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Ko Lanta Things to Do

  • Ko Rok for snorkeling

    We went for a day's trip to Ko Rok islands.It was the most amazing place for snorkeling. The boat arrived at 8.15 a.m.at our hotel near the beach front and picked us up. After stopping at various small piers to pick up other passengers, we stopped a little away from Ko Rok to do snorkeling. The variety of fish was so amazing and it was an...

  • Four Island Tour

    We took the four island tour with the Four Island Tour Company. We were picked up from our hotel at Saladan Pier at 8 a.m.. We drove to the main pier and from there we went on a small boat onto a bigger boat. They served us tea/coffee and warm toast on the boat. We went to Ko Ngai to do some kayaking/snorkeling, then to Ko Mook and the Emerald...


    Rent a bicycle and explore the south of the island where you will find villages that are rarely visited by tourists. Many of the houses are built on stilts over the ocean.


    When i was in Ko Lanta it was nice to sit on the beach early evening and watch the terrific sunsets.

  • Beaches

    There are actually two islands called Koh Lanta, Ko Lanta Noi and Ko Lanta Yai. Yai is the best and where you can find the nicer beaches. Here you can relax in paradise and get a cheap massage. Highly recommended!

  • Speed your way to Koh Rok

    Lovely snorkeling, fine white sand, beautiful beach, an hour speed boat ride from Koh Lanta. tour is 1,200 baht per person


Ko Lanta Hotels

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Ko Lanta Restaurants

  • Funky Fish Bar & Restaurant = SOLID

    North end of Klong Dao Beach next to Lanta Sand Resort & Spa. The Funky Fish has an exceptional chef from Indonesia that cooks Indian food better than most Indians. Solid Thai and original fusion dishes as well but it won't break the bank. Red curry is fantastic = chicken/beef/duck/seafood. Tikka Masala is best I have tasted in Thailand and comes...

  • Oh so tasty baguettes

    This a french bakery and cafe with excellent breads and expresso's. We found ourselves here everyday. The staff were still be trained when we were there, so be patient. We were recommended banana and blackcurrant shake. It was excellent. The bread is fresh everyday.

  • Not the best meal that we have ever had

    We were staying here anyway and heard that the food was worth trying.Maybe it was because the kitchen had only just opened for the season or they were in a hurry as it was the bar's opening night, butThe Massaman curry didn't taste of much and the potatoes were barely cooked. Massaman is a Muslim curry which is very popular in Southern Thailand....


Ko Lanta Nightlife

  • Just having a really good time!

    This place dont look like much from the outside (or from the inside either, to be quite honest) but in this case, looks is definetly deceiving. For the three weeks we stayed on Ko Lanta We stopped here on a daily basis, partly because of the fantastic burgers and thaifood, partly because of the price of beer, but mostly because the owner and his...

  • Open almost of all the year

    We found ourselves at the Irish Embassy every night. Because we were in Ko Lanta in October, we found that most of the bars were closed. We had a warm welcome here. Great place to watch the football or rugby. Darren who owns this place is usually around for a chat and a beer or two. No dress code

  • How much can you chill?

    This is one of the bars at Long beach and in our opinion this was the most relaxing one. There was a lot of space were you lay down on the cushions and the music was also very diverse.It´s the perfect spot to look back and enjoy how wonderfull your holiday is!


Ko Lanta Transportation

  • you need luck to survive k k travel and...

    My first trip to Ko Lanta will also be the last one for as long as K K Travel and Tour owns the monopoly position in transportation to the island from Trang. Our way there was just ridiculous and reminded me of cattle transportation to the butcher. There is simply no space left in the minibus once the backpacks of the passengers plus around 15...

  • From the mainland

    Getting onto the island is best done from Krabi, from there you have to take two car ferries to get to Lanta Yai, buses are easy enough to book from Krabi. It's a 70km trip.

  • Rent a bike

    Ko Lanta is easily navigable by motorbike and there are lots you can rent. They should cost around 250 baht for a day, but you'll need to take care as you're not insured. The roads are in good condition and the roads are pretty empty. The bikes are really practical for going up and down the coast.


Ko Lanta Local Customs

  • Go to the Loy Rua (floating boat)...

    It takes place mostly in Lanta Old Town for 3 days and 3 nights during the full moon on the 6th and 11th months of the lunar calendar. Food tasting, dancing and music, and tourists can join the boatride around the island.


    ...the SQUATTER. You will see these in many places as you travel in Thailand. For some reason my brother decided to take a picture of this one before we left Koh Lanta. After you get used to them they are not as bad as you would think, at first glance.

  • Muslims

    This is just an FYI tip.Ko Lanta has quite a few Muslims here. Muslims do not drink so when eating at a lot of the restaurants, you cannot order a beer etc. You can only get alcohol from the bars, and the bars don't usually open until later on.


Ko Lanta Warnings and Dangers

  • Be prepared in the wet season and have...

    We were in Ko Lanta in the end of the wet season. One day it rained so hard that umbrellas would have been useless and most people kept of the roads.Be prepared to get stuck somewhere for several hours. Fortunately for us we were in the Brit Cafe with free use of the internet. We were there for 4 hours, expats that we spoke to said that was the...

  • FIRE

    I heard from the owners daughter of the Lanta Sunny House, that only two weeks before we arrived, that they had a terrible fire. The fire was caused by somebody having tea candles lit inside their bungalo. The fire not only destroyed his room but six others that were right beside it. She told me the guy was very sorry for causing the blaze (no...


    On the island of Koh Lanta the power is shut down sometimes during the afternoon. It is usually only off for a few hours, but it gets quite hot in the room when it does. It is something to consider if you are spending money on air conditioned rooms.I heard from people staying here, that the generator is shut down at various times, and this causes...


Ko Lanta Tourist Traps


    When purchasing train tickets, or any tickets for that matter, try and be sure of what you are paying for. My brother and I thought we purchased a first class air conditioned train from Trang to Hua Hin. What we got was not first class, and we didn't have the best trip as it turned out. We managed to try and have a good time on the train, but we...

  • Waterfalls - without water!!!!

    The place called waterfalls is on the south part of the island. Due to the roads its difficult to get there.The distance from the mainroad to the waterfalls is approximately 3Km, but the main problem is: THE WATERFALLS ARE DRY!!!

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Ko Lanta What to Pack

  • Suntan Lotion or get Roasted!

    light carrier bag or small luggage on wheels or a medium size backpack. T shirts n shorts and a pairof flip flops/slippers.This appear to be the typical dress code of tourists on the island.Don't forget a cap/hat for sunshield Suntan lotion.Mosquito repellants.Soothing oil or balms for insect bites.Medication for stomach upsets or food...

  • Mosquito repelletn or else!

    Light clothing. The island is very humid. Mosquito repellent, mosquito repellent and mosquito repellent again!!But the very strong kind, please.I used mine and still got eaten alive by the nasty bugs. Also some cream to soothe mosquito bites and plenty of sunscreen. Subaquatic camera is nice, for the snorkeling or diving.

  • Mosquito repellent or suffer !

    HatSlippers A pair of trainers if you plan to have a jog in the morning on the beach... Around Ko Lanta, there are several pharmarcy and 7-11 outlets but best to bring what you need from home... Don't forget batteries ! Insect repellent a must ! Sunblock and a pair of shades !


Ko Lanta Off The Beaten Path


    Even though I wasn't on Koh Lanta for very long, it seems that the nightlife is pretty good. I mean it is calm compared to the other islands I visited, but if you look around, a good time is easily found. Up and down the main road are plenty of bars offering various "specials" to attract people passing by. For example, I don't know how many signs...

  • Trekking into the jungle

    If you go south by motorbike you'll reach some area where there are some treks leading into the jungle.There you can see some great flora: big trees and plants, you see also some birds and reptiles. Really a good adventure.Stay on the footpaths and try not to get lost!

  • Rent a motorbike and drive south...

    Since Ko Lanta is relatively untouched it is a unique experience to ride a motorbike across the island. The main road has been paved only recently, in the southern part of the island, there are still dirt roads. If you go south, go also across the island to the east coast (the beaches are all on the west coast); there is a nice viewing point and...


Ko Lanta Sports & Outdoors

  • Lazy Longtail boat trip around the...

    Circumnavigate Ko Lanta, a full day’s adventure, this trip offers the easiest solution, exploring East and West coasts of Lanta, as well as the mangrove forests in between Ko Lanta Yai and Ko Lanta Noi. Enjoy the sheltered beach with lighthouse on Ko Lanta’s National Park; sip a cool drink while sitting on the sands of Ao Nui on the West Coast....


    While hanging out and spending time with the guys from Bamboo Tattoo, they asked if I would like to go fishing. I had never fished for squid before so I was very excited to try this out. This was still early in the afternoon, so we sat back and waited until the "right " time, and had a few drinks. At about 5:00pm we all went down to the beach and...

  • Great scuba diving around Ko Lanta

    The diving around Ko Lanta was one of the most impressive I've seen so far (which is quite a lot... ;-)). Especially, the areas of Hin Daeng and Hin Muang as well as the Ko Ha islands were beautful.In season, you'll see Mantas, sharks, tunas, turtles, big schools of fish and, if you're very lucky, a whale shark... You can bring your own gear or...


Ko Lanta Favorites

  • Lazy days & lonely beaches

    The peace and quite compared to the rest of Thailand. Some beaches had not a single person on them & no one trying to sell you everything under the sun.


    As stated above, I only planned to spend around 3-4 days on Koh Lanta this trip, but I extended this to almost 10 days. I guess the best reason to explain this would be because I was having such a great time.I wanted to meet up with the people I had met the year before, and after seeing them again, decided to spend some extra time visiting, and...


    I would say that a combination of swimming and walking around every day on the quiet, peaceful beach, with nice weather, was highly relaxing especially after Koh Phi PhI.The second part of my favorite activities would be getting a tattoo the traditional way (with bamboo), an experience that I will always have something to remember it by. After the...


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