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  • Ko Phangan
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  • Ko Phangan
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  • Ko Phangan
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Ko Phangan Highlights

  • Pro
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    LakeFever says…

     Good social scene, a huge mix of people from all over, easy to get around the island, most ammenities are within a short drive, a great place to chill cause thats what everyone is doing, youll fall in... 

  • Con
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    Armado says…

     Can be SO crowded around full moon party night... 

  • In a nutshell
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    hasthetravelbug says…

     If you're looking for a party scene south Ko Phangan is for you... 

Ko Phangan Things to Do

  • A jungle trail to bottle beach in koh...

    Bottle beach is an isolated and beautiful beach in koh phangan. Most of the people take a long tail boat to get there, but you sould know you also have a jungle trail to this beach. From the start point in Chaloklum it will take you about 2 hours to get there, and this is a very good experience.

  • Clear overview of things to do on Koh...

    Phangan has much to offer. Apart from the parties and relaxing on one of the many nice beaches there is a lot of fun stuff to do. You can go trekking in the jungle, see and swim in waterfalls, go kitesurfing, elephant riding, snorkling, diving, see or learn Thai boxing, fitness, paintball and so on.

  • Tantra Yoga on Thong Nai Pan Yai

    You can take a tantra yoga course while you are in Thong Nai Pan, and even go on a retreat! Ask for Dao at Chai Ya Bar/Restaurant (9:30am) or Thai Terrace Bungalows (4pm). Dao was certified by an Indian man whose school is located in Ban Tai (see website below). If you want to take a serious course (ie. Teacher Training), she can introduce you to...


Ko Phangan Hotels

Ko Phangan Restaurants

  • A real good time of culinary and...

    During my stay in Koh Phangan, friends recommended me the Delicate & Sens restaurant in a coconut grove at the Coconut Lane Villas resort.The restaurant offer food only for lunch. It had just opened and we were one of the first clients.We were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food and at a very reasonable price. We only paid 180 THB /...

  • Don't miss the best sunset on the...

    The location is beautiful with amazing sunsets. The atmosphere in the lounge / restaurant is really relaxed and romantic. Drinks and food are very cheap but original and high standard. The staff is very helpful and friendly and can give you good tips about parties and things to do on the Island. After a work out in the Fitness and chill out in the...

  • my favorite restaurant on the island

    This is a great place. It's so clean and comfortable to sit. The food is canadian/american style. Amazing burgers (they call them SEXY!!!) Really good chicken wings and pork ribs. Real fries and mayos that they make there. The salads are to die for and they also got a small variety of tasty thai food.I basically had almost everything on the...


Ko Phangan Nightlife

  • Full Moon Party Ko Phangan tips and...

    The Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan in Thaland is one of the most famous outdoor parties in the world and it takes place once a month in Haad Rin on Koh Phangan. The beautiful beach is transformed into a huge party zone with blacklights, fluorescent colours, fireworks and thousands of happy people dancing and partying under the light of the full...

  • Chilling out

    Very cool atmosphere, good music, hammocks, excellent drinks. I also spottted some chilums changing hands....:-).Also food available, but we never ate there, so dunno the taste of it.Also few huts for rent. Are you kidding? Well, lets say this way; the waiters didnt wear any shirts.So, basically very casual...

  • Good chill beach bar. Not on the beach...

    This is the Chai Bar that was located on the beach the last time we visited. For some reason they had to move and another chill bar was left in its place. When we finally figured out where this bar was, we were relived.....the people who run Chai are the niest ever. WE had a great time with them all. They now have an extended menu and we tried the...


Ko Phangan Transportation

  • Waiting to get home on full moon night

    During the night of the full moon party, pick up truck taxis are responsible for getting people to and from Haad Rin and run all night long. They can send you anywhere accessible by car but if you are going back to your resort any further than Thong sala, sometimes you have to wait in front of Big A supermarket for what seems like ages before you...

  • Ferry To & From Koh Phangan

    It is easy to get to Koh Phangan by ferry.If you are coming from Koh Samui you can catch the ferry at Bo Phut Pier.The fare is around 90 baht.From Koh Phangan you get the ferry at Thongsala to Surathanni and there are a number of ferry companiesyou can choose from.Seatran ferry ,Raja ferry and Lomphrayah speed catamaran are all very good.

  • Getting there by boat

    One of the easiest way to get to Ko Phangan is by the regular ferry service from Ko Samui or from Ko Tao, the two closest islands.Of course, there are direct ferry services to Ko Phangan from the mainland itself from Chumpon and Surat Thani.If you are prone to seasickness especially after days of island hopping, do take some medication before the...


Ko Phangan Shopping

  • A bang for your 50 Baht

    This cozy little store in the main town of Thong Sala sells all their products for 50 baht. It sounds too good to be true but their products are of good quality including many Thai handicrafts which cost much more in other stores. They also sell Fullmoon toys and even handmade bags for only 50 baht. Not everything in the store was 50 baht though...

  • Markets of Thong-sala

    It's not about 1 shop but in all the markets and shops along the main street you can find just about anything you want from cloths to shoes to souveniers to electronics etc.Once off the boat in Thong-Sala you will probably see ice cream sellers on moterbikes (see photo under) and other food merchants and then as you leave the jetty you will pass...

  • Tatoo parlor

    There are many tatoo parlor in Koh Phangan. This one is a cute, artsy little corner located at Had Yao village.The parlor also double up as a gift shops selling antique and Thai crafts.Even if you not getting any tatoo, just walk into the shop and ask for permission to watch the tatooing process.The art of tatoo is really beautiful but I m not sure...


Ko Phangan Local Customs

  • Family Pet???

    I have no idea why the Thais feel that cagging up wild animals so they can look at them is ok.For 10 days these birds sat just where you see them....the cage was 2 meters by 2 meters......we saw a couple other properties with cagged eagles........of course, monkeys on leashes is old hat in Thailand.NOTE: this was owned by the Madam who ran Starlite...

  • No bikinis off the beach!

    Every single guidebook says this yet still in the little Thai village I stay in are idiot tourists walking around in string bikinis. Some of them even go into shops or restaurants like this! This is SO RUDE in Thai culture, and even though the Thais will probably not say anything to you since they are generally non-confrontational people, they will...

  • Songkhran

    This event is over a few days in april the hotest and dryest month.......it is normally over a few days but once in Pattaya a few years ago it went on for 2 weeks........Basically the whole country erupts into big water fights............you will wherever you are get wet in doors or outside...........don't bother changing into dry clothes you will...


Ko Phangan Warnings and Dangers

  • beware of taxi driver from haad rin -...

    beware of a taxi (songthaew) driver picking up customers in haad rin. this man robbed our friends (1 male/1 female) after driving them to their resort at 3am.this is a photo from the police, that is the man who robbed them. he is well known to police, and commits robberies and druggings regularly. he is known to be aggressive. please be careful and...

  • Motorbike Scam Sritannu

    Do not rent a motorbike from Fuang Fua convenience shop in Sritannu. There was a scratch underneath the bike on a plastic panel and they wanted 5000 Baht to "repair" the damage and tried to keep my passport until I paid. The husband even pulled a knife trying to intimidate me. I went to the police in Thongsala, "Keow" was very helpful, we both...

  • Fine for not wearing motorcycle helmet

    When you rent a motorcycle on koh phangan you should always wear a helmet for safety reasons as well as avoiding a 200 baht penalty if the police decide to work extra hard that day. They will be lurking in unavoidable spots and will sneak up on you from nowhere and make you pay a fine there and then. Guess its better to be safe than sorry or broke.


Ko Phangan Tourist Traps

  • Be careful when renting a bike

    make sure you check the whole bike for scratches or damages before renting a bike. the owners will make you pay outragous fees for just a broken mirror. if you must repair the bike for damges, bring it to another garage shop for a cost evaluation, tell the owner that you will repair it yourself. don't attempt to ride up the had rin slopes if you...


    One thing that is not unusual in Thailand are vendors on the beaches. Here however there are children added to the mix, trying to sell you goods all night long. The main problem I have with this is how young some of these "vendors" were. The one that came up to us couldn't have been older than 6 (maybe) and she was quite hard to say no to. My...

  • boat trips

    We took a boat trip called the Munchies boat trip. Although our guide was friendly, the tour was really crappy! We were supposed to go snorkeling, but all the fungi-infested equipment was so old that you couldn't see a thing trough the masks, even if the there would be any visibility. Also, all the other tours where there at the same time, so i...


Ko Phangan What to Pack

  • Dont pack a thing...but if you do...

    Laundry everywhere...its the one service you can always find. We did laundry every other day...in little bits...jeans/ts and underwear....would cost about 100 baht for the two of us....everywhere we went we did laundry. Came home with a clean backpack of clothes. Therefor, you can also bring less clothing ..only a couple of each..the rest you can...

  • pack light

    backpack is enough, don't tug the heavy suitcases into the island. tee shirts, shorts, slippers, sunglasses, bikini. pharmacists are everywhere so if you want to pack light it's fine. i brought enough to last me a few days. when clothes ran out, i sent it to the housekeeper for laundry. real cheap and fast.

  • Not much u cannot get here!

    Backpack recommended. You'll have a hard time wheeling suitcase around. Plus, you'll probably feel really out of place! Warm Weather gear: Tees, Berms, Sarongs, Bikinis, Slippers, All terrain sandals (if you wanna visit a waterfall or go trekking).Raincoat (for the passing showers if you visit during Oct-Nov Essentials: Mosquito repellent,...


Ko Phangan Off The Beaten Path

  • This snake was in my bed.

    This is a tree snake that i found in my bed one morning. I managed to shoo it away and it went up the balcony onto the roof. Enter my mate Andy who wanted to pose below it to show how long it was, as the camera went off the snake fell off the roof and Andy nearly filled his pants...a golden moment and i still don't know if they are poisonous (the...

  • Game Bar in Tong Nai Pan PT#2

    During the day this is a good plce to chill out and chat, play games and listen to music.They do have a small food menu and serve an amazing baguette for lunch 150-180B. Sorry no photo for some reason.....By night time this is one of the popular places to go and the music is turned up significantly. Open area does turn into a dance floor complete...

  • Haad Mae Had

    On the west coast of Koh Phangan is this beach resort of Mae Haad which is perfect for those happy with just a quiet bungalo by the beach.There is an island just off the coast of Mae Haad named Koh Ma and in low tide you can walk there.There are boating trips you can do from here but basically you are in a quiet little world of your own if you stay...


Ko Phangan Sports & Outdoors

  • Short Distance Kayaking

    another sport to do in ko phangan while... just do kayaking to another small island nearby.... for me it was really exciting sport and sunbathing. :-) All you need is kayak, and life vest.... all in one price when you rent it. It is cheap!!

  • Sea kayaking

    You can rent these kayaks on almost every beach. They aren't the high end sea kayaks that you would buy to tour but they work for just paddling around the bays, getting a tan and exploring some of the outcrops. They are very stable and can be a lot of fun if you can find a little surf to play in. Rent everything. It's Thailand...it's very cheap.

  • Frisbee

    If you feel like you have to expend some energy and want to stay close to "home" Frisbee is a good release for a lot of people.


Ko Phangan Favorites

  • Thong Nai Pan Noi

    This would have to be the most beautiful little beach resort I have ever been to.It has great little bungalo's along the beach (Baan Panburi) unde rthe coconut tree's.Thong Nai Pan Noi has superb fresh seafood restaurants with tables on the beach of a night time and a couple of laid back places to party of a night. The beach is enclosed on three...

  • Beach near Had Rin

    Hat Yuan is a nice white sand beach next to Hat Rin. Acces only by longtail boat (from Hat Rin quite frequent, at full moon all nigh)

  • Thongsala

    Thongsala is the first place you get to when you arrive on Ko Phangan .It's the only main port and also the only town on Phangan, houseing most of the island's residents. It provides all kinds of necessary facilities you may need including banks, ATMs,7-11,travel agents and a post office .We booked plane tickets back to Bangkok at one of the small...


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