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  • Ko Samet
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  • The white sands of Sai Kaew beach
    The white sands of Sai Kaew beach
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  • Eastern Coast of Koh Samet
    Eastern Coast of Koh Samet
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Ko Samet Things to Do

  • Celebrate the Moon on the Beach

    One of the Best Nights I had in this Area! Most of my nights spent here were at Silver Sand, however the crowed wasn't exactly what I was looking for. However the Lunar Dawn beach party was just full of energy and excitement. The party is on a beautiful Private Beach, soft sand, clean sea water and palm trees but it was the set up and entertainment...

  • Make a sandcastle!

    Feeling creative? We had a great time making this sandcastle/fort. Inspired by the forts we saw in India.

  • A bit of overview...

    The most popular pier in Samet Island or it's where usually the boat will drop off the visitors is in "Na Dan" which envolves into a small village which is the Koh Samet Village but mind you there were lot's of 7-Eleven stores to the area. Quite a little island that the roads are very bad! Well, it's the closest point from Ban Phe, Rayong Province....


Ko Samet Hotels

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Ko Samet Restaurants

  • Do'n't miss this romantic dinner at the...

    We had at stay with free breakfast. Those where GREAT! Lot of choices; cereals, breads, drinks, fresh baked eggs, thai food, hot and cold food and the great fruits!We had our dinner here and this was also great, many food for a small price!It tasted really good!!! The breakfast, the milk-shakes, the sorbets, the hotdog and the spinaze-rolls with...

  • Beach Breakfast

    Start a day on Samet at one of the many beach restaurants afew steps from the sea and have breakfast.

  • Nice spot for a BBQ

    The "Seaview Restaurant" opens from 07.00-24.00 hrs, located right on the water's edge, it has a pleasant ambiance whether during the day or at night. It serves authentic Thai and international cuisine & when we were there, they had a small selection of fresh seafood and meats for you to choose from. Other choices included poultry and...


Ko Samet Nightlife

  • Café Bar Old Amsterdam

    Café Bar Old Amsterdam is a great bar on the mainstreet in Koh Samet village.The owners are Aart and Linda from Holland.They have cold drinks and hot food.www.old-amsterdam.com holiday clothes.

  • Sang Som Nights

    One of Koh Samet's favorite pastime is to get a big bottle of Sangsom Thai rum ,coke ,soda,ice and drink all of it.....

  • Where the night life is centered

    It's on Ao Pai...just ask people around for where it is or follow the sound of music...it will lead you the way :p This place is the most packed at night. The space is big alright with a dancefloor and tables and seats on the beach area to sit. The music is hiphop...the drink? if you don't mind sharing, get a bucket of something...ours: a bucket of...


Ko Samet Transportation

  • Ferry service to Koh Samet

    I had my trip to Koh Samet booked through the Samet Island travel company (phone numbers below) which service the Malibu garden resort on Vong Duen beach in Koh Samet.This company has thier own boats which travel from the fishing village of Ban Phe to Vong Duen 3 times each day and return.Below you will see the Malibu boat that I travelled on and...

  • Boat to Ko Samet

    We booked the trip to Ko Samet from Holland. But there's a booking agency at the coast in front of the island. It's in a place called Ban Phe (17 km. east of Rayong).There you can book a stay on the Ao Prao resort or Sai Kaew Beach resort (same owner), both beautiful resorts next to each other at Ao Prao beach.This boat from Ban Phe to Ao Prao...

  • Safe car to Samet

    From Bangkok and back to Ban Phe, I have taken the bus, minibus, meter taxis but the last few years use Image limo who have safe drivers (in short supply in Thailand). Maybe not the cheapest but excellent service.


Ko Samet Shopping

  • Tid bits and snacks

    At the town of BanPhe, you'll come across stalls selling all types of food snacks and local produce.Thailand is a major exporter of foodstuffs so it would be a good idea to check out the local produce.The snacks are usually made out of local fruits or seafood. While you can find these snacks everywhere around Bangkok, you will not be able to buy it...

  • Beach Equipment

    These shops have anything from beer and whisky to beach balls and snorkeling equipment. Anything bought here you can bargain for, but they will not go down on the prices much at all. Open usually till about 10ish. *Any kind of beach equipment and things like that buy before you come to the island, you will get it for cheaper in the mainland and the...

  • A little Western on the island...

    It's a 7-11 just like it would be in New York or in LA. There are 2 of them of the island, one right as you get off the Ferry, you cannot miss it, and the next one will be right before the entrance to the National Park area of the island. Only Thai magazines are sold here. There is sun lotion and bug spray.


Ko Samet Local Customs

  • Try to speak in Thai language

    Try to speak in Thai language, you'll get a big smile for it!!!It's a difficult language but with the next simple words you'll get far:hello = sa-wa-deeThank you = korp-kunIf you use this words (it's not the right spelling, but how you pronounce it) with the locals, you'll get a friendly laugh and many help.Especially when you are in a restaurant,...

  • Songkhran

    This event is over a few days in april the hotest and dryest month.......it is normally over a few days but once in Pattaya a few years ago it went on for 2 weeks........Basically the whole country erupts into big water fights............you will wherever you are get wet in doors or outside...........don't bother changing into dry clothes you will...

  • The big white Buddha

    As I rode my bike into the the small town that run's between Sai Kaew beach and the Na Dan pier I ended up at this Big White Buddha.It sits in the grounds of a temple complex that was having major renovations done to it while I was there.Some Monks have small huts to live in here, and there is a pond in the middle with fish in it.


Ko Samet Warnings and Dangers

  • Huge Mosquitoes!

    Make sure you have some good repellent as the mosquito on Samet here are the biggest that I've seen in Thailand. Sleep under a Mosquito net.

  • Island Ferry - a dangerous crossing

    The boats going the few miles across to Ko Samet are not in the best condition. The boat I was on had extensive stress cracking in the overhead beams. On the way over to Kao Samed, the wind was blowing from the South, creating waves up to 1 meter high. Part way over, the engine lost cooling water and overheated. They sent out an outboard powered...

  • The roads are terrible

    It is best when you go to Ko Samet to just find a great beach and stay there because travelling around on the roads is very dangerous.The dirt bike I rented was not in great condition to begin with but these roads will just shook the you know what out of us and the poor old bike.In many places they are very sandy near the beaches and then in the...


Ko Samet Tourist Traps

  • Ripped Off Again...

    Tourist on boat to Samet = 50B, Thai = 10B!!!Tourist entrance to marine park = 200B, Thais = 20B!!!! Smile and take it.

  • willing to pay 400 baht?

    i believe it's a form of injustice to charge the foreigners 400b, a ridiculous ten folds of what the local thais pay (40b). if you're in one with me and agree that impartiality should rule in this world, then ignore the green pickups at nadan pier. the pickup stationed at the pier shuttles visitors to the island from nadan pier to sai kaew beach...

  • Speed boat

    We missed the midday ferry to the mainland and we did not want to wait for the next ferry at 4pm. So we decided to hire a speed boat to catch a bus back to Bangkok. It seemed to us that we would get a private speed boat and went straight to the mainland since they charged us 1,200THB/ 2 persons. No we were wrong. We had to share it with another...


Ko Samet What to Pack

  • A few things to make your stay more...

    Bring as little as possible! it makes it so much easier! Shoes:just bring flip flopsClothes: Bathing suit, sarong, lots of shorts/skirts, pr pants, long sweater, tanks, tees, etc... one rain jacket if you want Mosquito repellent, sunscreen, aloe vera, moisturiser, hair moisturiser/conditioner soccer ball, frisbee, cards, smile!!

  • Mosquito Repellent,you must...

    It's better to bring along a backpack with you as it's more comfy in going to the nearby island. I saw a couple that brought along their 2 big luggages(i think they will stay there for long) and they had a hassle time transferring them to one place to another. Of course, the old lady can't carry atleast one. Bring along comfy clothes! Swim suits,...

  • Ko Samet Hotels

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Ko Samet Off The Beaten Path

  • Explore Ko Samet

    Most of Samet's beaches are jointed together so you can actually walk from Whitesand beach to about ten other beaches .Hat Sai Kaew or Diamond beach Ao Vong DuanAo Prao Ao PhaiAo WaiAo KuiNa Nok Ao Kui Na Nai

  • See how the locals live!

    If you have a motorbike or bicycle on the island then you definitly should check out how the locals live. If you go South on the island you will see random turn offs from the main dirt road, just take all of those and you will end up at little "villages" i guess you could say. Wherever i go i always like to see how the Locals live and what not, so...

  • Check out the local fishermen

    All down the roads of the island and the beaches you will see locals catching little crabs or fishing. There is alot of fishing in between beaches where the ground is very rocky. They are all nice people and wont mind showing you their catch or even speak to you if you can communicate. I didnt see any special fish. If you are more into fishing then...


Ko Samet Sports & Outdoors

  • Quads for RENT

    There is one place on Ko Samet from where you can rent a Quad. I am not sure about the cost of them but they were similar to the motobikes (a little bit more expensive). Available hourly or per day.

  • Motorbikes and bikes for RENT

    There are plenty of places where they will rent you a motorbike or a bike on the island. You can do it hourly or per 24 hours. I rented my motorbike from a more "private" person rather than the resorts and paid a little less, normally it is 300 baht per 24 hours. I got mine for 1000 baht for 5 days. Most of the places will not bargain with anybody,...

  • Jet Ski FOR RENT

    To rent a Jet Ski on this island costs alot from what i heard. I never rented one my self however people told me that it has very high prices compared to other beaches around Thailand. A few of the beaches have the Jet Ski it on Ko Samet. Dont get me wrong, its not that expensive to rent them compared to the Western Countries, it just might be a...


Ko Samet Favorites

  • Candlelight Beach, Koh Samet

    We had a great time at Koh Samet and enjoyed "our own" beach (Candlelight beach) close to the bungalow. A relaxed holiday. Chilling at the beach and in the sea by our bungalow. Getting creative and making sandcastles.

  • Entrance Fee

    When you get on to the Island,there are songthaws that go into the national park, they always stop at the ranger station and you'll get charged 200baht entry fee.Only 20 baht for Thais. If you walk in they never charge you .When leaving the Island, get to the pier early as they tend to mess you about.

  • Thailand weather in November

    The weather should be very good. You may experience a sprinkle or shower periodically but nothing of signifigance. It will also be warm or hot depending on where you are coming from and what you are used to. This is actually a very good time of the year as everything will be green and lush from the rainy season. If you get a chance to get to one of...


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