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Lampang Things to Do

  • Where time stands still.

    I suppose, technically speaking, Baan Sao Nak is a museum, although it really does not feel like that. The name literally means "House of many pillars" and that is exactly what it is, supported by 116 of the things, although the ravages of time have dictated that they are now strengthened by concrete supports. The building was erected in 1895 by...

  • Wait for the sun to go down.

    Lampang has at least two night markets to my knowledge, and readers of my other tips know I love a good Asian market, so this one was ideal. It is the one on the North side of the river Wang (i.e. not the main part of town), just off Th. Ratsada and, as you can see from the photo, is predominantly food orientated. As well as buying the raw...

  • Largest of it's kind.

    Of the 31 Burmese style temples in Thailand, Wat Sri Chum is the largest and it is indeed an impressive structure. The building itself is obviously in the Burmese style as are the images inside. The construction is half brick and half wood in the castle style.Inside are several very interesting murals depicting the life of the Buddha.You owuldn't...

  • Currently closed.

    Guidebooks mention the Lanna Museum within the complex of Wat Phra Keow Don Tao, included in the ticket price of that Wat, although at the time of my visit in December 2009 the place was closed. I made enquiries of a member of staff there and he told me that some Government official had decided for no apparent reason that most of the artefacts...

  • Another great legend.

    Wat SuchadaramAdjacent to, and more or less in the same complex as, Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao is the much smaller but equally attractive Wat Suchadaram, and like so many religious structures in Southeast Asia this place has a nice if somewhat gruesome legend attached to it.In the early 1800's an old lady called Mae Suchada, for whom the temple is...

  • A wnderful wat with a great legend.

    Wat Phra Kaew Don TaoThe tale of the magnificent Emerald Buddha which now resides in Bangkok is effectively one of travel, and Lampang features for 32 years of this odyssey, specifically the rather attractive Wat Phra Kaew Don Tao, of which the locals are rightly proud. The legend runs thus.In 1436 the sacred image was being transported by King Sam...

  • Clock Tower.

    In these modern times when everybody has mobile 'phones to tell the time (wristwatches being so passe now), a good old-fashioned clock tower is something to see. I know I cna think of many examples from Europe and specifically my home country of Northern Ireland. In fairness, the clock tower in Lampang is not particularly spectacular by day. To be...

  • Wat Phra That Lampang Luang - Museums...

    If you exit the temple compound via the southern gate (the main staircase entrance is to the east), you'll come to another compound. Walk along the path underneath the trees and you'll come to a few buildings. Each one of these is a museum. One displays mostly festival paraphernalia plus some Buddha images. Another contains a whole range of items...

  • Wat Phra That Lampang Luang - Main chedi

    Behind the viharn is a very big 24-metre high chedi that dates back to 1449. It enshrines a piece of the Buddha's hair. It is adorned with guardian statues and wrapped in a huge orange sash.

  • Wat Phra That Lampang Luang - Paintings

    The paintings in the Viharn remain in reasonably good condition and tell stories from court life. They date from the early 19th century.

  • Wat Phra That Lampang Luang

    Wat Phra That Lampang Luang is one of the most spectacular wats in Thailand and was, indeed, one of my favourites. Set atop a small hill around 20km from Lampang, it dates back to 1476 and is believed to be one of the oldest wooden buildings in Thailand. The central viharn is open-sided and held up by two rows of massive teak pillars. The murals...

  • National Elephant Institute

    The National Elephant Institute, which was formerly known as the Thai Elephant Conservation Centre until it changed its name in 2002, is located 33km north-west of Lampang on the main highway to Chiang Mai and is probably the main reason why most visitors come to Lampang. The main objective for the establishment of the National Elephant Institute...


Lampang Hotels

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  • River Lodge

    This hotel is placed in a very quite and beautyfull area. Staff are very kind and helpfull. Rooms...

  • Pin Hotel Lampang

    8 Suandok Road, Lampang, 52100, Thailand

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Wienglakor Hotel

    138/109 Phaholyothin Road, Suandok Muang , Lampang, 52000, Thailand

    Satisfaction: Very Good

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 2 out of 5 stars

Lampang Restaurants

  • Organic salads & Western breakfast!

    After visiting the temple Wat Pratu Ton Phueng in Lampang we noticed this cozy cafe close to the temple. We actually stopped over for coffee but ended up having a full breakfast. They had a great looking salad bar and also a Western style breakfast menu, so we decided to have a bit of both.The food and drinks they offered were almost all...

  • Wonderful local flavour.

    This tip refers to a "restaurant" not actually in Lampang itself, but read on for the details, it is well worth it. This place is frankly one of the reasons I go travelling, for the sheer joy of being somewhere where you look different, can't speak more than about ten words of the language (none of which include the item (singular) on the menu) and...

  • Crowded and rightly so.

    This restaurant, which I am told translates as Delicious One Baht (Baht being the Unit of currency in Thailand) is extrmely popular and consistently crowded with locals and tourists alike. Whilst I did not see anything on the menu at one Baht, it is certainly not expensive and it's popularity merely a reflection of the excellent quality of the...

  • Live music by the river

    As its name suggests, this restaurant and bar is located along the riverside, near the western end of Th Talat Kao. I came here and had a beef with sautéed mushrooms, rice, shrimp chips, Chang beer and a piece of apple cake with ice cream from their extensive menu for 290 baht. They have live music playing here with the group playing mostly 70s/80s...

  • Popular with young teens

    This place, with its wooden stools and tables, is very popular with young teens and those in their twenties. On the menu is snakehead fish, lots of pork, fish in coconut sauce, salads, soups and cheap beer such as large Chang for 40 baht. The food arrives quicker than some fast food joints like KFC or McDonalds!

  • Buddhist Vegetarian restaurant

    Look out for this small vegetarian restaurant at Robwiang road (somewhat 40 m further from kindergarden/primary school on your left and 10 m before songthaew stop and Ka Fe restaurant) ran by friendly lady who cooks all of foods by herself. You'll be able to get freshest foods like curries and fried veggies in the morning and soup or chinese...


Lampang Nightlife

  • Very good music.

    Most of the places along Th. Talat Kao (the "night" strip near the river) seem to offer much the same services and, frankly, I think the place has become oversubscribed with venues. The customer base just will not support it. If you do like live music of the one man and his guitar variety, however, this place is a good bet. A very talented Thai guy...

  • If they don't want my money........

    I had heard about the Gibbon Bar, one of the strip along Th.Thalat Kao the street nearest the river which seems to provide the town's nightlife. I wandered in one night and sat down, there being obvious waiter service. Well, I say obvious waiter service by which I mean there were obvious waiters and nothing at all in the way of service. I...

  • You should be safe enough!

    Don't let the photo accompanying this tip put you off, the chances are that if you visit the rather pleasant Relax Bar I won't be there doing my best to ruin the atmosphere with my playing, although it was thoroughly enjoyable! This is one of the strip of night spots situated on Th. Thalat Kao the street nearest the river and, when I am not ruining...


Lampang Transportation

  • The "Backpacker Express."

    There is a reasonable bus service connecting Bangkok to Lampang but, as I have mentioned many times elsewhere on VT, I adore train travel, especially in Asia so I opted for what I jokingly refer to as the backpacker express, which is one of the many trains running between Bangkok and Chiang Mai and apparently predominantly poluplaced by backpackers...

  • Bus transport.

    The bus station is a fair way from where you are likely to be staying on the main Asia 1 Highway at the junction with Th. Chantarasurin and it is worth investing a few baht in getting there by taxi. I wanted to get to Chiang Rai, a journey of perhaps four hours. I must digress here to make mention of the Lonely Planet guidebook, a brand I have used...

  • Car

    In order to visit the National Elephant Institute and Wat Phra That Lampang Luang, I noticed some guys hanging around outside the Pin Hotel which was behind my hotel, the Kim. I managed to negotiate with one guy called Noi (who's tiny - just a little taller than his car, as you can see in the picture), a price down from 800 baht to 600 baht which I...


Lampang Shopping

  • Elephant paintings

    As part of the show performed by the elephants at the National Elephant Institute, you can have the opportunity to buy the elephant flower paintings. The drawing instruments are paints brushes, paper or cloth. Elephants are able to draw because of their flexible trunks which can clasp a brush that has been dipped into the paint by the mahout...

  • big bookshop

    That's large book shop in Lampang (probably the largest one) and has also books and research papers (such as on Mekong) on region in English plus a lot of maps. Seems to be popular one as there are always many costumers (mostly Thai students). maps, books

  • Lampang plaza

    Lampang plaza is place for buying local ceramics (one of the things which Lampang is famous for), Thai handicrafts and a place to get on the horse carriage. It's open every day untill about 4 pm so it can be good alternative to night market which is open on weekends only. If you like to shop for symbolic presents for your friends there are nice...


Lampang Local Customs

  • Horse carts

    Lampang, also called "meuang rot ma" in Thai, meaning "Horse Carriage City", is considered by some Thais as the last paradise in Thailand. It is here that you can still find horse-drawn carriages in regular use for transportation. This, together with the relative lack of skyscrapers that have contaminated Chiang Mai's skyline of late, make Lampang...

  • Market

    The towns market is located right in its centre and seems to go on till quite late as I walked there after eating one evening, at about 10pm, and found people still selling fruit and veg on the street.Cnr of Boonyawat Rd

  • Lampang Hotels

    21 Hotels in Lampang

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Lampang Off The Beaten Path

  • A proper charity and a wonderful place.

    I have put this tip in the "off the beaten path" section prely because it is at some distance from Lampang, although the path is very well beaten with travellers and Thais alike.FAE Elephant HospitalI sincerely hope the reader is reading this in conjunction with my Thai Elephant Conservation Centre tip, and will draw their own conclusions.In the...

  • A slightly soured experience.

    I have put this tip in the "off the beaten path" section prely because it is at some distance from Lampang, although the path is very well beaten with travellers and Thais alike.I do not like to make, broadly speaking, political comments on VT and I know the website rightly bans them. This is a travel website not a political forum. However, in the...

  • A road less travelled.

    If you are going to visit the very impressive and nearby Wat Phra That Lampang Luang under your own steam or indeed by private vehicle (hired taxi or the like), you may want to consider a slight detour to the very attractive Wat Lai Hin, a very attreactive temple complex. It is obvious that this place attracts few Western travellers as the looks I...


Lampang Favorites

  • Fighting roosters from Kad Tung Kwian

    Thailands fighting roosters are so famous and that we must take a look at the shop. Something is interesting is that the shop clerk is a pretty young girl.

  • Clothing shop from Kad Tung Kwian

    I wanted to buy the purple suit. 199 THB only. However, thinking that it's not practical in Taiwan so gave up!

  • Snack vendor at Kad Tung Kwian

    Snack vendors sell various interesting food: garlic, dry dural, dry banana, rice cookies, coconut ball etc. 3 big bags cost 100 THB only. The vendor had sweet smile. She spoke good Mandarin because she worked 6 years (2 terms) in Tu-Cheng, Taipei before. It's nice to talk with her. : )


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