Safety Tips in Asia

  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueskyjohn
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueskyjohn
  • Warnings and Dangers
    by blueskyjohn

Most Viewed Warnings and Dangers in Asia

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    by DennyP Updated Feb 20, 2012

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    Wherever you may be travelling in Asia always check to see that one of these greatest Temples is near your travel itinerary. Everyone as you can imagine is an awe inspiring sight and to visit them and look upon these structures is unbeleivable.
    Obviously All of these structures are extremely old and some are in different stages of reconstruction and rehabilitation..This is usually with the help of UNESCO as all of these Temple sights are Unesco World Heritage Sights . Some even border on being possible Wonders of the World.
    The chance to see any of these sights in your travels should be taken if at all possible.
    I have listed five here and will do another tip on the next five..coming soon!!

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    by DennyP Updated Feb 6, 2012

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    When ever you are travelling in and around any country in Asia BEWARE of snakes.. All nations throughout Asia have a huge amount and variety of snakes to be found. Some are huge as with the Burmese python found in many states but most are smaller snakes and many are extremely venomous with neurotoxic venom. These snakes are extremely dangerous and if bitten medical assistance is needed very quickly..Most countries in Asia have fatalities evry year from snakebite due to the fact that the local medical help or hospitals are not reached in time..Also very few hospitals carry an anti-venene for the bite..
    So when out and about mainly in the countryside be very careful and aware of your environment. Most snakes that you will come in contact with will be small snakes.
    Here are some common sense tips:
    Always watch where you are walking.
    Wear a good pair of hiking/ walking boots/shoes when out in the countryside.
    Treat ALL snakes as they are venomous.
    Do not be inquisitive if you see a snake.
    Always carry a small reliable torch for when in dark places..This is where you will see a lot of snakes trying to get out of the extreme heat into a cool area. IE: Temples , and any dark cool place.

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    by DennyP Written Dec 26, 2011

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    Like everywhere you travel you must BE AWARE of a few people out there that have theft on their mind. Always Be aware of being robbed in one way or another. Asia is a particular part of the world where this is an everyday practice.. Of course some countries are more prominent in these activities than others. When travelling anywhere in / through different countries I am more than aware of my surroundings..even so ,I lost my wallet with all my cards and some money to a professional pickpocket in Ulan Bataar Mongolia. This, like Vietnam has the reputation of being the worlds capital of thieves and pickpockets. The worst places obviously are where there are large concentrations of people ie: market places, bus and train stations. crowded bars, shops, streets. The more people there is, the easier it is for the thief..Being "ripped off" is a really lousy feeling.
    I was to meet a friend in HCMC Vietnam and as she got out of her Taxi she put her bag on the ground and in a second it was gone with all her money and documents. Two guys on a motorcycle "quick as that" The amount of problems that these actions can create is incredible. Most police aren't too interested when reported, although it is imperative to report for insurance purposes especially if you have lost your passport... Most long term travellers have a horror story thats happenned somewhere to them.
    Most of advice really is good common sense..DONOT put your bag down ever..without holding onto the straps.
    Don't just have it over your shoulder. have it around your neck.
    Don't keep all your money in one place.. have a special stash somewhere on your body with enough to last awhile.
    Donot "flash cash" in public fold your money seperately so as you can get one note at a time.
    Remember these people are good...they do it for a living..

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    by DennyP Written Dec 15, 2011

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    . I always look forward to travelling in S.E.Asia as it is just such an amazing part of the world. To be amazed here while travelling is an understatement. The many ancient cultures and civilisations along with their incredible ancient architecture is to be in awe at just so many locations.
    Every time that I venture off to this part of the world I ALWAYS make sure that I have the travel insurance that I need for my destinations..Included I add a repatriation agreement just in case the unthinkable happens. Travel is all about discovery, enjoyment , education, we all travel for different reasons but we all want to have fun. As we all know accidents can happen anywhere anytime, even just ordinary days out can lead to a problem. Mother nature can also have a hand in ruining the best of laid plans. Always cover yourself when travelling,My coverage is primarily for accident and medical..Hospital stays are expensive and ambulances in some countries here are few and far the say:

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    by DennyP Written Nov 9, 2011

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    Whenever I am travelling in the tropics in South East Asia. I am never without a good reliable and strong Mosquito and Insect repellant . These items are at the top of my list of my neccesary items that I carry with me. Malaria and Dengue fever is prevelant right through Southe East asia and it is extremely dangerous to contract any of these diseases. When the sun goes down make sure that you are wearing long sleeves and trousers and ALL bare skin is treated with repellant..
    I always carry with me the following items I deem neccesary daily items..You may find them helpful.
    They are small. light and easy to carry .
    A small tube of sunscreen 15 +
    A small packet of wet ones for the heat and aslo for cleaning minor injuries.
    A small tube of moisturiser
    a small pacet of tissues (in case the roll is empty or not at all)
    A small tube of lip balm
    A couple of Band aid strips..

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    by DennyP Written Nov 9, 2011

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    I am never without fresh bottled drinking water when travelling in these hot and humid Equatorial and tropical countries in South East asia.
    When setting out for the day it is imperative to carry with you sufficient fresh bottled drink water to see you through the day if you are not in a position to replenish it. It is surprising how quickly while out exploring different sites how much water you will drink. Dehydration can happen quickly and is dangerous..
    ALWAYS make sure also that the seal on the bottle cap is NOT broken and is a REFILL .. I have been caught out this way much to my TAKE CARE.

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    A brush with... disease control

    by hfbartist Written Oct 4, 2011

    o I'm not going to bore you with how we got here from a wish list of places to visit including India, Africa, South America, China, Canada, Australia, New ZealandS.E Asia, Bali, Philippines. (Well not just yet anyway) But here we are the route for a trip that DT and I will embark on Feb2012-Aug2012.

    Nepal-India-Philippines-Malaysia-S.E Asia.

    Today I visited the nurse to find out which vaccinations I will need. The verdict: pretty much everything! Luckily Tetanus, Diphtheria, Polio, Hep A and Typhoid are available on the NHS for free! They are the most important ones.

    But if you're coming into contact with locals Hep B is a good idea. Mainly contracted through the passage of bodily fluids, so can be avoided by not having sex and not sharing needles. However, it's advisable incase for any reason you have a cut and come into contact with someone or something you shouldn't. 3 injections are advised costing about £20 each. This works better if you get it 6 months in advance of your departure too!

    Rabies is also advisable - contracted through dog and bat bites but also sometimes monkeys. Chances are you'd be OK on this one unless you really *** a monkey or dog off or if bats really are vampires in disguise! But in my opinion better safe than sorry as if you contract rabies you need treatment within 24 hours or it can be fatal - if you're in the middle of nowhere without transport this could be tricky. A course of 3 injections again this time around £30 each.

    Cholera again not essential but it is spread through contaminated water or food and common during rainy seasons. Again I reckon for this trip better to have it. Plus this one you can get for the cost of a prescription so about £8 at the time of writing this.

    Finally Japanese Encephalitis. Like malaria spread by those pesky Mozzies! This is really nasty if contracted and if you're visiting rural areas highly recommended. It can be difficult to find centres that have this vaccine so visit the docs early on this one as you'll need to be referred. Cost around the same as Hep B and Rabies.

    For our trip that's it on Vaccines, other places you may need to think about Yellow Fever and Meningitis and make sure your BSG is up to date.

    For us the worst thing is going to be that for pretty much all of the trip we'll need to take Malaria tablets!! Not happy about this one at all. Not only is it going to be expensive some of the possible side effects sound awful AND the effect is lessened if you drink alcohol with the main type of Malaria tablet recommended. About to do some research on costings and the likes so will post in more detail about this one later.

    Hope this helps any budding nomads thinking about travel.

    Brilliant website here too which will help you know what you need for your journey

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  • India. Beggers are BANKS!

    by yugamus Written Jun 24, 2009

    Never ever give alms to beggers...
    let me tell you my side of the story.
    beggers in India are organised in such a way that they are aloted areas of begging and there is a HEAD to every area. they even employee people to beg in these areas.

    what do they do about the money?

    some part of the money say 20% goes to the area HEAD
    the rest they give to Middle Class Citizens as HAND LOAN with High intrest rates.

    the intrest rates go from 5% to 10% a month or say 60 to 120% a year.

    they are so organised that they keep your photogragh and if you miss even a single instalment then you are picked by other beggers who are notified by distributing your photogralhs, you are manhandled, tortured and what not...

    they even employee young babies.. they come for a rent of 100IRS a day + food.

    they cut the hands and fingers of the beggers to get more alms...

    6months a go, a begger died on the road... what did the cops find? 11,00,000 IRS under his rags, he was a financer...

    so what ever you do ... DONT GIVE ALMS.... to beggers in INDIA

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    Malaria prophylaxis

    by jumpingnorman Updated Apr 29, 2009

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    What regimen is appropriate depends on the country or region travelled to. This information is available and data is constantly changing and no general advice is possible.

    It is interesting that Fansidar (sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine) is now recommended in Indonesia per a Forum post. But the combination of Dapsone 100 mg and pyrimethamine 12.5 mg once weekly (available as a combination tablet called Maloprim or Deltaprim) is not routinely recommended because of the risk of agranulocytosis.

    Some antimalarial agents, particularly chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine, are also used in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and lupus associated arthritis.

    The following regimens are recommended by the WHO, UK HPA and CDC:

    chloroquine 300 to 310 mg once weekly, and proguanil 200 mg once daily (started one week before travel, and continued for four weeks after returning);
    doxycycline 100 mg once daily (started one day before travel, and continued for four weeks after returning);
    mefloquine 228 to 250 mg once weekly (started two-and-a-half weeks before travel, and continued for four weeks after returning);
    Malarone 1 tablet daily (started one day before travel, and continued for 1 week after returning).

    But data and recommendations constantly change depending on your location.

    Currently used for treatment
    mefloquine (Lariam)
    fansidar (sulfadoxine-pyrimethamine)
    Currently used for prophylaxis
    pyrimethamine (daraprim)
    hydroxychloroquine (Plaquenil)

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    Cheap does not mean Good Service when you need it

    by cochinjew Written Jan 26, 2009

    Sorry to hear about your experience with bad service and indifference on the part of Qatar airways employees at Kathmandu.. I have always made it a point to fly from Europe to Asia on European airlines, to USA on usa based airlines or europe based airlines, within asia with malaysian airlines. Gulf, Qatar, Etihad, Emirates may all be a little cheap but as your case points out, when it comes to the laxity in peoples services it points a finger upwards at the adminsitration. I am so glad you put this story here so that many people can read it and take precautions. Singapore airlines is very reliable and would prefer to take it any day compared to qatar gulf etihad emirates air india etc.. After planning a special holiday/trekking like yours the head aches and worries are not just worth it for a few euros..
    Within India I fly Jet airways which is reliable.

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    Non-patronising advice for single women in India

    by sourbugger Updated Jan 18, 2009

    4.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    Several of the general pages on India mention the amount of hassle that single women travellers receive in India.

    One solution many women use is to wear a wedding ring. The quality of false stones these days (I think they are called CV's) are very good. With a ring prominent you can make up any story you like about how your six foot four husband is on the next train / arriving tomorrow etc.

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  • Unresponsive travel agent - with new name

    by ch12 Written Oct 16, 2008

    I learned recently that Zydan Marketing has changed its name to Le Grand Marketing or Legrand Marketing, to evade angry victims. Apparently, this company also tried to bill clients who paid by credit card twice or thrice, aside from shirking its duties. I cringe about the fact that they continue to operate unchallenged, brrr.

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  • Travel and be safe

    by lucy60 Written Oct 5, 2008

    I am a doctor. Caution! I go in Thailand every year and I use antimalaric profilaxis. If you go in a town, may be you'll have no problem, but in countryside there are some risk. I am vaccinated almost against everything. Remember that insects carry not only malaria but dengue too, no vaccinations, only repellent against dengue and others maladies. So use repellent, wear long shirt in night and use antimalaric. Malaria kills. If you have fever, hadeache and pain in muscles don't use aspirin and similar. If this is a dengue, it will start an emorraghia. Sorry for my bad english. But really, not all phisician are expert in tropical disease. Vaccination, prevention. And you'll enjoy your trip everywhere without troble!

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    The so-called traveling diarrhoea

    by csordila Updated Jul 6, 2008

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    The phenomenon of the so-called traveling diarrhoea in the course of the travel is known already since centuries, a diarrhoea occur in the half of the tourists in the first fortnight of the travel averagely at least one times. Generally a mild disease cease automatically within five days usually,

    The countries may assign in three groups according to the risk.
    I. Areas with low hazard are North America, Australia, Japan and the EU, here the frequency under 10%.
    II. 15-20% is the incidence of the illness in the earlier Soviet states, Israel, South Africa, China and Caribbean area.
    III. The third group with a frequency above 20% consist of a big part of Africa, Southeast Asia, Middle East and Latin America.

    In the development of the infections primarily the drinking water, the badly heat treated, warmed foods, fruits properly not washed and not peeled play an important role. Carefully also with the alcohol, since some pathogens hold their infectious ability in the ice-cubes, even the considerable alcoholic beverages (whisky, tequila) may cause disease to us. The shallow of the coastal seas are polluted often with stool , or with not cleaned sewage.

    How should we defend ourselves?
    Do not select primitive accomodations where you cannot observe your washing customs, - Do not walk barefoot, - Bath only on places designated for it, - Eat only well done, cooked foods, avoid salads, never eat raw seafood. - drink only hot drinks such as tea and coffee or bottled liquid, e.g. bottles or cans of soft drink. - never drink tap water, refuse ice in drinks. - always wash the vegetables, fruits bought on street or market in purified water then peel them. - eat, as prevention, living flora yoghurts containing probioticses. - always wash your hands before eating and after using the toilet.

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    Be cautious when making donations

    by crewrower Written May 9, 2008

    2.5 out of 5 starsHelpfulness

    As a reminder to everyone, whenenver making a donation, it's best to be sure that your money is making it to the intended cause. There are many ways to donate money through international relief agencies. Donating through private individuals is more risky unless you know they are a recognized funds collector.

    Obviously this advice is not limited to Asia only.

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