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  • Cremaillere Railway Station, Dalat, Vietnam
    Cremaillere Railway Station, Dalat,...
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  • Tacky concrete elephant bridge, Prenn Falls, Dalat
    Tacky concrete elephant bridge, Prenn...
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  • Volunteer gardener.
    Volunteer gardener.
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Da Lat Things to Do


    On the steps leading to the market i enjoyed a beansprout type of pancake, and many more meals that i purchased from street stalls. The food was always cheap and delicious, but try to avoid the fresh leafy vegetables or try and ascertain that they have been washed properly.

  • Jeep tour Vietnam

    On a Jeep, with a professional guide, he will know how to show you his country.And don't miss a chance to make a movie about amazing things you will visit on the road

  • Easy Rider tour

    The tour of Original Vietnam Easy Rider is a private tour by motorbike. And Dalat is the homeland of Easy Rider. With that type of tour, your guide will help you to connect with the local people, show you the real culture, history, beautiful view ... of VIetnam.The tour is very flexible, you can do a daily tour around Dalat. Or you can do a long...


Da Lat Hotels

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Da Lat Restaurants

  • A French style bistro

    To be continued... We had an opportunity to have excellent buffee breakfast here with fresh French toasts included.

  • Great food and atmosphere in Dalat

    After a month of travelling through Vietnam and after eating only local cuisine which don't get me wrong is excellent I was ready for some western food...Unfortunately we were in Dalat where it is quite scarce. So after some walking around we spotted v cafe and decided to give it a try. We were pleasantly surprised. While it does not look like much...

  • Western fare in Dalat

    My friends were craving Western food after 11 days of Asian repasts. V was right across the street from out hotel. We had pizzas and some chicken dish. It was okay. Do not drink the Dalat wine. We did and had terrible hangovers the next morning.


Da Lat Nightlife

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  • Saigon nite life

    Amazing drinks, amazing games! (pool and connect 4) Bartender is a legend! Makes the best cocktails ever! SOOOO STRONG!!! Will also beat you at nearly every game of connect 4! Weak spot it pool! Haha Bartender is awesome guy, so easy to talk to, makes you feel welcome and want to stay alll night long! Coming back tomorrow night because it was such...

  • Clubs

    Da Lat nightlife is in a the highlights as it is also destination for the locals to travel for romantic vacation. Clubs will play loud music, sometimes local "Schlager" and even worst will be karaoke.Anyhow, I was happy with the Dry Martini..... shaken not steered :)

  • My Dung, the owner is the best

    This small cosy place looks like it's shut on the outside. It's not. Mr Dung the owner makes you feel really welcome. He gets everybody talking, playing pool and connect 4. He is a champion at connect 4 and pool. If someone in your group orders a cocktail, he will make extra and share it around between the rest of the group. When you come back, it...


Da Lat Transportation

  • Sliding cars

    Those sliding cars or sledge, call it how you want are the fastest way to get down the valley to the Datanla Falls instead of strolling down the walking path. Best is that you can always take them on the way up :)

  • Horses

    This was not the measure of transportation that we used, but it was just an option for tourists who want to try something else. The 3rd photo here I am not really sure about those horses if one can ride on them, they were just there and we notice them while hanging around.

  • The cable car

    While in Da Lat, you must get to the beautiful cable car line and use it when going up to the temples or other wise down the valley to the Datanla Falls. Don't worry about the line, it is design and construct by an Austrian company that probably build many of those in the Alps. The trip was fantastic with breathtaking view.


Da Lat Shopping

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  • Market - Inside

    Dalat Market (Cho Da Lat) is similar to many of Vietnam’s city markets. It is really an interesting place to my kind of north people who's markets are grey, white and black with quite poor local stuff. Here you find colors, spices, fruits almost everything from clothes to wine and from coffee makers to pirot electronics.There is always a real...

  • Market - Outside

    There are many young end a little bit older woman selling fruits, handicraft and berries on the streets. They are all the time aware, whether it is illegal or they should have paid of the place. A couple of times I saw a police car appearing and the sellers took whole warehouse and disappeared to side streets. It was amazing, in a moment rush...

  • Souvenirs

    As everywhere in Vietnam there will be all kinds of souvenirs one can buy and take home with you. In this particular location I can only remember the local hand made stuff at the chicken village. Silk and weaving items are always a good deal, you can barging on the price if you buy few items but also remember that you can pay the price that it...


Da Lat Local Customs

  • Rent a bicyle

    If you like to ride on the roads, I really don't recommend you the motorcycle or scooter. They can drive amazingly e.g. in Ho Chi Minh City, you might find kilometers long 5 row motorcycle queues and to pass the street needs Strenght! Just step on the street, don't get back, just calmly walk and the millions of drivers just pass you from left and...

  • Tea

    Same as in most of Asia a tea is the local tradition in Vietnam as well and often you will be offered it for free, it is the part of the hospitality here, so just be polite and enjoy it.

  • Da Lat Flower Festival

    The Dalat Flower Festival is probably the biggest event is held in this city every year during the winter (January ?) That is a good reason for celebration and special decorations in the temples and other sites in the city.


Da Lat Warnings and Dangers

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    by akkipaa Written Dec 30, 2012

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    As you can realize from the photo, the traffic is more than dangerous the drivers are not following all the rules (like we are, right :). Here is quite common situation, a double passing, both trucks are somehow busy and try to pass you whether there are someone coming ahead or not!

    Be safe out there!

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Da Lat Tourist Traps

  • Datanla Falls

    Okay, you whether like this or not. It's a bit of tourist trap but who cares. Take a ride a relax, there are brakes to control the speed and it's not so fast. You can take the ride alone or double as we. You can take return (both ways 40 000) or climb back up to balance you budget. Nice smallish place.When you get down you find the water falls. The...

  • Valley of Love - Overly Kitschy!!!

    The place is seriously spoilt with the excessive weird sculptures and statues that scatter the area.Plus the jeeps near the walkway down to the lake kind of spoils the expereince ( i think they are for taking short rides and pictures in , of course with a fee)Considering it's distance from Dalat city, time could be spent better elsewhere.

  • Easy Riders - Hard Time...

    Here, like Phnom Phenh and other SE Asia locations, touts will stop you every few minutes to tour with them on their motorbikes. Some are Easy Riders and some are not. Be careful and just say 'No Thanks' to everyone until you are ready to plan a trip. 'Easy Riders' have been doing this a long time and have books of praise dating back up to 6...


Da Lat What to Pack

  • Might be colder here

    Remember that Da Lat is in the mountains, it might be cold here, depends to what weather you are used for, but be aware that it will be much colder here then in the tropic climate you enjoy in the cost line on the sea level. So bring something warm, especially for the evening and night.

  • Postcard

    I know you will think it is weird if I tell you to bring postcard from HoChiMinh ( I mean postcard of DaLat's picture) because when I was there I couldnt find the shop which sell any postcard even in the post office. Finally I found one at the post office ... oh my God! ... very old one ... old style ... you will see how old it is from the yellow...

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Da Lat Off The Beaten Path

  • Jumping Jiminy--It's a cricket farm!

    Thien An Cricket Farm has been in operation for 3 years, and it supplies Dalat restaurants. (They are a popular snack, and supposedly go well with beer.) It takes 3 months to raise them to market size. They keep them in plastic tubs that are too slippery for them to crawl out. After the tour, you have the opportunity to eat a deep fried cricket. It...

  • Po Nagar

    Po Nagar is the ancient place over 1000 years old. This ancient place and temple tower are just by the city of Phan Rang-Tháp Chàm on the east coast. You can stop over here wile travelling on the coast line from south to north or other way.

  • This lady that makes.... incense

    Now I am not sure how you really called those that you can light them up to have some nice or not so nice smell around your home of yard. Searching the net it seems they called: incense, so I hope I am right with it. Anyhow, while we visited the Chicken Village we been told to visit this lady and she actually showed us how she is making those...


Da Lat Sports & Outdoors

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    by TheresNoToiletPaper Written Aug 14, 2009

    Dalat has grown to be a hot spot in Vietnam for adventure travels. It's surrounded by mountains & waterfalls galore! Only here can you go canyoning down waterfalls, rockclimbing, trekking, etc. There's tons of tour operators to choose from so walk around and inquiry about prices.

    I just finished canyoning with Viet Horizon Travel and loved it! Enjoyed it so much that I went rockclimbing with them again the next day. Cuong and his guys were awesome- so friendly, fun, and genuine. Best of all, they were the cheapest company out there! Other places were offering the exact same tour for $28-38 while Cuong's was $25. The group was small which was great, and there were enough guides to make sure you felt safe at all times. They took pictures of us while we were rappelling/climbing and always made sure to protect our belongings. They were so caring to us & our things, which is so important when we're busy dangling off a 66ft waterfall. Lunch was delish too! Highly recommend this company.

    Canyoning itself was a blast. I knew nothing to start and by the end of the day was comfortable abseiling down anything.

    Equipment: Wear GOOOOOD shoes and high quality grips, with tight straps. Would not recommend Crocs.

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Da Lat Favorites

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  • Paa Paa Paa

    Drink when you are thirsty and eat when you are hungry. In Vietnam my recommendation is easy for light lunch, order Pho with Paa Paa Paa. Pho is Vietnamese soup, Paa is three, and 3 times Paa is 333, which is local Vietnamese beer! Extremely good mixture and keeps your stomach happy.These young ladies can be found from parking places where buses...

  • Le Petit Paris

    Da Lat is traditionally very French and often mentioned as little Paris or Le Petit Paris. Many building and architecture here are with French style as well as many restaurants and clubs.

  • Da Lat, city of the highlands

    Da Lat is in the mountaineer city of Vietnam. It is located in the south central highlands of Vietnam in the country of Lam Dong rather far from any central business city. It is surrounded with mountains, parks and lakes which make it very interesting place to visit in Vietnam with the diversity of sites.


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