Vietnam Warnings and Dangers

    by RAVINDRAN72
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by tim07
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by tim07

Vietnam Warnings and Dangers

  • Thieves & Beggers

    Ho Chi Minh City Warnings and Dangers

    Just got snatched my Samsung S3 on 4th July 2014. I was using google map to direct us to Pizza 4p in the city. Just as I was enjoying the use of google map to go for food places, this happened. The advise is to you folks not to hold the phone while walking on the streets. Check yr phone only in the shops. Did a bit of research about crime in HCMC,...

  • Traffic

    Ho Chi Minh City Warnings and Dangers

    This sounds risky,but locals say that you just step out,make eye contact with the nearest approaching vehicle and keep walking.The first few times it took some nerve,but after a few attempt's found that it did work ,and the traffic went around you.However,if your lucky you won't have to wait long before one of the city's tourist police will come to...

  • Clothes & Accessories

    Ho Chi Minh City Warnings and Dangers

    Be wary of the high prices some stuffs are being sold at the famous Ben Tanh market. For most parts they try to sell it at first call 50 +% higher than the original price. Try to haggle and bargain at the lowest possible they if they don't bite - just leave. Most of the time they will chase for you to come back and give in at the lowest price. Be...

  • Different menu for tourists and locals

    In some bars or restaurants if you compare a Vietnamese and English menu you may notice that the second one is more expensive! I used to show the waitress both menu and ask that I would like to pay a local price.

  • Traveller's Diarrhea

    Most guidebooks alert you to avoid tap water, ice cubes, and unpeeled fruits and vegetables. Even Richard Sterling, in his bragging macho book World Food Vietnam (Lonely Planet, ISBN 186450028X, 2000), warns you against tap water. However, he points out that the ice is usually factory-made from purified water, so that the CDC and most guidebooks...

  • Malaria: Intro

    Malaria is a more serious subject. Although risk areas are rural areas only, you shouldn’t facilitate. As the MFI (Malaria Foundation International) makes clear, “each year, 300-500 million people become ill with malaria and several million die.” Vietnam is not Cambodia, in terms of risks, but nevertheless you should be aware of the dangers.Malaria...

  • Health Concerns

    Overall, there’s no better online source of information on the subject than CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) page on Health Information for Travelers to Vietnam. Vietnam, however, is a reasonably health-safe country. For the majority of travelers, the only concerns should be traveler’s diarrhea and malaria .

  • Beware of pickpockets in Ho Chi Minh...

    Beware of pickpockets in large cities in Vietnam such as Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Where there are large concentration of people especially with lots of foreign tourists, pickpocket seems inevitable, it has to be said. Places need special attention are the popular open-air markets, bus and train stations, popular tourist destinations where the...


    VIETNAM Travelling through Vietnam you will notice immediately in the large cities the excessive pollution..Due to the amount of traffic that is most of the time gridlocked the biggest problem is with the literally millions of motorcycles.. Be like the locals and wear a face mask to avoid breathing in the polution..This is noticeably bad if, your...


    VIETNAM When travelling through Vietnam I always am very aware of my surroundings. Unfortuneately Vietnam is not without its dangers and is notorious for its crime against tourists. It seems these days as economies troubles deepen tourist are trageted more and more all the time. I had a friend in HCMC that had just arrived and as soon as the taxi...


    When travelling through the tropics here in Asia I always make sure that I carry and use a good reliable Mosquito and Insect repellant. Most of these areas have either Malaria or Dengue Fever or both. so not only wear long sleaved clothing and trousers but make sure especially in the evenings when the "mossies" are most active to be wearing a good...

  • Border crossing by land

    I made the observation when travelling in Indo-China that Vietnamese visas cost the most, around x3 the Laos/Cambodian one! And as a Brit I didn't need a visa for Thailand, Malaysia, or Singapore!Plus, if you cross into VN by bus (from a neighbouring country, eg Cambodia) the crooked officials try to charge 1 USD (!!) for their troubles.So many...

  • Dirty red dirt in some places

    I mean it. I lived there example is Dong Nai.The red soil is really red. They are part of a nutrient-rich young lava flow that have made the soil so fertile and plants can really nourish once you see the gardens and plantation there.Why it is a danger? It is horrible when wet. Like after a rain....or during rainy and wet season. You...

  • Be careful on the highways at night.

    If you are cycling through Vietnam, then make sure that you don't get stuck on the highway after dark.That happend to me once and i was attacked by a gang and only escaped narrowly with some big bruises to follow.I have heard similar stories from other cyclists, but i would like to add that i have never heard of any danger during daytime hours, so...

  • Speedy Tailoring

    Hoi An is a very dainty & attractive fishing village with some nice hotels, cool temples, a tranquil beach & river banks too.And the main reason is: that is THE place for tailoring!! Beware the thread used though! They can prepare your items within 2 days (often 1 day!) but the stitching is NOT impressive. So my suggestion is: give them some more...

  • Overcharging.

    There are many hawkers who sell foodstuff.There is one hawker who sell coconut drinks + the fruits and charge us about US3.00 in dong (we paid as not familiar with the currency)Later when we compare with other hawker it is less than US1.00 for two fruits .We knew it is a rip off..It is better to compare prices first with other vendors.....

  • Crime & Dangers

    Crime against the person is not generally a problem in Vietnam - the penalties for harming a foreigner for locals are severe. However, as anywhere else, it pays to take care, especially after dark. Cyclos should never be taken after dark, and care should also be taken when taking a motorcycle taxi at these times. Theft is unfortunately a bigger and...

  • You need to give your passport to Hotels

    Vietnam was only the second overseas trip for Tracy and I so it would be fair to say we were "travel virgins"! On checking into our Hanoi Hotel at some ungodly hour of the morning, we were asked to surrender our Passport to the staff for the duration of our stay. We did ask why, they just said it was Hotel policy, so we just assumed this was...

  • Copy cd's and dvd's

    My parting memory of Vietnam was a very scary one and one I will never forget. Get to the airport, luggage checked in, as we go to board and hand the lady our boarding pass, she says to me "Wait on the side lady. There is a problem with your luggage and we have found an illegal substance in it" WHAT!!??????? I waited and waited and waited for what...

  • Not so much a warning - but a "how to...

    Crossing the road in Vietnam - an art unto itself!!!Watch the locals first to see how they do it, it will look crazy and dangerous at the start, but it is not! It will not matter if you as pedestrians have a green light or a crossing marked on the road, in most instances, cars and bikes will NOT stop for you.Take off from the sidwalk, walk arm in...

  • Viet visa from Cambodia

    Yes, you can get a pre-arranged Viet visa on arrival for flights with a Viet travel agency but for ALL land-border crossings you'll need the Viet visa in advance. But if you're going to be in Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Battambang, or Sihanoukville and have a few days, you can get a travel agency to do it in a day or two WORKING DAYS][and Cambodia is...

  • So you want hire a motor bike hmmmm!

    3 trips through VN (in a car)Love the place and the people how great to ride a neat step thru scooteralso seen 3 dead people all were on 2 wheels - all bad newsbefore you do go very far please read this article on the road toll and motor bikes google road toll VietnamI admire my friends in VN riding...

  • Walking the streets of Hanoi

    I am amused and also horrified at the way people just walk along and/or cross streets. The numerous bikers in the street is interesting to look at but to encounter them while you cross the street is another serious matter. Vietnamese people usually establishes their right of way and that does not make consideration for a pedestrian.

  • The "street war" - how to survive...

    Once you arrived in Hanoi or Saigon you will face your first challenge: how to cross these streets without being hit by a motorbike or a car? You will realise that even if you happen to find a crossing with traffic lights, that they ignore the red lights. The flood of motorbikes will never cease and you will soon realise that there is no other...

  • Hotel/taxi mafia

    Arriving to Vietnam after a long flight, suffering the time difference, the change of the climate, got less sleep on the plane, and you are very likely to find yourself in the first tourist trap. Your reactions are slow, you are tired and vulnerable. You make the best victim for the taxi and hotel mafia!!! Mostly taxi drivers and hotels are working...

  • Nha Trang. Dirty Beach!

    If you're expecting a beautiful beach vacation here (such as I was) beware: The beach is not the most pristine of places to visit. Although the city itself is reminiscent of Miami's Southbeach or a Mediterranean coastal city, the residents don't take pride in this fact. Litter is floating in the water; it is impossible to swim here without being...

  • Thief at Hoan Kiem lake, Hanoi.

    I walk to Hoan Kiem lake at afternoon. There is a little island at the northeast corner.after I buy the ticket and walk on to the bridge which connect the island and bank, I feel backpack was moving slightly. Turning back and saw a local young man behind me with nothing, apparent not tourist. I'm not in mind as I have not seen thiefs in VietNam...

  • Sticky fingers

    Beware of groups of young boys (aged about 8-10) begging for money at Dong Ba market in Hue. With hungry hands being directed from all sides, I caught one slipping deftly into my trouser pocket in an attempt to remove whatever was inside (which would have been my mobile phone!).Grabbing hold of his fingers I gave a squeeze, which elicited a small...

  • Cheating cabbies

    Some taxi drivers like to take advantage of tourists unaware of the area by routing the trip through traffic-congested roads or by driving in circles to "pad" the final price. Make sure that you take note of the price and the time it takes to a certain area and use this as a reference for other times. I firmly told the cabbie who once tried this in...

  • pickpockets

    i think most of vietnam has this,but mostly late evenings while heading back to my hotel i was approached by local females for either offering some special company or they were heading in that direction too. Beware of the moto driver appearing offering to give you both a lift as its her accomplaice. in hanoi this happened and although i made my...

  • Watch out in traffic!

    Wherever you are in Vietnam, but especially in the big cities, the traffic is extremely busy. Almost everybody drives a motorbike and they don't care about traffic lights too much: a red light doesn't necessarily mean that they stop...If you wanna cross a street: take your time, don't run but slowly move towards the other side of the street....

  • traffic

    Vietnam is a very safe country... the only real danger is caused by traffic. Traffic is really bad, there are zillions of motorbikes on the road, and no road rules. Put the three together and you'll realize that road crossing can become quite an adventure. Sometimes it looks as if a river made of motorbikes is coming towards you, ready to hit...

  • Crazy motorcyclists

    One of the most familiar sights in Vietnam is a road packed with noisy little motorbikes, often carrying whole families. They seem impervious to danger. Motorbikes, with tiny babies wedged between mother and father, weave between cars and buses and ride head on into traffic on the wrong side of the road. Be warned, it is quite commonplace for...

  • Careful with Dongs

    Dong is Vietnam's currency and comes mainly in banknotes. Be very careful. The sort of paper they are made of is very slippery, so when the notes are new it's very easy to count them wrong, specially when you get a large number of them in exchange to Euros. It happened to me in various occasions to count them X 2-3 times in order to be sure I was...

  • taking taxis

    We stayed at the Caravelle Hotel. The hotel ordered a taxi for us to go to the airport. When the driver pressed the meter , it showed 15,000 dong . Half way in the journey, I saw the meter showed zero. I asked what had happened, the driver said the meter broke. He said it cost US$10 to go to the airport. I said but it cost US$6 from the airport to...

  • Traffic Police Corruption

    The police force in Vietnam is called the People's Police. It answers to the Ministry of Public Security. We were pulled over by traffic police while driving from Ho Chi Minh City To Mui Ne. They told Us they were impounding our van and instructed us to drive back to their station. Our driver made some calls and discovered that the police wanted...

  • Opium is fake

    The Hill tribes offer the chance for a opium experience. But be warned, unless you make friends with people up there your just gunna be buying some tar off the road. At least thats what I think I smoked.

  • Na Trang - Pick pockets

    Avoid Na Trang if possible, just a beach and pretty dodgy at night. Heed the warnings from locals about travelling around alone at night. I had my wallet taken when two motorbikes pulled up along side me and although the thieves were not violent, they were very quick and there were six or seven of them! My friend had all his money taken when he was...

  • Karaoke and Spas

    There are many many karaokes and spas in Vietnam, however, be careful as some of these are covers for brothels, I´m serious! And as you know this activity is seriously punished in Vietnam, so be careful!!

  • Vietnamese scams 4

    (continued)7. "New friend story" tip. You meet somebody and after some time you learn that his sister does not have money to go to the university, or her mother needs to undergo an operation, or smth else that is very expensive. You are either explicitly asked for a small donation, or you are good-hearted and offer a donation yourself (and it is...

  • Vietnamese scams 3

    (continued)5. Hotel cheating. You book one room, say with and AC, you pay and get another room, without an AC. Even though it was explicitly agreed on. Two things. First, in any hotel cheaper than 20 USD per night, look at the room first. Second, never pay anything in advance. Also, make sure whether a price for a single or a double room applies in...

  • Vietnamese scams 2

    (continued)However, probably you do not want to be seriously cheated. Let us look what are the most common types of scam.1. No street vendor will sell you anything for the same price they do sell things to Vietnamese (let us call this the real price). However, the asked price can be anything - it could be five times above the real price, ten times,...

  • Vietnamese scams 1

    When you are in Vietnam, you will be constantly cheated. There is no way to avoid this unless you look Asian and speak Vietnamese. In all other case, you are considered to be a walking wallet in any place where they have ever seen a white foreigner. It is inevitable and there is no way you can get around it.On the other hand, this should not spoil...

  • Traffic Safety

    Saigon and Hanoi, as with elsewhere in Vietnam, are full of motor scooters. Coming at you in ALL directions. It really is a free-for-all, with little regard to green or red lights, of which there are not many. It is feasible to navigate safely however. Just wade slowly into traffic, but look both ways, even if it is one way, just in case. As you...

  • Scam Airline Offices

    What looks like an official Vietnam Airlines booking office is just another "travel agency" who is marking up your tickets anywhere from 25% to 300%. These folks, located at 27 Ta Hien Street (right where it Dinh Liet St. runs into it) in Hanoi, sold us what we thought were two tickets on Vietnam Airlines for US $278. What we got were two tickets...


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Vietnam Warnings and Dangers

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