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  • Bobby Chinn Restaurant Hanoi
    Bobby Chinn Restaurant Hanoi
    by fachd
  • Bobby Chin Restaurant
    by victorwkf
  • Bobby Chin Restaurant
    by victorwkf
  • leffe3's Profile Photo

    Bobby Chin Restaurant: Fantastic......

    by leffe3 Written Jan 19, 2004

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The best meal we had in Vietnam by a very long way. A holiday-treat experience (this was close to western prices) but worth every penny (or Dong).

    Seriously stylish place which would fit easily in New York, London, Sydney etc. Two huge picture windows look out onto the street, linened-tables placed at each (one great aspect of the restaurant was that there were only 4 tables to be found at this two windows - no cramming them in!. Central to all this was a large and well stocked bar. Running down the sides of the bar were more tables, but these were separated from the 'corridor' by hanging sheer silks, thus creating a reasonably private environs.

    At the back you discovered that the bar is a full circle and there are more tables, discretely lit and positioned. Separated on a slightly higher terrace by more sheer silks are a whole series of cushions and overly comfy chairs - this acts as a bar and smoking area.

    Chin himself is something of a celebratory chef.

    Favorite Dish: The food is imaginative and extraordinary. Entrees are all $5, main courses from the air ($9), sea or land ($11). Seared pesto encrusted salmon on wasabi mash (yum) was a favourite.

    But they also have superb wines and a cocktail list longer than your arm.

    Its a great experience - do it once!

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  • chirpy383's Profile Photo

    Bobby Chin Restaurant: Opulent & Swish..

    by chirpy383 Updated Oct 12, 2005

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Sensational!!! The food made out of a chef's passion. (Bobby Chinn is half Chinese and Half Greek, born in New Zealand, and has called San francisco a home)

    By Vietnamese Standard, the price can be very expensive. Having travelled to many places and tried all kinds of cuisine and food. I would give a 2 Thumbs up and 2 toes up for Bobby Chinn's work of "art"...

    The menu changes every 2 weeks. And the one page menu is well phrased with sense of humour ! there is a dessert called " I'm on Diet at US0.00"

    rest assured you will feel satisfied for the every cent you pay for the food and ambience.

    They even serve Fillet mignon rice spring roll as complimentary. YUM!
    I had the Mezze Platter - gosh.. it's an unusual creation and again, sensational is the word!

    Try the Choclate pudding. As I have tried better Warm chocolate pudding dessert, this to me, is alright. But it is very highly rated too!!

    A place to pamper your palate... You wont regret it. (oh! its a fusion food)

    Favorite Dish: Calamari!! - Side dish which can be appetizer! great!
    Pho Cuon!! - Side dish which can be appetizer! great!

    Pho Cuon of Filet Mignon - USD 4
    Deep Fried Calamari - USD 4

    Vegeterian Mezze Platter - USD 12
    Filet Mignon - Mashed Potatoes - USD 15

    WArm Choco Pudding (Not bad but not fantastic) - USD 5

    DRINKS :
    Montes Reserve Sauvignon Blanc - USD 6
    Shirley Temple - USD 2.50
    Latte - USD 2.50


    The warm chocolate Pudding!
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  • NedHopkins's Profile Photo

    Bobby Chin Restaurant: Superb cuisine

    by NedHopkins Updated Feb 20, 2007

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    The service is impeccable, the food exquisite.

    Restaurant Bobby Chinn was featured prominently in the travel section of the New York Times of 5 February 2006 and again on Sunday, 18 February 2007.

    Favorite Dish: Rhapsody of Flavors: a 'tasting menu' of nine dishes ranging from vegetarian to fish, fowl, and red meat (US$14).

    Restaurant Bobby Chinn - exterior Restaurant Bobby Chinn - interior
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  • jujub's Profile Photo

    Bobby Chin Restaurant: Fusion cuisine

    by jujub Written Jun 6, 2003

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you get tired of eating street food and feel like splurging a bit, Bobby Chin is your restaurant. The decor is nice, the back room has big fluffy pillows for you and your friends to stretch out and party out a bit. The cuisine is asian-fusion -- if you want authentic vietnamese food, skip it.

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  • JonnyVN's Profile Photo

    Bobby Chin Restaurant: Wasabi Mashed Potatoe

    by JonnyVN Updated Feb 12, 2009

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    A sorry note to this one, Bobby closed shop early Feb 2009 (due to rent hike). Will keep an eye on where he will reapear

    Give this place a thumbs up for cuisine, dam fine very up market dining. Bobbies place is probably the slickest restaurant in town, decor alone makes it stand out. If the chap himself is around (and you will will know he's there) have a chat, that is an experience in itself. If you want top splash out when your there, have amazing food, this is definately the place.

    If you do get served wasabi mashed potatoes, mention my name, it will be fun.

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  • Bobby Chin Restaurant: Best food ever!

    by Sachaogjimmy Updated Nov 21, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If you have a celebration or you just want to spoil yourself and your spouce this is THE restaurant to go to!!
    We have been to many restaurants around the world and this one is considered one of the very best!
    The decor is marveleous, the food is to die for and the service is perfect!!
    You can even get the best wine in Vietnam at this restaurant. It is possible to buy a bottle or by the glass. We found it best to buy by the glass as you get more for your money. We tried the preminum red wine at $4,50/glass. It was soooo good! ( if you want water to go with the wine you should specifically ask for La Vie or else you will get the most expensive water on the menu!!)
    When going there you have to read the menu very carefully as it is so funny!!! ( it is possible to buy the menu for $2 and Bobby Chinn will sign it if he is working!)
    Bobby Chinn has really found the perfect way to run a great restaurant!
    If you are not hungry you can still come and enjoy the bar or the coisy cafe at the back.
    It is becomming more and more popular so it is best to make a reservation for a table the night before.

    Favorite Dish: - Salmon with wasabi mashed patatoes
    - Filet Mignon with red wine sauce
    - Chocolate Pudding ( Kind of a chocolate
    cake with warm liqued chocolate inside!)

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  • fachd's Profile Photo

    Bobby Chinn: Cross Culture Fusion Cuisines

    by fachd Updated Apr 24, 2008

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    When we went to Halong Bay, the ”TOUR DIRECTOR” recommended Bobby Chinn restaurant in downtown Hanoi. She told us it is one of the best or the best restaurant for western food in Hanoi. It’s not a typical traditional western food but more of a fusion style type of cuisines. Inspired dishes from cross culture. Mix together from French, Vietnam, Japan and Spain. The restaurant has contemporary atmosphere decorated with modern original Vietnamese art works.

    After listening from the "TOUR DIRECTOR" description of the cuisines it sounds very interesting. Unfortunately Kim and I did not dine at Bobby Chinn because of time factor. Next time if we visit Hanoi, Bobby Chinn will be on our priority list.

    Read review, some are bad but mostly good review.

    Credit Card are welcome
    Open: 12pm-2pm and 5pm to late
    Reservations recommended
    Tapas menu from 40,000 VND
    Main courses: 110,000 VND-180,000 VND

    Bobby Chinn Restaurant Hanoi
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  • Audrey118's Profile Photo

    Bobby Chin Restaurant: Great Fusion Food in Hanoi

    by Audrey118 Written Aug 31, 2004

    3.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I read so much about Bobby Chinn, and how he was inspired to come to Hanoi to set up his dream restaurant. Located at the other end of the lake which centres the city, I wished it was closer to the Old Quarters so that we could just stroll there after the shopping. The restaurant interior is rather provocrative...kind of place to take a date out. Most of the diners I see was definetely not locals - at least I think they are expats - a cross mixture of SEAsians expats and also some others. Mostly having a big dine out - enjoying the fusion food, and a swirl of wine.

    Favorite Dish: The place is pretty dark - to even read the catchy menu, nevertheless written with great humour. You must visit the toilet - I was there first and the toilet bowl had pretty rose petals floating !!!

    The food - very very good choice...even if you there for no BSE free steak!!! I had a sumputos special of the day - grapefruit salad with chunks of crab meat followed by lamb shanks and the sauce choc merlot which I quickly mopped up with the lemon scented couscous. My fren had a terribly delicious foie gras wrapped by rice paper!!! and steak! I vouched never ever to have their campari orange - a real waste of time!!!

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  • Bobby Chins, Hanoi: Bobby Chins Over-Rated

    by Hongkongexpat Written Apr 14, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    I just returned to Hong Kong from a 4 night trip to Hanoi. On Saturday my wife and I came across the recommendations on this site for Bobby Chins. Yes he is the obnoxious cook who is on Discovery Travel and Living and whom I turn off the moment he comes on (much prefer Anthony Bourdain). Nevertheless, my opinion of his show is not relevant, I read the reviews on here and they were very positive so we tried it out.

    One of the reviews mentioned the restaurant 'would not be out of place in NY or London'.

    Utterly ridiculous - the interior, if you can see anything its so dark, is definitely not luxury by any standard in a major city. The food was decent but to compare this restaurant with top restaurants around the world is insane.

    Another review mentioned the food was fusion vietnamese. More like Moroccan or Middle Eastern. Again the food is ok... but definitely nothing on the menu was vietnamese

    And now to the most ridiculous of the reviews, the ones that claim the menu is filled with humorous comments. I cant remember most of the cheesy, stupid comments but the one I do recall mentioned something about 'not behaving like a whore dancing on the bar' or to that effect. WHAT!!!! This place masquerades as a fine dining restaurant and there jokes in the menu mentioning hookers, what can they possibly be thinking. The comments on the menu are in no way funny (and the fact that the reviews state they are hilarious makes the identity of the reviewer suspect.....)

    But then if you have seen Bobbys show then you know where he is coming from. One of the reasons I dont watch is the few times I have he has made totally inappropriate off the cuff remarks about hookers.

    We went once and would never return - nor would we recommend this restaurant to anyone visiting Hanoi. Bad taste of Bobby Chin aside, why travel to the awesome city of Hanoi to eat mediocre Moroccan food (or whatever they call it).

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  • Bobby Chinn: Only for trend runners

    by asianK Updated Jan 18, 2009

    What a disappointment! We made a booking for 8pm and were finally lead to our table at 9.30 pm. We learnt through TV that Bobby Chinn supposed to be a celebrity chef. We thought maybe it’s worth waiting for an excellent dinner. After ordering it took another 45 minutes until the con-fusion food arrived. Now I realized why they let you wait this long. After more than two hours you are so hungry that you eat everything what is eatable and you won’t complain since you know it will take another three quarters of an hour until you get a replacement. And I had my doubt that it will be better …either someone can cook or she/he can’t. Meanwhile I may agree on celebrity, but chef? My advise, there are nice restaurants in Hanoi… avoid running after a so called celebrity who does not know how to cook.
    (My credentials: 1 star Guide Michelin)

    Favorite Dish: You should be extremely hungry to enjoy the food.

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  • Bobby Chinn: Still good but...

    by SachaMortensen Written Aug 18, 2008

    When we visited Hanoi 4 years ago this was the first restaurant we had ever eaten in 2 evenings in a row. It imediatly became one of our favorite restaurants in the world so we could not wait to come here again.

    The surroundings had changed and it was not as warm and nice as the last time. The service had also changed to the slower but to our surprise the menu still had the same items as 4 years ago!!
    The food was still good but it did not blow us away like last time. I do not know if it is because we had too high expectations or if it really is a bit worse?

    Favorite Dish: The salmon on wasabi mash potatoes is really nice and the desserts are good, especially Chocolate pudding!

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