Ho Chi Minh City Warnings and Dangers

  • Ho Chi Minh city.
    Ho Chi Minh city.
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  • A cyclo ride in Ho Chi Minh City (watch the fare!)
    A cyclo ride in Ho Chi Minh City (watch...
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  • Warnings and Dangers
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Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Ho Chi Minh City

  • 1. Thieves & Beggers

    It's too late to notice this website for alert people who travel to Vietnam. I was been Ho Chi Minh last week for attend company. Is happy and can't wait for enjoy others country lifestyle over there....

  • 2. Traffic

    This sounds risky,but locals say that you just step out,make eye contact with the nearest approaching vehicle and keep walking.The first few times it took some nerve,but after a few attempt's found...

  • 3. Clothes & Accessories

    Be wary of the high prices some stuffs are being sold at the famous Ben Tanh market. For most parts they try to sell it at first call 50 +% higher than the original price. Try to haggle and bargain at...

  • 4. Travel agencies

    I seems to attract cheaters wherever I go... Haiz... Why me?? This time we were cheated by the travel agency... Well, we had all our budget worked out and had separated all the monies in different...

  • 5. Katoeys - so called Girls

    Watch out for the Bar Girls and Prostitutes. They will steal your money as quick as look at you. Make sure that you hide it well, if you are sleeping with them hide it under the matress of the bed you...

  • 6. Tummy bugs

    Unfortunately, Saigon is not like Thailand were everything is super hygienic even though it may beat Thailand in some respects. Avoid eating raw vegetables,...

  • 7. Scams

    A couple of words of warning. Some individuals may try to scam you with lots of things. For instance, when you leave the airport the taxi driver may ask you to...

  • 8. VietNam - Safer than many countries

    Having read all the travails of others in Ho Chi Minh City I, like the late Rodney Dangerfield, feel quite neglected. I have lived in this great country for 23...

  • 9. Crossing Busy Streets

    With lots of motorcycles zooming left & right on Ho Chi Minh's streets, crossing the busy streets became dangerous.To cross the street: cross slowly and...

  • 10. Motorcycles

    There are lots of motorcycles in Ho Chi Minh City and they compete with the cars.If the road is two way up and two way down, one way up and one way down is full...

  • 11. BOAT TOURS

    This is only a warning for the elderly or incapacitated.When doing a boat tour, like on the Mekong Delta, you will probably be put onto three different kinds of...

  • 12. The True were always there

    I want to told all travel ,who love travel the true story about this palace and if you want to come this place for food and drink, think again, This palace at...

  • 13. Cyclo scams

    Cyclo scams are apparently quite common in Ho Chi Minh City.While some tourists report being physically intimidated by unscrupulous cyclo riders, the most...

  • 14. Hotel booking using desktop

    Ensure to delete your browsing history in the desktop everytime if you use the computer to make payment for air ticket, hotel or etc. This will make potential...


    SAIGON Whenever you are "out and about" here in Vietnam or just visiting sites out of town. ALWAYS make sure that you have plenty of fresh bottled water on...

  • 16. Visa at the Airport

    Armed with our agency letter which we arranged online and brought with us ,we had only a short wait to get our visa.Honestly I don't think they even read our...

  • 17. TICK PARALYSIS (??) at Cu Chi Tunnels! Scary!

    I traveled with my friend, a gastroenterologist, to the Cu Chi Tunnels and he had quite an experience! There is much jungle foliage and he was wearing shorts at...

  • 18. Stop. Look. Listen. ... then Look again.

    Majority of the vehicles on the road are motorcycles and they swerve in and out of traffic, sometimes even AGAINST the flow of traffic (counterflow) so it is...

  • 19. Online visa

    The most comfortable way to get a Vietnamese visa is by online application. The application feemay vary on some websites, but it is generally around 20-25 USD...

  • 20. Ice and water

    I still see a lot of people refusing ice here, don't worry, expect for a few dodgey street vendors, everywhere does sell clean ice. I've seen some postings...

  • 21. Airport Taxi

    When getting a taxi from Tan Son Nhut, ignore the touts that will immediately ask you if you need a taxi when exiting the terminal. They will charge you 150,000...

  • 22. On street Manicure/Pedicure

    Just don't do it. Uncomfortable seating. Dissappointed result. Lack of communication. Unworthy price. Ben Thanh market also has manicure/pedicure service, but...

  • 23. Bikes, Bikes & More Motor Bikes

    HCMC must be the home of the motor bike, you cannot go anywhere without seeing them and when inside you cannot escape them as you will always hear the traffic...

  • 24. Keep your wits about you

    Just that. The town is full of people who will see you coming and be long gone before you realize you are missing anything. Hotels do not allow prostitutes into...

  • 25. Taxi drivers

    Beware of taxi drivers who don't turn their meter on..we went to the War Museum after asking how much but to return with a different driver it was twice as...

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  • Mar 31, 2013 at 3:08 PM

    Gang wielding Machetes, with their rusty .22 hanging off their belt, generally roam through the quieter farther Neighborhoods of Saigon at night. They slash, hack, pillage, rob, their victims with no remorse, and are not so much different from the Vietnamese in the u.s.a.

    During the day, they would hide in more secluded areas, waiting for a tourist, with a thirsty looking watch or ring, and they go in and hack the poor guys arm off, just for a 30 dollar lick of a item.

    Their barely working guns are generally saved for other gangs
    (usually cock-fghting vendettas over the female vietnamese), but in which it seems the gun would probably jam in 3 shots, if not the first shot.

Ho Chi Minh City Warnings and Dangers

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