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  • Tashkent
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  • Tashkent
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  • Tashkent
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Tashkent Things to Do


    If you are coming to Tashkent - make sure you have your free Virtual Tourist Flag with you!Just email the wonderful VT staff at:feedback@virtualtourist.comJust send them your address and the rest is history. History to make!Don't forget! The VT staff like postcards, so please send them a nice postcard while you are here!VirtualTourist801 Parkview...

  • Central Asia Architecture

    The architecture of the Central Asia is absolutely stunning.This one is the gate to one of the main parks of the city. Is much more than beautiful.

  • Site Seeing

    Take advantage of the city, take the metro, street car, buses, taxi or just walk. Go near the Intercontinental Hotel. Great views.As always, the beautiful Tashkent Tower.

  • Tashkent Tower

    Visit this magnificent structure built by the russians. Another huge communications tower. Some are very famous, Toronto, Seattle, Sidney, but this one is not very well known. It's worth to visit it.

  • Mountains and a Lake

    I did not actually go here but I did see the mountains from the city. They were so beautiful. An online friend of mine sent this picture to me. I wish I had gone there. So beautiful!

  • Broadway

    Tashkent has its very own and it's bustling with people, day and night, Broadway, just as in New York. Shashlik, popcorn and ice-cream vendors line this pedestrian area, bordering the Zerafshan entertainment complex, trinkets are sold from street stalls, paintings and souvenirs towards the Amir Temur Square and the sound of karaoke prevails.There...

  • Aqua Park

    Is a favourite among recreational parks either for young or old. The best place for time spending at the height of the summer. Is situated just behind the Inter-Continental Hotel and the Japanese Garden.

  • The Museum of Applied Arts

    The delightful Museum of Applied Arts should not be missed. Formerly the residence of Alexander Polovtsev, the Tzar's envoy, who incorporated the finest works of the greatest masters, it today displays samples of traditional Arts & Crafts, both antique and contemporary. The Museum shop makes available high quality handmade embroidery and carpets.

  • Museum of history of Uzbekistan

    Recently renovated and Uzbekistan's major museum, displaying on three floors archaeological finds, documents, textiles and much more from pre-history to the beginning of the century. A good introduction to the country or a summary before you fly out again.

  • Oliy Majlis

    Oliy Majlis is the Parliament of Uzbekistan. The parliament building is a sample of New Central Asian architecture.

  • Japanese Garden

    Japanese Garden-is a symbol of Uzbek-Japanese friendship. Very comfortable and peaceful park, where you can get wonderful rest and to get acquainted with Japanese culture.

  • Alayskiy market (bazaar)

    There are a lot of different oriental markets in Tashkent, small and big. This market is considered to be the most expensive one, here you can bye everything you want- jewellry, fruit and vegetables, clothes, flowers-everything. It is very popular modern market. Before, in past times, there was karavan saray.


Tashkent Hotels

See all 3 Hotels in Tashkent
  • The Park Turon

    1, Abdulla Kodiriy St, Tashkent, 100128, Uzbekistan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

    Hotel Class 4 out of 5 stars

  • Grand Orzu Hotel

    M.Torobiy street 27, Tashkent, 700090, Uzbekistan

    Satisfaction: Poor

    Good for: Families

    Hotel Class 3 out of 5 stars

  • Sam Buh Elite Hotel

    10, Tsekhovaya Str., Tashkent, Uzbekistan

    Satisfaction: Excellent

    Good for: Business

Tashkent Restaurants

  • Golden Fried Prawns and Dimsums are...

    Spice and Red Bar are located on the 2nd Floor of the famous Hotel Le Grande Plaza (popularly known as TATA Hotel) Its a speciality restaurant offering world class Pan Asian and Indian Food. It has a great business lunch package and can accomodate English speaking guests very well. The ambience is tasteful and music very soft and unintruding, which...

  • Bukhara Cafe

    I do not know actual name of the restaurant, but I was told that it is Bukhara Cafe. They serve fried fish (river fish) and other typical Uzbekistan dishes. It is recommended to order fried fish only in winter. They do not have visiting card so I do not know the location. I remember that it is near Mirabod Bazar on Nuks Street. Perhaps local people...

  • Kim's House

    A few minutes from Ming Orick/Oybek metro station on Afrosiab Street leading to Korean Embassy, there is a Korean Restaurant called Kim's House. It is a little bit en route location from the pedestrian way of Afrosiab Street.It was opened in 2005, and they serve tasty Korean foods. So far it is best Korean restaurant for me. They have some menu for...


Tashkent Nightlife

  • Tashkent Nightlife and clubs

    I have not seen any decent reviews of the nightlife in tashkent. would love to help people out to have a great time.first you can definitely party till the wee hours of early morning. people usually party in the clubs till 4 am and then they go to some after hour places for food once they are hungry.the best clubs in tashkent to visit are:Kt. Komba...

  • Discotheques

    This is an excellent place to unwind, after a meal, or take a meal on the premises. The music is excellent, mostly Russian, Arabic and Uzbek, but also some western music. Food is excellent, I even had pizza there. This is a famous place for meeting people, dancing, and they have the best floor show that I have seen in Tashkent. Forty minutes of...

  • Tashkent Hotels

    3 Hotels in Tashkent

Tashkent Transportation

  • Tashkent station Express-3 code =...

    If anyone tries to look up the schedule, trains, berth availability on Express-3 Russian reservation system in 99% of cases nothing will come up for Tashkent.This is simply because a city is not the same thing as a station and the Express-3 reservation system is very picky.Instead of trying all kind of combinations in Cyrillic to satisfy the...

  • Tashkent Vokzal (Train Station)

    Very nice, modern train station. There is a hotel on the front side of the hotel (just to the left before you walk in the main entrance). Just as a word of warning, they have no showers, though it all looked clean enough (August 2008).Anyway, if you're a foreigner, you can enter through the main doors and you'll find ticket windows on either side....

  • Tashkent Metro, only in Tashkent in...

    There are three lines of Metro in Tashkent and the fare is 200 Sum. You will buy token at each station. Taking photography is prohibited and national securities stay at each station and platform. Interior of some stations are beautiful.


Tashkent Shopping

  • Mom, Danny barfed in the kitchen sink!!!

    OK, this isn't a shop, but Barf brand cleaning products, produced in Iran, but labeled and marketed in ENGLISH are available in all stores in Uzbekistan. For those of you unfamiliar with the word "barf" in American English, it refers to the actions of emptying your stomachs contents by the same method which it entered (more commonly known as...

  • The Bazaar

    The Chorsu bazaar has pretty much everything in one place, spices, vegetables, fruits, cow heads, linens, hand made metal duct work, traditional baby beds, musical instruments.... A great place to buy that sheep tongue or cow head you have been looking for. Do beware of the crowds and keep tack of yoiur personal belongings, it would be easy to get...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

Tashkent Local Customs

  • people are beautiful

    What is incredible in uzbekiston is that you meet people from russia, china, iran, mongolia, kazaksthan, turkmenistan, khirgiztan.....and they all look so different. There is a great mix of faces and culture and that is something i love there. you will see too on the picture that uzbek women lobe the colors on their dress and it's really funny to...

  • Local dress doesn't look right on an...

    While walking through the bazzar, I bought some traditional Uzbek clothing for my father. As you can see, it just doesn't look quite right on a westerner....The long robe is called a Chipan and can be worn indoors or out. While I was there, it was unusually cold (-15C!!!) and many of the locals were wearing their Chipans outside. They can be...

  • The milk lady

    Every morning we would hear the milk lady crying "MILK.." except in Uzbek....She would stay in the street until all her milk was sold. People would come out with jugs or other containers to get them filled.


Tashkent Warnings and Dangers

  • Money changing

    If you need to change money in Tashkent, go to the bank early in the morning. Otherwise, they will not have any Soums (Cym) and you will have to resort to using store owners and taxis and they will give you a less favorable exchange rate. Also, if you travel on a tourist visa, you may need the bank receipts to account for the money that you...

  • Changing money

    Changing money in Uzbekistan is still a hassle. While strict controls that created two markets is pretty much gone (the rates at the bank are very close to small changers), problems remain.I understand that there still are some controls and this in turn makes it difficult to get cash when changing money -- they just run out. Whatever the reason is...

  • Corrupt police

    Particularly on the metro, be carefult to avoid corrupt police. While most say the problem is getting better, police will on occassion demand your passport and there are stories of finding 'problems' and demanding a fine be paid.Sobir Rakhimov metro station near Hotel Tara is particularly bad. Just claim your passport is at your hotel or offer them...


Tashkent What to Pack

  • KL-Boy's Profile Photo


    by KL-Boy Written Jul 1, 2007

    Miscellaneous: Electricity - 2 pin 220V
    Money - Som
    Customs Declaration Of Money Brought In - Lose this and you'll be in the movie "Hostel"

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Tashkent Favorites

  • Turkmen embassy

    by jkseddon Written Oct 3, 2004

    Favorite thing: [no, this isn't the best this about Tashkent, but there's nowhere else to put it!]

    The embassy of TURKMENISTAN is located at 1 Bol. Mirabaskaya. Apply before noon. When you return you will have to go in the morning to drop off your passport and then return between 4pm and 5pm.
    Five day transit visas are issued in 10 days and cost $31.

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    Nov 9, 2012 at 6:37 AM


    There was a famous night club in Tashkent called " Dutch"

    I need its coordinate or can show me that location in Google map ?

    Some sites write :

    Dutch club: Tashkent,1 Tadjikskaya st.,
    Tel.: 137-6358 , Fax: 34-45-62

    and another websites has wrote :
    Address: 1, Furkat Str.Tashkent
    Phone: 998 71 245 40 08

    I need exact location of former "Dutch" club

    best regards

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