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  • Things to Do
    by rolphbronkhorst

Sukhothai Things to Do

  • Diamond-Eyed Chiangsan Buddha

    Just outside of the Wat Si Chum complex approximate 100 meters to the south, you find a smaller shrine with one of the most important Buddha statues existing of approximate 800 years old named the "Diamond-Eyed Chiangsan Buddha". Most tourist visitting Wat Chi Sum however overlook to visit this more important shrine "Luang Po Ta Petch". The Buddha...

  • Wat Si Chum

    Wat Si Chum, located north of the old city walls not far from Wat Phra Phai Luang, might well be the most enigmatic of Sukhothai's temples. The "temple of the bodhi tree" was built in the late 13th century, and while it doesn't seem to get that many visitors, it must be one of the most photographed.The most striking feature of the temple is the...

  • North Sukhothai Wat Phra Phai Luang

    After Wat Mahathat I thought this was the most beautiful and most interesting of Sukhothai's wats. This wat is one of Sukhothai's oldest. It was originally built by the Khmers as a Hindhu temple. You can still see some beautiful Hindu carvings here. The whole wat had been badly burnt and all the rocks and Buddhas were blackened. I could find no...

  • Wat Son Khao

    Also close to the northern gate. I enjoyed watching a herd of cattle being driven past here. Not sure why the top part is at such an odd angle to the rest.

  • The Old City - Wat Trapang Thong.

    This wat lies on an island to the east of Wat Mahathat. You get to it by crossing a rickety, old wooden bridge. There are good views towards Wat Mahathat and towards Wat Trapang Ngoen from here across the lilyponds.

  • The Old City - Wat Wat Trapang Ngoen

    The name of this wat means wat silver pond and it lies to the west of Wat Mahathat. It contains a lotus bud chedi and a seated Buddha image.


Sukhothai Hotels

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Sukhothai Restaurants

  • Tasty local Food

    We ate in our hotel restaurant twice. The food was tasty and good. I especially liked the pork wonton, but the chicken curry was very good, too. We washed it all down with some excellent bottles of beer Chang.

  • Cafes of Old Sukhothai

    There was a whole row of little cafes, restaurants along the main road that lead to the entrance to the old city. We tried two of them for drinks and snacks and found them very pleasant. We were under the impression there was nowhere to eat in Old Sukhothai. This certainly was not the case during the day. Not sure how late they stayed open. Plenty...

  • Friendly service, good food.

    We tried this restaurant because we had seen other reviews of it and because it was right next to the songthaew stop where you get off when returning from the Old City. The restaurant is owned by a Belgian man and his Thai wife. The Thai woman who served us (not sure if it was the wife) was very pleasant. The restaurant does lots of Belgian beers...


Sukhothai Nightlife

  • 80's pop tunes in New Sukhothai

    This rooftop restaurant and bar is located just off the main road that goes to the Sukhothai Historic Park in New Sukhothai, near to where all the guest houses are located. They have some live acoustic guitar music playing plus some rather obscure 80's pop tunes playing during the evenings. The menu is Thai and Western.

  • Fun bar

    This is a hopping little bar, sometimes with live music (Thai classics and Western standards). I actually did some open mic here, which was good fun. The clientele is mostly Thai, but everyone is really friendly. So, order up some big bottles of Chiang beer and relax. none

  • a festival of sounds and lights

    It just happened... the night I arrived the owner of the guesthouse told me there would be a sound and light festival inside the park. Ok, it was a private show to celebrate the opening of the opening of some new air routes - and ok, someone related to the king would be there... but he also added that many foreign guests of honour were expected. He...


Sukhothai Transportation

  • The most beautiful airport on Earth

    Sukhothai Airport is wonderful. The runways are lined with ponds and flowers. The buildings are in typical Thai style. There are deer, horses, wallabies!!! On the grounds, there are flooded paddy fields with oxen, wonderful flowers everywhere, amodel of Ankor Wat, a shrine, a ceramics museum, statues. Free bikes available if you want to look...

  • Travel between old and new Sukhothai.

    Travelling between old and new Sukhothai is quite easy. Use the songthaews - trucks with two long benches. They depart regularly up to 6pm. The journey takes around 30 minutes. Approximate time as they leave when they are fullish and stop as often as necessary to let people on and off. One way costs 30 baht (though I suspect it is only 20 if you...

  • Mr Aor, taxi service and more

    For a day trip to Si Satchanalai the owner of J&J Guesthouse, Jim, recommended mr Aor (or that's what his name sounded, he himself was not sure how to write his name in western script). We think THB 1500 for a long day was a good deal. We saw Sawanworanayok Museum, the Historical Park and the Sawankhalok kilns.Mr Aor speaks a good mouth of English....


Sukhothai Shopping

  • Great souvenir in Sukhothai

    We sell all Sangkhalok pottery produced by local artisan in Sukhothai. We provide a wide range of Sangkhalok pottery,All products are high quality. We delivery worldwide with safe.visit We sell all Sangkhalok pottery produced by local artisan in Sukhothai. We provide a wide range of Sangkhalok pottery,All products...

  • For All Your Worldly Needs

    Big, bright and cool Anything you could possibly need. Its cheaper than the 7 Eleven and has plenty of choices compared to mom and pops. Panacea to those feeling deprived of modern shopping environment while in the boonies. Depends on the items and compared to what..

  • No Beer

    The 7 Eleven stocks up beers but cannot sell it until late in the day ... after 5pm and onwards. However, if you need your fix, just head down to the local mom and pops, conveniently located across the street or next door....its cheaper too.


Sukhothai Local Customs

  • Fishing

    I was quite interested in watching the locals fishing in the ponds dotted around Sukhothai. They stood on the banks, threw a wide heavy net into the water then waded in to see what they had caught.

  • Number plates on tuktuks

    We had to get a picture of this number plate - imagining how much it would cost to buy this at home!

  • Meaning of Loy Krathong

    "Loy" means "to float" and "Krathong" means a lotus-shaped vessel made of banana leaves. The Krathong usually contains a candle, three incense sticks and some flowers. In the past, people believed that they should ask forgiveness to the Goddess of Water because they polluted Her. Thus, in order to thank the river for its kindness, by moonlight,...


Sukhothai Warnings and Dangers

  • Photographing Wat Sri Chum’s Buddha

    This is not really a serious thing, but more a photographic warning. If you’re looking to get a good picture of Skuhothai’s largest Buddha, housed in the North Zone at Wat Sri Chum, your best bet is sometime around noon or 1pm. There is only a small opening on top, so little light gets in, especially in the early morning and late afternoon, which...

  • If you take to the road at the Historial...

    ....keep your eye on the road! We spent nearly 2 days motorcycling around the park, and had a number of frights - usually associated with a large group of tourists riding bicycles towards us in a pack, right across the road - and not taking too much notice of the road! The comical looks on their faces as they finally noticed us and took fright did...

  • Damn you mosquitoes!

    Aaargh! During my visit to Sukhothai I also practised some sports: a championship on how to kill as much mosquitoes as possible in one hour ;-)They were everywhere. You could hardly see them, but all of a sudden you felt them or heard them, or got stuck by them.On my right leg, I think I had about 10 big mosquito bites. After the itching, they...


Sukhothai Tourist Traps

  • Hire motorbike fuel rip-off

    We had an annoying experience on day 1, so decided to catch the bus out to Old Sukhothai on day 2 - and hire a bike out there. We knew we only wanted a half day. Bike was 200Bt, compared to 150Bt for the one hired in town - BUT, the owner proceeded to put in 4 litres of fuel @ 25Bt per litre - without asking us how much we wanted. Needless to say,...

  • Always wait for the change

    We hired a motorbike In Sukhothai on the first day to the Historical Park. We were early, and the young male claimed to have no change - so my husband opted to get the change when we returned the bike. At the end of the day, returning the bike, asking requesting our change for the morning fell on deaf and ignorant ears. We were waved away by the...

  • Check the air in the tyres.............

    We hired a motorbike at Sukhothai - and by the time we rode from town to the old city, had a flat tyre - which was clearly like this when we hired it. Were fortunate, in that we were helped by the owners of a pushbike hire shop, who gave us a temporary airfill and escorted us to a very obliging mechanic shop a short distance away. A very capable...


Sukhothai What to Pack

  • What to bring

    There is not much shopping to be done, so additional bags, or the bag in the bag situation will not be required...reserve that for trip to jatujak in bangkok. Light cotton t-shirt and pants/skirts. You'd be walking on grass quite a bit. If you dont like the feeling of dry grass in your sandals, bring a pair of walking or sports shoes for the...

  • Dry season and fleas

    We encountered some problems with fleas in Sukhothai - which we were subsequently told is a problem during the dryer weather there. So, if you have a repellent which covers these little bities, as well as the usual mosquitoes, its ideal.

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Sukhothai Off The Beaten Path

  • steps up to Wat Saphan Hin

    The steps up to Wat Saphan Hin and Wat Phra Bat Noi are made of slabs of slate. I remember on the way up there are small Chedi's and other points of interest just off of the path, as well as many other ruins further down the hill, over the road and into the forest, but i didnt see them all.I have included a link to a website I found which contains...

  • Pra Ruang Dam

    Pra Ruang Dam is an earthen dam further south of Wat Pra Bat Noi - "The water from this dam once kept the ponds and moats of the city full the entire year. It must also have been used for agricultural purposes"It's nothing especially great but I liked it. It reminded me of the landscapes I am familiar with in Scotland - only a lot more green!

  • Dont Miss Out on the Gems Off The Beaten...

    I would like to suggest, if you can spare the time, to go check out Kamphaeng Phet which is also home to a UNESCO world heritage site and Si Satchanalai-chaliang historical park. Both are quieter and less visted by tourist but are gems nevertheless. Unfortunately, Kaphaeng Phet is situated about 1.5 hours drive from Sukhothai and Si Satchanalai is...


Sukhothai Favorites

  • Reconstructed plans

    Some of the ruins have a 3D plan of what the temple would have looked like had it still be intact today. This gives a great insight as to what the layout of the temple would've been like.

  • Map

    Below is a link to a useful map so that you can get your bearings before you get there. You can pick up maps when you hire bicycles from just outside the park entrance, which will be useful when you're touring around.

  • Take a picnic to the Historical Park

    This is one of the places most remembered for the number of Thai tourists also visiting - particularly as we were there on a Sunday. There were groups of families and young people sitting around on the grass eating picnic lunches - families riding their bicycles together - young couples - and lots of other families and groups visiting a significant...


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