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Nakhon Ratchasima Things to Do

  • Khorat Zoo

    Or full name as Nakhon Rachasima Zoo.This zoo is a special one where have Africa animals called "Big five" included Africa elephant,Wild buffalo,rhino,leopard and lion.Moreover,there're some interesting animals like white rhino,black tiger,camel and Thai sarus crane bird.There're also the aquarium represented fishes in Northeastern...

  • Phimai

    Once a part of the sprawling Khmer empire, Phimai, located 60km north-east of Khorat, was once directly connected by road to the capital of Angkor and was considered to be an integral part of the empire, seeing a steady stream of traders and religious travellers passing through its gates.The main enclosed area of the Prasat Phimai, which measures...

  • Wat Phra Yap

    I walked past this temple which had an intriguing sign saying "Amazing Cave In The City" and I had to go in and investigate. A monk showed me around the ground floor of a building that was completely decked out in stalactites and stalagmites which have been stuck to the floor, ceiling and walls by an abbot 70 years ago.

  • Maha Viravong National Museum

    Tucked behind the King Rama IX Commemorative Library, this museum feels like it hasn't been updated since it opened in 1954. The collection of religious statues is interesting but the wood, bronze and stone Buddhas seem to jostle each other for elbowroom. The building was styled after a Thai house - a one bedroom Thai house. Exhibits of pottery,...

  • City Pillar

    A Lak Mueang or City pillar is found in most cities of Thailand. Usually housed in a shrine which is also believed to house the city spirit deity, Chao Pho Lak Meuang, it is held in high esteem by the citizens of the town. They are, like this one, located right in the centre.

  • City gates & moat

    The old city of Khorat is surrounded by a wide moat and once was also surrounded by walls. Today only four gates remain with the Chumphon Gate in the west being the only original one. The others are recent rebuilds. There's also an imposing structure at the northern-west corner of the old city which looks like some kind of fortification.

  • Thao Suranari Memorial

    In 1826, the Lao army invaded Khorat. With the assistant governor away, his wife Khunying Mo, stepped up to lead the defence. She organised Thai soldiers and villagers alike to take up arms and together they defeated the bigger, stronger invaders. The reigning monarch of the time, King Rama III rewarded Khunying Mo's courage by giving her the title...

  • experience the real thing ! Korat

    Be prepare ! Learn some basic Thai language will help you a loooong way here at Korat. Not many speak local speak basic English here - not even sales girls at Shopping Mall. The life here is much slower, peaceful than Bangkok or Phuket city.. But here, if you are adventurous and explore more, there's much thing to do, see and eat.. and enjoy. Then...

  • Korat Zoo.

    Nothing much to do? Why not spend a half day visiting the local Zoo. You can just rent a Bicycle and cycle around the Zoo. Monkeys there are a scene there..but pictures are either too blurr or small to upload....oh ya..there is a little small aquarium inside too..

  • Chalermprakiet,the ancient elephant's...

    Under the ground of Tha Chang Sub-district and Chang Thong Sub-district of Chalermprakiet District,found a huge ancient elephant's cemetery which all stuffs was turned to be fossils and dated back to 25 million years ago. Almost elephant types in the fossils was extinct. About 100 elephant fossils was found in the sand mines all around this...

  • Petrified Wood Museum

    Petrified Wood Museum located in Ban Kroke Duan Ha where found the Petrified Wood all over the area.This museum is still in reconstruction but the outdoor exhibition have finished already. For exhibitions,the first building 's for Petrified Wood,the 2nd building for Ancient elephants and the 3rd building for Dinosaur. All related to the area of...

  • Koke Srisaket temple in Pakthongchai

    This temple have some interesting buildings such as the ubosot,Sala or hall with painting on cieling.Apart from buildings,this temple have so many kinds of plants for study.The abbot have arranges the route for study the plants and also he aims to make this temple as forest area to making meditation and local education.

  • Nok Ok temple in Pakthongchai

    This temple is one interesting place in Pakthongchai.There're wooden Hor Trai or library in the ponds,old ubosot or ordination hall where have paintings on the ceiling and door carving with chinese patterns.

  • Bung temple

    This temple located in the city center. The interesting thing is the Ubosot where decorated with wood carving on the pediments.It assumed to be built in Ayutthaya period.

  • Chumpol Gate

    The old city gate located behind Khun Ying Mo monument.This gate was built in the reign of King Narai of Ayutthaya Kingdom when he ordered to built the city of Nakhon Rachasima as the front city.The city planned by French architect.The plan 's square shape with city walls and moat.At 4 cardinal points have city gate - Polsaen gate in the...

  • Khun Ying Mo Monument

    Khun Ying Mo or Ya Mo 's the most important person in Khorat.In the reign of King Rama III,she led the people to fight with the army of King Anuwong from Laos.The monument of Khun Ying Mo was built in 2477 B.E.The statue of Khun Ying Mo dressed in Thai traditional clothes.She holds the sword and heading to the direction of Bangkok.In the area of...

  • Mahaviravong National Museum

    This small museum exhibits the artifacts from Khorat and surrounding area.The exhibition began from pre-historic evidences to present time.Some artifacts came from the collection of Somdej Phra Mahaviravongsa.the former abbot of Sutthajinda temple.The museum also located in the area of Sutthajinda temple.Some interesting artifacts 're Buddha images...

  • Si kiu quarry

    This place 's one sandstone source in Northeastern where ancient people used to come and cut sandstone for building sanctuaries in an area of Nakornrachasima and nearby, such as Prasart Muang Khaek,Prasart Muang Kao,Prasart Non Kuu. All sandstone shifted by drilling holes to the stone,then use metal bar for lifting. The stone always moved by...


Nakhon Ratchasima Hotels

  • Kirimaya

    The name 'Kirimaya' means 'illusion of mountain' which suitably describes the refreshing character...

  • Dusit Princess Korat

    The Royal Princess Hotel is a very nice 4 star hotel, but unless there's a military exercise going...

  • Sima Thani

    High standard well maintained hotel at a reasonable price but too far from anywhere. Public...


Nakhon Ratchasima Restaurants

  • Don't know it's name!

    I don't know the name of this place but I know it's located next to the Chophaya Inn. It's more of a place to have a drink where waitresses serve you in tight green Heineken dresses! I had a nice Thai green chicken curry with rice and a huge amount of shrimp crackers.

  • Cheap and Good Local Dishes!

    typical outdoor shop. Nice and often crowded with local thai but it serve great thai food...Menu are in English too so you wont have much problem if you can read thai. Plus the helper speak a bit of english too...and one thing is if the locals are eating, you can tell that the prices are cheap.

  • One popular restaurant

    Kai Yang or grilled chicken is one popular food in Khorat. The popular restaurant where you can eat Kai Yang together with local food (Esan style) like Som Tam or Papaya salad,.... Open : 07.00-19.00. Kai Yang


Nakhon Ratchasima Nightlife

  • tuktukman's Profile Photo

    Speed Disco and Ginza Plaza: Nightlife in Korat

    by tuktukman Written Aug 27, 2006

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Used to be called Speed disco, before that Scorpion..guess it have change name again now... Ginza is more of a massage parlour, beside another newly Disco. Both Disco are popular among local (anyway Korat is lack of tourists) where live bands with dancers perform. Pay 100B for a entry.. get into small chats with the local school girls, there may be chance some of the clubbers are also tourists from other province:)

    Dress Code: Usual clothing unless you want to attract attention...

    The entrance! Ginza from top of Klang! Inside the disco! Sexy dancers!local thai song! love it!
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Nakhon Ratchasima Transportation

  • Bus from Vientiane to Nakhon Ratchasima

    It's possible to take a bus crossing the border between Lao and Thailand. You can take the 9am bus in Vientiane Khua Din bus station which is next to the morning market/Talat Sao shopping mall.It's a comfortable and safe bus. The bus ride takes around 7.5 hours with several toilet and lunch breaks. Bus fare in 2012's August: 86000kip (around...

  • Bus from Bangkok to Nakhon Ratchasima

    From Mochit Bus Terminal in Bangkok is a comfortable bus to Korat. Go to upper floor (don't remember now) of the terminal building to buy the ticket.Travel time is about 3 hrs, the bus maintains a low speed. If you are not staying long in Korat, take the early bus to get to the city at least before noon. You will have time to explore the city other...

  • Bus to Phimai

    Phimai is easy to get to by taking a bus from the terminal 2 bus station, to the north of Khorat city centre. It takes about an hour and costs around 50 baht. Buses depart every 30 minutes between 5am and 7pm. There is no direct route to Phimai outside of Khorat and all onward travel requires that you first get back to Khorat and proceed from...


Nakhon Ratchasima Shopping

  • A vast Tescos...

    British visitors may be somewhat surprised to see a huge branch of the UK-based chain here in the North-East of Thailand. Here it is, nontheless, and it's proving to be a hit with the locals. There's the usual large range of food and drink - in particular it's a good place to get food that appeals to Europeans such as breakfast cereal, orange...

  • Popular souvenir shop

    This shop 's very popular among Thai traveller who enjoy shooping souvenir especially for food and dessert. There,you can find all food and dessert from Northeastern area and also some parts of Central area.

  • From the the Mall to the

    The MALL - vast variety of trendy modern shopping experience, Don't forget to try the food court inside.


Nakhon Ratchasima Local Customs

  • streets stalls !

    Try the Fruits, Corns, Fried grasshopper, Pancakes, Barbecued Squid....don;t worry they are safe to eat...

  • Khorat song

    Khorat song is a local poetic play.It's the traditional song of Khorat.This song uses in festivals or making a thank offering to holy statues,so you can listen to the songs at the Ya Mo Monument area.

  • Nakhon Ratchasima Hotels

    42 Hotels in Nakhon Ratchasima

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Nakhon Ratchasima Off The Beaten Path

  • Wat Salaloi

    This temple, which is located outside the north-east of the old city, was founded by Thao Suranari and her husband in 1827. Her ashes are interred here along with a statue which is very similar in design to her memorial near the Chumphon Gate. The modern bot was built in 1967 and resembles a Chinese junk boat.

  • Pimai and the Burial Site - Korat

    OK, some pictures here from Pimai and the Burial Site and a temple. Not to bore you guys but most information can be read here from other members. They have detailed description. But walking into Pimai gives me a feeling of calm..and self -reflection... Cost - 100B entry.

  • Old shophouses in city area

    As the old and important city,you can find so many shophouses in old style.Some built from wood and some built from plaster decorated with stucco.Unluckily,some have changed to be a new shop by refurnishing.


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