Vietnam What to Pack

  • shorts are best for walking at the tunnels
    shorts are best for walking at the...
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Vietnam What to Pack

  • Clothing & Shoes

    Ho Chi Minh City What to Pack

    you can buy class A counterfeit Bags like Kipling, Samsonite, Mango, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Etc. at Lucky Plaza Mall, Benh Than Market and lot of other stores in District 1 and at the nguyen hue boulevard facing the ho chi minh statue or at the nearby Dong Khoi Street just parallel to Nguyen Hue Boulevard plus really cheap silk bags for the...

  • Weather Gear

    Ho Chi Minh City What to Pack

    The popular Vietnamese Straw hat not only protects you from the sun but also from rain sinece it's waterproof! Straw hats are a generic in asia an most asian countries like china, korea, cambodia, philippines, malaysia, etc have their straw hats and are basically made from dried straws and are made into different designs but the vietnamese straw...

  • Tampoons

    It's hubmid and ful of mosquitos. There are no tampons here, may be they are slowly arriving as some labels started the advertisements in tv, but as far as I could understand(girls complains) they are very hard to be found.

  • Packing for Vietnam

    A backpack might be more useful than a suitcase, especially if you are checking several places out to find the cheapest hotel. Clothes as needed, but you should definitely bring a warm high-collar pullover. Aircon can cause colds very quickly, and most tourist vehicles are cooled down to a terrible temperature! When you go to North Vietnam in...


    When out and about I carry the following items some you may find handy: I carry a small back/pack that carries all my camera gear (out of sight) and my daily handy neccesities. I am never without sufficient amount of fresh bottled water A reliable mosquito and insect repellant A wide brimmed hat for sun protection.A pair of sunglasses .. .. ..A...

  • Get your Vietnam Visa Before you Leave...

    Make sure you get your visa before your arrival to Vietnam. Despite the nightmare stories in the guidebooks, Visas for Vietnam are quick and easy to obtain through the Vietnamese embassy so there is no need to pay the extra charge to use a Visa Services. We overnighted our passports and forms with a self address overnight envelop and had them back...

  • Cotton Clothes lovers...beware!!

    Whatever style of baggage you choose, be sure you know the size and weight limitations on your airlines. This is available online with whatever airlines you are using. I once paid a hefty fee for my bags, both in weight and size being over the stated limit. I'll not make that mistake again. This is especially true when leaving Vietnam, as the...

  • Luggage Recommendations and other basics

    I find that traveling with one small suit case with wheels and a small back pack (big enough to hold everything you need for a one to two day side trip) works best for me. Whatever you bring make sure you can carry it long distances by yourself if need be. Many of the hotels in Vietnam only have one or two rooms per floor, so be prepared to carry...

  • Clothing

    While preparing for my trip to Vietnam I had read, that the Vietnamese dress very conservatively. Women and men wear long pants and short or long sleeve tops for the most part, and I should do the same despite the heat. Once in Vietnam I saw quite a few of the Vietnamese wearing Capri’s (cropped pants) pants and sleeveless tops. Due to the heat...

  • Travel Books

    By far the best travel book for Vietnam that I saw was the Rough Guide's Vietnam. Guides on Vietnam are a bit hard to come by in the US so if can?t find the Rough Guide don?t worry, the major cities in Vietnam all have book exchanges where you can pick up a used copy of the Rough Guide for less than $10 US. Make sure you get a recent copy though,...

  • Take the empty bag or suitcase

    I travel light but at the end of my trips most of my clothes go out - or are donated to locals. I then buy clothes for home and my next trip. Whether you are after tailor made or ready to wear, knock-offs or the real thing you will find something for your tate in Vietnam.HCMH, HoiAn and Hanoi are where the main markets are and where you can get...

  • bring or buy a hat.

    One small carry on bag is sufficient. Clothes are so cheap that you can buy them as needed. Sandals are all one needs unless you go trekking in the mountains, the a pair of light weight hiking boots will do the job. Nothing special as everything you need is sold in the shops. Digital camera. Pack diarrhea medicines. Sunglasses. Swim suit.

  • Recycle your packing list

    When Tracy and I travel, we tend to pack a bit differently to most people. For the months before we leave, we start putting aside old clothes that we will take away, wear and then throw or give to the people that clean our room usually. We feel we are doing our bit by recycling our stuff. About 3/4 of the clothes we take to a country stays there,...

  • Pack a pair of shorts

    We travelled to Vietnam in April, and it was hot - especially in the south (Ho Chi Minh and the Delta). If I had my time over, I would have packed a pair of long shorts rather than just taking trousers.Many of the locals get around in knee length shorts these days, so you won't look out of place wearing them.That said, you can buy clothes,...

  • directions

    Be sure to have a good set of maps with district tourist centers clearly marked and major routes designated. Your travel agent may be able to provide you with them or you might have to get them from a reputable seller like Barnes and Noble. Also get a good attraction guide so that you not only know where the sights are but have a little...

  • Snake Wine in the U.S.

    Bringing snake wine into the U.S. is possible. I just brought snake wine into the country in January from Vietman through China. I claimed it as snake wine coming into the country and just asked for a Department of Agriculture employee when I went through customs. They looked at it, made sure it wasn't endangered, asked me why in the hell I would...

  • Where is the Pharmacy/Chemist? Packing...

    After traveling to a few 3rd World Countries, I've found that even the simple remedies can be hard to find. I use a craft box that is sold to hold beads (WalMart). I take the individual bead containers and fill them with over the counter meds. Basics (Immodium (Chewables incase you can't handle a whole or want to be stopped up for 3 days),...

  • Bring little - Take back a lot

    Travel light! Don't bring too much. Carrying luggage and bags through airports, train stations and heaving them onto buses and into taxis can be very tiring, especially when it's hot. If in need for extra bags and cases for your shoppings, they can be purchased in every city usually at a much lower cost than in your home country. Check the quality...

  • Don't forget !!!!!

    A smallish backpack for everyday use, carrying all your bits and pieces and perhaps a bottle of water. In most places good walking sandals (Teva style) are good enough for all day. Your own medicines plus any aspirines, paracetamol, plasters, stuff like that to give to dispensaries you find on your route. Too much film or memory cards is never...

  • Be Prepared - It rains and shines in one...

    If visiting Hoi An - An extra Bag may be needed for all the tailor made clothes and shoes you will acquire. A lightweight raincoat - or a fold up umbrella - After the heat of the day it tends to rain for about an hour in the evening so a raincoat comes in handy. An umbrella is great too - you can kill two birds with one stone with this item -...

  • Great for Mosquito Bites!!

    My friend gave this to me for my Mosquito bites in vietnam, liquid laundry soap! she brought some in a little travel container. All you do is just dab a bit on each bite, and it will not only stop itching immediately, the bite will go away in a day or two. Amazing! All you need is dab, you can you your finger or a Q-tip to put it on each bite.

  • My PacSafe 85L

    This is how's the PacSafe 85L (M) looks like if you need to store it away.The package come with harden padlock & super durable exomesh netting.Other Pacsafe produsts that worth mentioning are:- Secure Portable Safe - Secure Hip Pack - Secure Neck Pouch - Secure Waist Wallet - Secure Adjustable Cable Lock

  • My Backpack

    I just recently retired my old Karrimor backpack. This is a new Karrimor Global 50-70liters.It come with a removable day sack which is very useful for camera storage, guide books & etc. The Karrimor Global, is one of the 'world traveler' rucksacks with so many features i may need extra columns to write about it.The Karrimor Global is aimed at...

  • Bug Spray and Sunscreen!

    Bring a light rain poncho during the rainy season. You can also buy one in-country for very cheap.Bug spray is a must on Cat Ba island -- bring the lotion, you may have trouble getting an aerosol can aboard your flight. We didn't have trouble with mosquitoes in the major cities or in the Mekong River Delta.Sunscreen is critical anywhere in...

  • Money

    We spent three weeks in Vietnam in Dec 2006. We took a combination of travellers cheques, US dollars and ATM cards. Despite what we had read there were ATMS in Vietnam which were very easy to use. Exchanging US dollars was also fine. Cashing the Travellers Cheques were problematic - American Express in Saigon wouldn't swap them so we had to make...

  • Lots of Dollar Bills

    We packed several large duffel bags inside one of our suitcases in anticipation of great shopping. Best thing we could have done given how much clothing we bought in Hoi An. Definitely an umbrella in rainy season. We packed tons of expensive mosquito repellant and treatments for our clothes to repel bugs and it was a waste of money. Absolutely...

  • U$D

    US Dollar are widely acceptable in Vietnam. Bankers will give better exchange rate on bigger note ($50 & $100).If you happen to run out of VND for small purchase, small dollar note will be assumed as VND15.000 per dollar.Bring along your credit card (and PIN) for emergency. If you long forgotten your PIN, you can make cash withdrawal at local...

  • Travel Guide books - eg. Lonely planet

    It is really difficult to find a "real" copy of lonely planet guidebooks such as China here, we looked in a lot of bookshops in Hanoi and they were nowhere to be found! They have a few photocopied versions which are about $6-12 depending on where you buy them - but you must check inside before you buy as the quailty varies. The maps in these...

  • Bring

    If you're going to be travelling alot then i recommend a good size pack and a smaller day pack. A suit case is the last thing you want to be hauling around especially onto trains and busses. In Saigon you can buy back packs for fairly cheap prices (10-20). They are of decent quality (mine has lasted 3 years) and are 100% duplicate of brands such as...

  • Packing List for Vietnam

    1 large backpack (EMS 3000)1 daypack (Kelty 2400) Ex officicio amhi shortsFlip flopsTrail running shoesEx officio boxersArmor Gear shirts Neosporin !2x3 bandagesTapeZ-Pac (antibotics)Eye dropsPeptoMobic (anti inflam)ciproalka seltzerdeetmalarone 35mm camera Swiss Army knife Sunglasseswatchtravel coffee mughand cleaner !laundry soapzip lock...

  • As little as possible!

    A big bag or a small if you plan to by an extra bag there! As little as possible! You can get anything in Vietnam and it's cheap so it's impossible not to by anything. Bring toiletries. At least if you want to be sure that you have something good, like sunscreen, mosquito repellent or, for female travellers, tampons. They have some really good...

  • Electricity and Plugs

    If you are having trouble figuring out exactly what kinds of electrical plugs are used in Vietnam, here is the answer from Steve Kropla’s Help for World Travelers (you won’t find it in any of the major guidebooks):127/220V* -- 50 Hz -- types A, C & G (see the link for full descriptions)*To be standardized at 220V. Type G plugs found in newer...

  • Don't forget gifts

    Don’t miss the meticulous hints at Doug Dyment’s The Compleat Carry-On Traveler (renamed One Bag), in particular his One-Page Checklist available for download in PDF format. If you’re really picky, don’t look any further – you won’t even like much more the "wanna-be" comprehensive Universal Packing List created and wonderfully maintained by...

  • Pack light

    This is what i ususally take for a few months of travel. A few shirts, socks, one pair of shoes. Remember to bring winter clouths for Hanoi because is not hot

  • the cost of freedom

    A backpack is the best thing to carry your gear around. You can get to the train without a taxi and much easier to look for a place to stay if you do not have to lug suitcases around. Sturdy shoes are essential even in generally warm Vietnam. If you plan on any hiking, bring boots. Ours came in handy in Hanoi when we found it much colder than...

  • Pack light!!!

    If you need more - buy them there. Everything you can need is cheap and fair quality. From suits and shoes down to T-Shirts - you can get made to size.Don't expect big sizes for big feet or bodies to be off-the-shelf. Main cities have all your needs. Developing pics was excellent, great quality and half the price of $AUD. I had 890 done!!

  • Sunscreen and Insect Repellent is a must

    Bring a pair of comfortable leather sandals. You will do alot of walking. If you forgot it, don't worry - clothes and shoes are so cheap over there. Bibi (they have their own store all over town) is a well know brand for comfortable sandals that last a long time. They are cheap too. You can buy a pair between 48,000 - 96,000 dong. My mother has a...

  • Pack light

    We packed in backpacks, because travel within the country (trains, hydrophoils, etc). have limited baggage space. It was also nice to know all of our stuff was with us when enroute from city to city - we heard there was a lot of crime in Vietnam but did not experience any. I never saw any type of drugstore, although I'm sure you could find one if...

  • You're wired!!

    Land, sea or air, you're wired for travel. No more sleepless train or bus rides, Pacsafe guards your gear for times when you just have to . . . go. The Backpacker series has been specially designed for easy harness access when you are on the move, or complete protection for safe air travel.Tagline extracted from

  • Bring Lots of Film

    If you are a photographer, brings lots of film. During 9 days, there was so much to see, I took over 400 pictures! You can find most types of film in the major cities, but I fell for the old "bait-and-switch" when I bartered for a roll of film with 40 exposures and ended up with a roll of 15 exposures.

  • items

    Some handy things to bring Hat and sunscreen the sun is strong and you get burnt quickly I also found sunscreen very hard to find I would bring my own as we were told by some locals that a lot of the medical products a substitutes. In the major cities and tourist spots it is easy to find places where you can get films ect. Always have water...

  • Pack LIGHTLY!!

    Don't bring to many cloths, Don't bring to much, You can buy everything you need in the markets here for next to nothing. For example T-shirts for $1.50 Bring or always have on you a roll of TP!! This is GOLD!!! You can buy it in the stores, but most resturants dont have hardly any if at all. Also bring anti bactierial hand wash as I never saw...

  • Money Matters

    The US dollar is the second currency of Vietnam, you don’t need to exchange money if you have dollars (save yourself the commission fee). US coins are useless (unless you wish to give them to children as token gifts). If you pay by dollar you will normally get dong for change and that and an occasional stop at an ATM seemed to be enough in small...

  • Digital Camera Recommendation

    Vietnam is an amazingly beautiful place with lots of fantastic picture taking opportunities so make sure you bring a good camera with lots of film or a digital camera with lots of storage.Camera Recommendations. I bought my first digital camera specifically for this trip and was quite happy with the results. It was wonderful not to worry about the...

  • Travel light...

    Don't pack too much! If flying into Hanoi, you could literally travel with the clothes on your back and then buy what you need for far cheaper than what you'd pay back home. Especially if you're planning a stop at Hoi An, the tailoring capital of Vietnam. All of the regular stuff is available in major cities Film is cheap in HCMC and Hanoi, as...


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