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    Phra Thaat Nadun
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    Playing Games!!!
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Maha Sarakham Things to Do

  • Old Standing Buddha images...

    At Gandharavichai District,there 're 2 temples where housed old standing Buddha images ;Buddha Mongkol Bansra temple (housed Ming Mongkol Buddha image) and Suwannawas temple (housed Ming Muang Buddha image). These 2 images 're old Buddha image which presumed to be built in Dvaravati period. It was found in this Gandharavichai District where found...

  • Ban Chiang Hian Museum

    This is private museum where established by one artist who 's Mahasarakham local. The museum exhibits his paintings and a big collection of local stuffs esp. buffalo skulls. All artifacts he collect was found on his journey in Northeastern Thailand.

  • Walking around the old section of city

    If you have more time to walk around. The old section 's a good area to enjoy with lifestyle of local, old style buildings and some important places of Mahasarakham. Try to notice some old shophouses, some was built from soil mixed with wooden which can reduce the heat from outside. Apart from architecture, in an area of old market,you can find...

  • Maha Sarakham City Museum

    Located at Nong Kha Public Park. It was established by local municipality in 2546 B.E.It exhibits about Maha Sarakham history to present stories especially on local lifestyle, beliefs, architecture and the root of city governor.Admission fee: free of charge.

  • Mahachai temple

    This temple 's one old temple in Mahasarakarm. It was built in 2408 B.E. by the first city governor. Some interesting buildings 're old Ubosot or ordination hall,Palm Manuscript museum and artifacts museum.

  • Phra Thaat Nadun : the Buddha Mandala of...

    In this area,the archaeologists found some evidences which told about Champasri city. It was ancient city where flourished in Dvaravati period. All artifacts which found in this area represented in Khon Kaen National Museum. The most important artifact is the small stupa contained the great relic in gold,silver and bronze case. It presumed to be...

  • Esan House Museum

    This museum collects vernacular house from all over Northeastern Thailand. They rebuilt in the ground of museum and exhibits some local stuffs which related to Northeastern people way of life. Such as weaving method,fishing methods,agriculture method,... This museum also offer a green scenery where you can study the variety of plants. If you're...

  • Phrathat Nadun

    All of the sights we saw were outside the town itself. Phrathat Nadun is a Buddhist temple or "pagoda" that serves the local population as a center for their devotions. Please see the travelogue for more images and information.

  • Ku Santarat -- A laterite monument.

    Laterite is a sandstone formed from soil rich in iron. Since it is low in silica it is subject to deterioration. It is found most often in tripical and subtropical climates. The remaining building at Ku Santarat was built between 1107 and 1157 CE in the Khmer style.

  • Ban I San Museum

    A closeup of one of the buildings representing rural life in NE Thailand. The top photo is of something I saw next to each house in the museum. I never got a good explanation -- whether is was food storage or a shrine or??

  • Ban I San Museum

    This is an open air museum near Phra That Na Dun consisting of various examples of traditional Thai dwellings.

  • Ku Santarat

    A very interesting 12th century archaeological site. There are two elements that remain -- a sanctuary and a large retaining basin for water. The stone is laeterite. It made an interesting comparison for our later visit to the Angkor Temples..Please see the travelogue for more images and information.


Maha Sarakham Restaurants

  • High class Thai restaurant

    This is probably the consistently best Thai restaurant in Maha Sarakham. It serves a wide range of Thai food, include traditional dishes from both central region and Isaan. The furnishings, ambience and decor are above average for this city and service is good. It is located near the city centre but has a large car park. Penang Gai (spicey...

  • Thai steakhouse

    This is the best Thai-style steakhouse in the city. It is a more up-market establishment than the more student-oriented places like Boom Steak. The menu contains exotic menu items like Ostrich steak as well as the stable items. There is a good range of alcoholic drinks. If you like your french fries be sure to order an extra side dish, as the basic...

  • Western-oriented restaurant

    If you cannot do without your French fries, and want a change from the KFC in Serm Thai, you can try this steakhouse on the Khamrieng Road adjoining the new campus of Mahasarakham University. This is a simple but clean restaurant, with a choice of outside tables overlooking the passing traffic or an air conditioned room inside. The menu includes...


Maha Sarakham Transportation

  • Maha Sarakham Bus Terminal

    Located near Sermthai plaza. There're some bus lines to remoted area and also other provinces like Khon Kaen,Kalasin,Roi-Et and Surin.Bus to Bangkok separated to 3 classes; VIP class,First class and Second class.

  • Take the plane to Khon Kaen

    There are cheaper ways to travel [although there are some new budget Thai airlines], but if your time is limited, take the plane! .There are regular flights from Bangkok that take about an hour BUT you still must get to Maha Sarakham. We went by a bus sent by our hotel. The road was potholed and the bus driver was a great fan of leaning on his...

  • Maha Sarakham Hotels

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Maha Sarakham Shopping

  • pattayaraj's Profile Photo

    Sermthai plaza: Sermthai plaza

    by pattayaraj Updated Apr 4, 2011

    Only one department store in town where you can find all stuffs. There're a plaza zone located some restaurants and bookshops like KFC,The Pizza,Swensens,.. behide 's Lotus supermarket. On the top floor located a cinema offers an up to date films.

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Maha Sarakham Local Customs

  • The Maha Sarakham Storytellers

    This group and their leader were our hosts who planned and provided us with such a rich experience in NE Thailand..Here they are acting out one of their stories -- the inset shows the back of their shirts. They mostly tell their stories in English as part of the attempt to spread the understanding of the English language. Most of the stories are...

  • Traditional Thai Dancing

    Our hosts arrange for a three part evening -- first were the dancers. I learned that young Thai girls push their hands back to try to train them for the dancing. Please visit the travelogue for more pictures of the dancers.

  • A Greeting Ceremony

    Our hosts honored us with many traditional elements including this greeting ceremony -- the oldest women were honored by sitting close to the ceremony. The man dressed in white led the ritual which ended with the tying of strings around each others' wrists as friendship bracelets. You were supposed to wear them until they fell off. Mine lasted 2...


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