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  • New Parliament House
    New Parliament House
    by balhannah
  • "the Lodge" gates
    by balhannah
  • Pay parking in Canberra
    Pay parking in Canberra
    by balhannah

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    Accommodation shortage – book well in advance

    by wabat Written Feb 7, 2013

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    Canberra is a small city and as such has a limited supply of accommodation of all levels.

    When you considering visiting (as you should be) you may want to organise your trip around major festivals (in particular Floriade) and parliamentary sitting times.

    At these times accommodation can be very difficult to find and if you can get it expect to pay sometimes inflated prices. Of course you may be coming for the specific events or your dates may be predetermined and based on other factors – in which case I recommend you book a place well in advance.

    Two particular peak periods to watch out for are:

    *when Parliament is sitting
    Check dates here -

    *when Floriade is on - (14 September to 13 October 2013).

    Above said Floriade is absolutely worth visiting even if you do have to pay extra for accommodation. See seperate tip on Floriade

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    by balhannah Written Nov 20, 2009

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    One thing we noticed when trying to find a car park in Canberra, is there are FREE CAR PARKS and PAY car parks located beside each other in some areas of the city.

    At shopping centres, most of the car parks are Pay, not very expensive, just go and buy a ticket from the machine and put it in your front windscreen window.
    But, also in the shopping centres, are a few FREE parks, with a time limit, so look for these if you are just ducking in and out.

    Also, when we did a Tourist Lake cruise, the same thing happened, there were a few FREE and LOT .....PAY.
    We managed to get a free park, as we knew we would be back before our time expired.

    So, read the signs and look, don't pay if you don't have too!........ but be aware, there are Inspectors so it is best not to try and beat the system either!

    In my photo, you can see the "Ticket box...PAY HERE" on the right hand side of the photo.

    Pay parking in Canberra

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    by balhannah Written Nov 20, 2009

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    If you are visiting Canberra, then you may want to see where the Prime Minister lives, this is at the Lodge.
    Well, I have put this tip here, as it is not worth making the effort, as his home is located behind high walls, there is nowhere to park, so that is all you are going to see!

    What you see in my photo, is it!

    Located on Adelaide Avenue, near New Parliament House

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  • The real truth of Canberra

    by dezzery Written Sep 9, 2008

    Socmattar is an idiot. Obliviously he has never actually been to Canberra.
    The winters are cold, yes, but even with the wind chill factor, it has never reached -15*C.
    The drug problem isn't that bad, it's like every other city in Australia. Use common sense.
    If you do smoke, 'on average...' you won't get asked for cigarettes constantly.
    The cops in regards to driving are crap. If you are a P plater or are driving a car that, if you were a cop you couldn't afford, you will get pulled over.
    Speed cameras and fixed speed cameras are in stupid places, eg. down hill on Ginninderra Drive behind a large sign, and along the highway to Melbourne. Because people are really going to speed with huge signs every 50metres until you get to the camera.
    Old people, asians and NSW drivers are the worst on the roads, and the ones who will cause all the accidents. None of them can use a round-a-bout. It's simple, give way to your right and anyone already on the round-a-bout has right of way.
    The *** who wrote that you should watch out when using them because you could get cut off...
    If the r-a-b has two lanes and forms one after, and your going uber slow, I can take you on that r-a-b and be first to the form one lane. That is not cutting someone off.
    If you decided that you can't get around that r-a-b in your lane and clip me, your in the wrong.
    On the roads Give way to your right. Actually go the speed limit sign posted.
    There are no attractions here for anyone aged between 17-30 except clubbing.
    Which is awesome, but be careful you don't go home with the leftovers of the night. (ie. the ones people left over late morning, 5-6am when the clubs are closing. You'll prob regret it). Two words, beer goggles.
    Young kids might like questicon, adults will enjoy the copious amounts of coffee shops.
    You really don't want to live here.

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    Black Ice

    by Dxenion Updated Sep 4, 2006

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    When driving in winter, especially around Black Mountain, be very careful of black ice on the road.

    From wikipedia:

    Black ice typically refers to a thin coating of glazed ice on a surface, often a roadway. While not truly black, it is transparent, allowing the usually-black asphalt/macadam roadway to be seen through it, hence the term. It also is unusually slick compared to other forms of ice on roadways.

    It is usually deposited by extremely cold rain droplets, mist, or fog. The process of freezing is slowed down due to latent heat given off in sublimation, allowing the rain droplets to flow and merge together on the surface forming a film before freezing into clear ice. Nevertheless, because it contains relatively little entrapped air in the form of bubbles, black ice is transparent and thus very difficult to see (as compared to snow, frozen slush, rime ice, or other typical forms of ice on roadways). In addition, it often has a matte appearance rather than the expected gloss; and often is interleaved with wet pavement, which is identical in appearance. For this reason it is especially hazardous when driving or walking because it is both hard to see and extremely slick.

    Many road accidents occur around Black Mountain and other parts of Canberra in winter because of black ice. Local radio stations (FM 104.7 and 106.3) give black ice warnings on their breakfast programs.

    If you suddenly find yourself on a strip of ice, take your foot off the acelerator and DONT BRAKE. Try to steer in the direction you want to go. Black ice usually occurs in narrow strips across the road so the tyres will regain traction very quickly.

    An ant's eye view of black ice on the road
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