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  • Cha Ca La Vong
    by stardeenaw
  • Cha Ca La Vong
    by akikonomu
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    Cha Ca at Cha Ca La Vong
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  • Cha Ca La Vong: What a shame...

    by SachaMortensen Written Aug 18, 2008

    Me and my husbond went here 4 years agao and we both remembered it as different amd eceptionally good. So we had no doubt in our mind to come back this time and try the food once again.
    This time we did not meet our expantations at all!! We were so dissapointed! The food was uneadible to put it mild!! To much oil and no flavor at all!!
    We will return to Hanoi but never to this restaurant again!

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  • sunny_koh's Profile Photo

    Cha Ca La Vong: Tourist Trap

    by sunny_koh Written Dec 11, 2008

    Give this place a miss unless you have extra cash and don't know what to spend on. The place is small and cramp, it will be hard to run for your life if a fire were to break out.

    A rip-off for a few miserable pieces of fish swimming in oil - not for the health conscious. Paid 200 000 dong for a meal for 2 including 2 bottles of mineral water. Taste is not bad but for the meagre portion and location with zero ambience, 80 000 dong will be more like it. Even a random coffee shop in my homeland fill my stomach better for less than half the price.

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  • akikonomu's Profile Photo

    Cha Ca La Vong

    by akikonomu Written Dec 23, 2008

    Fried fish and vegetables simmering before you over a charcoal stove and eaten with the chewy noodles. Taste ok with beer. A little too oily for my taste and honestly, I think the price is a little of a rip off.

    Try if you must for the "famous" fish dish in Hanoi but you could get nicer food elsewhere.

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  • go_AIR's Profile Photo

    Cha ca La Vong: Fried fish & fried veggies ;)

    by go_AIR Written Apr 3, 2009
    fresh from the charcoal stove
    2 more images

    It's located in the old quarter..Need to be careful as there are similar restaurants offering similar dish. Picture of the original restaurant is attached.
    It's a two floor restaurant. Don't bother to ask the staff in front of the restaurant to get a table for you, either wait on 1st floor or just go upstairs. You need to queue in the alley, when there is an empty table just take it.

    Favorite Dish: Only cha ca (fish and veggies fried) offered here. You should put all the veggies in the pan. After all get cooked, put it on your rice noodles and add several condiments for additional taste. I personally prefer the fish sauce added with fresh red chillies instead the one with shrimp paste..
    Btw, I overcooked my dish as shown in the attached photo.. ;)

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  • stardeenaw's Profile Photo

    Cha Ca La Vong: Please avoid!

    by stardeenaw Updated Apr 14, 2009

    Lonely planet recommended but it is totally OVER-RATED in my opinion. 100,000VND per pax for few pieces of fish in oil. Avoid at all means.

    When i enter, they brought me this card "we only sell one dish - grilled fish, 100,000VND for one". Looks like they really know that they are popular with tourists. Check out the review of other VTs who went there earlier, you can compared who much have they increased in price.

    If you really want to try this local dish, go to Ladybird Restaurant @ 57 Hang Buom, the menu calls it “Hanoi grilled fish”, but it is Cha Ca. You can enjoy it at half the price, twice the portion and in a much better ambience.

    Favorite Dish: None.

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  • wizemen2's Profile Photo

    Cha Ca La Vong,Hanoi: A total Rip Off!!!!

    by wizemen2 Written Apr 20, 2009

    A total rip off, one of the most extreme I have experienced, even here in Hanoi.
    The date: March 10th,09.
    Starting from the rude madam at he door who snapped at us as we entered the main downstairs part of the restaurant, and subsequently forced us up a narrow wooden staircase to an upper level where there were a few tables left in this grubby run down area obviously not designed for dining and possibly a storeroom, but used as a back up area for the GREEDY owners to stuff in even more dumb ass tourists...
    Maybe we though with great expectations it will STILL BE great.
    I got suss when an unspeaking male person threw onto the table a plastic coated notice stating the cost is Vnd 10,000 and its just that, and nothing else is available.
    Well my Lonely Planet copy says VND 8,000 but that no surprise once Lonely Planet puts these places in their book prices always soar.
    Still we waited with great expectation to try these reccommended Fish feast at this hyped up so called 200 yr old establishment.
    What we got was a maybe 500 VND [50 cents] worth of food, being 7 pieces of so called fish per person , no bigger than my small finger nail, [I do not jest] and not much thicker than a postage stamp, with a few greens, heaps of Oil and tossed in a hot dish with a fire under it by the young guy servicing the table.
    We felt totally ripped off, and looked around at all the other wanker tourists being politically correct.
    My gripe is not about the dump itself, or the rude Greedy owners, thats character, but the outragious exorbitant price asked for a few very boring scraps of food and the way they keep filling the place with these stupid tourists is my gripe..
    I know when Im getting screwed, Ive been in the restaurant buss long enough to know costs, so we left to do battle with the madam at the reception who we told them it was crap for the almost A$10 per person asked.
    After a lot of yelling back and forth,and the head madam getting more backup support at the reception to try to intimidate us, we eventually got bored with arguing and threw half the amount asked on the desk ,and walked out. Even at VND5,000 each we left, that was 5 time more than it was worth.
    The place is also a FIRETRAP there being NO way we could exit down the narrow steep attic stairway if one of the blazing fire cookers on each table fell over.
    How do these crooks get away with these rip offs.
    You know how these rip off artists keep getting away with it, dumb first time tourists, being too politically correct, and not complaining!

    Favorite Dish: You mjust be Kidding!!

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  • Cha Ca La Vong: Yummy fish

    by n1te Updated Mar 22, 2008
    The meal
    2 more images

    Only sells the one dish. Restaurant is a little warm, probably due to the dish "cooking" on the table. Fish comes with fish sauce, peanuts, chilli and a vege. Can opt to cook all the vege together with the fish but that would make it a little too oily later on.

    Fish eaten with noodles served, vege, peanuts & fish sauce.
    Paid VND 90K per person, excluding drinks upon shown the price on a piece of paper before having our meal. Has the impression that tourist are charged more than locals.

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