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Cat Ba Things to Do

  • Plying the turquoise waters of Ha Long

    Ha Long Bay... Well, it is definitely long and the story is similarly elongated. There is nothing to prepare you better for the realities of travel in Viet Nam as the posts on Tripadvisor. There the sections about the Ha Long bay cruising are filled with posts deleted by the moderators apparently for offensive language and other trespassing. Then...

  • Homestay

    The home stay option is not different from the cruise ship one in the sense that you would have been moored somewhere at night, it is not the Caribbean where the ship travels during the night to a distant island. At the same time the home stay exposes you to a polished up version of a fisherman’s life on the waters of the bay. The home is...

  • Discover Catba islands

    If you have time ( like 3 or 4 days) to come to Catba islands, you can arrange your time as follows:1. Half day to visit Catba national park, Hospital cave, Trung Trang cave. Those 3 places are in the same area closed by and you can go by bus/ taxi or motobike.2. Visit Lan Ha bay and Monkey Island. You can rent a boat ( small or big depends on your...

  • Visit Catba cannon bunker

    Located in populations world-famous scenic Ha Long Bay, Cat Ba island is considered the jewel of Vietnam. It is famous as one of the legends of the island jewel of thousands were cast into the sea forming Ha Long Bay. Cat Ba is the place between the forest and the sea blend to create a one of a kind landscapes.Come to this beautiful island,...

  • Visit Viet Hai Village

    Viet Hai is a small village in the midst of jungles, covered by high mountains range of the Cat Ba National Park, which belongs to Cat Hai district of Hai Phong city. Vietnamese tourists seldom go to this place, but it has been becoming a popular attraction to the foreign touristsew years ago, Viet Hai was absolutely separated with the outside...

  • Monkey Island in Cat Ba

    Monkey Island previously known as Cat Dua Island ( Pineapple Island ) because there are many pandanus fruits wich people often use for making drinks to treat some kind of diseases.Today, the name of the island is often called Monkey Island. The reason is that the island has more than 20 monkeys, they usually play down the beach with tourists,...

  • Visit Cat Ba National Park

    Cat Ba National Park is situated in Cat Ba Island and on several smaller islands nearby. The park currently comprises 98km2 of total land are, 54km2 of inshore waters. The National Park was Vietnam’s first national park to included both terrestrial and marine ecosystems. It is recognized nationally and internationally for its importance in...

  • Visit Lan Ha Bay

    Lan Ha Bay is the same as Halong Bay, even more beautiful because it is not much affected by the human. Coming to Cat Ba, you should hire a boat or book a tour to visit the bay, do kayaking tour or fishing tour here. An other actitvity in Cat Ba is rock climbing. The place for rock climbing tour is also on Lan Ha Bay

  • Cat Ba Town

    The aptly named Cat Ba Town is the main settlement on the island with around 8,000 inhabitants or on boats moored in Cai Beo bay, about 2km away from the town itself. It features 3 beaches and a parade of restaurants and hotels along the seafront and reminded me a little of small coastal towns back home in the UK. It also features some nightclubs...

  • Canoeing

    Part of my tour involved a bit of paddling in canoes - the first time I'd been in one since I was in the Cub Scouts! We transferred into canoes and made our way into a small lagoon that you entered under a natural stone bridge where we heard the rustling of trees by monkeys that we couldn't see. We then paddled past floating fishing communities...

  • Community Centre?

    During our trek on Cat Ba Island we visited some old style wooden buildings that looked like temples but were in fact a community centre that some French guy had brought over from the mainland and built here. However, they weren't finished because the government had created the National Park whilst they were being built and so didn't give him...

  • Cat Ba Trek

    We came to Cat Ba Island on our second day to do some trekking and canoeing and to stay on the island overnight. We reached the island and walked to a village called Viet Hai which featured old wooden houses alongside piles of modern bricks that were ready to build new houses. We stopped by a family who were making square 'cakes' for Tet (the...

  • Cat Ba Island

    Cat Ba Island is the largest island in Halong Bay and is commonly used as an overnight hotel stop if you decide to do a 3 day/2 night trip like I did. Half of its area is covered by a National Park, which is home to the highly endangered Cat Ba Langur and other mammals such as civet cats and oriental giant squirrels. The Park covers both land and...

  • Cat Ba National Park

    A moderately challenging 8 hour hike through temperate rain forest and over 4 hills, or a simple 1 hill and back hike. The long hike involves a lot of scrambling over slippery smooth and muddy rock. I needed my guide to walk me through it but my wife went past like a mountain goat. Pleasant village at the end where you can have lunch, then a boat...

  • Boat tour of Halong Bay and area

    Well, Halong Bay is a UNESCO site and the reason that there are any tourists on Cat Ba at all.The usual trip has been to go to Halong City and take a boat from there, but the descriptions we'd read of Halong City all sounded rather seedy, and Cat Ba sounded pleasant enough on its own, having a national park and all, so we went there instead.It's...

  • Rock Climbing, Kayaking

    There is great rock climbing on Cat Ba Island. Check out SloPony Adventures - I booked with them and had a great time!

  • Sars....

    We saw these ugly chickens at Cat Co beach....Of course hearing about the Sars we avoided the birds.

  • Cat Co beach.

    Cat Ba has two nice beaches called Cat Co 1 and 2. They are located 1 kilometer southeast of town. We arrived early and were the only humans on the beach (besides some ugly chickens)...


Cat Ba Hotels

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Cat Ba Restaurants

  • Best seafood restaurant in Cat Ba Town

    GOLDEN WIND restaurant ( at Monkey Island Resort Catba ) is located beside the beach and in front of " Eco garden". You can stay inside the restaurant to enjoy food or drinks. There is open air part of the restaurant where you can stay to enjoy your drinks with beautiful view of the beach. From here, you can take many nice pictures of the islets,...

  • Good fresh reasonably priced food

    I live in Ha Noi and have been to Cat Ba five times and each trip I have eaten at the Phuong Phuong restaurant two or three times. It's a terrace restaurant next to the Green Mango. The food is always excellent and very reasonably priced. Seafood is the speciality of Cat Ba and also of Phuong Phuong. They have live fish and seafood - so when you...

  • Home style food and friendly service in...

    We walked by Phuong Phuong Restaurant on our first night in Cat Ba village and decided to give it a chance and use the free WiFi.Our meal that night was so good that we decided to come back for breakfast the next day. After an amazing breakfast we knew that we had found our spot and we kept coming back every day.The service was always friendly and...

  • Sweet & Sour Heaven

    The bamboo cafe is situated on cat ba town's main street (The one facing the sea). Stopped here for lunch and the food was spot on. The bottle of tiger that wash it down wasn't bad either. Sweet & Sour Beef

  • Friendly people, excellent food

    Very nice people and the basic Vietnamese dishes, and the requisite banana pancake, were very good. But the seafood was excellent. They had a tank of crabs and another of langoustines and we had a few of each, and they were delicious. On the day we left we ordered a whole fish, and our waitress went into the back, got a bucket, got on her...

  • The Good Bar (ISNT)

    We were attracted to this place due to the friendly hostess on the street side, the coastal location, outdoor seats and promises of discounted food and 2 4 1 drinks. Once they had our group seated they turned off the charm, turned up the prices and as for the food, the whole group agreed that it would be impossible to get drunk on their cocktails...


Cat Ba Nightlife

  • Run by a New Zealander

    This small bar is located along the western stretch of the seafront and is run by a guy from New Zealand who I think was once a policeman. It's a very popular place for tourists and backpackers to hang out at plus it has entertainment in the form of darts, games and a book exchange.

  • Few nightlife

    Cat Ba hasn´t a great nightlife, a couple of clubs, and noisy karaokes. But we found this great place, in the promenade. Nice music, nice atmosphere and good beers.

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Cat Ba Transportation

  • Getting Cat Ba Island from Hanoi

    I - From Hanoi, you can take a local bus to go to Hai Phong city, then go by taxi to Ben Binh harbour to take a speed boat to Catba town. You will come to our in Catba or contact us for pick up.Local bus station in Hanoi to go to Hai Phong city:* LƯƠNG YÊN BUS STATION: No1, Nguyễn Khoái, Hà Nội.II - HAI PHONG -...

  • Hoang Long Buses out of Hanoi

    As is mentioned in the Lonely Planet it is possible to get a bus-boat-bus ride from Loung Yen busstation to Cat Ba city. But you need to buy the ticket at the Hoang Long booth at Loung Yen station NOT from the driver. I went with the HL bus of 05.15 AM and they just dropped me in Haiphong. I went to the jetty for the ferry and they charged me Dong...

  • Slow Boat Ride to Halong Bay

    If you choose to tour Lan Ha Bay or Halong Bay from Cat Ba instead of Halong city, it may be good to hire the services of a local boatman to bring you around. The charge at our point of visit was about US$35 for 7 hours.You will ride on xe-om to the tourist harbour on the East of Cat Ba town. From there, the small boat (can carry about 6 people or...


Cat Ba Local Customs

  • Hospital cave Catba island

    The limestone caves in Halong Bay provided refuge for the north Vietnamese during the Vietnam War. A tour will take you to several of these caves, including one that had been converted into a hospital, and another that held prisoners of war. Neither cave appears as it did at that time, there are no artifacts or war relics to see.In this excerpt,...

  • Floating Fishing Villages

    Halong Bay has many floating fishing communities and if you travel to Cat Ba Island you'll see them up close. We paddled past them complete with barking dogs when we went canoeing. I have heard that some of the people living on them were born here and never set foot on dry land - kind of like in the film Waterworld starring Kevin Costner.

  • Tet cakes

    During our trek through the village of Viet Hai, we stopped by a family who were making square 'cakes' for Tet (the Vietnamese lunar New Year celebration) which included pork, rice and egg shaped into a square and wrapped in banana leaves. If anyone knows the correct name of these then let me know!


Cat Ba Off The Beaten Path

  • Fishing Village

    From the tourist harbour in Cat Ba, there is a nearby fishing village (about 30 minutes boat ride away).Villagers live on board house boats with mini fish farms in front of their houses. I'm not sure if you can board the house boats for a view of the fish being bred there.

  • Lan Ha Bay

    Some guide books will not differentiate between Halong Bay and Lan Ha Bay, but the latter is the bay closer to Cat Ba island, with views similar to Halong Bay (but apparently not as dramatic).Also, most tourist boats will not go to Lan Ha Bay although most kayaking trips do take place there.In my opinion, I wouldn't know how to distinguish where...

  • Don't Forget Insurance

    If your current health insurance doesn't cover you while your abroad, you should consider getting international travel insurance just in case something should go wrong.

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