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    Registration documents for car

    by priVaTeer115 Written Nov 19, 2010

    Hi there, i went to hatyai last month and so far a photocopy of your vehicle registration card is good enough. But to be on safe side, and if you have the original copy then it would be better.
    Just make a copy and bring it along.
    FYI I was fortunate that I left hatyai before the area was flood. So ask around first before heading there.
    And top up fuel before going in as fuel is more costly there.
    Travelling time depends on how you drive. 2-3hrs should get you to bukit kayu Hitam.

    Happy traveling and drive safe.

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    BUS ? TRAIN from Hat Yai to Pegang

    by xymmot Written Jun 6, 2011

    I took the train about two years ago, It was the express from Bangkok to Butterworth with my wife and mom. It was a interesting trip as the duty free shops on the border were so cheap for cigerettes that I had to buy a carton. There are two trains daily, but at the train station there are many tour agency that can put you on a bus/minivan to Penang also. I do not know if the local train does cross the border though as I took a express and rememeber that when we stop for the passport control, there was a dutyfree shop, got stamp and re-enter the train within thirty minutes. I looked up the schedule and will post it from the web goes as follow:::::::::::::::::

    Hat Yai- Local Transfer Information
    Hat Yai is the Southern Bus and Minivan Hub for all other destinations in Southern Thailand and Malaysia. There are Travel Agencies everywhere around the City Center to help you with onward travel, including one right across from Hat Yai Station. From Hat Yai Train Station you simply walk into a nearby travel agency and buy a ticket for the next bus or minivan Service going to your desired destination. Common road destinations from Hat Yai include the Dannok (Thailand) / Sadao (Malaysia) Border Crossing, the Padang Besar (Both Thailand and Malaysia) Border Crossing, Pak Bara (for Ko Tarutao or Ko Lipe Islands, 2 1/2 hours) and Satun (for Langkawi and Ko Tarutao Islands, 2 hours). Hat Yai Station is much closer to the city center than either its Bus or Minivan Hubs. See also Visa-Run Section - Satun and Beaches Section

    Quick Facts on Hat Yai Train Service
    Many Daily Intercity Express Trains stop at Hat Yai daily, including the 'Thaksin Express' (Bangkok - Sungai Golok) and the Bangkok-Yala Express Diesel Rail Cars.

    International Rail Services stopping at Hat Yai Station include SRT's 'International Express' (Bangkok - Butterworth) and KTM's 'Langkawi Express' (Hat Yai - Kuala Lumpur). Both Services have one train per day in each direction.

    Five trains run daily between Hat Yai Station and Bangkok in each direction.

    7 trains per day go to Sungai Kolok (Southeast Branch on Thai / Malay Border).
    Hat Yai Railway Station handles 28 passenger trains per day (26 Thai Railwaays Trains and 2 Malaysian Railways 'Ekspres Langkawi' Trains)

    Train Services to/from Hat Yai Station

    To/from Bangkok: Five trains daily
    --Express trains depart at 16:16, 17:34 and 18:05
    --Rapid trains depart at 14:18 and 15:26. Trains go via Surat Thani, Chumphon, Hua Hin etc.

    To/from Sungai Kolok: Two trains to Sungai Kolok daily departing at 05:36 and 07:18.

    To/from Malaysia: The Thai Railways 'International Express' between Hat Yai and Butterworth (Malaysia) via Padang Besar.
    'International Express' Hat Yai-Pedang Besar-Butterowrth (Malaysia)
    *'International Express' Trains to Butterworth depart daily at 05:50.
    *International Express' Trains from Butterworth (Malaysia) to Hat Yai depart at 13:15 (There is continuing service onto Bangkok).

    Malayan Railways (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) The 'Senandung Langkawi' (Langkawi Express) between Hat Yai and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)via Padang Besar.
    'Senandung Langkawi' Hat Yai-Padang Besar-Butterworth (Malaysia)-Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
    *'Senandung Langkawi' to Kuala Lumpur departs Hat Yai daily at 14:50
    *'Senandung Langkawi' from Kuala Lumpur departs from Kuala Lumpur Sentral Station daily at 20:45

    Please note that Malaysian time is one hour ahead of Thai time.

    Hat Yai - How To get to Hat Yai By Thai Railways

    Take an Overnight Train on Thai Railways Southern Train Line from Bangkok's Hualamphong Train Station to Hat Yai Train Station. Hat Yai is the 'Southern Hub' for all trains going into / coming from Malaysia via Padang Besar, Malaysia. At Hat Yai Station, The Southern Line splits into two South-bound Branches. One goes Southeast via Songkla, Yala, Pattani to Sungai Kolok on the Thai / Malay Border. The other Branch goes Southwest to Padang Besar and destinations South into in Malaysia. There is a rail link at Sungai Kolok (last station on the Thai Railways Southeast Branch) across the Golok River to Rantau Panjang (in Malaysia), but there are no cross-border passenger train services there. Thailand Railways 'International Express' (Bangkok to Butterworth, Malaysia) and Malayan Railways 'Senandung Langkawi' (Hat Yai to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) both travel via Padang Besar (on the Thai/Malay Border). (See 'Visa-Run' Section and 'International Train Service' Section )

    I hope that your trip goes well, but i would not worry too much....there are many tour agency that can help you when you arrive at Hat Yai.....Have a great trip.....wish I can go and adventure again.....

    cheers tommy x

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    Getting to Hat Yai from Kuala Lumpur

    by wsloh Written Oct 13, 2008

    1) Transport from KL to Hatyai- You can't find a more suitable "travel from" center than KL. There're multiple VERY VERY comfortable buses from KL central bus station. Just go to Pudu Raya (everybody knows where it is) and seek out counters with Hatyai. Ask for VIP buses. VIP buses have 3 seats in a row seats. Loosely translated to Business class buses.

    They usually take off at night like 10-11pm, with one stop at 1.5 hours in a town north of KL (stop for drinks/refreshments/food/toilets) then they proceed without stop to the Thai border. Reach roughly around 6am Malaysian time, anoher stop at M'sian side of the Thai border where they collect your passports and fill in immigration forms, then proceed to take the 40 min or so drive right into downtown Hat Yai.

    Re: Self Drive-Try not to, our road signs are not too good, unless you're familliar, you may end up as frustrated as some Amazing Race participants when they get a sh#tty cab driver.

    Trains should be fine as they have medium to high grade sleepers, but take a much longer time.

    Therefore I think a VIP bus is most comfy.

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    Buying ticket for your onward travel from Hat Yai

    by traveljerk Written Oct 3, 2007

    If you are entering Hat Yai for a stop over for an onward travel, the bus driver will usually drop you at a travel agency before proceeding to the bus terminal. It is important to note that there are no bus tickets sold at the bus terminal. The bus terminal generally caters to the parking of buses only. All bus and minibus or van tickets are sold in the travel agencies which abound in the city. Then the bus comes around to fetch you at the office of the travel agency at designated time of departure. You should be around at least 15 minutes before departure time. Some minivans do not leave unless they are full especially for long distance travels to the north like Bangkok. The travel agencies are organized so that their clients can board together in one trip. A bus scheduled to leave at a certain time have to go around the travel agencies to pick up customers leaving at the same time.

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    Blue Bus to Hat Yai

    by velumagan Written Dec 14, 2004

    Took a Government-run 'Blue Bus' from Phuket to Hat Yai. Eight-hour journey. The bus stopped in Krabi for a free lunch. You can take rice, curry and an extra dish. Any other item - add 5B. The one i travelled was a '1st class a/c' but it had no toilet. The Krabi stop was only 15 minutes so please empty ur bladder n bowels before the journey. Cost = 275B one-way.

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    Access from Satun

    by o00o Written Sep 15, 2002

    There are many accibilities to Hat Yai. I was in Malaysia Langkawi Island and from there I took a ferry to Satun of Thailand and then I hired a Taxi driver to get there.

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