for the same thing . So guys be careful . better do not purchase ! ! Get in your own country , it might be a little more but still you have a chance to get back . And one more thing they would also give you a picture of quality certificate . With your material photo . Oh ! what a way to make money ....

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  • Snipernurse's Profile Photo

    Gem shops, good for entertainment, bad for jewelry

    by Snipernurse Written May 23, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Unless you're an expert don't buy anything. But go to a gem shop because you read about all the people that got tricked into going and because you're curious about what it's all about. It's actually kinda interesting and I bet if you went to Bangkok and never went to a gem shop the curiousity of what they were about would irk you! Plus it's funny to mess around with all the sales ladies.

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  • Mar 22, 2014 at 11:16 AM - We were led to Baan Thai Gems Co. Ltd by the Tourist Police. We unfortunately did buy an overpriced 'gem' from them! Lessons learnt - never ever buy a 'Gem' in Bangkok! Don't trust the Tourist Police or any smooth talking "gentleman' in Bangkok!

    • MarshaB4's Profile Photo
      Mar 24, 2014 at 9:56 PM

      If Lustre Gems is still in business - Mr Chai who was the owner in 1985 is a very honest jeweler. This establishment was recommended by the higher ranking officers of the Air Force & Navy when I visited Bangkok.

  • Nov 6, 2013 at 2:26 PM

    Always pay with a Credit Card and insist that they provide a full description testifying to the quality and authenticity of the goods along with a certificate of guarantee as to the value. If when you return home you find the goods are fake (which they ALWAYS will be from Thailand) you can initiate a chargeback via your credit card company.
    You will need to have evidence that the sellers description does not agree with that of a registered valuer and the goods are significantly "not as described"
    Until my last trip I always believed that GEMS GALLERY in Thailand was a professional Honest and reputable business. I have now learned otherwise after being scammed with JADE which according to my jeweller has been dyed to increase its apparent value. We paid significantly more than it's real value. The valuation certificates provided by these businesses are WORTHLESS and will not be accepted by your insurance company. You MUST have a valuation from a registered valuer in your home country. Just don't expect it to be anywhere near the value that the seller stings you for.

    I am just SO sick of buying stuff in Thailand that turns out to be fake. THEY ARE JUST A PACK OF THIEVES.
    The Thai government and the honest people of Thailand need to do more to stop these scammers and the endemic corruption in the country. Their tourist industry will suffer. I'm not going back again.

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