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  • Beauty Land Patong Beach
    Beauty Land Patong Beach
    by Cathy&Gary
  • Beauty Land Patong Beach
    Beauty Land Patong Beach
    by Cathy&Gary
  • Beauty Land Patong Beach
    Beauty Land Patong Beach
    by Cathy&Gary

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    Phuket Shopping Price Guide: Phuket Shopping Price Guide

    by Cathy&Gary Updated Nov 13, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness


    This is just a guide to prices only, some of the prices are what we have paid and some are from other peoples reports. So if you pay more or less for something, it doesn't matter.


     Just remember, sometimes you are squabbling over cents, is it really worth doing that.
    The best way to get a bargain is never lose your cool or raise your voice, always bargain with a smile and a few words of Thai will not go astray and your attempts will be much appreciated.

    There is also a link to a much bigger current Price Guide which is printer friendly at the bottom of this page, plus a slide show with lots of photos of various shopping and the prices paid for them.

    T Shirt's & Singlets, Billabong, Ripcurl, Diesel etc 150 - 200 baht
    Board Shorts, Billabong etc 200 - 300 baht
    Hipster Shorts 100 baht
    Gym Singlets Big Sizes (Big C) 79 baht
    La Coste & Polo Shirts, Big Sizes 150 - 200 baht
    Wrap around Skirt Pants (3/4 length) -200 baht
    Roxy Bikinis 450 baht
    LV Bikinis 400 baht
    Mens Swimmers 200 baht
    Sarongs 100 - 200 baht
    Lonsdale T Shirts 150 baht
    Sunglasses (all brands) 200 baht
    DVD movies 50-60 baht
    CD Music 50 - 100 baht
    Play Station 2 Games 80 - 100 baht
    LV Watch (cheap quality) 300 baht
    Men's fully automatic watches, Rolex etc 1000 - 1750 baht
    Mozzie Zapper tennis racquets 150 baht
    These mozzie zappers come under restricted imports (Australia) which means you need written permission in order to import the items - more info here - Australian Customs
    Guess Ladies watch 600 baht
    Hello Kitty watch & mobile phone case 500 baht
    Surf Wallets 200 baht
    Backpacks 100 - 500 baht
    LV plastic shoulder bag 300 baht
    Thai Elephant bags (small) 100 - 200 baht
    Nice ladies shoes in shoes shops at Big C 199 baht

    Girls tops, Billabong etc 150 baht
    Golf Shirts 200 baht
    Belts copy names 200 baht
    Caps copy names 150 baht
    Pashmina's 200 baht
    Dresses & Skirts (short) 200 - 300 baht
    Kids T Shirts 120 - 150 baht
    Kids Shorts 150 - 180 baht
    Women's cheap singlet tops, (Dolce&Gabbana) 100 baht
    Diesel Leather Sandals, great quality 500 baht
    Diesel Plastic Sandals, bad quality 250 baht
    Beaded Thongs 100 baht
    Roxy Shoe String Strap Tops 150 - 200 baht
    Chanel & Playboy Halter Neck Tops 200 baht

    LV Umbrella 280 baht
    LV Wallet 300 baht
    LV Beach Towel 300 baht
    LV Overnight Bag (large) 2000 baht
    LV cigarette case with gas lighter 150 - 200 baht
    Gas novelty lighters 100 - 150 baht
    Von Dutch & Diesel Bags (small organizer bags) 300 - 450 baht
    Good quality copy handbags from secret rooms - up to 1500baht
    Silk Cushion Covers 100 baht
    Silk Table Runners 150 Baht
    Medium size bedspread, tablecloth with fringe 300 baht

    Like I said previously, this is only an approximate guide to prices, pay whatever you are happy with!

    See lots of photos of handbags, wallets etc in a slideshow at end of page.
    (I never pay more than 1500 baht for a good quality copy bag - though if I wanted a certain bag bad enough and it was a bit more then of course I would definitely be tempted!).

    Angel 50ml bottle 2560 baht
    Angel for men 50ml bottle 1840 baht
    Gucci 50ml bottle 2590 baht
    Treson 100ml bottle 2100 baht
    I priced all these perfumes before we left Australia and they were cheaper at Phuket Airport Duty Free.
    However since we have returned home I have discovered the Perfume Empire and the Perfume Clearance Centre, now I will always check their prices first as most of their perfumes are much cheaper than Duty Free.
    You can order online and they also have shops in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

    Benson & Hedges, Mild 7, Triple 5, London, all 550 baht per carton of 200 (Cigarettes in local shops are approximately 50 - 100 baht a packet and from street vendors about 50 - 60 baht a packet of 20)

    You can buy alcohol at most of the little local supermarkets and all of the major ones. 
    There is also a good distributor up Rat-U-Thit Rd past the Patong Merlin.
    Its on the other side of the road, look for the huge sign on top of a building on the corner advertising a cosmetic surgeon, go down that lane and its down a bit on the right. They also have a big selection of wine and beers. 
    Its a great place to buy in bulk if you are staying for awhile.

    Prices are also very good in supermarkets such as Carrefour, 7/11 shops.

    Another very good one for spirits and wine is the Deli Supermarket up the northern end on Rat-U-Thit Rd - past Nickys Handlebar.

    I have recently priced lots of various wines, beers and spirits from a couple of different places in Phuket, so click on the link below for a printer friendly list of alcohol prices.
    Printer friendly price list

    Phuket also has some good buys in cosmetics. I always stock up on Olay Total Effects, at home it cost about $28, in Phuket it is 359 Baht and always comes in a promotional pavckage with another product. I bought my last lot at the supermarket in Big C.

    What to pay: Have a look at my link below, theres hundreds of photos of shopping along with prices, far more than on my VT site.

    Cheap Olay Products Handbag Shopping More Shopping Wat Chalong Shopping More Shopping
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    All bartering stalls: A very handy and not so well known tip

    by lunargodezz Written May 13, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I think this applies to most of the stalls you barter with.

    What to buy: We overheard this bit of information and waited till we found a very nice shop keeper and asked him and this is what he told us, i don't know if it is true but made sense when i checked purchases. When you barter for goods they are put into coloured bags after the transaction. These colours mean different things to other shop keepers. For instance if your goods are put into a pink plastic bag it means you were ripped off and is a symbol to other shop keepers that they can rip you off too as you are not a good barterer. A blue one means something i am not too sure off ,blue means " blue movies" well i didn't buy any and am too shapely for that so i don't quiet get that one. Apparently black is the best bag to get as it means you are a good barterer and cannot be ripped off. Didn't find out about green and yellow.
    If all else fails do what we did and buy a big shoulder bag to hide the colour of your purchases from the next shop.
    We did get one pink one after finding out this information and it was quickly put in our shoulder bag.

    My sister with her green plastic bag

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    Markets Patong Beach: Markets Patong Beach

    by Cathy&Gary Updated Mar 17, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Beachwear, sportswear, souvenirs can be bought from street stalls, little shops and noisy night markets. Patong also has specialist jewelry, ethnic crafts, art and antiques shops, waiting for the dedicated bargain hunter.
    On the streets you'll find brightly-lit stalls as far as the eye can see. The night market - located along the main Beach road, offers handicrafts, silk scarves, sarongs, beach and leisure wear, leather goods and luggage, CD's, computer games, electronic gadgets and toys. Open every night.

    Along Rat-U-Thit Road (Main Road), there is another market that sets up 2-3 nights a week, usually Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays which sells recycled jeans, funky shoes, clothes, Thai sweets, orchids, ornaments and hair accessories. Open 6-7pm until late.(Around Royal Paradise area)

    Huge new markets on Rat-U-Thit Road called O Patong (I think) turn right end of Bangla Rd and keep walking (about 10 mins) will see big sign on left side of road. Great bargains here, not crowded and plenty of bars to have a drink.

    I think the best markets in Patong Beach (dont know the name) are also on Rat-U-Thit Rd, (end of Bangla Rd, go left, they are on other side of road) dont look the best from the outside, but inside is great, very cheap and nearly all fixed prices.

    What to buy: There are four photos of handbags I have bought along the Beach Rd. They all cost 1500Baht each. The 2 Gucci bags (they are the same just different colors) I bought a couple of years ago, they still look like new.

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    No Names!!!!: Great cheap Markets

    by junecorlett Written Jul 22, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Phuket Markets

    No matter where you go on the island you will find Plaza's and markets.
    You need good bartering skills.
    I was called on by my family to do all the bartering as I had a lot of tips from fellow VT-ers.
    If they ask B500 for an item, go in at half that. Sometimes you can go as low as B180 to start and end at B250. Worked for me. Not always - I found a genuine leather Jimmy Choo COPY bag. They wanted B4000. I started at B2500 and gave up. The next evening I went back, started bartering again and got it for B2200

    What to buy: Sandals, handbags, jewelry, shirts, T shirts...everything.

    What to pay: Start bartering at half of what they ask. They love it....

    Some of the dresses
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    by junecorlett Updated Feb 10, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are MANY Art shops in Phuket.
    This painting which is in oils, measures approx 2 meters in width, and the height is about 1.5 meters. I loved the colours and the ocean in the background. The asking price was 14 000 Bhat. My bartering skills are not so good. While I was chatting to a couple from Australia, my husband was busy negotiating a price for the painting. We eventually paid 9000 Bhat. It was perfectly packaged for us to take back to South Africa. On arrival in SA I waited 2 days, then took it to a frame shop. The framing cost more than the painting. The Framer was very pleased that we had brought it in so soon , as a lot of people leave their paintings rolled up for about a year, by then the oils have dried up and starts to crack.

    Oil Painting
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    Big C SuperCentre: Big C SuperCentre

    by Cathy&Gary Updated Oct 28, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    One of my favourite shopping centres.

    Lots of shops, heaps of mobile phone shops, huge supermarket and grog shop and a good food court. (Plus KFC)

    Make sure you make it to the top floor some nice fixed price shops. I bought some really nice tops and shorts up here for 150Baht each. (Plus the toilets are up on this floor!!)

    Olay products are very cheap here. The Olay Total Effects creme cost 350Baht, plus it normally always comes with another little promotion, eg hair moisturizer etc. I always stock up on this as in Australia it can cost up to $30.

    Olay Regenerist Night Cream was also on special for 419Baht.

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    John International Tailor: Tailor

    by junecorlett Updated Jul 25, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tailor made suits for both men and women. Shirts - trousers - silk ladies suits or dresses
    Choose your fabric and style, then you will be measured.
    Return 24 hrs later for your fisrt fitting.

    Your garments will be ready for collection the next day. Will also be delivered to your hotel if necessary.

    What to buy: Suits ladies and mens.
    Dresses, blouses, jackets etc

    What to pay: 2 ladies trousers Deposit 1000TB.
    Total price 2200TB

    Mens suit with waistcoat, 1 shirt (good quality) and one tie. Total cost 5500TB

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    DS, Play Station & PSP games

    by Cielo_Algaeed Updated Jan 29, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    There are several shops that sell PS2 games, DS and PSP games. Prices differs on the kind of games that you will buy. These are copy versions so make sure your unit is already modified for it will work.

    Price Range: 350THB and up

    We bought our games from the chinese looking guy at the corner of Bangla Road

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    Souvenior shop

    by faridah Written Jul 4, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This shop is tuck away in the narrow lanes of Patong.
    You can get cheap local souveniors and handicrafts. You cant get the same price at Patong Top.
    They have lovely handicrafts,scarfs and Tshirts.
    It is rather unfortunate that I only stumbled upon this shop on my 2nd last day as i have bought most of the stuffs I needed.

    What to buy: I still bought the nicely sequinned letter holders at 100 baht each.
    Perfumed candles in small tiny elephants candle holder in set of 6. 4 sets at only 100 baht. The shops in front of Patong quoted me 500 baht for the same stuffs.
    Got a T shirt at 100 baht.
    A beautifully carved wooden back scratcher at 100 baht.
    I would really recommend this shop.

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    Family Mart: 24 Hrs Mini Mart

    by Cielo_Algaeed Updated Jan 29, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Wooried coz you forgot your basic toiletries? Fret not! coz in Phuket they have the 24 hrs mini mart that has almost everything basic that you need from toothpaste,shampoo, lotion,food,cigarette etc.

    Prices are reasonable...

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    Hilfiger Fashons: A good Tailor

    by slasty Written May 25, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    With some many tailors in Phuket it is hard to find a good one. Alot of them are pushy and rude. This tailor located in the driveway to Banthai Beach Resort is very good. They are friendly and never push you to buy anything. We stayed at the Resort twice before we actually got anything made and the reason we went there was they never hassled us but always said hello.

    What to buy: They make suits, business shirts, blouses and dresses. I have got a number of items of clothing made and they have been excellent quality and reasonably priced.

    What to pay: It will all depend on the fabric but always barter them down a little as there is a bit of room to move with the price.

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    Central Festival: Central Festival Shopping Centre

    by Cathy&Gary Updated Apr 4, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Central Festival is a large modern shopping mall in Phuket.

    This huge modern complex has every type of shop you could imagine with many brand names available. (Real brand names of course - not copies!!)

    There are sports shops, clothes shops, beauty shops, jewellery, homeware, computer, mobile phone shops and if its shoes you are after, you will find the most beautiful ones here. There is a good supermarket and department store plus a state of the art cinema complex.

    If you have problems buying shoes in Phuket have a look at the Bata shop - they have big sizes for women!!

    Every taste is catered for as well in the eating department. From KFC, Sizzlers and Pizza Hut, to the food hall, or try some of the more upmarket restaurants.

    There are also quite a few ATM's at Central Festival, tour centres, banks. Everything you would expect from a major shopping mall is here.

    Well worth a visit.

    The choice at Central Festival is endless.

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    Jungceylon: Jungceylon

    by imstress Written Jun 22, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Tired of shopping in hot and humid weather. Dont wish to sharpen your bargaining skills? Come to Jungceylon which is the largest shopping and leisure destination in Patong Beach. It has 4 different zone.

    I brought lots of blouse which were going on sale for THB100 onwards. This is the best place to shop if you don’t like bargaining and like to shop in air-conditioning comfort. However there are no fake brands like Billabongs sold here. There is a food court we had our meal here.

    Carrefour is the anchor tenant. We love to buy the roast chicken, sausages, mango for our dinner.

    Zone 1: Silang Boulevard - food court, massage, botiques, sport complex, Thai art & handicraft shop and cafes.

    Zone 2: The Port - Featuring Jungceylon Water Fountain in an outdoor section where the Chinese Junk Boat and the Musical Fountain light show performances are held every night.

    Zone 3: Sino Phuket - lots of stalls selling clothes and I brought a few here. The restaurants will be opening soon.

    Zone 4: Phuket Square - Carrefour is the anchor tenant. Robinson Department Store, bowling alley, theaters will be opening soon.

    Open: 11 am till midnight daily.

    Jungceylon Musical Fountain Jungceylon Carrefour Sino Phuket Zone Food Court

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    Markets Phuket: Markets Phuket

    by Cathy&Gary Updated Mar 7, 2011

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Phuket Weekend Markets are called a few different names such as Chao Fah Variety, Jatujak or Talad tai rot or the weekend markets). They are located just off Chaofa West Rd opposite Wat Nakha)

    Try some deep fried crickets they are only 10baht per cup!

     These markets are now Phuket's biggest weekend markets and you can buy everything here, fresh foods, clothes, pets, accessories, home decorations and there are lots of delicious food stalls.
    The markets are behind King Rama Park and the bypass road connecting Chaofa east & west rd. 

    Many items here are much cheaper than in Patong Beach. It can be very busy and hot at these markets but its great to go there just to look around the fresh food markets and savor the smells!!

    There are huge selections of shoes, clothes, accessories etc at these markets and its all so cheap!! 

    If you are driving there yourself from Patong turn right at the big intersection where Central Festival is on the left and Thai Nam restaurant is on the right.

    Turn left at the first set of traffic lights and you will see the markets down on the right hand side.

    On the streets of Patong you will find brightly lit stalls as far as the eye can see.
    Beachwear, sportswear, souvenirs can all be bought from stalls, little shops and noisy night markets. 

    Along Beach Rd and down the side streets you will find handicraft, silk scarves. sarongs, beach and leisure wear, leather goods and luggage, cd's, dvd's, computer games, handbags, electronic gadgets and toys.

    Most of the copy handbags you see in the shops are the cheaper not so good quality one's. Lots of these shops have little secret rooms where they store their more expensive good quality copy bags.

    These rooms might be in the same shop, the wall will be a display of clothing etc but behind this is a hidden door, or sometimes you may have to follow the person through another shop or down an arcade to get to the secret room etc.

    So if you do not see anything you like ask them if they have any more and they will take you to their secret room. 
    Though most of the time you will not have to say anything, they will approach you first. It's the same with dvd's, most times you will be taken to a hidden room.

    Along Rat-U-Thit Rd (around Royal Paradise area) there is also another market that sets up most nights of the week which sell clothing, shoes, Thai sweets, orchids, ornaments, hair accessories and jewellery.
    They open around 5pm and stay open till late.

    Also on Rat-U-Thit Road is the OTOP markets.
    They are up the Patong Merlin end or if you come out of Bangla Rd turn right and walk for about 10 minutes, you will see the big sign on the left side of the road.

    These markets are huge, good bargains to be had here, they are not crowded and there is plenty of little bars to stop and have a break for shopping.

    What to pay: In the photos there are covers on the beds. These can be used for tablecloths, curtains, bed decorations etc. They are both the same size, medium and I paid 300baht each for them.

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  • beads/casual jewelry in Phuket

    by Oz-shopper Updated Dec 22, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I spent many hours wandering around Patong looking for a bead shop. The beach road has many stalls selling casual jewelry made from beads but not much variety of design and everything has to be bartered for. Eventually found a really nice bead shop (maybe the only one) in the new Patong OTOP shopping paradise. The shop was near the rear of this huge shopping market next to a bar called Booty Bar. The young lady in the bead shop spoke good english and was very knowledgable and helpful but it was the range of beads and great prices that kept me coming back. Many beautiful bead styles i hadnt seen before. All prices were marked which made it quite relaxing. You could also have things made to order using your choice of beads and design. I tried a few times to buy things on the beach road for better prices than i'd seen in the bead shop but couldnt get near it.
    For anyone in to beads this shop is a must!
    All in all the OTOP shopping paradise is clean, doesnt smell and was good value with way less pressure, better prices and greater variety.

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