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  • Things to Do
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My Tho Things to Do

  • MYTHO TOURIST Tour of Mekong Delta

    My Tho – Tortoise island or Unicorn island – Tan Thach (Ben Tre province) - Taking aboat traveling along the Tien river for sight seeing : fish rafts and viewing four islands of Dragon, Unicorn , Tortoise, Phoenix. - Visiting Tortoise island or unicorn island, tasting seasonal fruits and listening to the southern traditional music. - Visiting a...

  • One Day Tour of My Tho

    If you don't have much time, a visit to the Mekong Delta is a must and there is also a tour which takes you to My Tho, included in the Mekong Delta Tour. There are several options on what to do and just ask the guide or agency as to where they will bring you.In our case, we drove for about two hours from Ho Chi Minh to reach My Tho. We then went on...

  • Mekong River Delta

    The Mekong River delta is a beautiful and interesting part of southern Vietnam. Only about 100 km from Ho Chi Minh City, it is easily accessible by motorbike, bus, or guided tour. We spent hours on the river, in small canals, and hiking on some of the still-primitive islands. The people, especially the children, were extremely friendly!We saw...

  • Qui Son Canal

    We took a side trip down Qui Sohn Canal. In this area of narrow canal with thick vegetation, you could really image an ambush taking place during the Vietnam War. We saw locals fishing with nets and in the water up to their necks fishing. Small shacks have big fishing boats, fishing nets hang from trees and are suspended under water. Guess how the...

  • Unicorn Island

    Unicorn Island was the highlight of our trip to My Tho. We stopped at a tourist pavilion, but decided to go for a walk on the island. It was a great opportunity to see the locals and their way of life.We took about thirty minutes here walking along some of the trails, banana groves, shacks, and mansions that line the island. The local kids were so...

  • Turtle Island

    At Turtle Island, you can see the Vietnamese making coconut candy over an open fire made from coconut shells. They also have banana nut wine and souvenirs.The island has a few trails along the canals, streams and the Mekong for the customers on a paid tour. There is a tourist restaurant here, but we decided to skip it, and there was really no...

  • Buy Vietnamese SNAKE WINE!

    Snake wine is usually found in vats, with rice wine poured in over the body of a snake and left to ferment for some weeks. It is supposed to have medicinal qualities, such as disinfecting cuts and killing lurking bugs after meals, but its social use is predominant. It is found in every self-respecting bar in Vietnam, with smaller bottles kept at...

  • Mekong Delta Honey

    Thoi Son Island is a big Bee Farm so if you see insects hovering, chances are they are honeybees so honey is very abundant here and a 500 ml of honey costs 70,000 VND but it depends on your haggling skills!

  • ruou (rice wine) or medicinal wine

    The local liquor, traditional tonic or medicinal wine can be a concoction of awk rice, corn, herbs, cassava or fruit. Despite the low price, the local liquors are often nothing to turn your nose up at either. For beginners, Vietnamese liquor can be broken into three general categories: quoc lui of the Hong (Red) River Delta; ruou can in the...

  • Fish Cages to Grow Catfish and Elephant...

    tra and basa catfish and the Mekong Delta Specialty, the tai tuong (elephant ear fish) are grown in brackish looking ponds all along the Mekong Delta area, and it has become a speciality of the area. Cooked with its scales on for good fortune, it is served whole standing on its side garnished with sculptured flowers. Deftly taken apart by the...

  • Cruising along Mangroves in Mekong...

    On the other side of Thoi Son, there are a number of longtail boats that transport you through the mangrove swamps up to the main part of mekong delta or to your tour boat. Unless you are on an organised tour, hard bargaining will pay off. No outboard this time. An elderly man and his wife steer with paddles gliding almost silently through the...

  • Fresh Mekong Delta Fruits!

    Thoi Son island and its lush fruit plantations. Virtually every day from May to October there is some rain here so It's hot, humid, lush and tropical hence this is the most fertile area in the whole of vietnam to grow fruits, vegetables and rice! visitors and tourist are served with an enormous platter of assorted fresh tropical fruits; pineapple,...

  • Assorted Mekong Delta Dried Fruits

    Thoi Son island and its fruit plantations produce lush fresh tropical fruits likr pineapple, mango, pomelo, dragon fruit, longans and it's dried variety which they sell you here. Be ready to haggle since this is a touristy area and they sell it at 20,000 VND per 100 gram (Cheaper to buy Vinamit Vaccum packed Dried fruits in Supermarkets in Sai Gon...

  • Bee Pollen Granules!

    Bee pollen is a natural food. It is not a drug. Honeybee pollen contains every known vitamin, all of the minerals, proteins (amino acids), enzymes and coenzymes, fatty acids, and carbohydrates that our bodies need to sustain life, and all in perfect balance.Bee pollen is used to retard hardening of the arteries, to strengthen the circulatory system...

  • Elephant Ear Fish (tai tuong)

    a chimæroid fish (Callorhynchus antarcticus), with a proboscis-like projection of the snout. Elephant Ear Fish is a specialty of the Mekong Delta. there are vast fish tanks where fishermen keeps the Elephant Ear fish. The fish are the size of a large platter. They are gutted and fried whole then served standing propped up on a plate between a...


My Tho Restaurants

  • Bung Tat Village restaurant

    At Bung Tat village we stopped at a nice tourist restaurant and had elephant eared fish, tropical fruits, and beer. It was an excellent break from touring.We spent about an hour and a half here. First we picked out our fish... they caught it and cooked it, and we shared it with our guides. After lunch and a few beers, we and our guides all grabbed...

  • Restuarant and Resort in Mekong Delta!

    Hao Ai Green Resort is actually in Ben tre Province, My Tho is in Tien Gang Province and the Mekong River is their Boundary. It is a popular stop for tourist during the mekong delta tour along with Co Rong at Dragon Island. If your part of a tour group, you will be served with assorted vietnamese lunch including the elephant ear fish which is...

  • the elephant ear

    For lunch we stopped at the Hoa Ai restaurant by the river... which is nicely located in a large garden with colourful trees. A tourist restaurant, but quite a good one, for a change.However, the restaurant is slightly pricey by local standards - and you better count your dongs when you pay and they give you the money back... they tried to cheat on...


My Tho Transportation

  • Motorcycle to My Tho

    We decided to take a motorcycle to My Tho from Saigon. The trip took about 2 hours each way and was really a pain in the butt. The next day, I did not want to see a motorcycle (which is impossible in HCMC!). For US$20 we hired round-trip transportation, and our guides waited all day for us at My Tho.One thing to keep in mind is that Vietnamese...

  • by boat, of course

    There aren't many roads on the mekong river delta... roads are replaced by water and most people seem to use boats to move about.. small rowing boats in the inner canals, motorboats in the larger ones, and there's a high number of car ferries covering the larger distances, and some going as far as Cambodia.In each city there is a harbour or boat...

  • Rent a Boat at My Tho

    The only way around My Tho is by boat. You can stop at any of the islands and see quite a bit. There are official government-run boat companies and private companies. I read the government companies are the only "legal" tour companies, but we hired a private boat and had not trouble.


My Tho Local Customs

  • call_me_rhia's Profile Photo
    kid playing in the water

    by call_me_rhia Updated Jul 26, 2007

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    If kids are out to have fun... instead of coming to tourists and selling them postcards or souvenirs, then in my opinion the place is not yet too touristy and thus worth visiting. During the whole trip, no kid tried to sell us anything.

    Along one of the canals we came upon two kids, fully dressed, having fun in a brownish canal water... swimming and enjoying being transported by the stream. They looked happy and did not carethat we were there. Their games came before "money-making", which is always a refreshing sight.

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My Tho Warnings and Dangers

  • by mustangnguyen Updated Apr 9, 2008

    What has in common to those dangerous escapes like climbings the Berlin Wall over to the West, or crossings the DMZ of The North to the South of Korea or taking a boat escape out of Vietnam after 1975 when the South fell into the hands of North Communists?

    Mytho boat trip or Mekong Delta boat trip has haulted and reminds me of what happened 29 years ago when I and my family tried to leave Communist Regime for freedom.

    It is a matter of freedom or death to escape out of Vietnam.

    Right after the North Communist took over the South, every one was emeny or criminals. Over hundred of thousands of former solder of the South were imprisoned into somthing called "Reeducation Camp", their homes were confisticated and their families were sent to "New Economy Zone" which literally is unhabitant places.

    There was no Maoist "People Court" happend like in the North Vietnam during 1954-1956 or mass killings like "The Killing Fields" in Cambodia, but slowing, secrectly, silently and systematically people of the South Vietnam were exterminating by the hand of people who are same race and nationality. Communism's ideaology and hadreds by propogandas have drove the North "victorous" communist crazy.

    No choice our family must leave Vietnam.

    Exactly the same canals and river mouths where you spend time to have fun with, we have hidden and lived there for days in order to escape.....

    (to be continued)

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My Tho Tourist Traps

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    entrance to Market 4 more images

    by machomikemd Written Sep 27, 2007

    1.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As with any tourist areas around the world, traders jack up their prices for unsuspecting tourist. Example here is the coconut candy which they make it in front of tourist and then sell for 20,000 VND for a 200 gram pack while in the supermarkets in sai gon, a 250 gram coconut candy costs 7,800 VND and a 375 mg candy at 10,500 VND and the largest at 450 mg at only 11,800 VND! what more for the snake wine, honey, rice wine and others!

    Unique Suggestions: Just buy the products unique to the mekong delta like a small amount of dried fruits or cornucopia like postcards or paperweights with mekong delta pictures.

    Fun Alternatives: buy the other products at Citimart Supermarket in Sai Gon!

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My Tho Off The Beaten Path

  • the inner canals

    Taking a boat to the inner canals was the highlight of the trip, in my opinion, especially when we swapped our motor boat for a smaller canoe, which a lady was rowing for us... a very scenic little trip that brought us a bit closer to the real life of the delta inhabitants.They made us stop for fruits, tea and traditional music in a "restaurant"...

  • Rent a Private Boat

    By renting a private boat, you can see what you want rather than going straight from one tourist trap to another. You are also on your own schedule, so there is no rush from place to place. We paid too much for our boat trip, I think -- but the privacy and flexibility made it worth it.

  • My Tho Hotels

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My Tho Favorites

  • Wear a Straw Hat! (non bai tho)

    It's hot, humid, lush and tropical! Since It can be blisteringly hot in the Mekong Delta Area from May to October and this is August, the ubiquitous Vietnamese conical hat is essential to wear here! It cost 8,000-10,000 VND Each and you can even bring it back as souvenir! I look like a VC in the pictures hehe!

  • the mekong delta

    My Tho is the capital city and municipality of the Tiền Giang Province in the Mekong Delta, about 2 hours south of Ho Hi Minh. It has a population of about 160,000 inhabitants and it is a popular starting point for the one day mekong Delta tour.It's not the real delta.. or better, it's the outskirts of th delta... still, it was a very...

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