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  • 2.5km climb uphill
    2.5km climb uphill
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  • Typical boat
    Typical boat
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Huong Son Things to Do

  • The perfume pagoda

    After a 2 hour drive from Hanoi we arrived at a small village and transferred to small metal boats at Ben Duc. The boats were like flat tin baths with tiny wooden seats in them. As we were 4 large westerners and the boat had a small leak pluugged with a bit of cloth I had my doubts about getting to the destination. My feeling of doom was increased...

  • Picturesque Journey

    Needless to say, our boat journey on the Yen river to Perfume Pagoda was the highlight of our trip. For about 60 minutes, we meandered along silhouettes of tall mountains and watched as the mountains framed the rising sun and the reflection danced on the Yen river. Surely an inspiration for poets of yore and present day scribes?Click here for more...

  • UpHill Trek to Huong Tich Grotto

    Well, we found out the the Kitchen Temple wasn't the only temple around, in fact there are other temples strung like pearls high up in the mountain! The most famous one was Huong Tich Grotto which needed a 'short' 2.5km uphill climb. Well, you don't say...

  • Den Trinh

    When we arrived our destination, we took a short, albeit steep walk to the entrance of Perfume Pagoda. The first shrine that we saw was Den Trinh or registration shrine. Apparently, all visitors to this area must first "trinh" or register at the shrine and to announce their intentions to the Gods. Personally, I didn't register than anything other...

  • Enroute to Perfume Pagoda

    Our journey started at some Godforsaken hour in the morning since we had to take a bum-rotting-two hour ride to travel 50 miles from Hanoi to a pier in Ben Duc. Along the way, the bus made its way through Ha Dong city, Van Dinh township and passed through rice fields and shops selling roasted doggies.Well, I was too shocked to take a picture of the...

  • Hell's Gate

    Upon arriving at Huong Tich grotto, 120 more descending steps await you as the temple lies deep within the grotto. The entrance to those steps is aptly called "hell's gate" . Where: Huong Tich Grotto, Perfume Pagoda, North Vietnam

  • Stalagmites and stalactites

    Within Huong Tich grotto at Perfume Pagoda, you'll find stalagmites and stalactites in a variety of forms and shapes . As with the caves in Halong Bay, the locals can see trees, goddesses, couples, and even nine dragons within. Hmm, a case of too much moonshine again, I suspect...

  • A Shrine for Worship

    At the bottom of 120 steps, lies a little shrine that has been used for worship since the 1520's. Well, when I was there, there were crowds of insensitive backpackers who wandered really close to the locals as they worshipped..

  • Stops for Weary Travellers

    Along the way, you'll also find rest houses along the way. A lot of entrepreneurial folks will try to sell you coke and other American tidbits. Well, my travel gp ( which consisted mainly of Danes ) were young and energectic so they only paused for shots to be taken.

  • Waiting Game

    We also saw lots of petite rowers in peak-coned hats perched on a wall by Yen river, patiently waiting for customers. Apparently, these folks are a privileged lot. Every year, lots are drawn for this sought-after job since it pays quite well and tourists are known to give generous tips.Normally, the rowing jobs are reserved for under-privileged lot...

  • Ben Duc

    After like what seemed like an eternity on the road from Hanoi to Huong Son, we finally reached the pier ( Ben Duc ) at Yen Vi river. We saw lots of burgundy-red metal boats clustered at the mouth of the pier. Later, we would sit on one of these boats on a scenic journey to perfume pagoda.

  • Thien Tru temple

    Beyound the shrine lies the next point of interest, Thien Tru temple which was built in the 18th century. Interestingly, "Thien Tru" means heavenly kitchen. Supposedly, the rock formations in this area look like chefs busily working in the kitchen thus the name. Note: I didn't see anything that resembled chefs, if you ask me, those locals probably...


Huong Son Off The Beaten Path

  • Yen River : Bathtub Boats

    Don't just look at the mountains when you're go on the Yen River 'cruise'. Observe the locals..A little woman paddles in a boat no bigger than a bathtub with 2 short paddles Where:Yen River, Perfume Pagoda

  • Huong Son Province : Local Kids

    Ever notice how the kids are often dolled and pampered in Vietnam? The rural kids are no exception. Cute Vietnamese children dolled up and bundled in colourful clothing against the cold.Photo Note: Taken enroute to Perfume Pagoda, in Huong Son province. Ordinarily, the bus does not make stops midway during the journey. I was just lucky that a...

  • Huong Son Province:Local Street Vendors

    Just before we arrived at the Yen River that would take us to Perfume Pagoda, we saw an open market and lots of street vendors.A local lady sells her wares on the streets of Huong Son. She squats and waits patiently for her customers, completely unfazed by the noise of buying and selling around her.Photo Note: Taken enroute to Perfume Pagoda, in...


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