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Nakhon Pathom Things to Do

  • Phra Pathom Chedi

    Another name to the largest pagoda in the world, or the highest pagoda in Thailand!Phra Pathom Chedi is the actual size is huge pagoda.The first-class royal monastery, the temple houses Phra Pathom Chedi, the largest pagoda in Thailand and the official provincial symbol of Nakhon Pathom.

  • another Buddha is taking a rest

    This is another Buddha that I saw in another building of the wide area of the Wat Phra Pathom. A Buddha that is lying on a bed in a length of 10-15 meters maybe.People come to warship there as well, they bring flowers and donations and as a tourist you are welcome as well to take a look and take some photos.

  • Phra Ruang Rojanaridhi

    Phra Ruang Rojanaridhi Sri Indarathita Dharmobas Maha Vajiravudha Rajapujaniya Borpitra is the full name of the statue of Buddha that you will see standing right under the highest Pagoda worldwide.In 1909 when King Rama VI was still Crownprince he found some fragments of a large Buddha statue of which only the head, hand and feet were left over.He...

  • The old fashioned floating markets

    Damnoen Saduak is closeby Nakhon Pathom and it is one of the best known Floating Markets in Thailand ! In most cases it is just a tourist-attraction and nothing else anymore, BUT it is a great experience anyway and a great opportunity to take photos and have a good time as a tourist. They sell everything on the so-called "floating markets" : food,...

  • Lots of superlatives for the Pra Pathom...

    There are lots of superlatives that apply for the Pra Pathom Chedi temple: With a hight of 120 meters it is the highest pagoda worthwide, and it is the most holy Buddhist temple and also the oldest one in Thailand. The total diameter of the basement of the pagoda is 234 meters.The beginnings of the pagoda were made in the Dvaravati period, more...

  • I met a tiny rabbit in Phra Pathom Chedi

    This was a big surprise for me, when I saw this tiny rabbit hopping around the feet of another tourists. It had some coat fixed to its body.I have now idea, where it came from or where it belonged, it first looked like a toy, but it moved around as you can see in my pictures, so maybe somebody has an explanation for me ?In my last 2 Pictures: some...

  • Lots of great gates

    There are various places where you are able the enter the area of Pra Pathom Chedi and all of them are decorated in a very special way with great ornaments and more.Take a look at my extra pictures as well for the great variety of gates to the Pagoda-districts of Pra Pathom !

  • Floating restaurants at Donwai temple

    Apart from local market,at Donwai temple, you can enjoy yummy local food and dessert.Most ingredients come from local area.So almost 're fresh and natural. If you see one crowded restaurant,that one 's a popular and delicious.

  • Scenery of Tha Jeen river

    Try a cruise along Tha Jeen river,you 'll enjoy a wonderful scenery of river bank and imagine how old Thai lived together with river. For me,I impressed with Thai traditinal house and nature.

  • Cruise along Tha Jeen river

    There 're 2 crusing routes from Donwai temple. The one I tried was from Donwai temple to Rai Khing temple. The cruise name Sri Sawas (Yon Yuk) boat. Tel. 0-1448-8876, 0-1659-5805, 0-3432-1038. And another route 's Mitr Saichol travel boat, offer a trip to another side of the first one.Tel. 0-9822-4585. Both route you can enjoy thai traditional...

  • Local market at Donwai temple

    Donwai temple 's famous as temple in local market where sell local food,dessert and fruits. In the same area,there're some floating restuarants which you can enjoy local dishes. Or if you 'd like to enjoy cruising, some cruise company offer 2 routes along Tha Jeen river. You can have meal along the cruise or just sightseeing.Good time to enjoy...

  • Buddha Monthon area

    Buddha Monthon or Buddha Mandala is an important place of Thai Buddhist. Located at Buddha Monthon District with a huge park and well-decorated. In this area,there're the remodelling of the important Buddhism places such as the Birth place of Buddha,the the attained enlightenment place,the Buddha's first sermon place and the Nirvana place. This...

  • Phra Pathom Chedi National Museum

    This museum established in the reign of King Rama V by Prince Damrongrajanupab to collected all artifacts which found in Nakhon Pathom area. At first,the artifacts was housed in the gallery of Phra Pathom Chedi temple,then move to one building where 's still be a museum of the temple. In 2477 B.E. the museum changed to be under the Fine Art...

  • Another Phra Prathom Chedi Museum

    There 's another museum in Phra Pathom Chedi area. It located on the back of chedi. This museum exhibits all artifacts which donated from people. So you can find all stuffs such as rocks ,amulets ,buddha images ,potteries ,weapons etc. The most interesting stuffs 's the coffins of King Rama VI's dog named Ya-le. It was the king 's most favorite...

  • Wat Phra Pathom

    One of the holiest buddhist monuments in Thailand, Wat Phra Pathom may house the oldest Buddhist structure in Thailand. According to the legend a chedi was erected during the period of a Mon-kingdom in the 2nd century. Although the structure has a similar style to the Sanchi Chedi in India which was built in the reign of King Asoka. This would date...

  • The Biggest Pagoda in Thailand

    Chedi is a thai word, means pagoda. Phra Prathom Chedi is the biggest pagoda in Thailand, high from ground to a top is 120 m. , total diameter the base is 233 m. The Chedi located in the area of Wat Phra Prathom Chedi (Temple). There is an area to walk around the Chedi, well we didn't finish the walk round the Chedi as it was so hot !!! by the...

  • Phra Prathom Chedi Temple

    Only 5 min walk from the railway to Wat Phra Prathom Chedi Temple. It’s the same place where The biggest pagoda situated. The full name of the temple is Wat Phra Pathom Chedi Ratchavoraviharn, this is a first class royal monastery and the house of Phra Pathom Chedi. The temple is beautiful and the features included Phra Prathom Chedi and The Phra...

  • The Buddha Image - Phra Ruang...

    From front of the temple and chedi, we walked up to the top of a huge staircase to pay respect to the image of Buddha, Phra Ruang Rodjanarith, located in front of Phra Pathom Chedi. The full name is Phra Rung Rodjanarith Sri-intharathit Thammamopas Mahavachiravuth Rachpuchaniyabopitr. The Buddha image was casted during the reign of King Rama VI in...


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  • Wann's Profile Photo

    Night Market: Night Market

    by Wann Updated Oct 25, 2005

    Many time I travel pass by central of the town but mostly just in daytime. Once I stayed over night there and be able to see how lively at night in town. I had a nice & easy dinner at night markt in the area front of The biggest chedi. It's a big night market, there's a variety of local food (Thai Food). We enjoyed food and lively scene of locals. After dinner, we relaxed by walking around and enjoy the area front of The Chedi.

    Favorite Dish: All..

    part of night market front of the chedi

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Nakhon Pathom Transportation

  • Slow Train to Nakhon Prathom

    We took the slow strain from Thonburi station in Bangkok to Nakhon Prathom. I have never come to this station before and a little hard to find for me, a bit outside Bangkok in another side of the river from central Bangkok. We took the slow train number 257, leave at 07.45 am and arrived at 08.50 am, spent 10 B for train ticket. There are some more...

  • Nakorn Pathom city

    I took a bus from Southern Bus Terminal in Bangkok just about 1 hour for a trip. The bus stop 's in city center ,so you can enjoy walking around from the bus stop to some interesting place like Pra Pathom Chedi.

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    Thai dessert at Donwai temple: Thai dessert at Donwai temple

    by pattayaraj Written Oct 27, 2004

    3 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Thai dessert made from local products in very low price but delicious... Highly recommend for this!!

    Thai dessert
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Nakhon Pathom Local Customs

  • I made a wish ...

    This is a yellow cloth (actually its color yellow + orange, we normally see same as a color of cloth of monk). All visitors are invited to donate and write something on the yellow cloth as later the cloth will be used for wrapping around the bottom of the chedi when they are full of inscription.

  • The ceremony at the temple (2)

    Part of the ceremony was the parade around the Chedi. The band, really Thai music instruments had been waiting for the senior official, and some of locals who take part the ceremony finish paying respect to the Buddha Image and the band will lead the parade.

  • The ceremony at the temple (1)

    By the time we get there, there was a ceremony at the temple and I saw some official of the province, some important persons of the province and a lot locals take part the ceremony. As I knew the purpose of the ceremony to get the donation for further religious activities of the Phra Prathom Chedi Temple.


Nakhon Pathom Warnings and Dangers

  • More on dogs

    Despite the fact that most of the dogs here are vicious little bastards, if you have a soft spot in your heart for animals, this town can be hard to stomach in terms of injuried dogs. They have little fear of cars and motorbikes, so often times they casually stroll across the street without noticing oncoming traffic. Within the first few hours I...

  • Aggressive dogs

    There are more stray dogs in this town than I have ever seen in my life. I love dogs, but rabid, aggressive dogs like these should probably be avoided. As a matter of fact, its a bit difficult to avoid them. They also roam in packs, so it can be a bit scary at times. Within my 4 day stay here, I was chased or followed by a pack of no less than 4...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Nakhon Pathom Off The Beaten Path

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    The walls around Pra Pathom Chedi temple

    by globetrott Updated Aug 12, 2014

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    The walls around Pra Pathom Chedi temple are worth seeing as well and you will see there various Buddha statues there in niches along these walls. It takes some time to walk along of it, but it is also very interesting and as a tourist you are always welcome to walk around the temple-area, take a look and take some photographs.
    Calculate at least 30-45 minutes for the whole temple, you will see there is a lot to explore !
    In some places you are able to enter these walls like in my 3rd picture and you will get to an inner corridor leading to the chambers of the monks like shown in my 4th picture.

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