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  • chatterley's Profile Photo

    Jewellery Shop

    by chatterley Written Jun 21, 2006

    After our tour to Phang Nga, we headed for our way back to the hotel (hotel transfers included in the tour package). En route, the minibus stopped at a huge jewellery store (near Phuket Town). My tour guide told us to go in and "have a look", "buy souvenirs". It sold mainly jewellery with expensive stones and metals (gold, sapphires, diamonds, rubies etc). We came out of the store in just a couple of minutes, empty-handed of course.... we've encountered these "discount stores" in our travels in Asia far too frequently (Korea, Hong Kong, China etc)....No way are we going to spend our $$$ on these "souvenirs"!

    When we came out of the store, we saw loads of buses "offloading" their passengers here...the store must be doing brisk business!

    Unique Suggestions: You can go in and take a look, but don't show interest in any of the products or ask the salesperson to show you anything from the showcase (if you have no real intnention of buying)....once you do that, you'll be stuck there for a long long time....generally, the sales staff in these stores are rather persistent.

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  • Tina-Perth's Profile Photo

    Credit Cards

    by Tina-Perth Updated Jun 21, 2006

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As credit card fraud becomes increasingly bad, be ultra-vigilant in Asian countries. Thailand is well known for it. Even though you may take precautions such as not letting your credit card out of your sight, it is not enough. Once they have the imprint of your details, you are at risk.

    We observed all the rules about credit cards in Thailand and we're not sure how, but someone managed to make a number of withdrawals from our account adding up to $6,000. It may have been that they accessed our account details whilst we were using wireless internet to check account balances and transfer money. The money was taken out in the UK. I have heard of many people with the same problems recently. You must check your account for a few months following your visit as the withdrawals have happened as long as 3 months after the visit.

    Unique Suggestions: My advice to anyone is to withdraw cash at an ATM (with caution) and use that. Do not use your credit card for general transactions.

    We found that although you are supposed to be able to withdraw 40,000 baht per day, we could only get 20,000 in a transaction.

    Fun Alternatives: Perhaps the wisest choice is to take as much cash with you as you can and keep it safely on your person.

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  • hash09's Profile Photo

    Cheap, but its not cheap as you think of

    by hash09 Written Apr 26, 2006

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    This places are a tourist area and all the hookers would like to get extra money from 1st timer tourist like me. As i thought all the thing over patong area will be cheaper, but i was wrong about it. Eg. a simple sandle same as in malaysia i can get at RM6 which is THB50 only, but when i get there, i was asking for the sandle and they gave me price at THB220 which is RM20. The sim card in malaysia you can get at THB100 only (for those who can speak thai) and me i get it at THB400 with THB50 free credit.

    This all has been tought by my friend who live there for 9 months, according to him, for those who cannot speak thai at all, they will giving you a double price or even more than what they offer to the local. And if you can speak little thai, says at the average, you have middle low price and if you are a thai or can speak excellent thai, you can get even lower price as local can get.

    Other than that, if you deal with a tourist agency, my advice to you is, better check at many tourist agency as you can and believed me, you can get a prices at far different range from each places you went. That is my experience, i finished a lots of money because of this trap.

    Fun Alternatives: Learn at least a little thai or get a friends who can speak thai and ask them to company you when you do shopping, at least you can make different for the prices.

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  • Ozzy-Cambo's Profile Photo

    English and Indians asking directions on scooters!

    by Ozzy-Cambo Written Feb 25, 2006

    As you are walking around Patong, from time to time you will be asked by an English (pom) male or female on a scooter if you speak english. Of course us wanting to help we said "yes", expecting to be asked directions, don't be fooled, they are running a scratchie ticket scam where you will always "scratch and win a prize". You then have to go to a resort to collect the prize, where you then get the hard sell for time share apartments. Don't get caught, there are Indians in some of the markets doing the same thing as well, BEWARE.

    Unique Suggestions: Go at your own peril, I didn't go, it's up to you.

    Fun Alternatives: I just gave back the tickets or threw them in the bin somewhere, after about day 3, my answer to when they asked me if spoke english was, "no mate, Australian and I'm not interested!"

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  • icyjo24's Profile Photo

    Beware of Agency Rip-offs - Day Trips from Phuket

    by icyjo24 Written Dec 28, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When I took the minibus service from Phuket International Airport, the minibus driver stopped at this tour agency on the pretext of saying we have to stopped there to confirm the location of our dropoff points and to check tickets and some other crap. Actually its a trap to get tourists to sign up for day trips at higher prices at the agency and the driver will get commission from this. The advertised price for a day trip to the Phi Phi Islands will be something like 2800 baht but they will tell you that they are giving you a 35% discount and the cost will be around 1700 to 1800 baht. This is a trap. The prices quoted is still high as compared to what you will get if you shop around the travel agencies selling exactly the same tour near the main beaches. I jolly well know of such traps but fell for it again, perhaps because it was an early morning flight and I didn't sleep for the previous night. Luckily we just signed up for one day trip. It cost 1700 baht and the first quote we got from an agency near our guesthouse was 1500 baht for the same tour with the same brochure!

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  • icyjo24's Profile Photo

    Online booking of accommodation

    by icyjo24 Updated Dec 28, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I book online for a guesthouse known as the Beshert Guesthouse and Hostel which is about 5 minutes walk to Karon Beach. The prices seem too good to be true, 200 baht per person for a twin room, which is supposedly at the guesthouse. When we arrived at the guesthouse, the person pointed us to the Beshert Hostel which is on a building behind. Both are under the same owner. The room we were given was a single room which they allow for twin sharing at the price we paid. We try to argue with her but she don't really understand English but I manage to understand her Thai Language and she said we could talk to her boss and change room at a later time. We were quite angry at first but we manage to upgrade to the twin room for 600 baht in total but we lost our 10% online booking fee. So be careful when you book online. I also wouldn't recommend this place as it can get noisy at night with the people getting drunk and screaming at the bar in the ground level. This place is only 3 to 4 storeys high.

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  • How Much is Reasonable?

    by Herbert999 Written Jul 31, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Bargaining (or comparing) the price is necessary in Phuket, especially when you charter a vehicle.

    We wanted to go from Evason to Putong. The first taxi driver requested 500 Baht. We refused. When we walked down to main road for other choices, another driver approached us and requested 400 Baht. We refused again. When we were on the main road, some local people helped us to call taxi service. We finally went to Patong for 300 Baht only.

    I was not sure if this was the lowest (or reasonable) price, but this was the lowest price I could get.

    Unique Suggestions: Like many other countries, some Phuket drivers want to rip off tourists. If local people could help you, you may get a better deal.

    Luckily I had some local people kind enough to help me to call the taxi. This may not always happen. However, it's always good to chat with local people. They sometimes may reveal what the "reasonable" price should be. So you will have a better idea on the "optimal" price point to bargain for.

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  • DHK's Profile Photo

    Taxi Services At Phuket Airport

    by DHK Written Jul 28, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Our hotel is on Patong Beach. We asked the staff at the taxi service counter inside and the staff outside for the price of the taxi service from the airport to our hotel. The travel book listed around 400~450 bht. So, we bargained the price to that. However, the taxi driver said ok and also gave us receipt. Then the taxi driver stopped at a tour information shop located 5 mins away from the airport. And a quite good looking lady came out and said to double check the desintation. She said that our receipt is to another place which prices is 400~450 bht. But to patong should be 550bht. We doubted that it is a trap and insisted to go back to the airport. They really did drive us back to the airport with money back too.

    We are not sure whether it is a trap or not. But why did the driver stop at the tour information? why did the ok-looking lady come out? Just found a lot of questions there.

    Fun Alternatives: So, you can walk 100 meter to find a parking space with metered taxi service.

    It is only several minutes straight from the exit of the airport. You are actually be able to see that service right from the exit.

    In our case, it costs 3XX bht to our hotel with 100 bht for registered and licenced taxi drivers.

    Good luck.

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  • Beware of Massage shop in Karon

    by FT1 Written Jul 21, 2005

    This massage shop will lie and overcharge you, I have a deal for foot cleaning for half price (100 B) if I do the massage together, but eventually they deny and force me to pay 200B, as she said she only agreed for half price for 2 persons doing the masssage and foot cleaning together, not one person!

    Beware of this massage shop opposite Karon Beach in Phuket ( near the end of Karon beach)

    Unique Suggestions: Make the deal clearly with them before start any service.

    Fun Alternatives: check other shops for price before you decide to go into.

    bad massage shop
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  • trevndebs's Profile Photo


    by trevndebs Written Jun 8, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The Police in Thailand have a purge every now and then on foreign tourist drivers to raise some cash.
    They close off the beach road at one end and stop everybody, we saw this about every other day last time we were there.

    Unique Suggestions: To hire a car or motorbike in you must have an International Driving Licence with you. If not, they'll ticket you and hold onto either your licence/passport or pillion passenger! until you drive to the Police Station and return with a receipt saying you've paid the fine ( usually 2-300 Baht )
    Also, the driver of a motorbike MUST wear a helmet by law, pillion passenger it's not compulsory.

    Oh no! She fell off!
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  • tuk tuk's and tailors

    by IrishPaddy Written Apr 26, 2005

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    firstly, tuk tuks (the mini vans with open air backs to sit in)
    never pay more than 20B,possibly up to 40B for longer ride , alwys half the drivers original quote, if not moreso, its highly competitive among them so thats in your favour.....

    tailors, from india etc line the streets down by the sea front, and talkabout persistant. out hotel was by their shops so a few times a day you'd have over eager guys harrassing u to get clothes made up. now we did, i got 2 hugo boss suits for about 80 euro each, felt bit ripped off i'd say as average wage here is about 50 euro a month but wat the hell, always bargain them down no matter wat.

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  • stiab3's Profile Photo

    The downside of James Bond Island

    by stiab3 Written Jan 25, 2005

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Khao Ping Gan is not really an island but a rock. You visit a nearby island where there is lots of souvenir sellers hassling you to buy things.

    It's also usually very crowded . . . with people by the boat load.

    Unique Suggestions: Do a day tour of Phang Nga Bay. Then you'll see that James Bond Island is only a small, and not even spectacular, part of the area.

    Souvenir sellers
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  • aniquez's Profile Photo

    Taxi Is Tad Expensive

    by aniquez Written Dec 14, 2004

    When we first arrived at the Rassada Habour, we were approached by taxi drivers offering us to take us to Patong for 500BHT. Its a crazy price I must say. We insisted the taxi to take us to the bus station only, he agreed - for 100BHT for 2 persons.

    Unique Suggestions: I was glad I didnt take the taxi to Patong, we only took the taxi to the bus station, because when he took us to the bus station (which actually is a Tuk-Tuk Station) we only paid 15 BHT per person for a trip to Patong. But of course Tuk Tuk was quite packed and took some times to reach Patong, but we had saved some money !

    Tuk-Tuk Station

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  • Mahieu's Profile Photo

    Modern Style Limited Tailor

    by Mahieu Updated May 25, 2004

    4 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    In Phuket there are a lot of tailors ready to make you a nice suit for a very cheap price. And no doubt, there are some honest and good working people amongst them.
    But if you decide to go to "Modern Style Limited", then don't. They are situated at Patong Beach, on Bangla Rd, Viking Corner. They promised to make us a shirt with a text upon it that we had chosen. When we came to pick it up, they told us that we should wait for another 2 hours, because it wasn't ready yet. Ok, that can happen, so we waited. When we got back, it still wasn't ready. We couldn't wait any longer and we asked to see the result so far. Briefly, nothing had been done!!! Luckily, we didn't pay yet.
    We decided to go to another tailor in Hua Hin and this time everything was done as asked!

    Unique Suggestions: Difficult to tell if someone is honest or not. Anyway, put it perfectly clear that, if the result isn't like it should be, you won't pay.

    And if you have the opportunity, go to Bangkok to have a suit made. Better quality and prices!

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  • pmarshuk's Profile Photo

    Patong Beach

    by pmarshuk Updated Mar 22, 2004

    Virtually the whole length of the beach - especially around the centre of town, is one mass of sunloungers and traditional Thai Massage vendors. In the sea off the beach there are large areas which have been partioned off for the jet skiers - more profitable for the water sports sellers.

    Fun Alternatives: To get a less crowded environment get out to some of the more secluded beaches, even Kata and Karon can seem peaceful after Patong.

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