Uzbekistan Shopping

  • The nice lady I bought my souvenirs from
    The nice lady I bought my souvenirs from
    by DAO
  • More traditional options
    More traditional options
    by DAO
  • The Blacksmith
    The Blacksmith
    by JessieLang

Uzbekistan Shopping

  • Living up to his name

    It is never a good idea to advertise that you are willing to rip off tourists. Mr Alibaba is the highest priced shop in Khiva. Yes, ALL prices in every ‘shop’ or stall are negotiable and you must haggle. Alibaba, or whatever his name is, starts his price at double any other seller I ran into. His shop is in a prime location right under the Kalta...

  • Local crafts and arts

    *Spring and Autumn Art-Bazars in "Zarqaynar"-Centre of national arts-located close to old city bazaar Chorsu-address:Tashkent,Zarquanar street,1. Call to know details : 150 40 12 ,hours:10am -8pm,weekly ,exepting Sunday.*"Tsum" department store-center of city near by navoi Opera theatre.*Every second Suday -Art and Craft bazar show ,artpeople sell...

  • Exquisite embroidery

    Suzane is the name given nowadays to all the wonderful embroideries you will find in Uzbekistan. For those interested -a suzane is a large wall hanging, a nimsuzane is a small wall hanging, a tuskiz hangs in a yurt and a ruijo is spread on the bridal bed. The list of names goes on - but suzane will do. Whether you buy a full suzane or just a...

  • Silk from the Silk Road

    Uzbek silks in wonderful Ikat hand weaves are absolutely beautiful. Expensive too - this is a highly sophisticated weaving process. For those adventurous enough to wear them, the coats and dresses made from this silk make a real impact. For the more conservative, lovely scarves make an more wearable, and much cheaper, alternative.I'm still...

  • A hat for every occasion

    If there is one thing to buy that most typifies Uzbek culture, it must be a hat. Whether you choose a simple black and white doppi or an elaborately embroidered and beaded young girl's cap, a woolly sheepskin telpek or a Turkoman fantasy like the silver one here with the pheasant feathers, pay a dollar or two in a market or twenty or more for...

  • Magic carpets

    Although you will see any number of carpets for sale in Uzbekistan, be aware that most come from Turkmenistan. Not that this is a reason not to buy, trade in carpets across the whole region is as old as carpet-making, pre-dating the borders of modern politics by centuries. If you want to be sure the carpet you buy is truly an Uzbek one, visit the...

  • Something for everyone

    If Bukhara's domes and Samarkand's madrassas cater mostly for tourists, Uzbekistan's wonderful bazaars make no such concessions. These are the places that the local people shop in every day for their food, their household needs and most of their clothes. The huge covered market halls, open stalls in the plazas and the streets all around buzz with...

  • Shopping in Samarkand

    The austere student cells of Samarkand's old madrassas are mostly now crowded with a riot of colour as they find a new purpose as the small shops selling the gorgeous handicrafts of the country. The beautiful tilework on the arches of the courtyards combine with the variety and vibrancy of the goods for sale both inside and outside the shops to...

  • Not your average department store

    Once there were five, now there's just three. The famous trading domes of Bukhara covered the junctions of the roads that led through the busy mercantile section of the city. Each was dedicated to a particular trade, the ones that remain are the Jeweller's bazaar, the Cap-maker's and the Money-changer's. None of them is exclusively devoted to any...

  • Don’t miss her magic music - Yulduz...

    … as I obviously did when I was travelling through Uzbekistan.But… this is again one of the miracles of VT :-) . Mira was reading what I wrote about Samarkand and dropped me a comment about an Uzbek singer, she liked very much. I replied that I didn’t heard that much Uzbek music while I was there, and voila – she sent me a link to Yulduz music on...

  • Traditional crafts

    Uzbekistan is a great destination for anyone who loves to shop, especially for traditional crafts. Prices are very reasonable (especially after the bargaining that is expected in most though not all places) and although the quality is mixed there are plenty of good items to be found. Perhaps foremost among these are the embroideries or suzanni....

  • Produce market

    Dried fruits and nuts are plentiful in the market. It's fun to mingle with the locals and try something new.

  • Fantasic fruit

    Uzbekistan is a fruitarian's idea of heaven. No matter what the season, fabulous fruit is always available. Summer and autumn brings an abundant harvest of everything from the first loquats of the year, through the apricots, strawberries, raspberries, mulberries and cherries of early summer and on through peaches and grapes, apples and pears,...

  • Spices and tea

    Lots of options for the serious spice shopper. The bazaars of course are full of the brilliant colours and smells of spice -huge sacks of then in a sweeping curve under the domed roof of the covered bazaar (the Eski Juva) in Tashkent, similar long rows in markets and bazaars everywhere else in the country or a specialist shop in the Money-changer's...

  • Just for fun

    A bazaar tin shop, full of all sorts of amazing creations You might have difficulty getting this home, but what fun it would be. You'd have the funkiest bathroom in town.

  • Baked fresh today

    No bazaar in Uzbekistan worth its name is without the sellers of freshly baked bread. They come in from the villages with their loaves piled high on little carts and old baby prams. Golden rounds of crisp crusty "non", each baker having their own particular pattern or seeded topping. The bread is baked in a tandoor oven and is at its best when...

  • Nuts to you

    Seeds and nuts are another feature of the bounty that Uzbek soil produces. Sesame, poppy, nigella and other seeds are used in cooking. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds are a favourite snack and there are mini- mountains of almonds, groundnuts, cashews, pistachios and walnuts in the bazaars. All are as fresh as can be. Walk down the aisle of the bazaar...

  • An ancient craft

    The Museum of the Blacksmith's Art in Bukhara has a fascinating, if somewhat lethal, display of knives and blades for show and sale. Generations of the same family have worked in this forge. Scissors in the shape of storks come in all sizes with blades so sharp they will cut through almost anything. If you buy them, or one of the very impressive...

  • Hand painted pots

    Hand formed ceramics have a long tradition in Uzbekistan, not only the wonderful glazed tiles that adorn the great mosques and madrassas but also pots, bowls, plates and vessels of every shape and size. Even the "tuvaks' - the little peepot placed beneath the baby's cradles - are made by hand still and every potter has a neat little sideline...

  • Best place to buy "suzannes"

    Urgut bazar is located at the entry of Urgut village, near Samarkand There is a part of the bazar where women sell all kind of local handicrafts, like suzannes, ......... bargain!

  • Bazaars

    Locals buy everything at the bazaars or from vendors on the street. At the bazaars you can buy anything from batteries to pots to spices and fresh fruit. Make sure to buy lots of fresh fruit in summer! Many vendors will let you sample their products before buying. You are expected to bargain, which makes shopping for food a very entertaining...

  • Street vendors-Tashkent

    Little shops in street corners. This should be the best way of getting water and snacks for a small price not as high as in fancy supermarkets. cheapwater 500SUM

  • Carpets-Bukhara

    This is acarpet market located in the bazaars after the Kalon Mosque right after the jewelery bazaar. From here you can already look to the monument Ark. You can buy traditional carpets from the area. Remeber Uzbekistan was part of Turkmenistan before Russia came, so many patterns are the same as Tukmenistan. Also Tajik culture is very present in...

  • Music instruments-Taqi Zargaron-Bukhara

    This man has lots of music intruments. I understood that many are atcually made by him. This small market stool is located in Taqi Zargaron market or covered Bazar before Kalon Mosque and Kalon Minaret. He is a musician and can play a bit for you. He has CDs to sell also with his music.

  • Caravanserai Saifuddin-Bukhara

    This is a 2 flight recovered Caravanserai that helds more than 20 shops. In Bukhara there are a couple of very interesting Caravanserais that youll be thrilled to visit and feel your inside the Silk Road (along with 10 tourist by your side he). You can buy many variety of local craft, from carpets to puppets, shoes to scarfs. This will depend of...

  • Jewels Market-Bukhara

    This is a place with at least 30 shops for selling gold. The majority of people you'll see here are women so ambiance gets quite different from what you're already getting used to traveling in muslim countries. This feeling is good for a change. Gold and other different jewels. depends on what you get. But Uzbekistan gold is not very strong so...


    BAZAARS EVERYWHERE Cloth...SILK and cotton and hemp fabric with old or new motiffs and yards and yards are available. Silk, ironically, is hard to get, but look for the traditional Uzbek Natioanl Ikat cloth, a tied died(SORT OF) type of heavy silk, you will see some in dresses made of it. Itmakes for great pillow cases, but again is hard to find,...


Uzbekistan Hotels

  • Hotel Asia Samarkand

    The Asia Samarkand Hotel is relatively new (2008) and is close to the Registan. It has a restaurant,...

  • Minzifa Hotel

    When my driver explained that I had to walk 5 minutes down a wide path to get to my hotel, I was a...

  • Orient Star Khiva Hotel

    The reason I say this is the best accommodation in Khiva is because of its value for money and...

  • Le Meridien Tashkent Palace

    Tashkent Palace Hotel (4 star) I had a very nice room in this hotel. Amenities include AC, elevator,...

  • The Park Turon

    1, Abdulla Kodiriy St, Tashkent, 100128, Uzbekistan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Antica B&B

    Antica get an amazing amount of great reviews, and a few bad ones. The truth is that this is a nice...

  • Furkat Hotel

    Very close to the Registon and other attraktions of Samarkand, nice rooms and dorm ($ 15 if booked...

  • Sasha & Son

    Sasha’s is a lovely 19th Century house converted to a B & B, and the rooms are grouped around a...

  • Hotel Asia Khiva

    The reason that you would probably visit the ancient walled city of Khiva – would be to explore the...


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