Safety Tips in Bangkok

  • Good attempt at English!
    Good attempt at English!
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    Bangkok Traffic
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Bangkok

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    Bird Bomb in Silom Road

    by zazatann Updated Mar 10, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Do you know where bird toilet in Bangkok is? Somebody said it’s on their head and some is in their mouth!!!
    In the evening along Silom Road, one of the most popular night life for tourist (PatPong market), we have a lot of Magpie robin bird come to sleep on the tree along this road. They'll stay at night and leave in the morning. It's been like this for long time since I was young. We know that when we walk along the street around this area, we won't open our mouth or we would keep walking under the shade of building as we try to avoid a bird bomb from the tree. Sometime, you'd feel like you hear the sound of rain in Silom, please don’t be surprise because it's not rain but it's bird poo from the top of the tree. So, please run and close your mouth. Ha…..

    May I say 'bird poo' to make you clear as some of you may think it’s not safe for life when I say 'bird bomb'

    little birds on the trees
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    by THLIN Written Feb 3, 2006

    BE AWARE...Since Thailand is a Buddhism country, in some public transportation or public area, there are special zones reserved for Monk. Other people or passengers, especially females, cannot stand or occupy there.

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    Chinatown and Claustrophobia

    by ann500 Updated Jan 13, 2006

    2 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you suffer from claustrophobia avoid part of Chinatown - I think it was Sampeng Lane. The day I was there you had to shuffle down a very narrow aisle between the rows of shops and stalls, totally packed with people. Shuffle was absolute top speed. I'm not claustrophobic and I didn't enjoy it very much. I don't know if it is always that crowded. Just take a look before you plunge into the crowd because once you are in, you can't exit quickly.

    The rest of the area was great though, especially the nearby large flower/fruit/vegetable market Pak Klong Talat (one of my favorite sights in Bangkok).

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    You'll Need Plenty of Clean (Non-holed) Socks.

    by Bangkokjoe Updated Oct 19, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you are intending doing the sites of Bangkok, (temples and museums and palaces and the like) you will need to ensure you are well prepared for leaving your shoes at the doors and pad about inside in your socks or bare feet.

    No one nicks your shoes and they will always be quite safe. Promise. However, a big toe poking through the end of a worn out sock is really not the done thing in Thailand / Bangkok. Feet may be the lowest part of the body, but tatty socks and the like will make you assume the appearance of a tramp (farang kee nok is the rather more derogatory term). Plenty of spares and new cotton jobs and you'll be fine.

    This lot of shoes are out the front of the Museum of Corrections, so of course they are extremely safe. So do not ask me why there is one lonely training shoe in the middle. I only noticed this just now. Also note the very shiny, well polished, black set belonging to the Police Colonel Leapingupandownaporn; who was inside at the time checking up on some refurbishing work.

    This tip dedicated to Lesley aka "Purpleshade", and her crushed velvet dress; which she bought only this week.

    Clean Socks and you'll be laughing...
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    Keeping Up With The Times!

    by Meadows11 Written Apr 21, 2005

    My major problem when first hitting Thailand was adjusting myself to the different timezones. A few days in to my stay in Bangkok and I still hadn't been able to adjust, meaning I was going to sleep at 5 in the evening and waking up about 1am! I travelled from London, and the 15 hour plane trip didn't help, so be prepared!

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    Lizards in the middle of the city

    by vec Written Mar 13, 2005

    I was a bit surprised to see a hugs lizard in the middle fo Bangkok city centre, near the Lumphini park. In fact, I almost walked right in to it. So be aware, I just can guess they are not that friendly.


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  • dave&jen's Profile Photo

    User-unfriendly Bathrooms!

    by dave&jen Written Mar 1, 2005

    This bathroom set-up is ok for me as i am still flexible...
    For men, its ok because they do it standing up...
    But for the disabled and senior tourists... this could be a big hassle....
    This is not a toilet seat at all as it's a sunken bowl...
    Well, watch out for the slippery tiles and you have to heave a bucketful of water to flush...

    Bathrooms in Thailand
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    They all have family in your home country!

    by Joenes Updated Jan 3, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When a Thai starts talking to you about a brother,sister,son or daughter who lives or is going to live in your home country just walk on otherwise he will invite you to his house and offers you food and drinks but this is all to get you to do something illegal!

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    Bangkok Cinemas.

    by rsleisk Updated Nov 12, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    We were in Bangkok when Spiderman 2 opened and happened to see that it was playing while strolling through the Siam Center Mall. Be warned that it is pretty confusing while in the lobby trying to figure out how much a movie is and there are no employees available to ask.

    We ended up asking someone in line how much a ticket was and they said which ticket? The deal is that Thailand cinema has three different seating areas with different comforts and price ranges.

    Anyway we found out how much Baht but the film we wanted to watch was sold out and the next showing was in 2 1/2 hours so we had to wait till we got back to the states.

    The cinema lobby anyway looked very cool and modern, I wonder what the balcony seating was like.

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    Don't climb over the walls

    by herzog63 Updated Jun 9, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Most of the buildings have crude security systems such as these shards of glass placed into concrete at the top of walls that surround the building. It's not really a danger but more of a local custom unless you want to try wall climbing then it would be a danger! I remember the first time I saw this style of security..I thought it was very interesting!

    Security system
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  • aukjejetty's Profile Photo

    Thai New Year!

    by aukjejetty Updated May 8, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Be aware at the Thai New Year, there is no way you can keep anything dry on those days. Make sure you have some ziplock bags to put your money in, or it will be all soaking wet. One time I only went out for five minutes to buy something next to the guesthouse, well I came back with the water everywhere it was dripping from my clothes and out of my ears ☺.

    Truckloads of Waterfighters
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  • edachsund's Profile Photo

    reminder for whom is taller than that number

    by edachsund Written Jan 10, 2003

    Do Not Enter if you are taller than that particular number.
    This place not for a dwarf or even giant but for everybody. It was just a sign which caught in my attantion to shoot it out.
    You just need to be careful, afraid you'll get your head knock off.


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    by Aang Written Nov 14, 2002

    Pattaya is evil.

    Nobody seemed friendly, in any genuine way.

    On the beach I got chatting to a businessman called Panya and his friend who was a local policeman.

    They suggested I might like to join them for lunch at a fish restaurant. It was a super meal, but muggins had to pay.

    I met a pretty girl called X. Her father was dying of AIDS.

    What I read in the local newspapers came as a bit of a shock.

    48 year old tourist Peter A was found dead in his hotel room in Soi Pattayaland 3, in Pattaya. The deceased's room had been ransacked and there was blood all over the bathroom, according to the Pattaya Mail.

    40 year old tourist Erich B fell from his Pattaya hotel room to his death. earlier, a local Thai had been seen coming out of his room, according to the pattaya Mail.

    43 year old Oleg C was found dead in his Pattaya hotel room. He had been beaten.

    A tourist in his 50's was found dead in a locked room...

    "Within a two month period, there have been 7 foreigner deaths (in Pattaya)" reported the Pattaya Mail in a recent edition.

    42 year old Peter D was assaulted by a gang of knife wielding thugs and had to receive 70 stitches. The attack took place at a bar on Soi 2, in Pattaya.

    35 year old Brian E lost most of his valuables when his South Pattaya hotel room was burgled....

    The Pattaya Mail had a recent report about money being extracted from tourists, by the police.

    "There are police behind the scenes helping the foreign mafia do their dirty work," reported the Pattaya Mail.

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    by Aang Written Nov 14, 2002

    AIDS is now the main cause of death in Thailand. In Thailand's villages they are not dying so much of heart attacks as of AIDS. There are more than one million Thais in the sex industry and more than one million Thais with HIV.

    I got bad vibes, in Bangkok. It was supposed to be the land of smiling people, but the three girls at the door of the seedy hotel were not smiling. The taxi driver had insisted we stop at this place. "There are girls like young film stars," he had said. My protestations had been ignored. The girls looked a picture of utter misery. They had probably been kidnapped and were missing their mums. I refused to get out of the taxi and got driven safely back to Bangkok's Asia hotel.

    Bangkok is now regarded as the CRIME CENTRE of Asia. In Thailand's capital city, the Russian mafia deal in extortion, the Germans and Australians export women, the Chinese deal in the small arms trade, the Korean mafias go in for kidnapping, the Japanese....

    Turf wars are leading to shootings.

    A few months ago on the road from the airport, gunmen from Macau's 14K triad executed 3 Shui Fong members.

    On September 15th 2000, seven hitmen ran into a Bangkok flat used by a top Indian mafia boss. The boss's lieutenant was killed instantly. The don was critically wounded.

    A Pakistani gang leader, wanted for robbery and extortion, was recently gunned down in Bangkok.

    In March 2001 a bomb wrecked a Thai Airways plane at Bangkok's international airport. Police suspect the attack could be linked to prime minister Thaksin's pledge to crack down on drug smuggling.

    (In September 2001 the entire board of Thai Airways resigned. Prime Minister Thaksin had said the airline "sucks" and that if he had any choice he would not fly with it. Mr Thaksin had a narrow escape when a Thai Airlines plane exploded, killing one crew member. In September 2001 two Thai Airlines flights were delayed by bomb scares.)

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  • Adeline_Foo's Profile Photo


    by Adeline_Foo Updated Nov 10, 2002

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Thais regard the head as the highest part of the body, literally and figuratively. Therefore, avoid touching people on the head and try not to point your feet at people or an object. It is considered very rude

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  • Aug 10, 2013 at 9:37 PM

    I will never put my foot in Thailand ever again, that country is land of scam not as samone said land of smile full stop. I was in Bangkok tuk tuk took me for ride to Jewellery shops givinng me advice like its special day today buy gold jewellery only one in year oportunity lucky me i felt somthing is wrong also took me to restorants and there they ripped me off paid big money 2 waiters come to table sorunded me and i have to pay bill. Also got scamed in Phuket limusine took from Phuket airport driver talking like he has to go to office to stamp ticket and took as for ride said come to office have drink, we wnet inn they scamed as with some expensive trips to phi pi island . Never again Thailand for me shame that such beautifull country full of scams and dishonest people. Please aviod this country at all cost i experienced myself all.
    Zack Melbourne

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