Asia Transportation

  • Local Train to Uwajima
    Local Train to Uwajima
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  • Kochi Electric Railway Tram
    Kochi Electric Railway Tram
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  • Transportation
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Asia Transportation

  • BTS Skytrain

    Bangkok Transportation

    For most people this is the main city transport system, and it links most of the popular tourist destinations. The Skytrain runs high above the streets, and you must climb several floors to reach the track - if you are lucky there might be a escalator, but don't count on it. The ticket system is confusing, and requires that you only use 5 and 10...

  • MRT

    Singapore Transportation

    Singapore's metro system is made up mostly of underground trains, light rail and a lot of buses to cover the areas in between. It's clean, efficient and reasonably priced. With the hot, humid, rainy weather in the city, it really makes sense to get yourself a EZ-Link stored value card if you stay more than a couple of days. This card costs money,...

  • LRT - Light Rail Transit

    Kuala Lumpur Transportation

    MY Rapid is a company that run the main public transportation system in KL. They provide Putra (Kelana Jaya Line) and Star (Ampang Line) LRT, Monorail, and RapidKL buses. How good are they? I would say " okay", and not good enough compare to Singapore, HK, Melbourne, or even Bangkok, but they might be better than Hanoi. The LRTs and Monorail work...

  • From to the Airport

    Tokyo Transportation

    Narita Airport located nearly 70 kilometers northeast of Tokyo, is Japan's largest international airport. The airport has two terminals connected by both train and bus. Foreign airlines operate out of either terminal 1 and 2, respectively. We flown with Turkish Airlines which is partnership with Star Alliance and arrived at terminal 2. Arrive in...

  • Taxis

    Ho Chi Minh City Transportation

    I exited the international arrival hall and headed left. I saw a few taxis but chose a dark green Mai Linh taxi to District 1. The fare was VND 132,000 which is reasonable, but I was quite irritated when the cab driver insisted I pay 140,000. I asked him twice, loudly, where was my 8,000 change but he pretended not to be able to understand English...

  • Subway

    Seoul Transportation

    We know Seoul has extensive subway system, and its one of conveniently to used around. We find it easy to get around Seoul using the subway, because besides Korean, subway signs and train announcements are also in English. Truly, Seoul’s subway, and Korean subways in general, are a haven for commuters, Koreans and foreigners alike Seoul's subway...

  • Taxis

    Beijing Transportation

    From the airport to downtown (Tianamen Area) most hotels will arrange a taxi for you for the bargain price of £25. You may also be approached in the terminal by the cheapest taxi in Beijing £28. We simple went to an official taxi outside the terminal, he will use a meter and we paid £8.20. Don't get ripped off.

  • Taxi

    Mumbai Transportation

    ​very very bad system. taxi is not allocated till 30 minutes and is cancelled at last moment even if you book way ahead . do not depend on this company. very unreliable compared to other companies. this is my firsthand experience​.The staff is taught to say we are sorry. If they do not have taxis they should close the business. you will...


    Goa Transportation

    You'll see everyone whiz past on two-wheelers or scooters. Rent one for a week/duration of your stay but make sure to be safe, ride two to a scooter, and watch out for crazy driving! You'll need to watch the fuel tank and fill up before you return, so make note of the closest gas station since in most areas they are few and far between.

  • Taxis

    Hanoi Transportation

    Hanoi Airport taxi appears to be one of the favourite and at a price of just US$17 for best part of 45 - 60 minute drive from the Old Part of Hanoi it is a good deal. Since the building of the new bridge between the airport and Hanoi and the widening of three lanes, the trip from the airport to town can be down to around 35 mins although the price...

  • Daewoo Bus

    Lahore Transportation

    Bilal Travels is operating buses between major cities of Punjab. They offer same services as Daewoo Express (Sammi Daewoo) & charge relatively less fares. Their Lahore - Rawalpindi fare is Rs. 870/- while Sammi Daewoo charge Rs. 1270/- Buses leave/arrive on time. I couldn't find any difference from Daewoo Express. People who want luxury travel...

  • Trains

    Kyoto Transportation

    The easiest way to get from Kyoto Station to Arashiyama is to take the JR Sagano Line to Saga-Arashiyama. This is a direct train taking only about 15 minutes, so it is easy, but the station is not centrally located in Arashiyama. It is on the northern side of Arashiyama, close to the bamboo forest and many temples, but a 10 minute walk to the...

  • Public Transport in Penang

    Penang Transportation

    This service started on 18 Nov 2014, while introduction period, it gave free service for a few days to all passengers and tourists. Started 24 November 2014, all passengers need to pay for a ride, the ticket is either valid for 24hours or 48hours ride. They are at least 7 buses run on the road at a time, the frequency is about 30 minutes. Plan for...

  • Renting Cars and Drivers

    Phuket Transportation

    -Tariff says B4000 to Ao Nang, Krabi from Phuket - we were able to lowered it down to B2800 -If in group, better to take a rented car with driver - budget way to get to is via Bus from the terminal in Town

  • By Train

    Karachi Transportation

    If you want to travel from Lahore to Karachi or vice versa by train then Karakoram Express & KARACHI EXPRESS are relatively fast & comfortable than others. They only stops on 6 stations in between Lahore-Karachi. All rail cars are new, imported from China. Seats are comfortable. It is recommended to carry Food/Water with you because food at...

  • Train

    Chiang Mai Transportation

    Many people miss out on a wonderful experience by flying to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. The best choice is the overnight train, which is clean, safe, comfortable and fun. If you are a couple or a family with even numbered members I recommend the 1st class cabin. If you are traveling alone and/or don’t want to share a private cabin then 2nd class is...

  • Train

    Delhi Transportation

    If you wish to travel from Delhi to Agra by morning train, you have two possibilities: 1. Taj Express from Nizamudin train station: 2. Shatabdi Express from New Delhi train station. I have travelled using the first option.

  • By Bus

    Islamabad Transportation

    SAMMI DAEWOO is operating world class air conditioned bus service between the major cities of Pakistan. They started operating between Lahore - Islamabad via Motorway. People have praised their service. Their Specialty is PUNCTUALITY. They have Bus terminals in almost all major cities and several stopovers in other cities. Each Bus Terminal has...

  • Buses to Pattaya

    Pattaya Transportation

    Getting to Pattaya from Suvarnabhumi and back is very straightforward and cheap. Upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi, go down to Level 1 and head for Gate 8. You will find the ticket desk selling bus tickets. A one way ticket costs 134 baht per person and this includes luggage that should consist of one bag weighing 20kg max. ( They do have a sign up...

  • Getting there and away

    Phnom Penh Transportation

    From Happy GuestHouse, Siem Reap to the depot of the Giant Ibis Bus (national bird) was only a 10 minutes ride in a tuk-tuk. We were there at the appointed hour of 0800 hrs for our road trip to Phnom Penh. You report your arrival at their office, they take your luggage and give you a receipt and then you wait. Soon the sleek, ultra comfort,...

  • Motorbikes & Scooters

    Ko Samui Transportation

    hi, i found a very affordable scooter rental(atutomatic) starting at 100 baht per day for yamaha mio and 125 a day for honda click, price per month is 2000-2500 baht. the guy is from belgium and delivers the bike or pick you up around the island.

  • Minivans & Minibuses

    Hat Yai Transportation

    Since we do not know where we should buy our next ticket back to Bukit Kayu Hitam, so we took the van till the last stop near the Market. The van pick up place is near to Vitchusin Plaza (the tuk-tuk driver will know the place) so get the ticket for 57baht /person.

  • subway & busses

    Osaka Transportation

    These vending mashines let you select you ticket only after you put your money in, subway allows you to switch to english, Train only in japanese, but you need only to put in the fare price (somewhere on the Wall is usualy a map witch showes fares from that station). Single tickets from 200 Yen, One Day Pass 850 Yen (600 on fridays).

  • How to get around?

    Jaipur Transportation

    I've just had a great experience in India, visiting the "Golden triangle" among Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. Unforgettable views and monuments (not only Taj Mahal!!!), excellent food and friendly people. Especially if you do not have too much time, you definitely need a taxi (do not even try to rent a car unless you are used to the chaotic indian...

  • Taxi's

    Kathmandu Transportation

    First thing I learned from my other travel is that don't believe in taxi meter. I used taxi to get to a local town called Balaju. The driver was nice. I made sure we had a fixed price before we started driving. Balaju is not a typical tourist town but it is a great place to be. There was a local inn I found from one of my friend who visited there...

  • Gettin there n around

    Hyderabad Transportation

    Because of the weather and the average temperature, I suggest you move around on a cloudy day or in the evenings. Nonetheless, travelling is not difficult. if you have your own conveyance, nothing like it. Otherwise, there are three options: Cab services, autorickshaw and bus. However, A.P. Tourism conducts day trips to many locations around...

  • Metro

    Guangzhou Transportation

    Guangzhou has one of the most comprehensive metro systems in China. It has a total of 8 lines serving the city centers, suburban areas, Baiyun Park, and the Airport. The following are some of the metro stations serving major attractions: Line 1 : Guangzhou East Station, Tiahe Sport Center, Martyrs' Park, Chen Clan Academy Line 2 : Baiyun Park,...

  • Bus, Rangoon / Yangon

    Rangoon Transportation

    Bus 51 does not run to the Airport but has a stop (Sel Mine Gone) in about 700 meter distance, the rest you might have to walk. Leaves from Mahabandola Park street near Mahabandola Park, Sule Pagoda, 200 Kyat. For arriving (go out of the Airport and to the right until a big road wait there for the bus) only good if you have allready small Kyat...

  • Train

    Xi'an Transportation

    There are new fast trains up and running in various parts of China, (Beijing to Shanghai for a couple of years now) and still more routes being constructed at the moment - such as Xi'an to Tianyan which is meant to be ready by the end of the year. It would be great for travelling to the popular town of Pingyao which usually takes 8 hours by bus and...

  • PTDC Bus

    Naran Transportation

    Road condition from Islamabad to Naran is good. From mid-June onward the road to Naran is open for regular cars, vans and coaches. So people who want to take their own cars, should not hesitate. You may find few patches bad but still drivable. A couple of glaciers which may block the road in the early season (before June). If you are driving,...

  • By Bus

    Peshawar Transportation

    Oh God there is nothing more confusing than Peshwar and its cus stand ! i think there are 4 different bus stands in this one small city and all 4 are used for 4 buses going to 4 different directions. 1. Buses leaving for West such as Torkham, Landi Kotal, Ali Masjid, Shagai, Jamrud Fort, leave from Karkhano Bazaar bus stand. 2. Buses leaving for...

  • Taxis

    Mandalay Transportation

    We paid about US$25 per day for the services of 2 guys and this old Corolla. Neither had any training, but were excellent guides in and around Mandalay. They tried really hard to provide us with all the services of a good driver and guide team. These guys were actually unofficially attached to our hotel, The Sedona, and it was quite comical to be...

  • Round Bagan, Horse and Cart

    Bagan Transportation

    BAGAN The mode of transport I chose in Bagan was The horse and cart which I hired from my hotel .After looking at the various means of transport this seemed to be the most practical mainly because of the extreme heat and the vast distances that I had to cover.. I did look at hiring a bicycle from the hotel as they were cheap and they had many. I...

  • Getting To Hiroshima

    Hiroshima Transportation

    Japan has one of the most extensive and advanced rail systems in the world with numerous private and municipal companies providing service local and long distance, usually at reasonable prices compared to other forms of transportation. One of the most outstanding examples of Japan's trains is the Shinkansen, which literally means "new trunk line."...

  • Daewoo Bus

    Murree Transportation

    After the opening of Islamabad - Murree Expressway in July 2008, travelling to Murree has become more safe & convenient. This Expressway links Islamabad to Muzaffarabad (Kashmir) via Murree. Road to Murree has been working. Murree to Muzaffarabad road is under construction. "JULY 2013 UPDATE:" Daewoo Express has started its service for Murree....

  • From Tokyo to Yokohama

    Yokohama Transportation

    Getting between Yokohama and Tokyo is very easy, it's a matter of which line you want to take. I've used the Toyoko line whichs connects Shibuya with Yokohama, and also the Keihin Tohoku line, which heads down from Saitama, through places like Ueno, Akihabara and Tokyo station through to Yokohama.

  • By Car

    Nathia Gali Transportation

    "Dont go, Its horrible", "Its the Road of No Return", "The Highway to Hell" Warnings on the road, these were. Actually, I went to Abbottabad to visit Thandiani. This road was once as horrible as they come in these areas. Mud, barely single lane, landslides: it has it all. However, Nawaz Sharif became Prime Minister in 1997 and reconstructed all...

  • By Air

    Hunza Transportation

    Pakistan Airlines operates daily 2 flights from Islamabad to Gilgit, leaving daily at 0645 am and 0945 am (please check PIA website as time may change from season to season). Planes are new ATR 42-500, twin propeller with a seating capacity of 48, which have replaced the ageing fleets of FOKKER-F27. You need to book in advance for these flights as...

  • By Jeep

    Chitral Transportation

    Transportation To Chitral From Peshawar there are 2 options to get to Chitral . 1: By Plane 2:By Road 1 : There area regular flights to Chitral , 50 US $ each , but they are subject to weather . 2 : There is nightly coach service from Peshawar to Chitral what leaves for Chitral from Qissa Khawani bazar Peshawar 5 US $ each almost 12 hrs...

  • Travel Within Okayama

    Okayama Transportation

    The trams in Okayama start just outside of Okayama Station (across the street at the start of Momotaro Odori, the main street). There are two lines, one which ends at Higashiyama and the other ends at Sekibashi. For tourists, the trams bound for Higashiyama will probably be the most useful. To travel from the first to last station is no more than...

  • Daewoo Bus

    Faisalabad Transportation

    If you are coming from Lahore, you can take Daewoo buses these are really nice and comfortable. Sammi Daewoo express bus service is providing services on more than 18 routes and operating more than 325 departures per day. During stay with Daewoo, passengers are served with: Fresh Filtered Cold Water. Muffin Cakes, Biscuits and saltines. Chilled...

  • Daewoo Bus

    Abbottabad Transportation

    Daewoo has regular express bus service for Abbottabad from many of its station cities including Rawalpindi/Islamabad. It take approx two to three hours from Rawalpindi to Abbottabad if you travel by Daewoo. The distance is just 116 KM but due to heavy traffic it take much time. Rawalpindi to Abbottabad fare is Rs. 120 ( US $ 2). Their Abbottabad...

  • By Air

    Skardu Transportation

    Once booked, PIA flights to and from Skardu need reconfirmation – 24 hours in advance from the departure time – from the local PIA office. For Islamabad – Skardu, ticket reconfirmation is done at the Northern Areas Desk of the PIA office located at Mall Road, Rawalpindi. You don’t need to go there in person but your original ticket needs to be...

  • By Air

    Multan Transportation

    Pakistan International Airline flies ATR between Multan and other Pakistan cities such as Karachi, Lahore and Multan multiple times a day. Flights usually connect between more than two cities to gain economies. For instance, I took a flight from Karachi to Multan which had to fly to Islamabad afterwards. And on the return flight, the plane was...

  • By Car

    Kalam Transportation

    The route to the Swat Valley is from Islamabad to Nowshera and then taking the turn to Mardan and after crossing Mardan you have to negotiate the Malakand Pass and land safely in Mingora in the Swat Valley. Sounds tough? Well, it really isn't that tough. The journey from Islamabad to Nowshera is pretty uneventful on the 16th century old (but...


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