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  • Wat Nong Wang Muang
    Wat Nong Wang Muang
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  • Things to Do
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  • Things to Do
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Khon Kaen Highlights

  • Pro
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     cheap, legit 

  • Con
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     Then I was practically the only round-eyes in town. Now, owing to the siting of a certain dating agency it is a magnet for old farang in search of firm young flesh. 

  • In a nutshell
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     This is the place where you can meet REAL Thai people from the Northeastern provinces. 

Khon Kaen Things to Do

  • Dinosaur Museum in Phu Wiang

    In Phu Wiang mountain area,there 're some dinosaur fossils which found and show as excavation sites.The fossils are about huge herbivorous dinosaur bones, alligator teeth, tortoise shells and teeth and scale of ancient fish.Some fossils moved to exhibit in the museum.The Exhibitions 're about dinosaur fossils in Phu Wiang and surrounded area,the...

  • City Pillar

    The sacred shrine is located in front of Sala Suk Chai, on Thepharak Road in the compound of the Khon Kaen Municipality Office. A famous monk and former governor of Khon Kaen placed a stone inscription from an ancient site in Amphoe Chum Phae here for a Buddhism rite and set up the city pillar shrine.

  • Wat Nong Wang Muang

    Located in this royal temple on Klang Mueang Road, is the Phra Mahathat which houses relics of the Lord Buddha and important Buddhist scriptures. Doors and windows of the 9 storeys of the stupa are beautifully carved, featuring the life and former reincarnations of the Lord Buddha, 16 classes of visible deities in the Brahma’s world, and Buddhist...

  • San Chao Pueng Thao Kong Ma

    This Chinese temple is located across the road from the City Museum, near the lake and is worth a visit if you're visiting the lake.

  • Wat Phra That

    The first governor of Khon Kaen, Phraya Nakhon Sri Borirak Raja Bhakdi, built this temple, on the northern side of the lake, in 1789, around the time the city was founded. The name of the temple was derived from the Phra That pagoda, built as a holy site for the locals to worship. Many of the pagodas on the temple ground are badly ruined and it's...

  • Khon Kaen City Museum

    This city museum is located on the northern side of the lake and features a few recreated local house displays plus some local artefacts but is a bit rubbish so don't bother visiting. It's also way too expensive at 90 baht.

  • Beung Kaen Nakhon

    This 100-hectare lake is located to the south of the city centre and is where you can find a couple of temple, the city museum and some nice shady park areas.

  • Nongwang temple

    The old temple of Khon Kaen, located in old city area. Inside the temple have a tall building called Phrathat Nongwang. It housed the relics and museums. You can climb up to the topmost (floor 9th) and take a nice shot of Khon Kaen city and Kaen Nakorn pond.

  • Sala Mai Thai

    Or Thai Silk Pavilion located in College outside Chonnabot District.This place exhibited Thai silk from past to present.The first floor exhibited the new style of Thai silk by the supported project from JICA (Japan) and the second floor exhibited Thai silk in old style and the development of silk.Outside located 2 model of Esan houses in applied...


Khon Kaen Hotels

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Khon Kaen Restaurants

  • An alternative

    The Graceland Coffee Shop is a restaurant at the Charoen Thani Princess Hotel. It's located on the lobby level.You can get Thai, Chinese and International food. There's also a bakery with loads of cakes.The restaurant is quite fancy compared to others, The staff has a neat uniform and they're very kind and friendly.The food is delicous and in case...

  • Fancy Chinese

    The Tycoon Chinese Restaurant is located in the Charoen Thani Princess Hotel.It's a quite fancy restaurant compared to most other restaurants in Khon Kaen.They have a good selection of delicous Chinese dishes.Staff is really nice.The restaurant is very decent and clean.I guess, I'd recommend it for business meetings.

  • On Disco Street

    This restaurant serves a large range of Thai and Western food which is announced on a the front. The food is good and cheap plus it's located along a street known in Thai as Th Prachasumran but is also known as Disco Street as it features a few discos, clubs, bars and restaurants.

  • Street Vendor!

    There's one of my favourite place to eat in my street. It is the street vendor on Klang-Mueng road in front of Rama Hotel and close to Villa Cafe. It serves Isaan Food! You can choose from pig neck and pig neck tomyum(spicy soup) and Laab moo(chopped pork mix with spicy traditional ingredient) can eat with sticky rice or just stream rice :)...

  • best pizza, original italien coffe and...

    The location is in the soi between Sofitel and Kosa There are a german and a thai owner (they speak some languages).Italien coffee, pizza, fresh roll bread at breakfast and very good thai food.Daily menus international and thai! A nice restaurant, very cleaned with international atmosphere.They have a professional bakery. You can order...

  • @Phu Viang

    I stayed in Prueksa hotel for one night,the hotel have a restaurant where open between 7.00 - 12.00 PM only.This restaurant offer some delicious dishes such as Tom Yam,Fried chicken and more ,and also Karaoke. I was enjoyed my dinner time there both food and nice scenery of rice farm,though there was some mosquitos. Tom Yam


Khon Kaen Nightlife

  • Friendly Bar

    Erics Bar is located in the heart of the Khon Kaen entertainment area. The English owner Duncan and his manager Sid are very helpful, so are the girls that work here, but don't expect this to be a "girlie" type of bar. Opens around about 3pm until late. They will also help you to arrange motor cycle or car hire and give good advice as to the best...


    3 roomed club plus outside bar with food pool and games. One room has live thai bands, one is a bar with girls dancing in bikinis and the last one is playing western music. Very good atmosphere and friendly locals! No sandals or shorts, make an effort! the locals do!

  • Warning - beware of bars adjacent to...

    Not so Cheap Charlies ... a small sidewalk bar/cafe adjacent to Sofitel. I recently had the mis fortune to get fiddled out of 400 Bhat at this bar. I made the mistake of giving one of the waitresses a 500 bhat note for a 110 bhat bar bill. After waiting what seemed like 15 minutes for my change I went into the bar to enquire about my change. The...

  • Let's sing

    The Showtime Karaoke Bar also belongs to the Charoen Thani Princess Hotel. It's located in the ground level.We were there during the week and there was nth. going on!!! Could be totally different at weekends though.Karaoke is a big thing in Thailand. Most songs they offer there are Thai though.I suppose it's fun, if you go there with a bunch of...

  • Songs for Life!

    One of the longest running, and arguably the best, out of perhaps five or six functioning 'songs for life' bars in Khon Kaen. A great place to drink, listen to live music, and eat better-than-average pub food. Rustic, woody, loud, and dark, the crowd can get a little wild, but expect nothing more serious than drunken singing along.Songs for life...

  • Loud music, jammed with people

    Our foursome was a Czech young lady (Jana), and American Doctoral student (Tania), a Chinese botanist (Jing Ping) and myself. The place was unbelievably loud and crowded, with everyone standing at their tables and drinking and dancing. We had an unbelievable great time and we introduced Jing Ping to Western culture in Thailand. Dress code? What's...


Khon Kaen Transportation

  • From BKK to Khon Kaen

    There're some bus companies for BKK - Khon Kaen route.The most elegant and best service 's Nakhonchai Air with special VIP coach.For the fare from BKK to Khon Kaen 's 384 THB.The service on the bus 're electric massage seat,1 meal,snacks,beverages,TV and clean toilet.For ticket,you can use online ticketing,tele-ticketing,ticket delivery and ticket...

  • Avoid the Tuk-Tuks!

    We traveled around Khon Kaen a lot. There are three main modes of transportation. The buses are called 'songteaws', and are actually pick-up trucks with two rows of seats with a roof on the back. They are color coded, and each has a number painted on the side to designate its route. They charge eight baht for any trip within the city. These things...

  • bus or transport from Khon Khaen to...

    There is even an 'international bus' that runs between Khon Khaen and Vientiane/Viengchan Laos. It's an air con bus and it's pretty cheap. Last year it ran several times a day but now it's just once per day. Otherwise, you can take buses between Khon Khaen and Nong Khai and transfer from the bus station to the Friendship Bridge/border via tuk tuk...


Khon Kaen Shopping

  • Shopping mall

    This shopping mall is located about 1km south of the main town centre area, on the road that goes south to the Wat Nong Wang Muang. As well as the usual clothing clothes there are the usual suspects such as McDonalds, KFC, Mini Tesco Lotus, Swenson’s, Black Canyon Coffee etc. There is also a cinema complex.

  • Handicraft shop in town

    This big handicraft shops offer so many local products in Thailand,esp.Northeastern silk,cotton,silver accesseries and souvenirs.Open: 09.00-20.00 Closed on Wednesday. Scarfs,silk,..

  • The center of Thai handicrafts

    A big handicraft shop where sells products from all parts of Thailand mainly in Northeastern area. And all come with budget price. I visitted this shop on the last day in Khon Kaen and found some interesting stuffs there and if compare to other shops,this OTOP center offer an average price. It's a good place for shopping local crafts. Textile both...


Khon Kaen Local Customs

  • Rice harvest

    Rice Harvest in the neighbourhood from Roi Et Isaan Thailand............hard labour....I can tell you.

  • How to Tip

    Here's a tipping tip. It's customary to tip for services in Thailand, but just a small amount is acceptable. In fact, tipping with the coins left over from the change is usually okay. For example, if you were paying for a meal with friends, and the total came to 450 baht, you give the waitress 460 baht in notes and she returns with 10 baht in...

  • Always smile

    The Thais are one of the most friendly people on the planet.Even though you might be stressed out sometime, NEVER loose your head in public. It's like the worst thing you can do and considered as very very rude.As a not-Thai, especially a female, don't take looks personal. Since Khon Kaen is not a real tourist city they are not used to seeing that...


Khon Kaen Off The Beaten Path

  • Phu Phan National Park

    To see native flora, this is about 2 hours from Khon Kaen, in the mountains near the Laotian border.

  • Elephant Feeding

    In Khon Kaen elephants are used for tranporting goods. So chances are good, that when you walk around town or sit in an outdoor restaurant an elephant will pass by.If you wanna take a picture of the elephant you usually have to buy a bucket of bananas form the elephant guy (as a support I guess). You may even feed those bananas to the elephant...

  • Monuments (TAT) for pappa and mamma

    Normally buddhist burn the dead people.The residu (small bones) is kept in the TAT ( house for dead people). Relatives go there for pray !


Khon Kaen Sports & Outdoors

  • chiabh's Profile Photo

    by chiabh Written Jul 17, 2007

    The par-72 course is of interesting and moderately chanllenging... The greens are fast and easy to read... Although the course look like a public course, it is well run and efficient... It is a walking course and one must be very fit to complete the 18-holes ~ especially sweltering heat of the Issan summer...

    Equipment: The course is owned and run by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailang (or EGAT)...

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