Ban Ao Nang Travel Guide

  • Ban Ao Nang
    by Petruta
  • Ban Ao Nang
    by Petruta
  • Ban Ao Nang
    by Petruta

Ban Ao Nang Things to Do

  • Thai Boxing

    Fight time, fight time can be heard from loud speakers from Wednesday till Friday. Every Friday night 20:45 there are Thai boxing in Ao Nang Thai boxing stadium. Free transportation, check and enjoy, it's not so serious than you can think.

  • Pamper yourself

    This is must and it's must almost daily. Take any "massage factory" and just relax for an hour. It's 150-250 paths, but you can feel the relaxation for long time. Change the masseur daily because the strength of massaging differs a lot.

  • Go out in a boat

    You can take a self-paddled trip along the coast.There are also guided trips to the out islands.Check it out at Sea Canoe Krabi.

  • Enjoy yourself

    On the main road, that runs past the beach, you will find an internet cafe, moneychangers, tour offices, restaurants, a tailor to make you a silk suit, souvenir shops, and mountain bikes for rent.

  • Kayaking & Elephant Trek

    I signed up with some friends to go on a kayaking & elephant trek with For Friends Travel. The tour cost around 1500 THB for three people.Pickup from the hotel is around 8:30am and you are taken to Ao Thalane to where the kayaks depart. You are given a choice of pairing up in a kayak with a friend, going with a guide, or paddling yourself around. I...

  • Visit Khoa Nor Chu Chi National Park

    Make a stop at Sa Morakot (Emerald Pool) which is fed by hot springs and is between 30-40°C depending on the time of year. The pool is naturally the same color as a hotel swimming pool and probably where it gets its name. It is the algae and bacteria that gives the water its color and calcium carbonate in the water has coated the stone edges making...


Ban Ao Nang Restaurants

  • Not just Thai food

    Here we were surrounded by all kinds of Thai food but we decided to go to an Indian restaurant.We hadn't had any for over a week and we were missing our weekly fix.The restaurant was on the main drag, in front of the beach, but I forget the name of it.The food was very good, I remember that.

  • Easy and very good

    Jeanette's is a place owned by a swedish lady. It has all of the good food of Thailand, and some of the classic swedish dishes...I ate there almost every day, and it was always good and nicely served by attentive staff. Easy to read meny, with "hot" grading, 1 pepper= weak, 4 peppers=very hot...Lots of good seating, and good air. good toilet. They...

  • Great Eats at Incredibly Low Prices

    Massuman is a great little local restaurant kind of out of the way which is probably why so many tourists miss a great opportunity to eat traditional Thai food at incredibly cheap prices. The restaurant is relaxed with a simple wooden interior. It's not a fancy restaurant by any means but at just a couple of dollars per dish, you wouldn't expect it...

  • Try thai or Tom Kha Kai!

    Whether you feel like steak with fries, pasta, or red curry with rice.One among the best. Food is exellent and it is made and served with huge care and sense. We didn't try international tree times ate here thai style and the last evening there was party and some program. Buffet was italian with thai style seefood. Price was 650 path per person...

  • Close and local

    The last bar in the beach is very suitable for lunch cause of reasonable prices and the close location if you spend your time in east part of the beach. Our hotel was close to this bar and we ate almost every day there something. Not a long menu, but you can find soups and sandwiches there.Soups and beer for two persons was 300-450 paths. Soups!

  • Try if you are used to street food.

    Don't try this at your first days, let your stomach get used to local food first. But after some days or week this is the fastest and cheapest way to eat. Avoid MacDonnalds which you can find from main street, try these instead. A couple of those sticks and bottle of water was 40 paths (about 0,9 euros).


Ban Ao Nang Transportation

  • (Almoust) Fast and cheap

    Just go to bus stop and take a Van. From Ao Nang to Krabi it takes some 30 minutes and 40 paths. It's fast when it get going, but normally the drivers are waiting the car full (about 10-14 persons) before leaving town. And no use to go to bus stop they are stopping if they just think that you need a ride. (Imagine Toyota Hilux with plastic roof and...

  • Rent a small motorcycle

    There's many renting offices in front of the Ao Nang main street. Take one, you have to leave your passport or money to guarantee, but the prices are low. Remember to be careful out of there, the traffic is hectic, left sided and there can be a lot of drunk people, especially on the evenings and nights.

  • Good road

    Ao Nang is very easy to get to by car with a good paved road from Krabi.We had a rental car that we picked up at the airport. It is obvious from the sticker on the back window, that we rented it from Budget .I wish they wouldn't announce the fact that we are tourists.


Ban Ao Nang Shopping

  • The Best Buy

    There are many tailors and silk shops, but we found this the best. Probably the products are the same in all shops but here the seller was a nice and polite lady with no pushing! We bought 5 different colors of silk, the prices were from 700 paths to 1000 paths per meter. And in few days she made a good looking and tidy sleeveless top for 2500...

  • Should we be aware of deseaces

    Here is local way to sell chicken. No sign of any flues or anything. I think we Europeans have over allocated the whole threat of pandemics and bird flues.

  • Local Markets

    Take a look to Ao Nang markets. It's located some 2 or 3 kilometers from village center and you can find anything to make good Thai Yum spirit of food.Here is local fishes, it was quite amazing, no smell of fish at all. Temperature some 38+ and time about 3:00PM. Spices and fast food (if you have spent some days or week already on the area). On...


Ban Ao Nang Local Customs

  • Beautiful artwork

    We are amazed at the beautiful carvings and artwork on the Wats and Temples.On our way to Ao Nang we saw this pretty little Wat and just had to stop and have a closer look.That is just one thing that I love about Thailand.

  • New sidewalks

    The day that we were there they were installing sidewalks. It made it rather hard to get around that day but a big improvement for the village.

  • How many girls could drive with one...

    It's normal to populate cars and mopeds by more persons we have used to. I met these lovely smiling musim girls from Ao Nang beach street.


Ban Ao Nang Warnings and Dangers

  • Tuk-Tuk Mafia

    While in Ao Nang in October 2012, I used motorcycle tuk-tuk number 075. It is painted on the back at the top. The driver spoke some English and agreed on 60 baht for my fare outside of town. In the middle of the day, broad daylight, he pulled over and demanded "give me 200 baht or you walk". I calmly tried to negotiate with him (I'm local here 3...

  • Traffic is something terrible

    If you rent a car (as we did), remember that there are most deaths per capita in Thailand. So if you are not used to right-hand wheel, don't like to drive in dark and like to follow unfamiliar scenes, take a taxi or driver! A couple of times I had to give way and turn to bank of road and if you get in the middle of accident you probably are wrong,...

  • Unknown distances

    If you are travelling without quides be aware that the maps are not good (we had only some advertisement map) and there a not alvays the distances in signs. We where looking the Tom Pariwat waterfall and as you can see no kilometers. We sow some four signs followed the right route for 30-40 kilometers, and finally we turned back cause night was...


Ban Ao Nang What to Pack

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    by kyoub Written Jan 27, 2009

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    Luggage and bags: Take a day bag/backpack with all your travel books, maps, and printouts that you will need.

    Clothing/Shoes/Weather Gear: Ao Nang is a casual kind of place. It is hot and humid so dress in cotton or linen.
    I chose linen, I love it because it is so cool.
    You will also need comfy shoes. I am glad that I had on flip flops that were washable.

    Walking on the beach
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Ban Ao Nang Off The Beaten Path

  • Elephant rides

    If you have always wanted to ride on an elephant, here is your chance. Nosy Parker's Elephant Trekking and River Camp is only a few km away.After a nice ride through the water and jungle, you will get the chance to feed your elephant, bananas.

  • A pretty quiet beach

    One km north of Ao Nang you will find a lovely tropical beach.The beach is named Nopharat Thara .The day we were there it was almost deserted.Across the road you can find food and drinks.

  • Ban Ao Nang Hotels

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Ban Ao Nang Sports & Outdoors

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    by mtcowgirl Updated Jun 24, 2007

    Diving in Ao Nang is just as good as those staying in Phuket or Phi Phi because you get to visit the same sites. Reaching the Phi Phi sites is just about an hour to hour half boat ride from the river departure point of Ao Nang.

    Diving in Ao Nang offers great reefs as well as underwater life from fish to leopard sharks. It was actually in Thailand that I got a chance to see my very first shark underwater while diving and it was quite a memorable experience. Leopard sharks are quite timid so there is no reason to fear fact often they will turn tail and swim away if you startle them.

    From my diving experience, I would recommend Coral Diving at Krabi Resort for all your diving needs. The dive center is well staffed and has a great boat called Nantanit. In fact, while we were diving, due to the bad sea conditions the other dive centers were booking space with Coral Diving because their boat was fresh out of dry-dock and in the best condition.

    Probably my favorite dive site was Paradise Reef in Phi Phi. It was truly paradise with the number of fish and the water conditions that day. I can't count how many pictures I took during that dive but it was a lot! In addition to a leopard shark, we saw moral eels, cuttlefish, nubi branches, stonefish, blue-spotted stingrays, a million anemones with clownfish, and lots of Moorish idols and other colorful reef fish.

    Equipment: Coral Diving rents all necessary equipment for diving from their dive center or you can bring your own.

    There also is a small dive shop in Ao Nang that will offer you a 10% discount if sent by the dive center. It is called Krabi Dive Supply or One Stop Dive Shop and is located on the Fossil Road. The shop stocks quality brands like Halcyon, Scubapro, Suunto, and Seac Sub. The shop's website is or by telephone (66) 7563 792

    Healthy Reefs are Abundant in the Andaman Sea Deserted Beach in Phi Phi Nantanit - Coral Diving's Boat Lost! - Fresh-water catfish washed out to sea! Cuttlefish in Phi Phi
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Ban Ao Nang Favorites

  • Buing tickets or traveling advice

    If you want to buy some tickets, take just one office from street. Prices are almost same and for example, if you take a trip to some island, just reserve your travel and they are picking you from hotel. Easier than arranging all alone.This young and beautiful girl helped me with my trips and smiled all the time.

  • Stunning scenery

    Enjoy the stunning scenery, it is amazing!1. The scenery on our drive to Ao Nang 2. The beautiful blue skies and sea3. The honeycombed limestone stacks

  • Sometimes you can have rain

    It was dry season, but some tree times it rained. Always in the same time (5:30pm - 7:00pm). Thunder and lightning! It's warm but when it's raining, it's really raining!


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