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Hue Things to Do

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  • Tomb of Khai Dinh

    Disadvantage that you can achieve everything through steep stairs ,so, for many elderly and disabled is not very easy to get up to the tomb, 127 steps up from street levelThe Tomb was built on the side of a mountainKhai Dinh's royal tomb is definitely not wheelchair-friendlyUpper at the temple enough to see the last king, well worth the effort to...

  • Hue Imperial City

    Within the 10 km long walls is the Thai Hoa Palace, the former royal family On this richly decorated building and pagodas and ports is still restored fortunately, since destroyed large parts of the citadel during the so-called Tet Offensive in the Vietnam WarFor weeks, Americans competed here in 1968 against the Vietcong, only to win, meters area...

  • Perfume River Cruise

    We join the tour as it is easy to get from one place to another with tour busYou'll travel through beautiful scenery and you can often get off to view, wonderful cultural heritage Mausoleums of Ngyun dynasty a relaxing way to see the cultureSailing with a so-called "dragon boat" over the river and watch your eyes to the houseboats, sampans and...

  • DMZ

    DMZ in Hue is one most spectacular place to visit, walking inside the tunnel is more interested to see what happen in real life to the people who lives inside during the warOne tunnel at Vinh Moc remains essentially as it look in 1966We drove to Dong Ha with a Van among with others, that took two more hoursOn the way, we crossed the Ben Hai River ,...

  • Tomb of Tu Duc

    It was used in Vietnam that the children of the emperor for their father a tomb with various buildings on to focus on history and do large stone plateausEmperor Tu Duc did have 103 women but had no children, so he himself had built the tomb and engrave a plateau in its historyThe tomb was completed in 1867 and Tu Duc died in 1885In the 18 years...


    The Citadel was built between 1805 to 1832, on the Northern bank of the Perfume River.It has an area of 500ha and a system of three circles of ramparts, namely from outside to inside: Kinh Thanh Hue (Hue Capital Citadel), Hoang Thanh (Royal Citadel) and Tu Cam Thanh (Forbidden Citadel). There are ten gates to access the Citadel, each with a two...


Hue Hotels

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  • Saigon Morin

    We had a lovely stay at the Saigon Morin. From when we booked over the internet (and were instantly...

  • Celadon Palace Hue

    This huge massive hotel along Highway 1 just on the southern edge of the old New City seemed a bit...

  • Orchid Hotel

    We had a very spacious room with lovely facilities and a balcony. The staff are superb - we enjoyed...


Hue Restaurants

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  • Friendly service and good food

    We ate here in March 2012. Rice cake with prawns in banana leaf, green papaya salad, rice dish with chicken, several cold beers. Got talking to Nghio, the waiter, who is a biology student in the day. Very bright young man and good Englsh. Because of him, we went back a couple of nights later and met the owner. Had the salad again plus "bloated"...

  • Total Rip-off!!

    My husband and I were introduced to this restaurant (Y Thao Garden, 03- Trach Han Street, Hue City, Vietnam, Tel no : + 84 54 3523018) by a tour gude who in turn was introduced to us by our hotel. Being that the tour guide was associated with the hotel (which we were very happy with), we trusted her completely. We were totally fooled by her!! She...

  • Traditional restaurant in Hue

    Traditional Vietnamese restaurant which serves great food in clean and traditional surroundings. We had a group meal in one of the private rooms complete with our own band which played traditional music. Staff were friendly and prices reasonable. Set menu - all was good


Hue Nightlife

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  • Beach Bar

    10am-3am. A relaxing beach bar in the middle of the city. Escape the busy streets to our 'oasis' and chill out in hammocks or sit on cushions on the sand. Shaded by palm trees, its the perfect place to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink and read a book (also for sale) or play a game of free pool. Later, enjoy a game of beer pong, dance to our...

  • Floating rooftop bar

    This circular "floating restaurant" is installed on the southern bank of the Perfume River near Le Loi ave. It looks gaudy on the outside, somewhat shaped like a lotus flower at bloom and it glows in transitional neon colours at night. It's a hit with the well-heeled locals as tables on the rooftop are already full by 7pm. There is a circular...

  • Great little bohemain bar.

    On thu wheels is really a combination of a small hole in the wall bar and a local travel agency doing excusions by motorbike around Hue.I have never taken the motorbike tours they do around Hue, so i will leave it to other to talk about that, but i really like this little cosy bar with lot´s of graffitti on the walls for a few beers in the evening...


Hue Transportation

  • Hue Airport.

    Hue airport is tiny and is very easy to find your way around.It's officially an international airport but it only serves a few domestic flights a day and if you can get lost there then you can get lost in a phonebox.It's quite ok though and things usually move very quick there.It's quite a way out of town which is a little annoying.All in all i am...

  • Thang Long City Tour

    Instead booking tour with Sinh Cafe, you can consider to book Hue tours with this local agency as they are the one that organize the local tours to DMZ and City Tour visiting Tomb.This agency also provide accommodation, check its website:16 Pham Ngu Lao Street,Hue City, Vietnam

  • Sinh Cafe (Hue Office)

    You can take OPEN BUS from Sinh Cafe from major cities in Vietnam to Hue. The Sinh Cafe office address in Hue as :Kios 4, 12 Hung Vuong Street, HueYou can also book Hue's tour packages with them.


Hue Shopping

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  • The Dong Ba market.

    The Dong Ba market is a centrally located market in Hue where you have a very local flavour.this is the market where the locals come to buy their food products aswell as clothes, jewellery and many other things.The place is a myriad of shops both inside and outside and there is a very exotic atmosphere there.The place is very crowded at times and...

  • Great Photographs in Hue

    It's actually a restaurant that doubles as an art gallery and booking agent for packaged tours. It's a good place to start any visit to Hué. The food is good and reasonably priced - and there is something for everyone with Western and local cuisine plus lots of vegetarian options. The owner is very helpful and can speak wonderful English - he is...

  • Dong Ba Market

    This rambling, covered market has a little bit of eveything. Fruit & veg, fast food, jewellery, conical "poem" hats (hold them up to the light-they reveal some lovely cut-out scenes)Our favourite however, was the people selling what looked like fresh cranberry-there were moths that landed on them. the stall-owners were happy to let the moths "lick"...


Hue Local Customs


    Banh Bao (Steamed buns)If you wish to try it, look for either a person on a bicycle which on one side of his bike is a wood fire burning, and a steamer located on top. This has the buns cooking inside. I also saw ladies carrying them over their shoulders!I didn't try one, even though they looked alright. My guide stopped by the pushbike (one in...

  • Poem Hats

    Conical hats are one of the most common symbols of Vietnam recognized everywhere. But Hue hats are exceptional. Often called 'poem hats', they reflect the artistic nature of its people.It's not a simple task to make a conical hat. First palm leaves are collected and left to dry in the sun for a couple of days. Then they are ironed and cut to fit a...

  • Prayer altars

    Our trishaws took us on a tour in the old part of Hue where the locals actually live in and many homes there erect small altars on pillars to worship deities. This is similar to what is seen in Thailand although the articles used are very different, some displaying horses and some even had bamboo chicks closing the front when not offering prayers.


Hue Warnings and Dangers

  • Tour of Old Hue by Cyclo Boys: Be...

    I have just been to Hue with a friend last week. On our first day, it was quite sunny so we decided to do a tour of citadel just walking from the hotel and back. The citadel was quite interesting and is a real must-see when in Hue! After lunch, we went out for a walk and some cyclo boys talked us into touring the "old" Hue - they argued it was more...

  • Sugar cane juice

    Outside the Citadel friendly women sell glasses of ice cold cane juice -- yummy. After I drank it I saw them washing the glasses on a filthy bucket. By the the time I got back to my hotel I had severe diarrhea and chills. Fortunately, I had brought medicine with me. Lesson learned -- never drink stuff that has not come from a bottle or can, as it...

  • Boat sightseeing with a local

    Near the markets, local women ask you to go for a 1hour tour with them for 30,000dong, its in a long boat on the river.I did this, she took me in amongst all the locals floating homes, hands were coming out of boats everywhere wanting money. She then pulled up against her mothers boat, and begged for money. I was in a precarious position, a woman...


Hue Tourist Traps

  • Do not change coins in to notes.

    In Hue there is a very common scam where someone will walk up to you with a few coins, typically euro coins, and ask you if you can change them in to either a euro note or a dollar note.This seems very innocent as you can generally not change these coins in the bank and this might just be a tourist employee who got this as a tip.This is true for...

  • Boat trip

    I hired a dragon boat for a day to cruise the Perfume river.This was booked through my Hotel and cost 332,000dong. When I was on the boat, they said it would only be for 2hours, and I knew that they charge 30000dong per hour, so was not happy. I said, I wanted at least 6hours, so they rang the Hotel. The Hotel told me I had to pay more money if i...

  • Taxi fares

    Beware taxis ripping you off with a set fare to take you to your destination. Always use the meter (sometimes you have to even watch that ... should be 10 to 12,000 VND flagfall). We arrived at Hue station and were offered a taxi for 60,000 VND which went down to 50,000 VND. We insisted on using the meter and said that we wanted the most direct...


Hue What to Pack

  • Umbrella

    Hue's weather is infamously bad: the Truong Son Mountains just to the south seem to bottle up all the moisture, so it's usually misty, drizzly or outright rainy. Things get even wetter than usual in the winter rainy season, especially from February to the end of March. To be safe, bring along an umbrella any time of year. It was drizzling all day...



  • Be perpared for rain

    If you have a waterproof jacket, bring it with you. Alternatively you could purchase one of these nifty little numbers for a bargin price!


Hue Off The Beaten Path


    On a recent trip to Vietnam, I had the pleasure of having the company of several American veterans of the American Intervention into Vietnam. They had come along as part of a health clinic team both to help out with the clinics and to revisit places of their past. Seeing Vietnam through their eyes brought about a different and unique perspective....


    Rising somewhat incongruously along the north side of the massive Celadon Palace Hotel is the newest Cao Dai temple. Outside of temples erected in the US, this is the northernmost Cao Dai temple to be erected. I am not sure what kind of following the religion has this far north from its roots in Tay Ninh on the northern edge of the Mekong Delta...

  • War remnant

    As I walked from the Bao Quoc Pagoda to the Notre Dame Cathedral, I came across this pillar-box type battlement that must have been a remnant of the Vietnam War. I think it's located along Nguyen Hue St where it has a junction with Hai Ba Trung St or somewhere near here.


Hue Favorites

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  • Vietnam Travel

    Hi,I suggest you to contact a local tour operator and ask assistance on getting a private car for you since not all people there can speak and understand in english. I was also having hard times to communicate with them so better contact a tour operator.If you dont want to ask help from the tour operator, then you can take a taxi. there's alot of...

  • Huda beer.

    Huda beer is the local beer in Hue and a pretty well tasting lager that is not too strong.The Huda brewery is a joint venture between Carlsberg from Denmark and a Vietnamese brewery and the name Huda is actually standing for "Hue" and "danish".If you are in hue then you are very likely to run in to this beer in bars, cafes and restaurants and this...

  • Forbidden Purple City - Model

    Inside the, I think, Palace of Supreme Harmony is this model of how the Forbidden Purple City would've looked like back when it was built in the early 19th century. It's great to study in order to get an impression of how the palace complex looked like before you visit what is left after a fire destroyed practically everything in 1947.


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