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Tashkent Things to Do

  • Hast-Imam Complex

    The Hast-Imam complex has a mosque, a madrasah, and the Kaffal Shash mausoleum, dating from the 15th Century. Kaffal Shash was a 10th Century Imam in Tashkent who was originally buried in a more modest grave. (Shash was the old name for Tashkent.) His mausoleum was built centuries later..The library in the complex has an important collection of...

  • The Metro – artwork at all stations !

    If you have read the transport section of my writings already, you have seen that I recommend Tashkent’s metro not only to take you from A to B but also for the stations themselves and their artwork. It is a mixture of majestic huge Soviet style and modern Uzbek comprehension, but has its charm. Kosmonavtlar for example is decorated with paintings...

  • The Library and Holy Koran Mushaf of...

    Opposite the Muslim Board of Uzbekistan lies their religeous library. Inside is a lovely hand painted room that is very impressive.Locked away in a safe with a glass front is the Holy Koran Mushaf of Othman, this is in one of the side rooms and you will have task to see it. Can't guarantee that you will, if you can go with an Uzbek friend you have...


Tashkent Hotels

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Tashkent Restaurants

  • The best indian restaurant in Tashkent

    Recently I went to Ragu which I understand is the oldest Indian restaurant in Uzbekistan and had one of the most delightful dining experiances eating Indian cuisine anywhere.The ambience is second to none and being greeted by beautiful waitresses in Indian National dress was great.The food was very authentic and made fresh to order. not liking...

  • Lived up to expectations!

    This restaurant had been recommended to me by a friend, so I was pleased to discover that it was only about 15 minutes walk away from our hotel, the Grand Raddus. The recommendation turned out to be spot-on (thanks Tom!) and we were very pleased with our evening out, despite being very tired after our long flight the day/night before and our first...

  • Art Café Dervish - and REAL espresso !!

    Somehow, real coffee (or espresso) is something you cannot get easily around each corner in Uzbekistan (and Tajikistan and that bit of Kyrgyzstan I travelled to). You’ll likely get more of the ones made with nescafe powder or even worse, the ones that are a ready mix with sugar and powder milk. So you can imagine that I was kind of craving for real...


Tashkent Nightlife

  • Nightlife

    Tashkent is a good city with good culture and loving people. Nightlife is very poor and confined to few clubs. Night clubs are expensive and non professional. It look like run by mafia and have expensive entry ticket. You will find typical prostitutes at very high rates who are unreliable and allraedy destroyed. Peter

  • Opera and Ballet

    Built from 1939 to 1947 with a break during WWII. The Architect was Alexey Viktorovich ShchusevPeople's artists of Uzbekistan Usta Shirin Muradov, A.Khudaibergenov, Kh.Boltaev and others showed their great skills in decorating the theatre. According to the author of the project each of the six side foyers has got an architectural decor typical of...

  • Beware The Diplomat 5 if you are a young...

    I went with some friends I met in Tashkent to the nightclub Diplomat 5. My travel guide had said it was a little shady, but it did not say enough! Initially, I was the only female (other than the waitresses and management) who was not "working" that night, if you know what I mean. My male friends danced with me to try and make sure I did not appear...


Tashkent Transportation

  • The Subway

    Tashkent has a subway, the first one in Central Asia. Construction started in 1977. The Soviets built 2 lines, with 11 stations on one and 12 on the other. Uzbekistan is now building a third line. Our guide took us there one evening, and we rode between a few stations. The stations are attractive, but not nearly as elaborate as Moscow’s. No...

  • Green Line for Visa to Tashkent

    We are doing many shipments from China to Tashkent, So we'd like to go to Almaty and Tashkent by train from Urumchi.But first problem is Visa, as for the goverment policy. It's too hard for Chinese to get CIS countries Visa, we found our friend for us to make the invitation letter, and finally suceed..,

  • Plane

    Yuzhny Airport (IATA: TAS, ICAO: UTTT), also known as Tashkent Yuzhny Airport, is the largest airport in Uzbekistan, Yuzhny serves as the hub of Uzbekistan Airways.Following the dissolution of the Soviet Union, Uzbek President Islom Karimov in 1992 ordered the construction of a state airline. Uzbekistan Airways was formed with the intention of...


Tashkent Shopping

  • Time warp

    I wish I'd taken some photos in the Tashkent Department Store across the road from our hotel. Still usually referred to by its old Soviet name of TsUM, a wander up and down the aisles here is a real blast from the past, a reminder of how department stores in the west once looked - I'd say in the 50s. Nostagia or curiosity about retail history...

  • Small Shops

    You'll find small shops at nearly every corner. Here is the place to do some shopping, when you find, that the beer at the hotel is too expensive. You can buy almost evrything in this kioskes: bread, chocolat, bottled water, Wodka and beer.

  • Department Store

    On Theatre Square to the right of Navoi Theate there is a big modern department shop, which the locals like to call GUM. The locals prefer the bazaars and small shop. so here oyu find mainly expensive electronical things like wahsing machines and TVs. 'some of the small shops inside the bid store sell souvenir stuff and art work. If you have no...


Tashkent Local Customs

  • Roll up! Roll up!

    Little boys everywhere love the circus, and the lads in the photo here were no exception. This was a travelling show set up outside the entrance to the Chorsu Bazaar, an old bus and a handful of acts, a clown and a spruiker, a couple of benches and a ring of people standing watching as an impossibly slim young man went through a strongman act that...

  • Fountains

    Tashkent is full of nice parks and squares. People love to sit there in the sun and enjoy the nice surroundings. Many fountains can be found. Children like to jump into the fresh water, when the weather is hot during summer.

  • Independance day

    La fête de l'indépendance avec l'ex URSS donne lieu a de grandes festivités nationales.The feast of the independence with theformer USSR is the opportunity for big national festivities.


Tashkent Warnings and Dangers

  • Customs Control at Tashkent Airport

    You need to declare how much money you have when entering to Uzbekistan. Some may think it is not wise to declare how much you have in yur pocket but it is better if you do. Do not need to worry about safety. It is a safe place. Please make sure the amount you have while EXITING is less than you declared when you ENTERED the country. This is...

  • The heat

    Uzbekistan is a desert country and in the summertime it is scorching hot. There is generally plenty of shade, but I cannot stress enough that you want to take it much more fluid than you normally would. Melons and tea are the main sources for the locals, and bottled water is also widely available and cheap ($0.30 for 1/2 litre, but only $0.40 for...

  • The Airport

    I have to say the aiport is not up to high standards. I expected to change back my Uzbek Sum, have a beer or two, maybe buy a tacky suvenir! NOTHING! And I was in the business class area! The was nowhere to exchange money, a bar with no beer or coke, a load of sofas with airport workers lounging around watching soft core porn! What a laugh! This...


Tashkent Tourist Traps

  • Don’t believe anything without proof

    As in most countries there are “black sheep” everywhere. Not that much in Uzbekistan, as to my experience, but as some travel books do warn about this, I also want to include this “trick” here, although, as said, I did not experienced it.If someone approaches you, saying he is a policeman or of any other “official institution”, and that you did do...

  • The biggest trap – taxi drivers !

    Taxi drivers in general:No capital without tourist traps. In Tashkent, these are mainly the taxi drivers (as almost everywhere), but they are easy to scare off, ha ! Be aware that you should fix the price before entering the car and do not hestitate to go away if the price does not meet your expectations ! As a rule, 1 km is around 1000 som (as of...

  • Beaten in Tashkent

    I just came back from one week stay in Tashkent , Uzbekistan.Of course I had to go to Tashkent on business, otherwise even if you pay me 1 mln USD I will visit this nasty city.The temperature is extremely high during the summer and the air-conditioning facilities is scarce. Hygiene is almost zero, and especially during summer there is much...


Tashkent What to Pack

  • Trekki's Profile Photo

    by Trekki Written Feb 3, 2007

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Miscellaneous: All what I added to the packing list on my Uzbekistan writings applies for Tashkent as well:
    travel light, bring a daypack, something to cover your arms when visiting holy Uzbek places, sunscreen, solid shoes, Russian phrasebook and calculator. Maybe toilet paper from home :-).

    Generally, Tashkent has so many of the usual shopping possibilities that you will find here almost everything you might have forgotten.

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Tashkent Off The Beaten Path

  • Three noble tombs

    Despite the damage wrought by the earthquake that destroyed so much of Tashkent and the subsequent reconstruction that gives the city its modern appearance, if you look hard enough you can certainly find evidence of the city's long history. A short walk from Navoi metro stop will bring you to the new Islamic University where, tucked away in the...

  • Circus

    The circus-building is a very striking building with its blue cupola. It is located in the old part of Tashkent. It cannot be missed. I actually did not find much about it in internet and I did not visit it myself. When you do some sightseeing in Tashkent you'll see this building many times. The circus was build on the exact spot, where old trading...

  • Old Tashkent

    Most visitors of Tashkent see only the "post-Earthquake" city, with its big parks and the Soviet concrete but miss the remaining old part at the other banks of the Chirchik river separating old Tashkent form the new part. It can of course not be compared with the old part of Bukhara but those who only go to Tashkent should allow some hours to...


Tashkent Sports & Outdoors

  • Up-up-up on Tchimgan's cable-car

    This cable-car will enables you to reach the summit of the Grand Tchimgan mountain... 3309m!!!In winter, you can sky,or even use an helicopter which will bring you to the topest slopes. In summer, the view is really worth seing, and you can catch a bit of fresh air.... Rather precious on a hot summer Uzbeck day. From there, you can also go...

  • Tcharvak lake-freshness in the heat of...

    If you want to escape the heat of town, you can hop on a train that will bring you to the lake, up high in the mountain. A little fresh air won't harm you under the 40 degrees sun!!!And if the water isn't appealing to you, go to the Pimamid complex, where for a few sums at the entrance, and an additional 1500 per person you can splash in their huge...

  • Tashkent Hotels

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Tashkent Favorites

  • Where and how to get money ?

    From my experience (mid 2006), money exchange in Tashkent is quick and easy. Exchange offices are scattered around in town (marked “echange”…) or use most of the banks (just show an US dollar bill and you’ll be shown the way to the right booth).In summer 2006, bills of 1000 som have been available everywhere, although quite often I had to refuse...

  • Quiet places

    For all that it is a city of 3 million people, Tashkent has a lovely laid-back air. The bazaars are busy and bustling, and in the evenings Broadway is jumping (literally it can seem with the loud music the Uzbeks love) but there is shady street after street in the Russian part of the city, all but deserted of traffic much of the time and you can...

  • ATM's and Currency Exchange - Tashkent

    Have been back to Tashkent about 4 times over the past year for work. Regarding currency exchange - any of the hotel's have a good exchange place - normally open 24hours a day - apart from meal breaks - they will even provide a box for the bricks of cash they give you. The Dediman and Intercontinenetal are the best. Also you can exchange in the...


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