Northern Thailand Travel Guide

  • Reclining Buddha image
    Reclining Buddha image
    by pattayaraj
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    Elephant trekking
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  • Inside the Doi Suthep Buddhist temple
    Inside the Doi Suthep Buddhist temple
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Northern Thailand Highlights

  • Pro
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     Magic looking landscapes, friendly people, fabulous food, comfortable clima... 

  • Con
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     ... well, sometimes you just feel like a tourist :-( 

  • In a nutshell
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     This region of Thailand is very rich in history, tradition and beautiful scenery 

Map of Northern Thailand

Chiang Mai


Chiang Rai






Mae Sai






Mae Hong Son






Kamphaeng Phet




Mae Sariang


Ban Sop Ruak


Chiang Saen


Chiang Dao


Ban Mae Salong Noi




Mae Sot




Doi Saket




Chiang Khong


Si Satchanalai




Mae Suai


Phra That Doi Tung


Na Noi


Nakhon Sawan


Mae Rim


Chiang Mai

See all 1869 Chiang Mai Tips
  • Long Neck Women

    Chiang Mai Things to Do

    I came here, wherever it was, as part of a long-necked tribe daytrip I did from Chiang Mai. We arrived after visiting an orchid farm and riding elephant at the Chok Chai Elephant Camp but things just seemed to be very touristy with lots of souvenir stalls selling tribal arts and crafts and jewellery items. The girls here come from several different...

  • Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi

    Chiang Mai Hotels

    Everything you would expect from a Mandarin Oriental plus the really spectacular design. Two...

  • Kantoke Palace

    Chiang Mai Restaurants

    It’s an experience that anyone must live. The food is good, as almost everywhere in Thailand, but distributed in small dishes, allowing you to taste everything. The greatest point, however, is the show, with the delicate Thai dances performed close to you, as you are eating. And if you saw my Czech page, you know that I'm a folk dance lover!


Chiang Rai

See all 232 Chiang Rai Tips


See all 105 Pai Tips
  • Yoga in Pai

    Pai Sports & Outdoors

    Mom's yoga in Pai I attended a yoga class which was supposed to be 2 hours today. But she started it at 10:20 not 10 o'clock. But she didn't apologize at all and first half an hour was a meditation then streching for 30 min again then she taught yoga, real yoga only 10 min. She'd never corrected a students's posture or let the students know for...

  • Baan Pai Village Resort

    Pai Hotels

    88 Moo 3, Vieng Tai, Pai, 58130, Thailand

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Mam's yoga horror!

    Pai Warnings and Dangers

    This is without doubt the worst yoga experience of my life! Value for money 5/10 (and only because this is Thailand and it was so cheap!):The 2 hour class that I paid for took 1 hour including: pick up and drop off back in Pai town, the class and a dreadful lunch.The yoga class 2/10:Mam was disinterested in the class in every conceivable way. Spoke...



See all 223 Sukhothai Tips
  • Tasty local Food

    Sukhothai Restaurants

    We ate in our hotel restaurant twice. The food was tasty and good. I especially liked the pork wonton, but the chicken curry was very good, too. We washed it all down with some excellent bottles of beer Chang.

  • Ruean Thai Hotel

    Sukhothai Hotels

    We recently stayed in the Ruean Thai Hotel for three nights. We arranged pick up from Sukhothai...

  • Cafes of Old Sukhothai

    Sukhothai Restaurants

    There was a whole row of little cafes, restaurants along the main road that lead to the entrance to the old city. We tried two of them for drinks and snacks and found them very pleasant. We were under the impression there was nowhere to eat in Old Sukhothai. This certainly was not the case during the day. Not sure how late they stayed open. Plenty...


Mae Sai

See all 76 Mae Sai Tips

    Mae Sai Things to Do

    Last year we crossed the bridge and spent a day in Tachileik, the Burmese town across the river. There is another huge market on the other side, selling the same items as in Mae Sai, but if you take time and wander away from this eyesore you will find many interesting things to do such as temples, markets, chatting to the locals. See my Tachileik...

  • Tip Sukon House

    Mae Sai Hotels

    Most backpacker or budget traveller rooms are located on the Sailom Joy Rd. left of the border...


    Mae Sai Tourist Traps

    You may see hill tribe children who ask money for taking their photograph, but they may just dress up for making money and are not real hill tribe members



See all 48 Phitsanulok Tips
  • Stations between Lopburi and Phitsanulok

    Phitsanulok Off The Beaten Path

    I took the train from Lopburi to Phitsanulok and these are some photo's of some of the lovely little stations we passed through. The stations are very cute with wooden buildings and lovely potted plants and basket flowers. They're very well kept, clean and tidy so Thai's must appreciate them more than we do ours!

  • The Grand Riverside Hotel

    Phitsanulok Hotels

    Next to Bazar and near to Night Bazar (you have to cross the bridge). On river bank. Staff is not so...

  • Bus station

    Phitsanulok Transportation

    The main bus station is rather inconveniently located about 2.5km east of the train station but, luckily, someone took me there in their car as she was heading that way. Extensive bus services connect Phitsanulok with Chiang Mai and Bangkok. As Phitsanulok is a major transportation hub, there are also regular services to the North-East. Phitsanulok...



See all 97 Lampang Tips
  • Organic salads & Western breakfast!

    Lampang Restaurants

    After visiting the temple Wat Pratu Ton Phueng in Lampang we noticed this cozy cafe close to the temple. We actually stopped over for coffee but ended up having a full breakfast. They had a great looking salad bar and also a Western style breakfast menu, so we decided to have a bit of both.The food and drinks they offered were almost all...

  • River Lodge

    Lampang Hotels

    This hotel is placed in a very quite and beautyfull area. Staff are very kind and helpfull. Rooms...

  • A proper charity and a wonderful place.

    Lampang Off The Beaten Path

    I have put this tip in the "off the beaten path" section prely because it is at some distance from Lampang, although the path is very well beaten with travellers and Thais alike.FAE Elephant HospitalI sincerely hope the reader is reading this in conjunction with my Thai Elephant Conservation Centre tip, and will draw their own conclusions.In the...


Mae Hong Son

See all 127 Mae Hong Son Tips
  • Driving the Mae Hong Son Loop

    Mae Hong Son Warnings and Dangers

    Renting a car and driving the Mae Hong Son Loop, sounds like a fun road trip. Be careful, this should be attempted only by drivers experienced on mountain roads because the Mae Hong Son loop is very windy mountain road (over 1,000+ curves), with some very steep turns.If you do opt for self-drive, make sure you're well prepared for your journey,...

  • Cave Lodge

    Mae Hong Son Hotels

    Back in the early 90's John was angry because his lodge was mentioned in the Lonely Planet Thailand...

  • Early Morning Market and Monks Alms

    Mae Hong Son Things to Do

    If you can brave waking up at 5am then a visit to the early morning market is highly recommended. This is a great insight into how the locals live, its a colourful and vibrant affair where you can try all kinds of local produce and pick up a local breakfast. Also, at this time you will see the brightly coloured oranged robed monks walking the...



See all 34 Lamphun Tips
  • Oldest City Of Northern Thailand

    Lamphun Things to Do

    Rent a motor cycle and head to Nawarat Bridge, cross the bridge, turned to the first right junction and head straight the main road, both side of the road you noticed tall Yang Trees, that's route 106 to Lamphun, just forty-five minutes drive and within the journey there are plenty of activities and things to see, your feelings tell you it's a...

  • Supamit Building

    Lamphun Hotels

    204/10 Jamatewee Rd., T. Naimuang, A. Muang, Lamphun, Thailand

    Satisfaction: Average

    Good for: Couples

  • Statue of Khruba Siwichai

    Lamphun Off The Beaten Path

    Who was Khruba Siwichai? All Lanna Thai people will readily tell you. He is perhaps the most famous monk who ever lived in Northern Thailand. Born in the south of Lamphun province, he dedicated his life to the development of the living conditions and the spiritual advancement of the Lanna Thai people. Therefore he is considered a saint and the...



See all 14 Umphang Tips
  • Umphang whitewater rafting

    Umphang Things to Do

    Rafting often is added to Umphang's tour packages. Most popular rafting is Umphang to Thi Lor Shu waterfall, Thi Lor Lay and Umphang Kee.An alternative way to reach the Thi Lor Shu waterfall is by whitewater rafting downstream from Umphang along the calm section of Klong River and then continue journey either by trekking or by car for another about...

  • Umphang Hill Resort

    Umphang Hotels

    59 Moo 6, Umphang, 63110, Thailand

  • Karen, Perjeh's New Year

    Umphang Local Customs

    Most of Karen in thungyai include Huay Khakang that cover Kanjanaburi, Supanburi, Uthaithani and Umphang, Tak beleive in their religion, "Perjeh"Perjeh's fundamental is similar to Buddhism, believe in “Phra Sri Arayamettai”. the believe said “Arayamettai” was a last human civilization . Karen in Thungyai also live for this social. Perjeh's new year...


Kamphaeng Phet

See all 39 Kamphaeng Phet Tips
  • Bus station

    Kamphaeng Phet Transportation

    The bus station is about 2km out of Kamphaeng Phet. To get there, catch a songtheaw from around the intersection of Kamphaeng Phet and Tesa Roads, which takes you over the Kamphaeng Phet Bridge and 500m further to the bus station.Buses come and go all day long from the main bus station as Kamphaeng Phet lies on the major Bangkok to Chiang Mai...

  • Navarat Hotel

    Kamphaeng Phet Hotels

    2 Soi Prapan, Tesa Rd., Amphur Muang, Kamphaeng Phet, 62000, Thailand

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Couples

  • Live music

    Kamphaeng Phet Nightlife

    Eagle Pub on Chakungrao is one of the busiest spots in town with live music nightly starting at 21.30. Opposite the Eagle pub is Timber Bar which also has live music. Both serve food and, of course, beer!



See all 34 Nan Tips
  • Traditional Salt production in Bo Kleau

    Nan Things to Do

    Bo Kleau is a mountain district in Nan. The name Bo Kleau means Salt well which came from the origin of this area where have traditional salt production from the ancient time. In the district, they have 2 main locations of salt well where you can visit and taste a fresh mountain salt products or shopping some salt product such as salt spa, salty...

  • Nan Boutique Hotel

    Nan Hotels

    1/11 Kua Luang Road, T. Naiwang A. Muang, Nan, 55000, Thailand

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Solo

  • Sombat tour VIP 24 seats bus

    Nan Transportation

    according to my friend who uses it for more than 10 years, this company is the best. bus is overnite, starts at 8.15 pm from Bangkok, Mochit bus terminal (best and fastest way to get there is to go by subway to Kamphaeng Phet station, which is just beside the JatuJak weekend market, and from there take bus or taxi / tuk -tuk to this terminal; by...


Mae Sariang

See all 11 Mae Sariang Tips
  • Public bus to Mae Sariang

    Mae Sariang Transportation

    Mae Sariang can be reached by public bus from:From Chiang Mai:Public buses depart daily from Arcade bus station. Approx 4.5 hr journey time. Fan buses depart; 13.30, 15.00, 20.00, 21.00. Air con buses depart; 11.00, 21.00 From Mae Hong Son:Public buses depart daily from Mae Hong Son bus station. Approx 4 hours journey time. Fan buses depart; 08.00,...

  • Karen and Lawa Hilltribe Homestay

    Mae Sariang Things to Do

    Nestled in mountains 1 hr from Mae Sariang town, are Lawa and Karen hilltribe villages where you can stay overnight at a homestay.From Mae Sariang it is a very scenic drive along winding roads up to the mountains which are 1,200m above sea level. With stunning vistas along the way and views of rolling mountains and paddy fields. These villages are...

  • Hilltribe Village Etiquette

    Mae Sariang Local Customs

    As a tourist one of the key attractions in Northern Thailand are the hill tribes. Their old ways of life and culture inspire curiosity and wonderment in many.With such demand to see the hill tribes, visits to hill tribe villages and hill tribe treks have become a money making business giving rise to many ethical questions over how this is being...


Ban Sop Ruak

See all 11 Ban Sop Ruak Tips
  • House of Opium

    Ban Sop Ruak Things to Do

    As its name suggests, this museum is about the Opium trade that took place in the area of the Golden Triangle. The museum displays artefacts relating to the dark periods of late 1960's when the opium trade dominated the Golden Triangle. These include a huge collection of old weights, scales, fancy opium pipes and other paraphernalia plus details...

  • Golden Triangle

    Ban Sop Ruak Things to Do

    The Golden Triangle is the English name meaning the meeting of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand, but to the locals it's Sop Ruak, since this is where the Mekong meets the Ruak River. The landscape is hilly, divided by the Ruak River that flows into the Mekong River. These rivers form a natural boundary between the three countries Laos (to the east of the...

  • Golden Triangle Tour

    Ban Sop Ruak Things to Do

    Unlike Chiang Mai where there's dozens of tour agents offering tours, it became apparent to me when I walked around Chiang Rai that tour agents were a bit thin on the ground. I only found a few and the cheapest I found to do a Golden Triangle Tour was a place opposite the Chiang Rai First Church called Four Lens Tours. The tour cost me 1200 baht...


Chiang Saen

See all 25 Chiang Saen Tips

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