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  • Mam's yoga horror!

    by stilton Written Feb 28, 2013

    This is without doubt the worst yoga experience of my life!

    Value for money 5/10 (and only because this is Thailand and it was so cheap!):
    The 2 hour class that I paid for took 1 hour including: pick up and drop off back in Pai town, the class and a dreadful lunch.

    The yoga class 2/10:
    Mam was disinterested in the class in every conceivable way. Spoke to the cook in Thai from start to finish interspersed with the occasional instruction, "chain sigh, 5 bread". She never once looked at my postures let alone correcting them! There was zero instruction. She rushed through her "5 bread" I only actually managed 2 breaths to her 5 (not that she gave a @#%* where I was up to.

    The instructor/Owner named Mam 0/10 (She is so vein and rude!):
    OMG! The hundreds of photos of herself (in sex kitten poses) on her website should have raised a bigger red flag for me. When she arrived she had aged 20-30 years on the photos! Everything is leopard and tiger skin (and I mean everything--even her car!).

    She is rude beyond belief. Shivasana was difficult with 200 flies on me, but I may have coped if not for the fact that she sat on one side of me, while her cook sat on the other and they talked (to the point of argument) the whole time I was in Shivasana!

    Then in English she told me that she was 10 years older than the cook and bragged about how much better she looked! (Needless to say, I did not return for a second class!)

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  • bulldogtwo's Profile Photo

    Drugs in Thailand

    by bulldogtwo Written Jul 4, 2008

    Yes it is easy to find. But you always run the risk of scams being run on you. Such as, someone will offer or you'll ask someone that you THINK you may trust, they'll sell it to you and the next thing you know is the police will come calling on you. Remember, your rights and the police search and seizsure laws are different. They don't need to ask to search your person, room etc. Maybe this is where these rumours came from. Unless you live there and know people you will always run that risk. Not worth it if you ask me, but there are hundreds in Thai prisons who thought they knew better. At the very least you'd have a hefty fine and probably pronounced persona non gratis, which for me, in of itself would be punishment enough.
    As always, know the laws, know your rights in each country that you visit. Not knowing them is no excuse for doing something that you probably already know is wrong. Remember, these countries have a great deal of political pressure placed on them from the west, US, to stamp out drugs in their country. The locals may use opiates, particularly in the north, but the police take a dim view on foreigners doing it. Double standard to be sure but who can blame them.
    good luck, be safe, and have fun

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    Drugs in Thailand

    by bulldogtwo Written Jun 10, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Where in the world did you hear that??? NO. How could the police make you do that? All it would take is one tourist to undergo the police MAKING Them take a drug test and not another tourist would ever go near Pai, maybe even anywhere north. Not to mention that Pai is not the only place to get drugs should one want them. Bangkok and all points south have just as much, many drugs as the north does. Somebody is pullin your leg.
    However, should you get caught with any drugs while in Thailand and you of course are subject to their laws and they can be harsh. You get arrested, a consular officer will visit you to see that you are still alive and treated decently and then say, BYE! Thought I should mention that considering you would be duped to believe and ask the question!

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    Don't take yoga classes at Mama's!

    by Mique Written Jan 31, 2007

    There are loads of 'horror' stories about her and her classes. I did a day there too which i cut short to only the morning due to her way of 'teaching'. She is very very full of herself and wants everybody to admire her. True, she looks very good for a 59 year old and is in very good shape. But that doesn't make her a very good teacher! And if you don't completely agree with her you're in for trouble. I got there when i asked if she could explain some intermediate postures in case one couldn't do the ones she was showing (off) and told us to do. Not everybody is that flexible! (including me). Anyways, she completely freaked on me. Of course i didn't know what i was doing since i didn't listen and was talking all the time to other people (we had been telling each other when to change postures since it wasn't always evident. She quite often 'forgot' to tell us). All in all, not a very nice experience. And difinitely not a good start if it will be your first yoga class ever.

    There are other yoga-studio's in Pai but they can not advertise very well. 'Mama' tears off their posters any time she sees them hanging. But you can ask around for 'Good life'.

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