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  • Sunshine restaurant Fried rice
    Sunshine restaurant Fried rice
    by AseanTraveller1234
  • Sunshine restaurant Pancake and icecream
    Sunshine restaurant Pancake and icecream
    by AseanTraveller1234
  • Sunshine restaurant Seafood Noodles, Yan-tafo soup
    Sunshine restaurant Seafood Noodles,...
    by AseanTraveller1234

Satun Things to Do

  • Phuphaphet Cave

    This cave is a must for anyone who enjoys caves. It is the largest cave in Thailand and the seventh largest in the world. It was only recently discovered - in 1998 by a monk whilst looking for a place to meditate. The cave is 50 rai in size (around 20 acres). It is a very beautiful cave which is so cavernous at times with some areas having a really...

  • Mu Ko Phetra National Park

    This National Park extends through the two provinces of Satun and Trang. It consists of a long beach which starts at Amphoe La-Ngu and continues to Amphoe Thung-Wa. It also encompasses the islands of Ko Phetra, Ko Khao Yai, Ko Laiobaentae, Ko Lidid, Ko Bulon, Ko Laoliang and Ko Perama. There are high, steep mountains which open to valleys and...

  • Open market Again.

    There is nothing worth to see in this small town of Satun, the best place to hang is the open market. There are 2 types of market here, the dry open market and the wet open market. Both are located near to each other.


Satun Hotels

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Satun Restaurants

  • Wonderful food, clean, great view and...

    Took a day trip with my wife, son and daughter from Langkawi, Malaysia, to Satun, found this great noodle restaurant. They have a large selection of noodles with many different flavours. They also have a few rice dishes and stir fry dishes. We each tried something different and everything was just outstanding considering each dish was only 40 or...

  • Good food in a nice restaurant

    This restaurant has airconditioning and as you might guess it also has a "time" theme. The restaurant actually fees quite european in style. Prices are high though the food is quite good. There isn't a whole lot to do in Satun so we ate slowly and savoured our time here. They serve alcohol too as I remember which I don't think is very common in...

  • Open Market

    Try anything on the free market, its cheap and this can maed your trip to Satun unforgatable. Ofcourse I mean try the healthy and clean food.


Satun Transportation

  • Transport to and from Satun/surrounding...

    If you're wishing to get from Phuket to Satun, anywhere in between or vice versa, this is the way to do it. Satun Center Tour are about the cheapest around. The prices you can see on the sign in the picture include a driver. Other vehicles are also available for private rental.Satun Centre Tour is located at Thammalung Pier in Satun, which is where...

  • Travel around the South of Thailand

    Khun Luxsame speaks english very well and will be able to arrange any transportation or tour needs for you from Satun through to Langkawi and Kuala Lumpur and Singapore. They have both vans and cars, so can cater for any sized group.She is very friendly and helpful and will help you in any way she can.She does not have an email, but you can contact...

  • Land travel to the Malaysian border

    For some reason the taxi and moto-taxi drivers seem to have a vested interest in trapping people to stay overnight in Satun. One example of this was I was told, by more than one driver, that the nearby border to Malaysia "closed" at 18:00, and that I would have to stay the night in Satun and catch the first mini-bus there in the morning.In my case...


Satun Local Customs

  • Charcoal huts

    The Thai people use charcoal to cook their food for the best flavour, and for economical reasons of course. I just love the flavour of char-cooked food.The rubber trees are cut down at the end of their productive time and logs are then sawn to about 3-4 feet each. The logs are then placed into these 'charcoal huts' which are very cute brick domes....

  • Entering the Monastery

    We were very lucky with the timing of our visit to the provinces of Phattalong and Satun as we had special events to attend at both places that we didn't know about until we were there.While we were in Satun we were invited as honorary guests to a party of a young man who was about to enter his customary time in the monastery (for up to 3 months -...

  • String for the spirit

    Here you can see the string running through the cave. You will see these strings along roadsides or from Spirit House altars in front of homes to the house roof, or even from house to house.The string represents a 'trail' for the spirit to travel along. 'Spirit' is not actually Buddhist, but a remnant of the Hindu influence on the Thai people. It...


Satun Off The Beaten Path

  • Rubber plantations

    Thailand is the biggest rubber producing nation. Rubber, along with palm oil plantations are the main crops in Satun. There are also a lot of fruits grown and some sugar palms.It is incredibly interesting to watch rubber being processed after collection. Fresh rubber (straight from the tree) has a lovely scent. If the sap is left on the cut of the...

  • few more steps

    Please remember, it's not the end of the journey, again, you have to climb up for about few handrad steps to erach to the cave.

  • Top

    The view on top the mountain. The wind are strong and beware of bees on the tree too as you can see many of them flying around.


Satun Favorites

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  • Oil Palms

    Just in case you were wondering (as I once did)....Oil palm plantations are prolific in Satun, and increasingly so. The oil palm industry would almost rival the rubber plantations as rubber plantations are frequently replaced with them when the plantation has finished producing. Labour is less intensive and prices good. There is an oil refinery...

  • Weather Check

    I found a fabulous website that has weather forecasts for five days in advance. It even has the sunrise and sunset times, along with the moon's phase. I just found (as I've been exploring it) that it also has marine forecasts, storm forecasts and much more. A great site and you can enter any area in the world to get weather information on it.This...

  • Fishing in Satun

    Fishing village view 3 at Satun Thailand. You can negociate with local fisherman to allow you to follow them on fishing. I'm sure this may make you journey unforgetable.


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