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Ban Khao Lak Things to Do

  • Cheow Lan Lake - Ratchaprapa Dam - Khao...

    I had seen photos of Ratchaprapha Dam and it looked so beautiful so off we went to see this place in person. We drive ourselves there and left early from our hotel in Khao Sok. Within minutes it started raining and for the next 30 minutes it got progressively worse. At times it was torrential, this was no fun at all and was getting scary not being...

  • Klong Sok River Tubing

    Well our day started out beautiful and sunny so I went and booked us both to go river tubing. The price was 400baht each for an hour of tubing down the Sok River starting from our hotel then transport back. About 10 minutes before we were due to start the heavens opened with some torrential rain. No problems we waited another 30 minutes and it...

  • Lampi Waterfall - Hat Thai Muaeng...

    Lampi Waterfall is about 20 minutes south of Khao Lak or from Phuket it is an easy drive of about 70 kilometers on Highway 4. Look for the signs to turn off the highway and then it is only 1.5 kilometers away. This waterfall is great as it is only a couple of minutes walk from the car park. There is also a restaurant/shop and toilets.Entry to the...

  • White Sand Beach

    We only went to White Sand Beach for lunch and this area looks totally different to when we first went there years ago. We actually stayed at the Similana which is now closed and is on the same little road down to White Sands Beach. The real name of this beach is Ao Thong. The area is pretty with lots of soft white sand around the restaurant and...

  • Tsunami Victims Cemetery

    The Tsunami Victims Cemetery is a disgrace. Overgrown, gates locked, abandoned, very sad to see and there are still 370 unidentified victims buried there in metal coffins surrounded by concrete chambers to preserve as much DNA as possible.The sad part is that their identity cannot be proven to international standards of 90 percent certainty,...

  • Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial

    Ban Nam Khem Tsunami Memorial Park is beautiful and very well looked after. The park is about 30 kilometers north of Khao Lak and is in memory to the thousands who died during the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. The little museum has some good information but it is such a shame that the plaques on the wall are deteriorating so badly that you can barely...

  • Canoeing the Klong Sok River

    We booked a half day canoeing on the Klong Sok River and from memory it cost us about 1200baht each. The actual day was about 7 hours which included travel to the river etc.The tour was great, though I think we must have picked the hottest day to do it as it was unbearable at times out on the water. It was such a relief for a few seconds when we...

  • Rainbow Waterfall

    We came across Rainbow Waterfall quite by accident. We originally set off well prepared with a map looking for a different waterfall. The map was absolutely useless and after a few hours of driving through beautiful countryside and stopping and asking numerous times where to go, we decided to head back to the hotel for a swim. We were nearly back...

  • Khao Sok National Park

    Khao Sok National Park is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful national parks in Thailand. The park is located on the mountain ridge which separates the east and west coasts of the Thai peninsula and is situated in the west of Surattani province, in Ban Ta Khun and Phanom districts. Established in 1980, Khao Sok National Park was the...

  • Take a boat trip

    Even if you are not interested in scuba diving, you can still enjoy a daily trip to Similan islands for snorkeling or just swimming. If you are a scuba diver, you would probably arrange an LOB package. One of the best things these boat trips offer is the beautiful sunset on open sea. Check out some of the pictures from the LOB trip I joined.

  • Do nothing

    Why do something when you can just lay around an empty beach and just do nothing. A very good way to relax during your holiday.

  • Diving

    Since Khao Lak is frequented by divers, the main activity here is diving. You will find lots of dive centre offering different packages and dive trips. I book a 4D4N liveaboard trip on the M/V Dolphin Queen to the Similan and Surin Islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock for 14 dives and had a really good time. Corals was interesting and...


Ban Khao Lak Hotels

Ban Khao Lak Restaurants

  • Hill Tribes Restaurant

    Khao Lak Hill Tribes Restaurant in Baan Niang has fantastic northern (Lanna) food on the menu. The restaurant itself is very quirky with so much to look at along with water features, statues, clothing etc. The garden areas are lovely and look so nice at night highlighted by all the little lights.Four of us had dinner here and some of the dishes...

  • 9 Restaurant and Bar

    9 Restaurant and Bar is a very popular place at Bang La On Village on Highway 4 in the center of Khao Lak. The staff were very friendly and service was quick and with a smile. We ordered 4 main courses, desserts, 4 beers and 2 cocktails and our bill was 2090baht. Not expensive at all as 2 of the dishes were big prawns. The serves were big and...

  • The Best Seafood at "The Lobster"

    The Lobster Restaurant has a great variety of fish, prawns, squid and of course lobster dishes.I've eaten there many times and never been disappointed. All the usual dishes (grilled, cooked with garlic, with chillie, with three spices, with ginger etc.) are there, but to us they seemed just a bit tastier than usual, and we keep going back.Perhaps...

  • Viking Steakhouse

    We decided we all wanted a potato fix so headed off to the Viking Steakhouse, also on the main road.We all ordered a western meal, tender mouth watering steak, the absolute best garlic sautéed potato and lots of veggies.Of course the serves were huge and we all walked out happy and bloated. Prices were reasonable and service was excellent.

  • Fisherman Bar & Restaurant

    This restaurant is also located on the main road and what a great little place it is. We only called in for a drink or two but ended up being so settled and comfortable we decided to have a meal as well.The drinks were icy cold and the staff went out of their way to make sure we were cool, more fans were bought out and icy cold towels.All the food...

  • Jai Restaurant

    If you visit Khao Lak you must have a meal at Jai Restaurant. Located on the main highway through Khao Lak, Jai’s specialize in authentic Thai dishes, fresh seafood and pasta! The prices are extremely cheap, we ordered 4 main courses, a large fried rice and 8 drinks between the four of us and the total bill was only 500baht.The food is delicious....


Ban Khao Lak Nightlife

  • Monkey Bar

    Nice colorful little place with live music and friendly staff. Monkey Bar is now at the northern end of Bang La On opposite the Kasikorn Bank. Great for a night out or just to call in for a drink.

  • Tarzan???

    Has a very nice entrance with a arch saying 'Tarzan'. The pub is build up from wood. Music is not too loud but the drinks a little bit pricy compared to the rest and knowing that this place is not a big city or anything. anything goes...

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Ban Khao Lak Transportation

  • How to reach from Phuket Airport to Khao...

    Khao Lak is up north from Phuket Airport whereas Phuket is down south. If you arrive in Phuket airport during the day, you can catch shuttle buses from the main road outside the airport to Khao Lak direction. To be safe, you can ask the shuttles going to Phuket to drop you in a convenient point to catch your bus to Khao Lak rather than paying a lot...

  • Public Busses

    I took a air-con public bus from Phuket town to this place for only 85BHT. Taking a taxi will cost you 1500BHT. The ride was very comfortable and they even put on some movies for entertainment although i slept through most of the ride.

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Ban Khao Lak Local Customs

  • Don't go the front end of the boat

    Thai people strongly follow their beliefs. One of the first things we were warned on LOB trip was to stay away from the front end of the boat. This part is considered sacred and you will always see some flowers decorating this area as well as Thai flag. To be respectful to their beliefs, none of the guests in LOB trip got closer than where I took...

  • Becareful how you eat your fish...

    Its has been a local custom (especially applies to fisherman) that when you have a whole fish for a meal, you DO NOT flip the fish over when you are done with one side. Instead you take off the fish bone and continue with the other side. It was believe that by flipping the fish over means "dead fish" thus not very good for business. Who wants to...

  • Avoid the hong (the front deck)!!

    When we first got on the boat, we were strongly advised not to go to the hong of the boat (the front deck) as the locals regard it as a sacred. Try not to hang around that place if you can.


Ban Khao Lak Warnings and Dangers

  • kenningst's Profile Photo


    by kenningst Written May 3, 2007

    Lock up your doors and windows not against thieves but against mosquitoes. You will notice that they are really glad to see you. So please make sure they don't try to make friends with you in your room.

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Ban Khao Lak Sports & Outdoors

  • muratkorman's Profile Photo

    Take an LOB, you won't regret it !!!

    by muratkorman Updated Mar 31, 2008

    If you are a scuba diver, you should already know how much Adaman Sea can offer. Khao Lak is one of the best points to arrange your LOB. Considering the easy access to Similan islands, Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock; even with a low budget you can discover the scuba diving paradise. 4D/4N LOB including transfer from/to Phuket cost me 18900 THB. It was an amazing experience which I had with 14 dives in total. I can easily say it was the best I have ever had till now. Manta Queen was the name of the boat which could host 30 people in one trip. The crew was friendly and very professional. The food was very good. The equipment was good in condition. There are so many scuba diving operators and from plenty of options, it is upto you and your budget. I provide the operator that I went with, but as I told before, you have many more options to choose from. You should definitely take an LOB from Khao Lak.

    Equipment: All the diving equipment is included in LOB package except diving computer and nitrox for extra charge.

    A beautiful beach Diving briefing A rest between the dives Equipment ready for diving Corridor to rooms in Manta Queen

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Ban Khao Lak Favorites

  • to see this beautiful area look at...

    amazing Khao Lak is a website designed for free, to help the sustainable development of the Andaman Coast, simply that. Its the real ThailandTwo hours north of here is the most incredible lake, Chew Lan Dam, 158 km in length, where you can stay in a floating hotel. The bamboo hut rooms are accessible by a walkway. At night you can pull yourself...

  • The destruction of the tsunami

    The aftermath of the tsunami in Khao Lak, Thailand. The photos are taken 3 months after the big tsunami. Khao Lak was deserted almost a year after the tsunami, and became almost a religious spot because of the exceptionally force and destruction of the waves. Khao Lak is now rebuilt and ready for tourism.

  • The beaches of Khao Lak

    The photos are taken 3 months after the big tsunami. The beaches in was totally destroyed after the waves. And the shoreline was moved 10 meters up. Khao Lak is now rebuilt and ready for tourism.


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