Vietnam Off The Beaten Path

  • Red Zao couple seeking medical service outside Hek
    Red Zao couple seeking medical service...
    by SUN_69
  • New Cao Dai temple rises in southern part of Hue
    New Cao Dai temple rises in southern...
    by mtncorg
  • a catholic church in da nang
    a catholic church in da nang
    by aalayaa

Vietnam Off The Beaten Path

  • Mekong

    Ho Chi Minh City Off The Beaten Path

    After visting My Tho we boarded a boat and set out to explore the Mekong Delta. It was Hogmanay we had lunch in a little restaurant on an island and the local children played us Auld Lang Syne on their traditional musical instruments. As a Scot, I suddenly felt overwhelmed with homesickness; something I thought I would never again feel. We visited...

  • Out of Hanoi-Halong Bay

    Hanoi Off The Beaten Path

    First of all, Halong Bay is not at all off the beaten path - there's just no category in VT so far which it fits in. Never mind that, Halong Bay is a must-visit when in Vietnam and therefore one of the places visited by countless tourists. It's also a world heritage site of the UNESCO and definitely deserves this honour. In one word: it's...

  • Out of Saigon - Cu Chi Tunnels

    Ho Chi Minh City Off The Beaten Path

    On our trip to Tay Ninh and Cu Chi we also visited a lovely Buddhist temple in Chau Doc. Chau Doc is best known for a massacre. On July 11 1957 anti-Diem insurgents stormed a bar in Chau Doc and killed 17 people who were drinking inside.The victims were tied up and then machine gunned. The crime was apparently carried out by communists opposed to...

  • Miscellaneous in Hanoi

    Hanoi Off The Beaten Path

    Le Van Huu street is a little bit away from the centre and just around the corner of the apartment I lived in when in Hanoi. In my opinion, it's one of the most beautiful streets of Hanoi as it is very interesting and busy in a number of ways. Coming from Hue street, the first thing you'll experience is a smell: The upper part of Le Van Huu street...

  • Out of Saigon - Cao Dai Temple

    Ho Chi Minh City Off The Beaten Path

    The capital of the same-named province, Tay Ninh is situated 95km northwest of Ho Chi Minh City and is the original home of the Cao Dai religion which has around 3 million adherents in Southern Vietnam. Tay Ninh is home to the Cao Dai Great Temple, built between 1933 and 1955, which sits a few kilometres outside of the town. A rather garish meld...

  • Out of Hanoi

    Hanoi Off The Beaten Path

    Hanoi is well worth spending a week, but what if you become bored by it? Why not check out the villages in the vicinity of Hanoi? They will provide you with a unique view of Vietnam's rural life and you'll be amazed how untouristy this country can be. Not to mention the incredibly friendly people... The best way to visit the villages is by...

  • Reunification Palace

    Ho Chi Minh City Off The Beaten Path

    The Huge Park facing the Reunification Palace (Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street) that ends in front of the Diamond Plaza Mall in Pham Ngoc Thach Street and bisected by le Duan Street is a favorite of Vietnamese Locals for Hanging around and Meeting friends at acquaintances. On Sundays, the park will be full of local people and there will be many...

  • Miscellaneous outside of Hanoi

    Hanoi Off The Beaten Path

    From Hanoi we took a day trip to Tam Coc near the city of Ninh Binh. Tam Coc is like an inland Ha Long Bay (and also reminiscent of Guilin, China) with spectacular river and mountain scenery. The tour bus took us to the village of Van Lam, then we boarded a small boat which took us along the Ngo Dong River. We passed rice fields and spectacular...

  • Out of Hanoi-Sa Pa

    Hanoi Off The Beaten Path

    Located in Vietnam's remote northwest mountains, Sapa is famous for both its fine, rugged scenery and also its rich cultural diversity. It is an incredibly picturesque town and area that lies in the Hoang Lien Son mountain range near the Chinese border in north-western Vietnam, known as "the Tonkinese Alps". Sapa and its surrounding region is host...

  • "Hash House Harriers"

    Hanoi Off The Beaten Path

    I've been Hashing for about ten years now and recently came to one of the Hanoi Hash's. Wow, what a great group of people! It's a great mix of local expats, visitors and local Vietnamese. Everyone is warmly welcomed from the seasoned Hash vetrans to the first timers who want to find out what Hashing is all about. The really great thing about the...

  • Rent a motorbike or a bicycle

    If you want to see a real Vietnam you should literally 'get off the beaten path'. It isn't complicated - just take a bike or a motorbike and go out of the city/town in any direction. After some time turn into a less popular small road and follow it. For sure after a few miles you will find a place not spoiled by tourism yet. Driving any vehicle in...

  • Nha Trang

    Do not discount Nha Trang. It depends on what you want to do but it has alot of bang for the buck.I was just there last month and while I found it alot more "busy" than previous trips, I still had a great time.You can go to Doc Let which is about two hours north of Nha Trang. It is much more quiet but not cheap.Check out the posts for Nha Trang and...

  • The Hai Van pass.

    The Hai Van pass is located in central Vietnam and in many peoples opinion is the deviding point between north and south Vietnam.When the country was devided the border was a little futher north though.The pass is 497 meters above sea level and it´s a popular stopping point for peole on a roadtrip as the views from there are very good.At the top of...

  • Mekong River tour

    When I went from Saigon to Phnom Phen I took a tour on the Mekong river. I truly recommend this, it was a journey of a lifetime. There are many tours to take from Saigon to Cambodia, make sure to bring a few photos for the visa procedure at the border. But there are no worries otherwise.

  • Vietnam Cookery Center cooking class

    We took a cooking class in Saigon. They picked us up from the hotel, took us to a market to shop for the ingredients, had a half day of cooking and then ate what we made. It was the best meal we had in Vietnam and the food there is awesome! It was conducted in English. I booked the class on-line. We emailed back and forth. We made caramalized pork,...

  • LeMat Snake Village

    This village is famous for snake breeding and processing .Snake is a special food of Vietnam. you can buy liquor of snake or, you can taste foods processed from snake(beware, some people are alergic to snake meat). Annual festival is carried out on the 23rd of the third lunar month . In festival, there is an unique dance of snake.

  • Where the buffalo roams....

    Get off the beaten'll see so many more of what you came to Vietnam for.Imagine a quiet and calm field of rice patties in you view, a flock of ducks paddling in the pond nearby....and a few water buffalos grazing across the field. The sun shine may get too bright at could sit down on a grassy patch under a cool shade of...

  • Quy Nhon.

    Quy Nhon is a fairly big seaside town situated between Da Nang and Nha Trang.It´s not a big tourist place at all, but the place has a decent beach, a vibrant fishing scene and is in general a very friendly town.I stopped there for the night while cycling through Vietnam and thought it was one of the nicer towns in Vietnam.Quy Nhon has a nice...

  • The Cu Chi tunnels.

    The Cu Chi tunnels were one of the main factors in the Vietnam war and mabye the most important symbol of the war in the country.It´s an enourmous network of tunnels through southern Vietnam that the Viet Cong used to hide in and the americans never knew when someone stuck their head out of the groud and shot at themThese days, some parts of the...

  • Mekong delta by bike

    Cycling the Mekong delta is one of the best things i have ever done. Not that there are a lot of big sights, but this is truly Vietnam without the souvenier shops and motorbike taxi drivers.Get off the main road and in to the rice fields and just pedal along the rice workers, who are not very likely to have seen a tourist on a bike before.

  • Day trips from HCMC

    The day trips mentioned are all good.If you stay in HCMC, you could visit Soui Tien Theme park, which is basically an amusement park that is largely based on the culture and mythology of Vietnam. (i.e. You enter a building and encounter Vietnamese gods) I don't know how to quite explain the place, but it was an interesting place to walk around and...

  • Local travelling agent in Hanoi

    oh! yes , the local tour agency in Hanoi is very tricky. Last time, I found it out the guide is represented to different agency. But the price of the trip of different agency will also mark in different. Since there are variety of trip in the same boat, some of the tourists paid more but got the similar facilities to go to Halong Bay. My friend who...

  • My Muine

    Four and a half hours away from Saigon is a sleepy town with a great beach!Things to do in Muine:1. Sleep on the beach2. Get a massage on the beach3. Drink Saigon Beer on the beach4. Go to the Fairy Stream5. Visit the Sand Sunes6. Stay at the Canary Resort

  • Beware of far off malls

    Check out this guy's blog., my colleagues have the same sentiment after their recent trip to Saigon Factory Outlet. Taxi drivers are getting from bad to worse in HCMC these days. Far more accidents than compared to the past and more incidents of ripping tourist off and getting them to wrong location. So,...

  • Trip around north of Vietnam

    Hi There October or november the weather in the north of vietnam is quite nice to travel around, i would prefer day trip to village in the north compare to south mekong detal, company viet vision travel they are ever oganize trip to villages for homestay with good facilities, half day cycling around, cross rice paddy field next day trip continue to...

  • What you miss in Vietnam

    Off the roads and highways to the tracks and trail beyond. there is many tribal areas to see and the people are really friendly to


    Hi all travellers,Thank you for all of your support to dalat easyrider in Vietnam. This time we would like to confirm that now our website is many advices from travelers who travelled with us that we should have an official website for tourists to know more information about Dalat Easyrider and our tours.Because of...

  • Near Hoi An: My Son

    My Son, the Champa Kingdom's Capital, is located about an hour from Hoi An, and can be reached by cheap tour buses or by private taxi. Cheap tour buses cost a few dollars but they all arrive at the same time, so when you visit, the archaeological site will be packed. Taxis cost about 20 dollars and give you the chance to explore the site in a less...

  • near Nha Trang: Hon Ong/Whale Island

    Hon Ong is the local name for the French-run Whale Island/Ile de la Baleine Resort. It's a beautiful private island of serene beauty, isolated... peaceful and regenerating, with an excellent beach, pristine waters, corals and coconut trees. Background music: the sound of the ocean. We did not see any whales but at night, in the bay we could hear...

  • Near Ho Chi Minh: Cu Chi tunnels

    About 1.30 from Ho Chi Minh, the Cu Chi Tunnels are part of a network of tunnels stretching as far as the Cambodian border and used by NLF guerrillas to hide from the French Army first and then from the American Army. There was everything in the tunnels: homes with kitchen, hospitals, weapons, food... and each tunnel entrance was well concieved and...

  • Lak lake

    South of the Central Highlands is this area of scenic beauty, where the M'nong people live. Possibility to take an elephant ride or rent a dugout from the village of Jun across part of the lake and back. There is also the possibility to sleep at the Buon Juin village. Two choices : a longhouse or some small bungalows. There is a very good...

  • Playku and Kontum, Central Highlands.

    This was an eye-opener to trek around the small villages of the Bahnar and Jarai minorities. Very difficult to make any contact at all, and it was only our guide from time to time with cigarettes and sweets that helped to break the ice. Normal, I suppose when you think that their part of the country had been bombed almost into oblivion during the...

  • The Marble Mountains

    The Marble Mountains are five limestone peaks named after the elements of Earth, Water, Wood, Metal and Fire. Marble has been quarried here for generations, mainly for making tombstones. But, nowadays, there are numerous marble shops selling souvenirs. Be warned: the children employed to drag visitors into the shops can be a real nuisance.The...

  • Cu Chi Tunnels

    Just about every tourist who goes to Saigon takes an organised trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels. Experiencing the claustrophobia of the war-time tunnels is seen as an essential part of the Vietnam experience. A section of tunnel has been especially widened for foreign tourists to either walk through bent double, or crawl through on hands and knees....

  • Mekong Delta 2

    The mangrove swamps are still peaceful and atmospheric.The 2-day trip departs Sinh Cafe at 7.45 am and returns at 6.30 pm the following day. It only costs US$14, including accommodation.It takes in Cai Be, Vinh Long, Can Tho and Cai Rang.You need to take the 2-day trip, if you want to see an active floating market.

  • thuyen thung

    Whenever I travel to Nha Trang, Phan Thiet or Mui Ne I cant help but be amazed at the tiny basket-shaped boats known as Thuyen Thung. They have almost become a symbol of Vietnam's central coast. They are used in the local fishing industry.You can find the tale about the history of thuyen thung in many documents and books. Hundreds of years ago...

  • See & experience the real Mekong Delta

    What is it like to be poor in the Mekong Delta?My mother's family lives within the tribunaries of the Mekong Delta and I was lucky enough to have the change to experience her family's everyday life in Vinh Long, a province south of HCMC that took 3 hours on a minibus to get to.As our long and narrow little motorised canoe disturbingly roared...

  • No 2 Rice Exporter in the World!

    Viet Nam is one of the original centres of rice cultivation, but surplus rice production was achieved only after the taming of the vast Mekong River Delta about 300 years ago. Viet Nam has been the world's second largest rice exporter since the mid-1990s, but rice farmers are still poor due to low rice prices. Diversification of the intensive rice...

  • Get off the tourist trail

    If you find yourself in Sa Pa, and are interested in the local weekend markets, try to find someone who can drive you to the town of Faulong, just by the Chinese border. This market is a magnet for the Flower Hmong people who come from the surrounding villages to buy, sell, and trade goods. The place is truly a riot of colour, with not a single...

  • Go for a ride with the Easy Riders!

    When we were in Dalat we met a guy (Lulu) who introduced himself as an Easy Rider. He was a local guide with a motorbike and offered to take us for a ride for one or more days. We agreed to try one day first and that day we visited the surroundings of Dalat. We enjoyed that day so much that we decided to go with him and his friend for a 5 day trip...

  • Hire a Guide

    His name is Tung (email him here). He's a humble 60-year old veteran of the American War and a native of Ho Chi Minh City who takes his job very seriously. We met him in the park along Le Lai Street near the Ben Thanh Market and the backpacker district. He carried a small journal full of testimonials and photos of many of his previous customers....

  • Hoan Kiem lake ,Hanoi

    Ho Hoan Kiem is the heart of the city, not necessarily geographically but historically and emotionally. The locals use the park that surrounds the lake as a gathering point, for Tai-Chi and jogging in the morning, for commerce and kite-flying during the day and for chess and strolling in the evening. The name which translates as "Lake Of The...

  • Bac Ma National Park and Elephant...

    Elephant Springs, outside of lang Ko Beach, in between Hue and Hoi An made for a very enjoyable day. We hitched a ride with some of the locals on their motorbikes. We paid, of course, and they took us to these really cool springs where the locals hang out on weekends. during the week it's empty. You can take a picnic, or buy lunch at one of the...

  • Nice beach, very local

    If your looking for anything quiet and peaceful in Vietnam, Lang Ko Beach, about half-way between Hue and Hoi An is a nice stop. There are a few local restaurants, a couple of decent hotels, and a few kilometers of unspoiled beach with good swimming.

  • Mekong Delta

    Actually, the Mekong Delta is not so much off the beaten path nowadays. There are regular 1, 2 and 3-day boat trips organised by Sinh Cafe and Kim Cafe amongst others. I took the 1-day trip to My Tho and Ben Tre, departing Sinh Cafe at 8.15am and returning at 6.30pm. It cost US$7, including lunch. There is another 1-day trip, to Cai Be and Hoa...


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